Chroma - Colored Top Bar Overlays For Your Wallpaper Entertainment App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Curtis Renshaw

Fixed two minor 640x960 screen size bugs (namely iPhone4).
Fixed all known bugs.
Modified final screen so that instructions are clearer to follow and verify that you have done them correctly.

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86 Ratings
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This app adds custom pixels to your wallpaper which are then displayed behind the region where your device's "top bar" is displayed on the home screen and/or lock screen! This creates the awesome illusion of a colorized top bar. See screenshots below for how the effect will look! It rocks!!!!

*Intended for use on iPhone and iPod Touch (Does not work on iPad)

Tired of your boring old status bar?
Don't worry! Really, it's going to be okay :)
Chroma is here to help! With custom "Top Bars" (wallpaper overlays / "status bar" underlays)

We have TONS of designs and combinations of "top bars" for you to chose from! Everything from basic solid colors, to striped, polkadotted, even bokeh bars! Make all of your friends jealous by showing off your incredible "top bars"! You can even change your devices battery icon color, and if you have an iPhone you can customize your service "bars" (dots) colors as well!

This app works on all models of the iPhone and iPod Touch! This is a highly recommended app, designed for iOS7, HOWEVER, it will also work with iOS6 (with only a few limitations, for example, you can-not change your battery icon color in iOS6!).

Check out the screenshots and get ready to have the coolest device on the block! Enjoy! (We know you will!)

*This app works by adding a colored "top bar" of your choice to your devices wallpaper, which then places a "colored" section behind the translucent/transparent "top bar" section on iDevices. The effect is incredible and our users are very pleased! Check out the screenshots to see why all of your friends will be jealous!

*Chroma™ - a term of Apps4Life, LLC. - 2013
*"iPhone", "iPod Touch", and "Status Bar" are all terms of Apple, inc.
Do NOT copy this app's intellectual property without our written permission.

Customer Reviews

  • Really cool app


    What would have been super cool was if the bars could move like that iOS 7 wallpaper but whatevs its awesome. Actually works

  • More colors

    by Greetings233

    Add more colors in the future update thank you

  • IPhone 5c

    by Meow7256

    It does not work with a 5c, the battery bar is not aligned (I tried to fix it but it won't work) and pastel colors that I chose in the app are the default brighter colors. It is also really pricey to change one little thing that you could probably change with Photoshop. It would be cool if you could make it work for a 5c though.

  • Great app but to much money!!

    by Coolio375

    It works perfectly but they should lower the price to like 98 cents

  • Battery

    by Hidog45678910

    Its a good app i guess except that the battery part isn't lined up anymore

  • It ok

    by Kimgtuna1

    It's good and all but when I used it my phone apps don't pop up as they are so-posed too.

  • Wow

    by Mjsjajajajwhajwhshhsbsvs

    Very very awesome

  • Great!!!

    by Hey88

    It is great!! Don't listen to the bad reviews!!! It is AWESOME!!!

  • Too much money!!! $$$

    by Cat123455432112345

    I think it's a very cool and creative app but it's way too expensive. Once you set up the app you have to pay $5 more dollars!!! So practically the app is $8!!! Although the app DOES work as long as you follow instructions correctly. it is very expensive as well as all the other apps this company has like the app "quirk" is an app I don't have but is also expensive. And I figure it will make you pay $5 too. I'm not sure I can trust these apps anymore. But the app DOES WORK. I'm not sure what to rate it but I think u should know I will rate it 3

  • Eh

    by Bob1248659

    It says it works on your iPad and that's just a big fat lie. It also doesn't work with IOS 6. It works fine if you have IOS 7 on a phone. But I still like it a lot it made my screen look super cool.

  • Excellent for ios7

    by Snuzbugs

    Works well but you should make the bar a little bit more thick because the bottom part doesnt look right


    by Raffman17

    I love the app but make an i pad version

  • Good but

    by tmartinpriority

    Shouldn't be $3 for this

  • Can't believe it worked!

    by jojorere1

    This app works great and my screen looks so cool! The only few things to keep In mind are it is only a background so you will not be able to see it on apps and the graphics get off when you are charging your phone. Other than that this app is amazing.

  • Disappointing


    The app is a little pricey and it doesn't work as well if you don't have iOS7.

  • Works

    by ron the awesome

    Works but expensive, christmas from iTunes gift cards.

  • Great! (;

    by Slim JOSH

    Not bad, but it wasn't worth 3 dollars. Then again, very cool

  • Awesome!!!

    by Pics & vids

    This actually works!!!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Pics & vids

    This actually works!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Stupid people annoy me

    This is a very cool app and very impressed!♥️ 5 stars because I was able to impress everyone and now it brightens up my phone

  • To much money for what you get

    by Cameron Tuttle

    Just go and use a photo editor!!! It is not worth buying this app because it only gives you 2 designs !!! It's not so hard to edit a photo!!! Do not buy!!!

  • Baaaaaaaad

    by Yaser 123

    Really baaaaaad

  • Stupid

    by Boss0102939339392

    I waste my money guys don't buy it's really stupid it a picture when your done with all of the stuff and the battery would be cool but when u charge it,it's off so dont buy!

  • Doesn't work on iPads

    by Abjo1614

    Way too much money they should say it doesn't work on iPads going to put on phone maybe then it will work.....

  • Rip off

    by 2014munchkey

    It seems pretty cool in the advertisement of the app, but really it is kind of a rip off. All the app does is make a wallpaper, and it doesn't even lone up correctly. I would NOT waste $2.99 on it.

  • Poor

    by hedgeanimals

    Way to expensive and doesn't work with iPhone 5s

  • Horrible app


    I paid 2.99 for that all it does is go BEHIND your time bar I was so excited I couldn't even find this app and when I did that's what it gave me do not get this you will. Regret it THANKS A LOT This is NOT what I thought I was getting. I want my money back!

  • Sort of good

    by Time magozzine

    Not only do you have to pay for the app you also have to pay for the colorful bars on top


    by Kaykaykaykaykk

    Only works on home screen don't get this app it only works on home screen

  • by jsoelgfkoqoeyfkchfjid

    so stupid . u have to put on reduce motion and if u turn it off u can't use this freaking app! it's a waste of money and useless!!

  • Don't buy it.

    by reaper140

    It doesn't work. It's a total ripoff. Don't waste your money.

  • Don't buy it.

    by reaper140

    It doesn't work. It's a total ripoff. Don't waste your money.

  • Don't buy it.

    by reaper140

    It doesn't work. It's a total ripoff. Don't waste your money.

  • Not happy!!

    by Haeden Perrenot

    Enabled reduce motion as asked and the bar doesn't even like up!!! Please make the app iPhone 4S compatible. Feel as if I lost money for nothing. Did not zoom in while setting the photo or anything just made it my wallpaper no cropping it. Not happy!! Please make this work for my iPhone 4S!! Please

  • it is stupid

    by Selena Gomez 3444867

    dont get it it is really stupid and it stinks

  • Doesn't work with iPhone 4S

    by Goodfood1234576789

    This is so bad waste of money it doesn't work with iPhone 4S it's made for iPhone 5

  • What happened??

    by RandomNotChosenName.........

    At first this app was great but today I made a new wallpaper and my battery background wasn't even. I'm kind of disappointed because I enjoyed this app very much-plz fix. Thanks.

  • Ewe

    by Bella

    This is the worst app and I waste of money. It only works when u r with the apps and totally not worth how much it was

  • Hate it

    by Charles Lamb

    I don't even work!!!dont waist ur money on this junk!!!!>:(

  • Whateverrrrugh

    by Whateverrrrrrugh

    It worked... But i would really like a refund

  • THIS IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!

    by Logsanity

    I spent 3.00 on this and 2.00 on Luma and neither of them work! This app is horrible

  • Batgirl

    by Batgirl_214<<<

    It does not work!!! It's a big lie don't get it what ever you do don't get it

  • by 24farbs

    Worst app ever waste of time and money i should never have bought it and I want my money back

  • Waste of money

    by LimitNacho

    It changes the color of your wallpaper, nothing else.

  • Eh

    by Rhdjrntkaldm

    It's good but you only see it on your home page. Plus you only get two bars and you have to buy more to get more variety a of bars. NOT WORTH IT

  • Boo.

    by Earl Moses IV

    3 dollars for the app and then you only get 2 bar options! Don't buy this. It isn't worth 3 dollars and then 5 more for the bars at the top. Waste of money.

  • Mad

    by Footcush13

    I wasted 2 dollars on this app and then it wants you to pay 5 dollars to unlock all of the bar thats terrible. I mean there must be plenty of people downloading it so why the extra 5 fricken dollars


    by Yeah_yeah_11

    I cannot believe I spent money on this crap it's horrible! Give me my money back!!!!!


    by Knightslax2


  • Doesn't work

    by Loveyduck02

    It doesn't work it's too big for the screen!! Do not waste your money like I did!


    by Edgar Williams

    I paid for the app and it didn't even show up after I paid for it, I want my money back

  • Cig

    by Faeedbkfcnfcb


  • How

    by LSULSU

    How do u make it work

  • Ok

    by Pmansk8r

    This app is ok

  • It's ok.

    by Danmarla_cutie

    Actually works which is really cool! The only thing that I don't like is when you are charging your phone it messes it up since it's only on the photo not the phone itself.

  • I personally believe...

    by MarinahSwaqq

    Well yea it works its fine but i really don't think this app is "the best" nor something to say "Wow" over...such a waste of money too.I would like to get a refund if possible & people who download this will eventually not find that much interest in it and delete it.

  • Doesn't fit 5 c

    by That_dancer_sara

    I can't do it

  • Eh... Ok

    by Jamie Davis

    It's ok but it just saves a picture in your camera gallery. And the battery is off for me, my friend got this app and it didn't even for her iPhone

  • Awesome

    by L.J Piazza

    I love it the effects are so cool! Overall I think the app should be 99 cents not 3.99.

  • Good.

    by Anika Joneseseses

    Sometimes it is off and it looks really weird and the battery looks weird but overall really cool.


    by Must have gmae

    Merry Christmas this app works and it's cool but it's basically a wallpaper

  • Worst $2.99 I Have Ever Spent

    by MLBoss12

    Seriously, it's $2.99 dollars (overrated!) Then you have to play real money for the top bar color thing along with the $2.99! Wast if my money and will be a wast of your money!

  • by Savvybabee

    Your app is a failure. Terrible app!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!! I DEMAND A REFUND!!! You have wasted my time and money. When it says, "go to setting and click reduce motion" there is NO button that says that!!!

  • Only works for iPhone 5

    by Coolman 0705

    Don't waste your money on it unless u have an iPhone 5

  • It good but fix battery part

    by Josephl888

    It's good but they need to change and fix the battery part because i can see my blue battery part when I'm charging my phone

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