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This App does not provide any movies . It only shows movie list and movie details.
But this App is very useful.This App lists 100 great movies that must be watched in ones life time.
Keep this App for your reference. Walk into Blockbuster or any other Video store
with this App to select right movie which really entertains or change your life.

Customer Reviews

  • de gustibus non est disputandum

    by Shwelrik

    Pretty interesting list, but not obviously "a must watch" list. You can find more information and reasonable ratings on IMDB. Also the design is pretty bad - white font on red background - isn't very good decision. And the font isn't very clear for reading from an iPhone. So you will need lots of improvements...


    by Lmfaaaaaoooo

    This App is a waste of your time so don't even try to get it lame app

  • Horrible

    by Sanju and nikith

    It is a waste of space, DON'T GET IT!!! It shows super old movies. If u want movies go to www.megashare.info. You can get any movie from braking dawn (part 2) to a Disney channel original ( radio rebel ). I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!!


    by L1ly Flower

    Ok first of all it shows ONLY OLD videos Second of all it's a wast of space And third of all it's slow & boring First add movies from at least 2000-now, then add a trailer of the movie, make the background look more exciting, and last but not least make it faster If u do that then I will rate it 5 stars but till that happens I'm gonna delete this app and not recommend it 2 anyone.

  • I agree mostly,

    by Great Dane lovers

    1. It says 4+ and up but has violence 2. It just says the description 3. The movies are way past date 4. freezes ounce in a while

  • N

    by Don't carr

    Good idea, bad app. I looked at 6 movies, closed the app, and deleted it. The app's overall design is horrible. I only had the app open 5 minutes and noted a few bugs. Needs some work!!

  • Meh, it's ok

    by RSava

    The list is ok, the app does what it says. I don't necessarily agree with the movies on it. Some of the movies are classics, others may become classics someday. Still others would not be on my list. You left out a pretty important feature though - no way to mark off when you've seen the movie. Give it that and it might be worth 3 or 4 stars.

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