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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Apptly LLC

- Face detection on iPhone 5S is back!
- Upgraded to support 64-bit processor
- Removed holiday frames (note: santa hat and snow effects have not been removed and if you missed getting them in December, they are now purchasable)
- Several other tweaks and optimizations

- The Apptly Team

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Oldify 2. Get OLD!
Now more than 15 Million users! Thank YOU and keep AGING.

"It's the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!" - HUFFINGTON POST

~ From the makers of Vampify, Wolfify, AND Stacheify ~

See your old self come to life!
Take a photo of yourself(or friends!) and Oldify 2 makes you old. Just choose how many years you want to add, and see your wrinkled, gray haired self come to life; blinking, coughing, yawning, and more! Now even record your voice to create and send custom videos of your ancient self talking... from the future!

Old age has never looked this good.

- Share videos and photos via MMS, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
- Now even record your own voice to create custom videos of your old self!

Even combine AGING with BALD + FAT + MUSTACHE + BEARD + PAINT and UNIBROW effects!

JOIN US - facebook.com/FaceifyFamily

Note: Oldify is meant to make you laugh and/or giggle, and should be used purely for entertainment. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

  • That so nice for kids

    by I'm nimra from Saudi Arabia

    Please create more character such as ghost , funny face etc . I love to play it thanks .

  • Fun app!

    by Bondog49

    It's amazing how old they can make you look! Lots of laughs!

  • Cool

    by Mr. Hayhurst

    It's a fun little app.

  • Awesome game dude

    by Caitlyn is hyper

    I think it's totally should try it!!!!!!!! :-D

  • nice

    by zsephirothz

    it's ok and good application I'm still exploring it .

  • Love this

    by Ken mills

    Great app, a must have

  • Great.

    by FlynnLaura

    So funny!

  • by Kevoman

    The best

  • Cool

    by Kerri Worth

    This is a cool app I just wish you didn't have to pay for extra stuff. Nice that I can earn mpoints.

  • Good

    by bobby clark


  • Lol fun

    by Bobolove3535

    Best game ever

  • Awesome

    by Swimgirl30

    It is really awesome and addictive I love it a lot you should get it

  • Oldify 2

    by Screwanickname2


  • Oldify2

    by Daddy Turo

    Fun app.


    by Tiny join hook swaber


  • Fun!

    by Film Critic Momma

    I keep looking like my mother. I don't know if it's me or a glitch in the app. Maybe everyone ends up looking like her??

  • Old iffy 2

    by LindaRus

    Great fun and entertaining for the kids.

  • Oldify

    by William Nitschke

    Better than expected. Brings your picture to life.

  • Awesome!

    by Bader Al Bader

    Love it , you can export it as a video and share it In Keek , twitter , instagram , Whatsapp ❤️❤️ Love this app it Make me Smile :).

  • Old is fun

    by Theunknownperon


  • Stupid

    by Jayz03

  • Creepy

    by Babyboo 7/27/12

    This is scary. At first i thought it'd be kinda cool to see the old version of myself. I thought it'd be like a cartoon kinda thing but it was realistic and looked alive and it was scary

  • Waste!!!

    by A 12 year old photographer

    This app is a waste if money!!! All it does is add wrinkles and spots to your face!!! Don't buy this app!!!

  • App

    by Sunshine Shoe Gal

    Really cool and the little disturbing lol but fun to do

  • Fun app!!

    by prj7189

    My family and I have so much fun with this app!!

  • Dumb

    by Jdneveragain

    I want my money back

  • Eh

    by Nadradec

    Pretty lame. Paid version has ads, all faces age the exact same way, and you have to buy "effects" like baldness.

  • Great

    by Austy293

    I kind of look amazing as an old lizard

  • Awesome

    by Footstep83


  • Oldify2 Rocks!

    by MEAMIR7

    Kids loved this app.

  • So much fun!!!!!!!

    by Roy Settergren

    This is such a fun little app

  • Junk App

    by manukyan

    This app is completely useless. All it does is art dark spots to your face and creates fake looking wrinkles. It doesn't look realistic at all and a waste of $0.99.

  • Really fun!

    by Jaywade

    This is really fun to mess with!

  • Love it

    by Harwell8330

    This lil game is soo cute and funny

  • Amazing!

    by Rwb!!!!!

    My son loves oldify!

  • Awesome

    by matthewdc

    Great new features!!

  • Awesome

    by Julissa414

    Great app ever download it know!!!!!

  • Fun


    I don't look half bad, old. LOL

  • Great app!!! Wonderfully inventive!!!

    by Tom McLoughlin

    5 STARS !!!

  • Great

    by Bashayer Al yami


  • Amazing App

    by AWeck25

    Really great, engaging, fun app for all. Hats off to the creators for their genius work.

  • Such a fun app!

    by Sarahwelch

    This app is hilarious and so realistic! I love surprising my friends with their face from the future. I'm definitely downloading the other apps in the family, too - Fatify, Beardify and more.

  • So realistic, so much fun

    by NayNayB2013

    Oldify 2 is a ton of fun and almost creepy it's so realistic. I love showing my friends and family what they'll look like in 40 years!

  • ดีมากกก

    by ฮอททำเป็น


  • Cool App / Horrible UI

    by Sales-VP

    I laughed out loud several times. However, the UI is terrible and nearly impossible to navigate!

  • Oldify 2

    by Michael Chroma

    I use this app to make talking pet videos.

  • Baddddddd

    by Samantha1901

    Do not buy this app stinks! It doesn't let you have any option to change the face with. And with you want them you pay more money! And the ads never stop!!!!

  • Look old and feel taken advantage of.

    by Eyeblab

    I was truly transported into a grandpa like state trying to navigate this trigger filled buy more interface. Additionally the attention to detail with relentless interruptions requesting you to rate the application adds what every senior citizen truly appreciates "reminders" great touch guys. Oh yeah, the app also makes you look old.

  • Old is the new young!

    by tcortese

    Everyone loves it. Awesome.

  • Apps alfuwl

    by Blazinmeat 1915

    Don't get its a scam

  • Fun for few days

    by Korolll

    it's ok to have fun with friends,but get bored very fast

  • Fun!!

    by inman1979

    It's so much fun using this app with friends and family. Looks so realistic it's kinda scary.

  • cost too much!!!

    by ZiggoChyi

    this app is easy to use. But cost too much!!!

  • Animation is super freaky!

    by otto soglow

    So funny!

  • Well done!!

    by aphoriser

    These effects are very realistic and it’s so cool when the photo comes to life. It’s the closest thing to Harry-Potter-type photos I’ve ever seen. My friends were passing my phone all around the bar the other night Oldifying everyone. It was a hit! The whole thing is really well designed.

  • Rip off

    by YOTRUhoe

    They make you pay a dollar and then they still spam you... And you dont even get the whole app unlocked -_-.. You only get to age yourself 20 years.. Dont waste your dollar.

  • Waste

    by Matthew Benkert

    Of money

  • Don't waste your time !

    by Garry Crye

    The only thing this app does is crash !

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