Ski Safari: Adventure Time Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

***Bug Fix***

Squashed a nasty bug that was gumming up the Candy Kingdom. Should be smooth skiing from here on out. Keep shredding the slopes!

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Adventure Time meets Ski Safari! Shred the slopes of Ooo with Finn and his friends in this endlessly fun downhill adventure.

Slide your way through Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and the Mystery Mountains to outrun a relentless avalanche!

Dress Finn up like a zombie, put on his pajamas, go as Prince Hotbod, and more! Check out the shop for boosts, upgrades, and vehicles.

Hitch a ride with Jake, LSP, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Rainicorn, Ice King, Gunter, and many more!

Perform flippin’ awesome tricks and ride wild animals to build up your combo meter!

The fun will never end! It’s SKI SAFARI ADVENTURE TIME!

Important considerations:
This app includes the option for adults to unlock or buy additional in-game items with real money to enhance game play. You may disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.

iOS will keep you logged on for 15 minutes after an initial in-app purchase. Additional purchases won’t require a re-entry of your password during this 15-minute interval. This is a function of the iOS software and not within our control.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it!!!

    by Aqua Princess 101

    Its a good,amazing fun game! Recommend it!! Enjoy!

  • AT Ski Safari

    by Just-Reviews

    Fun for passing the time even if you don't like games like this. Pros: good time passer Cons: making a jump and landing on a character stops the boost from happening they make everything over priced so you can but money for really money, use sound over and over your head wants to explode they make the challenges super hard so you have to buy your way to get to the next one, when you get money from things like mystery boxes that cost 500 coins you only get around 78 coins from it if you even get coins but it's fun for a little

  • Stupidly addicting

    by Nalandial

    I don't even understand why but I can't stop playing this.

  • More fun than ski safari

    by Teehee Tummy Tums

    As stated, this is more better and way more fun.

  • Where did my brains go?


    I unlocked Zombie Finn, but then all my brains disappeared and I can't re-equip him. Same with Sweater Finn and the scarves. :(

  • FRIGGEN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    by Jibber blobblerlyor

    FREAKEN AMAZING GAME!! BEST APP EVER!!! does have some glitches though,but other than that this game is FREAKEN AWESOME!!!

  • Fix now

    by Likliklik1234

    Fix the buggs mines wont load up. It turns white please this is a great game please fix the buggs theres alot mines glitches up

  • By Muntaser

    by Muntaser Al_Herbawi

    The Best game And Thank you for Add Arabic Language لبعة جدا رائعة. وشكرا الاضافة اللغة العربية. تستحق الشراء

  • Ski Safari adventure time version

    by CuteHarley

    Safari adventure is the best game ever! I like to riding Jake as a snowboard. This is one of my favorite games!

  • Awwsome

    by Johnny dav Anthony

    Very fun and addicting

  • 5 stars!!!!


    This game is amazing! Adventure Time is one of my favorite shows! I have posters and hats of Finn and jake. So thumbs up to Cartoon Network

  • Epic

    by iPhone N stuff

    This game is so addicting and fun i could play it non stop but I hope they make a fire kingdom level and a couple more Finn coustumes

  • Cool, so fAr

    by Vixxey

    Fun game, so far love it. Just gotta get the hang of it.

  • By ski safari rocks - Feb 1st

    by Feetvhyvcdhf

    i really enjoy this game!! If you like Adventure Time this would be the game. I'll say out of all my games that this would number 1!!

  • Crashes Constantly

    by Slick1983

    Waiting two minutes for game to load, only for it to crash as soon as you hear the snore sound. Still gave it a few stars because its a cool game IF it wants to work. Still doesn't touch the original though.

  • Great app from Cartoon Network.

    by MarlonM.

    I love this game especially the upgrades. I don't know about iPhone but it works great for me on my iPad mini. Very fun and strategic.

  • Love

    by Loubell0045

    Love it

  • Bugs, begone!

    by Awesomestface

    Please fix bugs!!! It lags a lot and crashes a ton, including when i open the store or open a mystery box or even in the middle of gameplay. Also, more control over Lady Rainicorn would be awesome. It never responds when I tell her to go up and I always end up closer to the avalanche that before, often landing right in front of it or in the middle of it. Help? Other than that it's an awesome game. You guys are geniuses!!

  • Awesome Game but very buggy

    by NerdoTeeks

    I played this game for a little and it is a lot of fun. However it's very glitchy and bug ridden. I had trouble exiting the game. I had to restart my phone just to exit the app. They need to fix this soon. Gonna have to resist playing because of the exiting glitch.

  • Confused about a bug

    by TheLoneGamer666

    The game runs smooth as silk but when I try to go to the shop or I fall and hit enter score the game crashes.

  • Ok

    by Cupcake dancer

    This is a really fun game but it has some problems:1) it takes so long to load to open the app that sometimes I can't play. 2)I can only play one run before it closes the app so I don't know what the store or anything looks like. 3) it lags so much.

  • Not Happy

    by Tcason1130

    Was an awesome game until it would no longer allow me into the app. Even when I delete and re-download it won't work. 5 star for entertainment. 1 star for quality software.

  • Why?

    by Wyeth88

    I've played the game before, but it crashes my iPad whenever I try to play! Plz fix.

  • horrible.

    by Ravennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    I haven't even played it so for all I know it's great. Every time I open this app it shows the title and lady rainacorn flying around then I hear a noise and it crashes.

  • this game stinks

    by 0 ⭐ if I could

    I just got the game and it doesn't let me on and I would rate it 0 stars if i could

  • Infuriating

    by MoneyMaster10000

    This game is awesome, until you finish a run, get a ton of treasure chests just to have it force close as soon as the run is finished, then have it do it again when you try a 2nd time.....and 3rd

  • TERRIBLE! If you have an iPhone 4 DON'T BUY!

    by Isaac55555555

    The games great but every time I finish a race it lags out to my iPod main screen and it doesn't save my score! It's soooo buggy please fix!!!

  • Crashed

    by Alex1236780

    Awesome game but crashes on my 4th generation iPod can you please fix this crash like in the next update

  • Awesome game

    by Tdels

    I really love this game! I love how it has the adventure time characters and everything. The few problems I find is that some of the quest come up in the computer code rather than words. Also when I unlocked the zombie fin and the sweater time fin then switch to a different one I have to unlock them again to use. If you solve these problems it will be an even better game.

  • Mathematical!

    by Cassiepillar

    This game is totally radical! I love it! Adventure time! So much fun! I'm addicted to it! It makes me want to go snowboarding!

  • Never gets old

    by EStreeter75

    This is the only game I can play everyday, it's so entertaining.

  • So rad, so sad

    by Boogie woogie 2

    The game is very entertaining. Although many bugs exist, i wouldnt do any in app purchases util they fix the bugs. You can buy something and the next day you will have negative everything. Hurry up and fix this! CARTOON NETWORK. POO.

  • At

    by Big rj30016

    At is awesome

  • Crash

    by Jamaka2001

    When I'm on the logo screen it kicks me out

  • Pretty great but PB is terrible

    by Cold1029

    But has a few problems. Lady rainicorn can be really tough to pilot, though I suspect that is by design. The one thing I really don't like is that PB is totally useless and terrible. She'll override most people you're riding, and is way to fragile. She can't glide, so she often hits the ground too hard, and will break regardless of how many people she is carrying. I'd like the game a bit more if Pb weren't terrible, but it doesn't detract too much from the game. Altogether really fun.

  • Mathematical

    by Tyrecke

    1 problem: Jake's intro to the game gets cut off... Other than that, great stuff

  • :

    by Kravin Moredik

    Absolutely great game^_^

  • Coco

    by Hdhdhdten



    by miapatty

    Crashed multiple times when i open the app and when i pause it, it will send me to my home screen need's a update. Maybe?

  • Stupid

    by Tony Rock Man

    Can't even get to the home screen without it crashing I don't even know how to get to the home screen either

  • Crashes

    by vkyifhog

    When ever I open it, it just loads for a little bit and crashes, SO I CAN'T EVEN PLAY IT, and I have a iPod 4th generation, PLEASE FIX

  • Awesome! Please add more obstacles and characters!

    by Awesome12384995

    How about Ricardo running every once and a while, Maybe lemongrab and his horse, Tree trunks, and maybe some randomized candy kingdom citizens, also please add tree stumps, more buildings, thank you for such a good game!

  • HUGE bug needs fixing

    by Sally Brewer

    The zombie finn, sweater time finn, and porcelain throne are unavailable to equip after unlocking and switching to another character. The option to equip is still there, you just cant do it because the button goes black as though it were unpurchaseable. But i assure you they are unlocked, i just cant equip them, perhaps a way to fix this would be to add a character selection at the beginning somewhere around where you can choose another character to ride on and an area to choose witch throne you would like to ride on once picked up in normal gameplay. Hope this issue gets fixed some time, kinda sad after so much hard work i can no longer choose to play as two of the characters i worked so hard to unlock.

  • This Ski Safari Adventure Time game

    by 914areaCODE

    This game is so good I love playing it. I love how the game doesn't lack on quality of structure from the beautiful home screen to the characters animations, voices, special character features, etc. I'm stunned by the crisp lines of the game too. Like playing the characters themselves right from the screen. Fun fun fun game. I would wish that you could get more points for doing double backflips, and would add even more of a bonus with how many characters are in the group. That would be sweet. Flame princess would make a great addition, anything added to this game would probably be a great decision from how amazingly well made it is.. Also the warthog's bum is too sensitive.. Haha good gaming (:

  • Crashes!

    by wants emojis

    Once I try to open this application, it crashes! So I just spent 99¢ for a rip off!! It may work for you, but I really wish that the maker could come out with a new update to stop the crashes!!! I even deleted it and then re-downloaded it! -Teenage Reviewer Mood:

  • Jack

    by JackBrett123

    Fantastic game, I love it, but there should be like a multiplayer racing option or something like that.

  • Banana Rockets

    by Gehghis

    An awesome game, but I've got 42 banana rockets saved up that I can't figure out how to use. Help!


    by Twilight fears

    Love this game if you dont I'll kill you

  • Good game

    by Tugone12

    Great game its worth it

  • by Poppendaddi

    Like this game its pretty entertaining

  • Problem

    by FinnFinnFinny

    Awesome game, but I unlocked sweater Finn and zombie Finn but once I changed my character I couldn't use sweater Finn or zombie Finn again :( so in some way could you fix this in an update or something thank you.

  • Great Game (but sometimes crashes)

    by Dayne Deedat

    This game is incredibly fun and possibly one of the better endless runner (slider) games on the App Store. I would give it 4 stars, but the only issue I have is that it crashes after about 10mins. I am using a 64GB iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.1. Other than that. Well worth the $0.99 and definitely fun!

  • Fun but...

    by Goofyfan73

    It's a fun game, but if I'm paying for the app, I don't want to have to pay for gems to keep playing. The game itself is very fun, just make it to where you don't have to pay for gems

  • crazy

    by marco tuvalorenzo

    clearly a production of a mind heavily addicted to cocaine

  • In love with this game! Lots of bugs though.

    by VictoriousCastFan

    This is by far my favorite iPhone game as I am a HUGE fan of adventure time. A couple problems though. The hedgehog on mystery mountain is destroyed too easily if landing from a high/fast jump. Finn's body is also very easy to crash if you don't know exactly how to manage him. Also, Marceline tends to not fly upward when you tell her to, although this is not constant. It may have been designed that way but doesn't seem as so because it is inconsistent wether she'll follow the command of your touch or not. I love this game and it's one of my favorite time-killers. I would just like to see it fixed. Thank you for a fun game, please add more levels and characters! (A Fionna and Cake version would be fun!) I hope CN sees this, and if so, thanks again for a great game. I hope it doesn't get left behind in support.

  • Game Crash on IPod 4

    by Hawkeye917

    I would write a good review for this game, but I have only been able to play it twice. Every time I open the app rainicorn will fly around for a minute then she will start to lag while flying and all of a sudden it crashes! Some times the menu will show but If I press GO the game will crash. Please fix this bug I paid money for this game and I don't want it wasted on a game that don't even work!

  • Really fun time killer

    by jennifer9978

    Doesn't require much skill to play and really relaxing. Good variety of characters and doesn't make you pay money (but it helps). Although I wish you could improve the animation for Finns golden locks. After all I payed 109 gems for this and I ende up paying 2$ for the extra gems. The hair looks nothing like the screenshot. Also more maps and characters such as fire kingdom, nightosphere, lumpy space, ECT. And characters such as flame princess, Bmo (interactive character and not just a guide). Then it would be a 5 star game

  • Crashed

    by GingieCameron

    I can't even play this game on my iPod 4 because it crashes at the loading screen please because I know this will be a great game

  • TarHype Tar Love

    by Nikia Alston

    I love this game and show the same way I love sonic and his games. This game is amazing, awesome and righteous

  • Super fun

    by Jam123x

    Love it!


    by austincrane235


  • crashes way too much

    by mikelstown

    before game ends the game crashes. gameplay stutters in the beginning. please fix so I can give the game 5 stars.

  • Bad App

    by Plant vs. zombie lover

    So I go and buy this app and I went to play it and it would never load. I ended up deleting it because I couldn't even play! So if you have an iPod Touch 4G then don't get this app. I don't know if was just my iPod but don't waste your money because it might not work.

  • Butternuts

    by boxedmike

    Ride on my gut!

  • Great but glitchy

    by The Pokemon trainer MASTER

    It's a very fun game but it has glitches that take a while to load.

  • Awesome!!!!

    by So cute and fun!!

    This game is so much fun! Now I finally know what I was missing out on!!!

  • Simply great game

    by Sonnyrey4L

    I never write reviews for apps but this one really has me addicted, 5 stars no doubt.

  • Annoying me

    by Hellhound 1973

    I paid 99cents this is BS Every time I go to the store or go anywhere beside play it crashes plz fix

  • Omg!!!!

    by Zalolihani1D

    Best game ever. I play it all the time every day. DOWNLOAD RUGHT NOW WORTH THE 99 CENTS

  • Adventure Time made it MORE ADDICTIVE !!!

    by J@m@l

    Taking the already endless fun of Ski Safari and theming it to Adventure Time

  • So many bugs and crashes

    by Singlemalt10

    Game itself is a lot of fun, but it crashes constantly. Couple that with the persistent bugs (e.g. Rainicorn flying backwards into mountainsides constantly) and it gets frustrating pretty fast. Bummer.

  • Addictive!!!

    by Dan Asher

    This game is super addictive, clever, and funny...much like the show it is based on.

  • Aww

    by Darth Ronfar


  • Wooo

    by Hedzen

    Ski safari is the it...

  • Looks fun, but doesn't work.

    by Jill Mitchell

    It looks like a really good game, but crashes every time I open the app.

  • Super Entertaining

    by Better than the movie

    This game is so fun! Especially if you watch Adventure Time! All of the characters are really cute and they're all from the show!

  • Game is AWESOME!!!

    by Kay2442

    I'm really surprised this game isn't like 2.99.. Thus is the best game I've had in a LONG time... The only little problem is 1. It does play without wifi (and if it does then it's not working for me. 2. At the beginning when it has "Adventure Time Safari" it is completely black except for the title. This is so worth the price of a dollar..

  • Plz do this

    by Rhbddhhddgshhsnajakwiehbegste

    Plz fix crashing when opening app

  • Fun but a lot crash and error

    by Da Feizee

    Just another paid version of ski adventure, however the characters, music, and graphic are really great. BUT the game is poorly tuned, it crash easily, and now gum not working when I need the second chance. Muti-language is sweet but there's error everywhere. Fix these fast!


    by Cmj from roblox

    So amazing don't listen to bad reviews it's super good app

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Mixuan

    So worth 0.99!! Super addicting and never gets old...EVER!!!

  • I want my money back

    by Guy who writes reviews36

    The game crashes before I can play the game.I want a refund!

  • This game (CRASHES) Too darn much!

    by Losers surfers

    It always CRASHES whenever i go to the main menu by All star urocha

  • Best game ever

    by Dog207

    This game is awsome!

  • Missions?

    by Michelle Collazo

    I absolutely love this game, but it stopped recording my mission achievements. Annoyed now that I can't level up anymore.

  • Megabytes

    by G man 4

    So the app says that it's only 60 megabytes but when u buy it it's actually 350

  • Awsome.

    by .&$@

    The game never stops the game is just. Is awsome!

  • Bad bug

    by Lonepreditor

    I can't even get past the loading screen, needs a bug fix, but looks really really fun so please fix soon

  • Amazing

    by Newyoutubesucks

    I love this game but my gems won't work to save my death

  • Can't play

    by Lovely1915

    Just bought this and it crashes before it will even open to play. I want my money back.

  • Fun...but...crashes

    by Orphen0

    I like the game alot but one problem It crashes and it takes FOOOORRREEEVVVER to play Please fix it as fast as you can

  • What the lump??? Best game ever

    by Lumpy Space Player

    Usually get bored with games after about a day but ill be playing this one for quite a while. The art work feels like an episode of Adventure Time, everything in the store is unlockable through play and has the voice actors from the cartoon. My only complaint is some of the great characters are not present (cinnamon bun, peppermint butler, etc...) and I'd love to see lumpy space as a playable map maybe with some of that freaked out music LSP listens to as the background music....but those are small at best. Overall completely worth the money.

  • They fixed the bugs!

    by Tallerthentrees

    This game is fan-flipping-tastic!

  • Globing awesome but...

    by Penguinepopper

    It crashes constantly its toatally math and all but it's slow and glitchy and crashy

  • Recommended for iPhone 5

    by Mustang122

    I tried like a million times in my iPad mini and crashes. But when I tried on my iPhone 5c, works every time so far...I love the game and you should get it too.

  • Help me!

    by MandiAnnie

    I don't understand. My game won't load . It gets to the part where Lady Rainicorn is spinning around the screen and it just goes back to my home screen.

  • Its so Awesome

    by Nosajk

    by far my favorite Adventure Time game. Adding voices to the cast is a nice addition!


    by Sunny evenson

    I love this game so much:) Its challenging but fun! Theres some bugs but otherwise this is a great game i highly recommend it!!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!

    by Whateevere

    Awesoome I had 20$ and I though why don't I try this game and it was so freaking awesome love it keep the good work

  • Dumb app

    by Tony813229

    Hey guys don't buy this app it just automatically backs u out of the screen before u can play it its a waste of two bucks

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