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**********IMPORT NOTE**********
Please save your all collages which are located in built-in Gallery to Camera Roll before update to this new version.(Because all collages located in built-in gallery will be cleared by system when update old version to new version)

**********NEW FEATURES**********
-New great regular collage layouts
-New great irregular collage layouts
-New art fonts
-More easy to operate sticker
-Minor bug fixed

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8859 Ratings
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Over 30 million users love to use InstaCollage! Join InstaCollage now!

Tell the world your story via amazing looking photo frames and unique collages with caption in seconds!

InstaCollage helps you quickly combine multiple sized photos into one beautifully framed picture & unique collage with caption in seconds, then share your masterpiece to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

- 30 amazing irregular collage layouts.Unique!
- 54 adjustable regular collage layouts
- 43 beautiful pic borders
- 18 amazing photo effects to apply individual photo
- Adjust border's color
- Explore your saved collages via built-in gallery
- Auto save your masterpiece to built-in gallery when tap "Save to Camera Roll"

- Add texts, stickers very easily and quickly
- 79 creative fonts
- 115 amazing stickers(Emotion,Love,Text,Holiday,etc)
- Easy to change text color, size, font,background
- Easy to Move,resize and rotate the text
- Shadow text

- Edit photo via a built-in PRO photo editor
- Zoom in grid to pan,pinch,rotate photo
- Pan, rotate or mirror each photo
- Rounded corners on photos
- Move photos between different grids by drag and drop
- Double tap picture to show photo edit menu
- Shadow each photo
- Shake to clear all photos,stickers,texts

- Instagram
- Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Email
- Save to Camera Roll album

Any feedback,suggestion will be welcome. Please feel free to contact us at:

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Allison Hiott

    This is the app I use for all my collages. Very versatile and stable.

  • Cool but annoying

    by Pudgy123456

    COOL but ANNOYING!!!!!

  • <3

    by Lspring02

    Love this app!!!

  • Easy, fabulous app!!

    by Mrsboots2003

    This is so easy to use, has TONS of customizable options (including frames, colors, formats, etc). Love it!

  • Best app ever

    by Snow4232

    This app is amazing! I love it so much! It's helping me make a before and after picture of me getting braces! Well I got to go get the braces now! I <3 this app!

  • Love this app!!!

    by Tdgadawg

    This is an amazing app n so easy to it!!!

  • The App Itself

    by EddieBendel

    The App Is Awesome ! Would never regret downloading it !!!

  • Collage for dummies

    by Rubigirl61

    I had no idea how to make my pics all cool like until I got this neat little tool. Took me 30 seconds to figure out and now I have cool looking photos on all my social media sites

  • Just what I needed

    by wayneack

    This is A1 in my book!

  • Love it

    by Hollychrisan

    Love making pictures of girls!

  • Great app !!!

    by Dhruv Killawala

    I'm not a tech freak and have just functional knowledge about apps..this app suits my needs just makes expressing my feelings so much easier..big thumbs up for anyone wanting to download it..go's phenomenal !!!

  • Instacollage

    by Kaymaran


  • Insta-

    by Give me Energy

    Ease if use & fun selection- just enough not too much that's overwhelming- I enjoy it so far!

  • About this app

    by By Makaylah

    This app is so cool u can make a valentine gift for someone if u just make a collage and print it out it will make a perfect gift so I think u should get this app.

  • Awesome!

    by Slfran123

    I love this app! The only thing i recommend is a collage that makes them bigger and allows more pictures

  • Alright....

    by trentdizzlee

    Could be better but it's still great and affective!

  • Awesome!!

    by Hooverk

    Downloaded this just for fun and I really like all the options and its user-friendliness!

  • Awesome app

    by Katelyn Forthman

    This app is awesome and cool I love this app

  • Exelent

    by Roberto Ramirez

    Muy buen App puedes guardar tus colages todos juntos ,

  • Love it!

    by Khh88888

    Great app! Nice frames and never any problems.

  • App freezing

    by Shamrock03

    Every time I attempt to add an effect or emoticon, the app completely freezes and I end up losing everything I've done. This has happened three times now. Very frustrated.

  • So cool!

    by Jay1121RN

    I love this app!

  • Outstanding!

    by Frod5311

    Works just fine on my iPhone 5S. I use it often for Instagram. No gimmick!

  • It's awesome

    by Oanamariadevito

    Easy to use , with plenty of options , what else to be said , it's awesome

  • Pretty cool

    by Wootgabby

    Worth downloading, easy collage maker

  • Business Savvy

    by •jcwatk•

    I own a monogramming business and am constantly posting pictures for my customers to see. With the many different options you provide, I know –with the help of your enhancements – my monograms will catch people's eye! Thank you!

  • Very nice app! I like it and I use it often!

    by Maywestaaaaa

    Very nice

  • Love it!

    by Slywallace

    Fun and very easy to use!

  • Good

    by Abrbrssb

    It is ok but it could be better with the stickers the rest is amazing great for sax channel our sax channel uses this app to make ending page

  • OMG

    by HungerGamesFanaticGWTWQV

    Totally love this app!

  • Great app!

    by Creative artisto

    Love the app!! Can't wait for new features!!!

  • So-so

    by AbbyLittleBit

    The idea of Instacollage is a good one. But it doesn't work very well. It freezes a lot, and every time I'm almost done with a collage, the app quits. And then, when I get back on, the collage is gone.

  • Love

    by Tomosta

    Great!!!!!!!! Love this app

  • Great app!

    by Gorgy Face

    So easy to use & it's a lot of fun!!!

  • Review

    by Sup you playing this game

    This app is so cool! It makes putting a slides how together so much easier!:)

  • Nice

    by Desert Yankee

    Awesome app !

  • Love it!

    by Atwinfay

    Cannot compare newer version with the old, as I just downloaded this great app today. Like it much better than the other one I was using. Easy to use and am very happy with the collages I have made so far.

  • Unsure

    by Lovemydognc

    Not sure what I think of this app. Not really user friendly. Still figuring out how to save a collage and it wants to post for me. Too self serving for my taste.

  • Great, but

    by Le doosh

    It is awesome


    by RosebudNae

    I love this cute little sister told me about it. Great way to get all my fave pix of my beebee in one shot! :-D

  • Edit

    by Novie7

    I can create a mini scrap book right here! This is a great app for photo editing.

  • by

    It is very cool and you can post it on face book and things like that

  • Love it!

    by InstaPhotographer

    Wish more frame choices or option to create customized frame and sizes! Other than that use all the time :) can adjust frame sizes however it automatically adjusts those around it. However, great app!

  • Me

    by Jcuri0817

    I'm sleepy so just wanna say, I LOVE THIS APP!

  • I really love this app

    by Nfkanxj j

    I really love this app

  • Instagram

    by Nicholas's-girl

    Instagram is a way to express the beautiful thinks in life like a once and a lifetime thing. Then all your friends can see the magic too

  • Very outstanding

    by MzKFergie

    It's useful and easy using, tool me a while to figure out what everything was for but, I got the hang of it. But it's really nice and fun to play with.

  • Lilian' it

    by Br1gi

    I use it to chronicle my weight loss. I like that you can share to Instagram not many apps let alone a collage app will let you do that.

  • Love this game

    by Amerie Lynn Garcia

    It's fun and cool my god daughter loves it it's a nice way to play with pictures I take a lot of pics

  • Good app... More collage choices please!

    by CookiesNsmiles

    Really like using this app, but would like to see more options for collage styles.

  • Pictures

    by Wailoku

    I love love love it!!!!!!! I use it all the time

  • I love this!

    by Blahgfghfg

    I love this app so much! It's the only collage app I use! I love all the different layouts and frames!

  • Awesome!

    by Cschwagg

    Has some fantastic features! Really well layed out. Props to programmer.

  • Love it! Love it! LOVE IT!!

    by !Mitts75!

    So much fun and easy to use!!!

  • I love it!

    by The_Truth_Critic

    I really like the app, almost no complaints- except I think there should be more frames with less of a boxy shape. Otherwise I really like it.

  • Love it

    by Seraya awesome

    Such a wonderful app you should get it!

  • How

    by Yogjfvjfjgjvji

    How do u make a account

  • Fantastic

    by Vannela7

    Love it but need more frames

  • How much I love this

    by Butterfly3,000

    I love making these they are so much fun.

  • Love it

    by Lalalalinds22

    I currently use this app for work purposes and we love how easy it is to use and the quality it gives u. Thank you! : )

  • Super Sweet

    by Bubblegumsweetpop8897965

    I love this app so much

  • Love

    by Bellasmommy09

    I'm totally obsessed with pictures and fun features :) great app easy to use ;)

  • Great

    by KJBonlyLady

    Love it!

  • Rating

    by Nurse-n-training


  • Gets the job done

    by SheaButta06

    Gets the job done

  • Great job!❤️

    by Fecal matter

    This app helps to organize my my recipe and photos thank you!❤️

  • Love it!

    by Mystic Gypsy

    Use this app the most

  • Great

    by Maxibooga


  • I lur it

    by Jbird

    I love it I just wish I could figure out how to change shade

  • ❤️

    by Jsidnsos


  • Great app

    by Obscurita

    I love how easy it is to use. You can turn a simple picture into something more creative. Awesome app!

  • Easy to use

    by teamjeni

    Does it's job! It is very intuitive and easy to learn to use.

  • Cool

    by Dianaforever

    I like it but I wish we were able to have more color choices.

  • Great

    by Arizona_mom

    Very easy to use. I use it everyday.

  • Awesome App!

    by RCT Gymnast

    The app includes ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF!

  • (:

    by missaree28


  • LOVE it!!!!!!!

    by 18Vmarvin

    It helps me put pics together in grate and amazing ways it is Sooo kool

  • Instacollage

    by Glavkid1

    It is pretty cool

  • I love it

    by Enzi123

    I love it soooo much. You can do so much on it. But I think we should have more frames and shapes to put our pictures in. (Just a thought). I love it. And I hope everyone else does too. :)

  • Stoked

    by Alyerly

    Love this app!

  • New to Me

    by Iwannabanurse

    I love this app so far. I downloaded it yesterday, and after I figured out a few things I like it more. It's fun, and I've been framing everyone's photos.

  • My love❤

    by O Statcks

    I love this it is amazing I love to make my pictures look the best

  • Excellent

    by Hhfbklkmnnbvccxdd

    Allows for almost everything and has a great variety. I would recommend to anyone. I only wish it was able to resize pics.

  • Love it!

    by Jccantu

    Super neat app..I use it a lot...

  • lowso

    by lowso501

    this app is great

  • All eyes on me

    by Babygirl9(-;

    The best app to work with

  • Best app

    by Asand304

    Love this app the best app to use when making collages and. Editing

  • Instacollage

    by Zozies

    I love this app so much your collages are already perfectly fit for Instagram and they have more layouts than most other collage apps! :)

  • Rate

    by Dave2994

    The best app ever

  • Fun, but ...

    by X anonymous

    Lacks functionality & flexibility for creating interesting collages

  • Great app

    by Issabel0608

    Great app

  • by Angelyna Jackson


  • Superb

    by Ethnicity shah

    Love this app to the core... Makes my pictures so lively and so easy to use

  • Love this App!

    by Christi Means

    I use the App to create before/after pics for my Ultimate Body Wrap biz and i love being able to add text to the pics!

  • by Awesomeness

  • Easy App!

    by Shudi 89

    Love this App! Easy-Peasy, I find it easier than Instagram!

  • Great app!

    by Akarel999

    Easy to use! Love it!

  • I like it

    by ShadowWolf379

    Love it

  • App

    by Vernisevava

    Love it!!!!

  • Love it!

    by Mhtide

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