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Seller: ArcSoft

1. Fixed crash issue during face detection
2. Daily makeover feature - receive a notification at a scheduled time with an automatically selected makeover every day.
3. New downloadable hairstyles.
4. Share a photo to Kodak partners for printing. (US only)
5. Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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The best photo cleanup and makeup app.

* One-tap makeover, photo editing, and enhancements * Best way to find your personal makeup style

[Winner of CES's Innovations Design and Engineering Award]

Perfect365 makes it outrageously easy to achieve the look you see on magazine covers and web sites with your own photos. Erase a blemish, whiten teeth or give yourself (and friends) a total makeover. And no one but you has to know why you look better than ever.

Key Features:

*Makeover on the go -- Capture a photo anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about facial and makeup imperfections. Perfect365 is ideal for a quick touch-up.

*Pick a style and you're done -- Pre-designed beauty styles makes it easy to turn anyone from drab to fab – in just one tap!

*Customize like crazy -- Use makeup and enhancement tools to personalize every detail of your face, eyes, brows, lips, teeth, and skin. Even thinning your face or widening your smile is easy as pie.

*Advanced face detection -- Automatically and accurately detects the face(s) in your photo. For perfect editing, easily adjust key facial points on the eyes, nose, and mouth regions.

*Share new looks with your friends -- After applying a makeover, save and share the amazing results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr and see if they like it as much as you do.

** See what our users are saying **

"I'm absolutely in love with this app. I never ever write reviews but I had to for this app. All of my friends have it and were all obsessed! I'm never wearing makeup again hahah I wish this app was around in my awkward high school phase! SPECTACULAR APP, a definite must have!"

"Best app for photos. I can take a pic with no makeup and in seconds make it look like I sat in a chair with a makeup artist for hours! Love it!"

"Just awesome! A+++ - Love playing with this app. Amazing!!! You can make yourself look younger, add eye makeup, whiten your teeth, add blush, eyelashes etc. oh and you can make your face thinner. A+++"

"I don't normally rate apps either but this one is so much fun and so easy to use! It really enhances pics even just for a more subtle look. Totally awesome app!"

"I've touched-up all my business photos to look younger! And you can try different looks with make-up to see how you eyes look best and etc!!! I've learned a lot...Thanks"

"Extremely good - Most natural effect among all make up apps"

ArcSoft, Inc. is an industry-leading software developer with over 18 years of software development experience supporting industry leaders in advanced imaging and video technologies.

** iPad and Mac versions are also available on the iTunes App Store **


Customer Reviews

  • Goof

    by Courtney Gallow


  • Awesome app!

    by Aflo1088

    Love this app one of my most used and favorites

  • Awesome

    by Altam02

    Love all the functions!!

  • Help

    by Buttdogg

    I love this app but it isn't recognizing faces..please fix this

  • Excellent

    by JimmieDiane

    My new go to App. Works wonders. Went to salon with no makeup and got a fabulous 'doo'. Fixed myself right up so I could post quickly! Great app.

  • by Cool cupcake 01

    This app is amazing and you can do everything it has teeth whitening and blush and foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing app but...

    by Graham Miranda

    The problem is after this update even the picture I successfully scanned and edited it the previous version but in this version it's like "face not detected". Need a fix please.

  • Fun

    by Milky*420

    This app is awesome when you want to kill some time and laugh at yourself in a ridiculous hairstyle you would never get in real life. It is also good for normal use, of course, if you want to look beautiful. This is an amazing app every women must have (・ω・)‼

  • Amazing

    by Ebluver

    This has got to be the best app ever invented. What I've been praying for my entire adolescent/adult life. Thank You! I love it.

  • Fix the clashing

    by 49erdixie

    This app keeps clashing

  • by Kl8687

    Fun app

  • Best face editing app you can have.

    by juullleeeessss

    I can take the ugliest selfie known to mankind and make it look good with this. Although sometimes it crashes in the middle of the process, it's so easy to use that I can start over in the blink of an eye and not fuss over anything.

  • Love it but...

    by Jamese Beverly

    It keeps crashing now! :/

  • Keeps Crashing

    by AllyAngels

    I used it in once and it was marvelous <3 I'd like to use it more but right after that it keeps crashing while detecting a pic and it can't even detect a face that facing straight. Idk what's wrong with it but yeah it keeps crashing. I don't even have a lot of apps on at the moment...

  • It keeps crashing!!!!!!

    by Bones808HIOAHU

    I loooove this app. It's so much fun but ever since the update mine has been crashing. Please fix this problem!

  • FIX IT

    by Derpette$$$

    This app always crashes when I try to use a photo from my camera roll. Pleas fix this, it's enough to make me throw my phone across the room.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AWESOME!!!

    by Blank awesome

    It's awesome!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ it 100%!!! OMG, it's the holy grail of photo shopping I absolutely love this game get it if ur into this stuff if ur not ur missing out!!! My five star should explain everything!!! And one last thing I aways do the skin softening as high as it will go it makes a easier canvas!! And it just looks plain pretty. Thanks for listening

  • Perfection

    by Brayesiee

    Best app ever, but it's crashing every time I try it now..

  • Love it

    by Lilly Navarra


  • Crashes!

    by Nikkithehuman

    I love this app so much!!:) but every time it tries to do the face detection it crashes:( please fix

  • :(

    by madisonZ67

    was good until lately it crashes when it's detecting my face.

  • Won't load pictures

    by Kicesie

    !!! Fails to load any and every picture I try to use!

  • crashes, will not recognize faces

    by GG 22!

    was my favorite app...but it no longer recognizes clearly visible faces, and crashes during facial detection.

  • Crashing since update

    by MiSS EMS

    I used this app lightly for fun but now it crashes every time I try to open it. Please fix the bugs!

  • Too many crashes

    by L.T.P

    Every time I open a picture it crashes

  • Ugh

    by amanda contreras

    NOOO normally I would rate this a 5 star but lately it's been crashing when I take a photo!!! I love this app it's great but please fix this!!! :(

  • Crashing again!

    by geriatricfuch

    After the latest update 365 stopped crashing and when I went to use it today it started crashing again. It crashes right after the face scan. PLEASE FIX!! I even deleted and reinstalled this app. Please please please fix this bug.


    by Naniloa57

    This was the BEST app ever, but all it does is crash since the last update. Please fix this!!! :(

  • Love but crashes

    by Staciebelle

    I am still having the problem where it crashes at the scanning. I have used it for a while and love it. But i cant use it. Even after the update. I have a ipod touch 5th gen and ios 7. Everything up to date. :(

  • Fixes not working

    by Shanlo825

    This is a great app...when it is works. Lately it crashes every time during face detection even with the latest 1/28 update. Please fix it!!!

  • FIX !

    by Facebookhoe

    This app was really nice and working for the first couple of days but it just stopped working ! Out of no where ! It keep saying no face was detected when my face is straight looking at the camera and I have nice lighting ! It says that with all of my pics ! I really love this app but it keeps crashing and giving me errors. Please fix !

  • Kinda love it

    by HeyThere50492

    I love this app but it keeps exiting the app. So I have to keep deleting and downloading it again.

  • LOVE IT!!

    by Linette_ferdz



    by Greta1985

    Would've have given this app 5 stars because it's the best app ever...when it works. It keeps crashing during the face detection. I love this app, really don't wanna have to stop using it. Please repair!!!

  • Crash galore

    by Samantha Weng

    Keep crashing!

  • App crashes

    by Some guy 9999

    App crashes during face recognition

  • Won't work

    by Carrie2222

    Every time I open this app it shuts back down. please fix!!!

  • Help!

    by Ćörïńńë

    Ok so I got this app. It's amazing! But recently it's been crashing every time it scans my face. Please help me!

  • GREAT but crashes too much

    by xgam3rzx

    I love the app very much but it crashes too much and I'm getting pretty tired of it! Update?

  • Face crash!!!!!!

    by Jewel80k

    I recently updated app, and it's still crashing during face detection!!!! Fix it please!!!!

  • Wth!?

    by SomeCaliGurl

    It was working now great, all of the sudden it keeps crashing! -_-

  • Fix this!

    by oreowilsonajos

    Keeps crashing!! Haven't been able to try it because it crashes so much

  • Love this app

    by Scouture421

    I love this app but since the last update it closes on me after I open a picture to edit! :( otherwise it's great!

  • Love/hate realationship

    by Anna$tasia

    I love love love this app but it pisses me if when it randomly shuts down when you first open it.

  • crashes!

    by Nickname goober

    every time I chose the photo of myself the app crashes! can't even use it

  • Doesn't work

    by Katherine Pond

    Wish it had but I couldn't even get past taking or uploading a picture, crashed very time.

  • Always shuts down on itself

    by Emsgotrhythm

    This app is fun... When it works. I'll take a picture, choose it, then when it is scanning my face, the entire app shuts down. Don't buy it if you don't want to be aggravated.


    by heather wut

    this app is overall AMAZING but whenever it try's to load the face it crashes !! please fix it !! this is the best app for touch ups !!

  • CRASHES!!!!

    by Iegoldfeld

    this app was great! but now it crashes a few seconds after I open it! please fix this!

  • Doesn't work

    by Georgia peach123!!!!!!!

    This app just shuts down every time I choose a photo.

  • Horrible

    by Nikki4013

    I wish there was a way to give this app no stars at all. Every time i choose a photo the app closes on its own.

  • update messed it up

    by Brandi Jones

    I use to love this app but ever since the update, it crashes and doesn't scan the photo .. Can you please fix the bug

  • Crashes

    by Girliegirl1212

    Crashes everytime I open it

  • by La.lucy

    I love this app so much!! But ever since I updated it. It has CRASHED every single time I scanned a picture. Such a disappointment!

  • Bug Fix

    by iAmPrettyYungThang

    Crashes during photo scan

  • Great kinda

    by peach_ring

    It's a great app but it still crashes sometimes when I go to use it.

  • Awesome

    by Aimgrace29

    Great app. Hard to navigate, but end result is great.

  • Drag queen make up app!

    by Headless in FL

    So that's what I'd look like as a hooker! Lol then it crashed 5x. FAIL!!

  • Perfect360

    by Fashionstar222567

    I love this app so much!

  • Face detection problem???

    by Jerryinmyasssuxtynine

    The moment I updated the app, it started having problem with face detection,what the hell the update was supposed to fix that.

  • Fix the app

    by Kittywebb

    Still crashes fix the app please

  • Creative

    by Maria94

    Awesome app although it crashes sometimes.

  • It crashes

    by Kittymeowxo

    This app always worked perfectly for me before the update and since the update this app has crashed for every single photo I'm actually really upset by this bc I liked this app a lot

  • Love it!

    by Kristina285

    This is the best ap ever! I use it all the time, it is addicting just because it makes your pictures look amazing by enhancing either your lashes, liners, smooth skin, removes dark circles, brightens teeth, it does it all... The wigs are so realistic it is hard to they are a wig... You can move the hair around to make a perfect fit to your face ... Love, love, love this ap.

  • Yyyyeeeessss

    by Giraffeslover :-)

    This app is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love this app

    by Lisaluann24

    No need to retake pics when you have this app!! :) awesome fun!!

  • please fix glitches

    by 0olivia0

    this app doesn't work for me at all. everytime I choose a picture or take one, the app scans it, and then shuts down. not impressed.

  • Fun

    by Lemuah

    It's super fun playing with this app. Kinda hard to line up all the points so the lipstick looks natural but other than that its cool!

  • Love it!

    by NC*Nurse

    Love this app!!! It's so much fun!!!

  • LOVE IT!!!

    by ItsTime4Peace

    I love this app! I first tried it on my Windows 8 laptop & I was so thrilled to see it was available for my iPhone! You can make drastic changes to a pic, or just enhancements!

  • Increible

    by Chaperona

    Mejor app que haya descargado. Muy contenta.

  • This last update is crap!!!!

    by Luisantiago

    Please fix face detection , the last update is crap, don't detecting any face , I use this app for long time but this update is

  • This last update is crap!!!!

    by Luisantiago

    Please fix face detection , the last update is crap, don't detecting any face , I use this app for long time but this update is

  • 360

    by 342333

    Having a little trouble with the dots, just need alittle more help! It's exciting & fun gigi, having trouble with faces, even though they r straight forward, do I need a up date? Help? Please love this App can't live without it!!!at the moment it's failing 2 load, wat is the problem? Thank u!!

  • Appreciate

    by Yackeh

    Very nice

  • The better better S

    by The better better S


  • Perf♥️

    by 4⃣2⃣0⃣

    I like it a lot it makes u look beautiful and u still look natural♥️

  • Face

    by Rayner Morales

    Muy bueno

  • Great app!!!

    by GMAT1977

    I love it! ❤️

  • Perfect!

    by Alexa!!!!!:)

    This is the best app I ever had! Downloas fast! It's great! ❤️

  • Love it

    by Pretty Boy Swag1234

    I love this app

  • Holy Grail of makeup/touch up apps!

    by Farmer Lindsay

    No more retaking selfies a million times to get the perfect flattering pic, no more cringing at the fact I'm the only one who looks like crap in the, what would've been awesome, pic of my friends and I... With the Perfect365 app EVERY pic can be saved and every selfie flawless!! Best part is, unlike other makeup apps, you can't even tell your picture has been "touched up" and its soo super easy to do!! LOVE IT!!

  • Perfect editing app

    by KrystalKlm


  • by Kisses321

  • I <3 it!

    by Obsessivegamer2

    I love this app! You can make it look realistic and make it look super alien like! But... I wish you could have more than one person in the picture though! Besides that this is one of my favorite apps ever!


    by Lol123456791000

    This app is awesome I already posted some pictures edited with this and people keep complementing me!!! The only thing is that the lipstick doesn't well which was a disappointment.

  • Awesome!

    by Stlr1976

    Love this app ❤️

  • Needs fix!

    by Alina

    Keeps saying "no face detected" on every single picture. Even ones that I've used on this app already. Please update!

  • It's A Girl's Best Friend

    by TeamNicki_fan4lifee

    Great MakeUp App, and for hair too. So happy I found this app!!! #MakeupGal

  • Love it!

    by gracie4444


  • Change

    by ZéRola

    I change for the new version and it brooke my app...its a very good app!!!Fix fast!! Tanks!!!I cant change my photos only the photos that u gave!!

  • Needs tutorials

    by ColeyCole

    Would be better if it included instructions on how to get all these looks. Basically just a Photoshop app

  • Fun

    by Sneakers o tool

    This app is loads of fun. Its still needs some work on the facial recognition and fine tuning but overall its great

  • Liked at first

    by CarolinaJones

    For some reason it keeps booting me out! So I have to delete and add again. Fix this and you get 5 stars from me!

  • Me encanta

    by Jbcodi

    De verdad excelente ♥️

  • Absolutely love this app, but...

    by CarlaCheryl

    Since the last update it won't recognize any of my pictures. :( Tried several photos and all I get is "no face was detected". I really like this app, hope I can use it again soon and update my review to 5 stars! Fingers crossed** (:

  • Love !!


    I love this app especially for Instagram , it would be a bonus if they made a way to do a collage and borders . Then it would be the top app out

  • Great app!

    by Nikki Bo2013!!!

    This app is really good for funny photos and helps a lot with serious photos(as much as you might expect without paying for an app)

  • Awwwwwwesome

    by AppUserOfTheWorld

    I just cant stop retouching my photos, easy to use and so pretty!

  • Perfect365

    by Alicia Dion

    So much fun and hilarious

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