Jumping Finn Turbo - Adventure Time Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

A quick patch to fix a bug with the music. Keep on kicking those buns!

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IT'S ADVENTURE TIME! Kick, bounce, and blast Finn as far as you can in Jumping Finn Turbo!

The Ice King has kidnapped Princess Bubblegum… again! Finn needs to get to the Ice Kingdom fast. Luckily, Jake has a plan: Kick him there! Send Finn flying all the way to the Ice Kingdom to rescue PB.

Can you handle the kick-butt reality of Jumping Finn Turbo?! Kick Finn's buns to send him soaring into the atmosphere. But he can't make it on his own. Fill the sky with birds, rainbows, comets, and helpful friends like Marceline, Lady Rainicorn, and Blastronaut! Buy upgrades to send Finn flying higher and farther than ever before!

Watch out for the Ice King's flying hench-penguins. Tap them before they have the chance to freeze Finn solid. Not cool, man!

Heck yeah! Jumping Finn Turbo has been optimized with detailed, new backgrounds, and high resolution graphics. Your eyeballs will thank you.

Launch into action with Jumping Finn Turbo!


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Available for iPad, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5; and iPod touch 3, 4 and 5.

Customer Reviews

  • So much entertainment

    by SirCharlesBanana

    So much entertainment!

  • Cool game

    by Dhdndbdn

    Love this game it doesn't crash for me

  • Math!

    by progamer789

    Perfect game for Adventure Time fans.

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Tysky36

    great game

  • Pretty fun but gets old quick

    by frazzywig

    Kinda strange game play. You don't have any influence on whether you encounter the power ups, it's more just left to chance. Anyway, it was really fun at first, watching Jake kick fin into the air and the different ways that he would fly through the air.

  • Awesome game

    by Jdurkacs

    I didn't think I would like this kind of game but I'm really enjoying it.

  • Encouraging

    by Ebag988

    Great Job guys keep adding power ups

  • super

    by Rangerman03rr

    super addicting game fun for all ages

  • Amazing

    by Eduardo21099

    This is the funniest game I'd ever play! It so awesome it's super funny when Finn gets combed by all the characters. Super fun you'll have a great time!

  • Great game, needs simple improvements

    by Christopher Nimbus

    1. App doesn't flip orientation, so if your plugged in, you can't choose how to grip around charger. (Should do 180 in landscape). Simple implementation of a feature that has been around dince like, ever, Trevor. Hurtin' my hands here, bro. 2. Confusing game center vs. BMO achievement scheme. (Tip to others: you can only get the BMO achievement in the bubble at the top of the screen on each turn). Simplify that mess. One list of achievements, add a few, and spice 'em up a bit to bring fools back for more butt-kickin'. 3. Game center scores are topped by cheaterpants scores. I busted my guts on this game, flew a million or so feet, and there are guys that scored 300x that at the top? Boo. Not possible unless people are playing a single round in shifts or something. The top 5-10 scores were glaringly cheated the last time I looked. Clean that mess up, cuz. 5-star game hidden in here somewhere. Easy fixes. For now, I'm being really generous with 4.

  • Awesome

    by Alpha Female II

    This game is pretty good start to more CN apps keep it up producers!!!

  • Fun but too easy.

    by OhSara

    I bought this game and beat it in mess than a day. I still play it every now and then but it would be AWESOME to see new levels or something.

  • Plz Change something!!!!!

    by SteerableTea45

    The tittle says it all.

  • I love this game!

    by DarkWolfRising

    I play it all the time! Don't deny yourself such fun!

  • Fun

    by Turdhat

    Me and my 4 year old had fun for a night. It got old for him, but I went on a beat it. Worth it for sure I think.

  • @advtimememories

    by Heyvgjjhfxx

    Follow my adventure time account on instagram @advtimememories!

  • Great game

    by DGC1011

    This game is extremely fun, but I hate when it restarts after someone calls you please fix also could we use any other characters or new power ups?


    by Leisuaialejrhdidola

    Oh. My. Glob. Get it! Get it now!

  • Fix the Crashes

    by Sculllord

    It's a good and fun game, but, it crashes too much. I deleted half my games and it still crashes so it is not my device, it's the game. I also agree with one of the previous reviews, adding Fionna and Cake is a great idea. It would probably bring up the number of buyers too.

  • Great game

    by Bobbystew91

    Great game, but I upgraded e dry thing and beat it in less than 2 hours

  • Well thanks for stealing my money...

    by Hollib3th

    I just bought it and it won't even open to crash from other reviews I've seen. I'm glad I paid for it to just sit on my screen as decoration.

  • Wack

    by YahSun

    Fun addicting game, but I lose all progress every time I update my device. Too much work to keep starting all over again and again. I want a full refund ASAP


    by Howisthisappgettinggoodreveiws

    No achievements save, at all, literally they never go to Game Center records ever. It only crashes when you are doing good, go figure. It takes longer to load than it is to play a game that is not that fun to begin with. do not play!

  • Perf

    by TumblrUser76

    I love it

  • Needs fixing.

    by TheEmhan

    This is a fun and addicting game and hasn't crashed on me, but BMOs challenges do not register. I only have half of them, when I should have nearly all of them. How are you going to make us pay for a game that doesn't even function properly?

  • Mathematical!

    by Toon Link guy

    Oh my glob! This game is math!!!!

  • Addictive

    by Niknikness

    Conquered it in a day but it was fun.

  • Awsome

    by Gdjckfucyddy

    It was a very good game

  • UpdAte

    by Jim Dell

    I got this app like 6 months ago and deleted it it and now I'm getting it back and it hasn't had anything new what the heck!

  • Very Fun but needs more

    by Mr. Turtle App Reviews

    This game is very fun but I finished it in about 3 days. I like it but I have some ideas like if they added a Fionna and Cake version and the Jake Suit.

  • Uggggghhhhh

    by Yankee1222

    I just got the update today, STILL CRASHES PLZZZZ FIZ

  • Bring it back!!

    by Nassta777

    Bring back the previous song for the gameplay! It was waaaaay cooler!!! 5 stars if you do!

  • Great time killer!

    by teerae

    Addictive, love it!

  • Jumping Finn

    by Funky GB

    I think this is the best App ever! When I first played it I was like Holy SLAMACOW! CartoonNetwork I think you creat the best apps ever. Sincerely TD01

  • Awesome

    by Hs wangster

    One of the best games I have get it now I wish they could make a 2

  • Just 1 prob.

    by WackyWierdo

    I'm loving the game, but when I was playing, all in one moment, I accidentally paused the game and hit the home button. I would have had so many points, so I would just ask if you can put in an "Are you sure you want to quit" after pressing the home button in the pause menu.

  • Bug fix

    by Emily De Waard

    Love this game but I can't unfreeze Finn so once I pass the Ice Kingdom and I inevitably get frozen by one of the many penguins there's nothing I can do my game ends there because he just falls until he hits the ground since I can't unfreeze him.

  • Strange

    by Return my save data!!

    It can't finish the download mission! Is there any problem?

  • Please fix crash

    by Juan Fraga

    Please fix crash when I'm trying to play it crashes please fix Cartoon Network

  • Awesome game but..

    by GDUB (aka mlfgc)

    BMO challenges stop registering after a point... Can't earn anything more...?

  • Fun but needs more

    by BP iPVZ

    Worth the money, Fun, for all ages. But needs more levels!!

  • Awsomeness

    by Awesomeness rising

    This awesome because its super awesome and epically fun when you get past the land of ooo and get past candy kingdom the ice kingdom is so hard because Gunter is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very good!! ((=

    by Haileylokz47

    SCLA. PANSquad. Very funn game. Everybody should buy it. Like ASAP!! Won't regret it. But they should keep adding extras to make it even more better.. Just saying bros. PAN Life bros...

  • Must buy

    by Jon103184

    This game is so great. I can not out it down. This game just needs some minor glitching like I have a 4th gen iPod and when I get to a certain point the game slows down and then freezes

  • This game is still not work

    by Cindy.rico

    I really need you guys to fix this I payed money for if not I want my money back

  • Worth the Fee


    The game is an endless amount of fun, and it is definitely worth the amount it costs to buy. I would though, as part of the fandom myself, like to make several suggestions. The app is indeed very exciting and fun, however, after a bit of experience with the game, it is extremely easy to get the hang of and purchase all the pack items. Therefore, I believe the players of 'Jumping Finn Turbo - Adventure Time' would happily update the game for these extras: - An availability to buy Jake and Lady's offspring (Charlie, Jake Jr., Kim Kil Whan, TV, Viola) to fight off penguins for a brief amount of time. - Several other levels, including locations from the show such as the Fire Kingdom, possibly the Tree Fort as the final destination, and the Lich's lair. - Speaking of the Lich, a possible threat to the player could be the Lich King himself. I am not clear on the Lich's ability to fly or lack of it, though if he can, he should fly in when the player reaches the lair level, and throw fire balls to Finn which the player must block. Your consideration is much appreciated. Thank you. ~Joely Hammond, 11

  • It's great!

    by marshallleetime

    I love this game! It's challenging and fun, which is what I'm looking for in a game. I hope they add more ways to fly, but overall, this game is the best Cartoon Network game I have ever played.

  • My poor high score...

    by Jesusfreak1928

    It's a very addicting game but, it consistently crashes.so I was play in almost to the ice kingdom and then BAM! it stopped Finn was in mid roll in the air it stayed like that for a minute, and then gone.FINN WILL DID NOT REACH THE ICE KINGDOM, AND P.B WILL BE WITH THE ICE KING FOREVER!!!

  • Pls fix

    by Tonini48

    It's great and all, but the pause button freezes the game every time.

  • Jumping Finn mode

    by Blakey12389

    There should be a non-penguins mode of Jumping Finn Turbo, and to unlock it you should use points.

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