Cisco WebEx Meetings Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Cisco
  • Updated: Jan, 06 2009
  • Version: 5.1
  • Size: 18.47 MB

Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Cisco

-Redesigned iPad and iPhone app for iOS7
-Enabled video on iPhone4 (previously disabled in v5.0)
-Sign up for a basic WebEx Meetings account through the app
-Fixed an issue for indirect proxies
-Fixed an issue for Meeting Place audio call-in links on iOS7
-Fixed an issue for hosts on iOS7
-The app now will now display default call in numbers outside of the United States per site admin settings

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Take Your WebEx Meetings Anywhere!

It's easy to stay connected to important meetings, wherever you are.

With Cisco WebEx Meetings, you can join any web conference from your iPad and iPhone.

Cisco WebEx Meetings is a universal app for both the Apple iPad and iPhone. It services WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Meetings, WebEx Training Center, and WebEx Meetings Server.

Experience high quality 2-way video on the iPad and iPhone by viewing the video feeds of the participants in the web conference and streaming your own video back to them.

Use video for better engagement: Whether you're holding a brainstorming session or making a presentation, turning your online meeting into a virtual video conference helps everyone focus on every word. Streaming 2-way video on the iPad and iPhone delivers an unparalleled visual experience on the go. Staying face-to-face has never been easier!


Mobile video conferencing with:
• High-quality, multipoint video
• 2-way video with camera switcher (available for iPhone 4 or greater, iPad 2 or greater)
• Voice-activated video switching
• Full-screen video
• View content and video simultaneously (iPad only)
• Cisco WebEx enabled TelePresence support (v1.0, v2.0)
• Auto Call Me for iPhone (for sites with call back enabled)
• File sharing on the iPad - iWork docs (Keynote, Numbers, Pages), PDF, Word, Excel, PPT
- Supported files from a Box or Dropbox account
- Photos (but not videos)
- Files attached to a meeting space (WebEx Meetings)
-Recording indicator

Host account capabilities, including:
•Schedule, start, and cancel a meeting
•Invite others to a meeting
•Make someone else a Host
•Pass presenter capabilities to another participant
•Promote/Demote panelists (WebEx Training Center)
•Mute/Un-mute participants
•Expel a participant from a meeting

Meeting Capabilities:

•Join the meeting through a Cisco WebEx meeting email invite, meeting number, WebEx site URL, or My Meetings List
•Integrated VoIP audio and web conferencing on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE
•Full-screen meeting view
•View attendee list
•View shared content with annotations
•Pinch to zoom and scan
•Private or group chat

Global and Enterprise Ready:

•Sign in to Cisco WebEx Meetings via your corporate account (for sites with Single Sign-On)
•Enable users to join a meeting from behind the firewall using Wi-Fi proxy support
•End to End encryption supported
•Available in 12 languages


Anyone can attend a Cisco WebEx meeting for free by choosing one of the below options. Note that a Cisco WebEx Host account is needed to schedule and host a meeting.
- Go to your Cisco WebEx meeting invitation email and click on the meeting link.
- Launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings app on your iPad or iPhone and enter the meeting number.

To use mobile video conferencing, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center release version
WBS27.17 or higher is required. Certain restrictions may apply based on your company’s policies and WebEx implementation.

File sharing on the iPad (Requires WBS28.9 or WebEx Meetings 1.2SP6 and greater for full functionality)

Customer Reviews

  • Why cant i keep the app in background

    by Diggis_tennis

    I hate the fact that i get bumped off the meeting if i suspend the app for extended period.. It not uncommon for most of us to passively listen in on meetings. I would like to be able to multitask while i do that.

  • Data for the audio missing

    by Jermaine Murray

    The option to use data for the audio appears to be missing with this latest update...

  • Great app!

    by Sacramentokid916

    Please enable to show safari as an application during a webex meeting !!!

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    Thank you.

  • Great app

    by Perpetual web conferences

    Wow! None of the problems I've had with WebEx on my laptop. Video and presentation slides were both clear.

  • Genius

    by Gilien**

    That's the great web conference app. I love it .

  • A+

    by Sonja elize

    An accomplishment app

  • Very good one

    by Marleek17

    I had an excellent experience with this app. Thanks.

  • Very Helpful!! Love it!!

    by Cynthia Smith

    Comes in so handy, now I can join WebEx conference calls from anywhere.

  • Won't finish updating

    by sheribaby

    I attempted to update this app about three weeks ago. It seems stuck in 'install' mode, with no success. I have fine in to website and app 'site' to figure out how to get it to finish updating...short of deleting and re'installing' app,( I am concerned I will just run into the same problem) any suggestions?

  • Very useful however annoying log outs and doesn't remember more than 1 number

    by tkdpanda

    Please enhance to remember more than 1 number to call! Also very annoying when using gps or doing something else that u have to keep switching to webex or be logged out! Set a reasonable time to be away, perhaps 5 min!?!

  • Grea App!

    by MusicalRose12

    I am so glad I found this! Now I can attend meetings without sitting in front of my computer which is much better for my busy lifestyle. However, there is one toll that would be useful in the mobile app that is not there - my hosts love using the drop down smileys that are found in the participants box, and I cannot send them smileys in the iPhone app. (These smileys are used in place of speaking for muted conferences.) It would be fantastic if these could be added!

  • Good but not Verizon friendly

    by dxk3355

    I like this app but since it's for an iphone it's not so useful unless you have a wifi connection wherever you are. If you have a verizon phone you can't call the meeting number and use data at the same time so you can either watch with no audio or call in with no visual. Cisco really needs to switch this to use data only and bridge the audio conference into the app so that Verizon iphone customer can take this program out of the office where it should be.

  • Awesome

    by penkax

    This is a great app! The whole webex on PC is now on iPhone! I do not have to sit in front of my PC any more for remote conference! Great job!

  • Thanks for the wonderful WebEx app!

    by Nancy Jiao

    I love the app and now I can join WebEx training. The content sharing is amazing too. And it support iOS7.0 well

  • great web conferencing app

    by Xtyhgb

    all you want to have when joining a webconference. And most import for me, very reliable. Never had a crash so far, can't say that about the other competing products out there. Only missing feature from my point is the possibility to watch recorded sessions via the ipad.

  • A saver when you don't have a laptop

    by Mirage_Rayan

    Actually, it nicer than running it on a laptop. Easy to join the meeting, you have the option to use iPad audio or a call back from webex, graphics is as clear as from a laptop. Minor bug: when leaving the meeting, you need to click leave then cancel, instead of leave then leave.

  • Good app

    by IT Challenged

    This is a good app! I had to get on a webinar and did not have time to power up my laptop. So I downloaded this app, and successfully logged in without any issues!

  • Needs more features

    by starbreaker85

    I would LOVE it if I had zoom capability for the camera and if I could screen share on my iPhone/iPad using something like AirPlay. I can't really see my company being happy about me uploading confidential files to Dropbox- with screen share I could open documents directly from my company email.

  • Suggestion

    by Jalexandrian

    Great app. Would like to be able to save meeting numbers that I use often so I don't have to find them and type them in.

  • Can't log in either way

    by The Real Bogham

    Tried to use our corporate webex account but all it says is I don't have to use that, use your email and password. But I do want to use that, why offer that as an option if I can't do it if I want to? Video hung after a few seconds too. Junk.

  • Airplay disabled

    by Nad Masters

    I had a temporary vision issue and thought I could use airplay to throw the image on a TV and still make the meeting. As soon as the meeting started, Apple TV went back to the home screen and the AirPlay option was gone from the iPad! Why does WebEx disables AirPlay!? It was not a network issue because after leaving the a WebEx session AirPlay works again. Also other iOS devices still see the AppleTV in their AirPlay icon.

  • Missing features

    by sdeetz

    This is a really nice app, but our company can't use it yet instead of the Windows version because it's missing features from the Participant panel. For example, participants cannot select the Green Check or Red X which is a huge problem for us, because the meeting leaders ask multiple questions in large meetings where they need us to respond by tapping one or the other. But any participants using the ipad app can't do this. Participants also can't open the panel and tap to "Raise their hand" to ask a question. So you have to type a Chat or Q&A question or request the mic everytime. The raise hand would be nice. There is also no way to enter an "Away" icon so the instructor knows not to call on you until you return. There is no way to use a poll with anyone using the webex ipad app. They have to be using the full PC interface for this. Until they update the ipad app to include essentials like this, we can't use it in our company and are stuck lugging laptops with us everywhere so we can attend a meeting. If they'd fix the ipad app, we could be much more mobile and flexible for our meetings. Frustrating.

  • App is good but problem with calls

    by Hydsp

    I always have problem to join the call from the App. It always says pass code is wrong. Please fix it

  • Cannot log in

    by jom3001

    From the other reviews, it seems this app works well for most people. However, I have been unable to login to my account and tech support cannot seem to solve the problem. I would be happy to find out that I messed something up, but tech support has no suggestion but to delete and re-install (which I have repeated no less than 10 times). If anyone has an idea I would love to hear it.

  • Horrible App

    by Ursuah007

    It doesn't show all the meetings I am invited to. Doesn't show any events or training I might be registered for or am the host for. Has 1/10 the functionality really needed to be useful. Hey Cisco, how about you build out the app to actually useful.

  • Limited usefulness

    by ErsatzRubric

    Video and doc sharing are solid, but if you move off the app to do something else you get a warning after about 5 seconds that if you don't return immediately the app is going to disconnect from the meeting. So if you want to multitask you'll be constantly having to reload.

  • Not complete

    by Mk60543

    Just downloaded. Install painless, and connects to meetings easily but only if you know the meeting #. Biggest problem BY FAR is that you cannot "share your desktop" like on a PC/laptop. Even the "help" recommends to 'convert your documents to PDF', which is not at all helpful if you are trying to show an application !! Does anyone know how to open an app in WebEx ? Or....are we only sharing content ? If only content, this is yet another example of Apple not being robust enough for business........IMO

  • Simply doesn't work for me

    by Alan Berezin

    App launched and won't finish refreshing. Try to schedule a meeting and it just hangs. Completely useless.

  • Sound!

    by Bshurr

    Never-ending issues with sound/Bluetooth. Totally no bluetooth switching on ios7.

  • Going Downhill

    by dealloc

    The usefulness of this app is limited without the ability to share the iPad's screen. If you go to a meeting planning to present using Keynote or Grafio or something via a projector, then find that someone missed their flight and you need to present via WebEx, you'll be irked with this iPad limitation and wish you had brought your laptop --- yup, been there. Had to mail a copy of my Keynote to a coworker who then ran the "slide projector" from his computer. Not a good way to make an impression. "Next slide, please" --- ugh. After recent updates, the list of upcoming meetings no longer works; I can only join by meeting number. This app is getting worse, not better.

  • Doesn't work

    by PinkBaba

    After new update, this no longer works! Missed an important meeting.

  • Junk

    by joemccar

    I've tried to use this on three occasions for meetings and every time I join it will attempt to call me on my cell. As soon as it "attempts," there is an error message saying I didn't pick up. I'm holding the phone! Useless.

  • Wouldn't work

    by TN345

    I tried to use this for a webex mtg. It kept giving me an error message. I finally gave up.

  • Useless

    by The Linux Guru

    Tried to use with a work meeting, and it said the meeting was scheduled with a non-supported product, and to use a desktop. Why the #%&$ should I care what it was scheduled in? Just play the freaking WebEx!

  • Call disconnect if you navigate away from app during call

    by Buckoa

    Calls initiated from within the app gets disconnected if it determines you're not active within the app after a period of time. Can you sort that out please? Can't multi-task otherwise

  • disappointed...

    by Youiji

    Cannot get app to connect to a meeting. No idea how to get support...

  • Needs support for Training Center

    by b68144

    App works great.... If you're using Meeting Center. It needs support for Training Center to be useful for enterprise deployments for academia. We were very dishearten to discover the app does not support TC. This was NOT clearly advertised.

  • Add/sync meeting schedule

    by Uk_nana

    Webex app is the best that happened to me. Add function needed to add/sync your meeting schedules with iPhone /IPad schedule. This will prevent people from going into Webex to remind themselves of meetings. Create alerts also that can show on the device. Thanks !

  • Great app

    by LuTru

    Incredibly useful to be able to view meetings when restricted to a mobile device--great productivity enhancer.

  • Ok. Ability to Draw would be nice

    by Arussa

    Works good, but the ability to draw on the iPad and write over documents while on the WebEx would be very helpful.

  • Decent

    by SixStringMadness

    App is decent. Likely the phone that earns the negative portion, will not call the phone on mobile network, only while on WiFi. BlackBerry Z10 can handle both data and phone during meeting on one phone without WiFi, the iPhone 5 apparently cannot. Ultimately the app works better on the enterprise capable Z10.

  • Huge missed opportunity

    by radwansk

    We have shared presentations complete with laser pointer function. But no whiteboard? How was this missed by product management? I use this a lot for viewing presentations but cant really use it to present...please complete this tool.

  • No desktop or app share

    by Skdios

    Can't share custom applications. Only still images?

  • Video over cellular is pretty cool!

    by Taya T

    Think about having a video meeting at beach. Make people jealous !

  • I love the app!

    by Webex fans

    I use webex everyday, the mobile app is very helpful while I am not in office or on a trip. Good App!

  • very good

    by rae yin

    very good, I like it

  • Nicely done, quick response to bug reports

    by Classic_iMac

    2013/05/22- update request: the app should keep a record of recently joined meetings so that a user doesn't need to find and reenter the meeting ID and access code in case the user leaves and rejoins. The latest version now fixes the bug that prevented '-' in the email address. My review of the year ago version noted the lack of VoIP, but this is now available and comes in very handy. Smooth operation of the App, one of the better Apps I've used in its simplicity, reliability, and usefulness.

  • Very Useful

    by Frequent_User_6

    Very useful. Five stars if you could start instant meetings from the app instead of having to find a computer that has java enabled to start one.

  • Not Supported

    by Bummer Toons

    Tried to join a Webex as an invited participant. After entering the meeting ID, the app popped up a window saying I was attempting to use a feature that is not supported using the mobile app. I also tried signing into another one as an invited panelist. Same message. If you can't use the app to join a Webex as an invitee, nor as a panelist, what DOES the app do?

  • Not sure what everyone's crying about

    by Four4BYU

    works great. No issues at all

  • Bah! Humbug! No use to me

    by g00g01p1ex

    Downloaded this app in hopes I could use it for for training courses I am taking. Training sessions use WebEx, and I thought it would be nice to do via iPad instead of laptop. Alas! That was not to be the case...I get an error message that states "Cannot Join This Meeting...The meeting was scheduled through a WebEx service that is not yet supported on your mobile device. To join the meeting now, please use a computer." Please bring this level if functionality to this app!

  • Never works!

    by Dudeth

    A piece of crap! Never works on my iPad! Irritating app. Deserve -5 rating.

  • The best thing I have seen from webex

    by Gaby Wexler

    I tested it and of worked perfectly. I can see how i would use it in real life situations. Love the video and user experience.

  • Lacks sharing desktop feature when hosting on iPad

    by Steve0306

    If you could share your full screen when hosting on an iPad would be great!


    by Pointe aux piments

    This app is a privacy disaster. The presenter can remotely un-mute you without your approval, even after you explicitly mute yourself. I am genuinely concerned about the same behavior with the video. Fix this.

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