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Duck Dynasty. Storage Wars. The First 48. Now you can watch your favorite A&E shows wherever and whenever you want, right on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch!

The A&E app is a great new way to access full episodes and clips from all that A&E has to offer. New content is added all the time. PLEASE NOTE: A&E CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES.

The A&E app enables you to:

•Watch full episodes and clips of your favorite A&E series including Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, The First 48 and many more.
•Create a customized Watchlist of your favorite shows.
•See exclusive clips and deleted scenes from A&E shows, never before shown on television.

The A&E app is free to use. Comcast & DIRECTV subscribers can login and get access to even more content. More TV providers coming very soon!

** AirPlay support is coming soon!

Customer Reviews

  • A&E

    by Mickey Manon

    Great app

  • Great app, really enjoy it

    by Deejean32

    I don't have cable so it's nice to be able to watch so many cool shows


    by PGrahamCPA

    This app is great since I can watch my favorite show. The commercials are not too bad. At lease you only watch 2/3 of them during the show. But A&E is great. More channels need to do this!

  • Love this app

    by Willholdee

    Give a 5 love love love this app

  • I love this app

    by cakes 2008

    I can watch duck dynasty anytime I want and only 2 commercials this is the fastest way to watch!!!

  • A&E

    by Cowgirlkatrina

    It's a great app and I love it! Especially how you can flip the screen while watching movies. I hate how I blacks out after some commercials though and back to your home screen. And then u have to go totally through them again just so it can crash again. That is REALLY annoying!


    by Joe Aurora

    AWSOME app

  • Awesome

    by Jkom?538egidyzrjbbb


  • Duck Dynasty

    by Domvince25

    great app, I'm always on it

  • The wahlbergs

    by Elaine Savlino-Piacente

    I was looking forward to watching this show on my iPad but you want me to pay for it to watch when I pay for A&E through Verizon Fios

  • Great app

    by J-master 2

    A&e is one of my favorite channels to watch on my tv at home and the app makes it very easy to keep up with the shows while I'm away.

  • Great!

    by ML1676

    No cable but still get to watch favorite shows!

  • Stars

    by DuckDynastyLover42


  • First 48

    by Emermedic

    Absolutely awesome. Great connection

  • AE

    by Mondo27

    Great app! I can watch new d&d episodes on my iPad. Love that show. Robertsons rock ! God is good

  • A&E

    by Coleaholic

    Great App especially for us military members over seas that don't get to see the regularly scheduled shows. Duck Dynasty is a fav with us FDNF Sailors, GO NAVY!

  • Awsome App

    by AAMAINA

    Love this App

  • Review

    by Atvabc34

    Love it

  • One of the best apps ever

    by CB009

    No other way to catch up on missed episodes of DUCK DYNASTY

  • Walhburgs

    by icloudwatch

    Great show shows you that family stick together. The brother that runs the restaurant actually care about the image, food quality and future of the place. This should be the definition of The American Family that's stay together through bad times and good times. What a great great mother!

  • Not working.

    by Kimbrown8370

    This app is horrible. Everytime to click on it, it pulls up then goes off so I never get to watch shows. Stupid.

  • 2D Fanatic

    by Lemmmonjuice

    As if trying to write this dumb review for a fifth time wasn't enough to get one star and if it were possible to give it a zero star review I would. The app is great if you want to watch DD episodes but more importantly you prefer to watch the commercials recycle because they crash the app every time. So you decide to advance the time bar and what does that do. Recycle the same commercials a few more times and crash the app again. A 24 minute episode can take 45 minutes to watch. If I had another way this app would history

  • Best channel ever

    by Rodriguez 925


  • Add

    by Spartan57lev54

    Add charter

  • A&E app

    by HAA64

    Enjoyed it very much. Love Duck Dynasty but like many more shows also keeps me going when working at night

  • Downloaded to watch Rodeo Girls

    by A&E Fan

    Waiting to see if I like it or not just downloaded!!!!!!!!

  • Good app

    by Kutless1freak

    It is a little slow at times but, it is good.

  • Great App

    by Pete On Tour

    Good programs, such as Duck Dynasty, but Andrew Mayne is beyond awesome.

  • Duck dynasty

    by Materfan101

    To many commercials

  • Great

    by Hawaii_jewel

    Great app to have available to catch up on shows.

  • Its awesome

    by Owned em

    I get to watch my favorite show; duck dynasty

  • Duck dynasty

    by Angelwings 44

    Great for most episodes!!! But what's wrong with Duck dynasty it's not working. Says no episodes!!! Fix please!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Works well. duck dynasty is super clear.

    by Xxtzf

    The A&E app is great and works well. No problems. Easy to navigate through. I should be so lucky as to have all my apps work this well.

  • Ok

    by Butt hall


  • ❤️Duck Dynasty

    by Ambrose Bee

    I love Duck Dynasty. The full episodes on this app are great. However, the app crashes a lot when watching full episodes via Apple TV airplay.

  • Hangs

    by armak_tka

    Air play support would be nice. When the app hangs the only way to start watching again is to kill the app and then you have to watch all of the ads again. Sometimes it just replays the ads over and over never playing the show again.

  • You rock A&E

    by JLHah

    Thanks for making a great app and airing your shows the day after. Loyal customer.

  • The A&E app is awesome

    by J wicked82

    I love the A&E app because I don't have electricity let alone cable tv the only time I get to watch tv is if me and my girlfriend stay the night at her moms house but with the A&E app I get to watch all my favorite show duck dynasty whenever I want and they are great at having the newer episodes up shortly after they have been on tv it's awesome I'm happy for it and wish every channel would do the same

  • A&E

    by Bl00dbath

    Everything that you want and need in a app!

  • Great

    by Veg012777

    Best full episodes from shows. Love it

  • Review

    by gi22s

    AWESOME APP!!!!! I really enjoy watching Duck Dynasty

  • Problems!!!

    by Dbblbb

    This app used to work great. This week the video won't load at all even after an update.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Garymc38

    Great app!!! Easy to use and has a fair amount of content. Nice

  • Cool

    by Katniss everdeen 1

    I like it but it should add more shows like criminal minds but it is a very cool app I love it

  • A&E

    by Lil Romez

    I am a duck dynasty fanatic. I only have antenna. Now I get to watch duck dynasty anytime I want. FIVE STARS Screw any other tv app!!!

  • Love Duck Dynasty!!!

    by Tori0043

    Why aren't all the season episodes available?? The show is awesome, everyone in my family loves it, please play Duck Dynasty more often!!

  • Awesome

    by Me \(*o*)/

    I get to watch duck dynasty any time and other of my favorite shows like rodeo girls and billy the exterminator!!!!

  • Love it

    by CYNSETinc

    I love getting my "intervention" fix lol Great app to watch all your favorite A&E shows

  • App is great

    by Texas tch

    This app is great,I use it when I'm on long road trips. It works great

  • Awesome app ever

    by Jake_young_beast

    Love it like watching mini tv and my favorite shows

  • Review

    by Leisure activities


  • Happy!

    by Momof3wildchilds

    I am enjoying this app! Keep up the good work!

  • Bugs

    by Redpiru

    Bug issues

  • No show

    by Meeps112200

    There are no shows available to watch.

  • A&E

    by Whostolekaymonhuh?

    Awesome! My 100% fav...First 48! But needs more full episodes! :)

  • Good

    by Sweets38944

    I love the app but they need to add more providers!

  • A&E

    by Gma617

    While i appreciate the shows it would be nice if i had audio and video at the same time. Screen freezes every show and i listen to it. Please update new episodes quicker

  • App is nice to have

    by dnaylorcwells

    There are some shows on A&E that my AT&T doesn't show! Disappointed in that but the apps ok!

  • Ok

    by Marie Davis

    So far good

  • Love this app!

    by Jana001

    This is very user friendly app for anyone. You should download if you like the show A&E has available. I love watching on my iPad.

  • Love

    by Jr Midy

    I love this app. Have so many different shows and many of them i love. It has full episodes !! This is one of my best and favorite app on my iphone !!!!!

  • A&E

    by Ellie 0608

    I love this app so much

  • What in the world?!

    by Kent1999

    One the app keeps crashing every time i try and click on a show!!!!! Fix it or else

  • Satisfacción total

    by Gatillo 50

    Muy buena

  • Satisfacción total

    by Gatillo 50

    Muy buena

  • A&e

    by Cinderelladaly

    Awesome great shows please put more interventions and hoarders shows please please love a&e

  • Why do I have to buy seasons now?

    by Jason solowes

    Before when I missed an episode of Duck Dynasty I could watch it on here, now it's telling me I have to buy the season? Stupid. Fix it. Until it's fixed this app is deleted.

  • Amazing

    by Gabbey :(

    It was so amazing watching tv in the go

  • Duck Dynasty ;) but there is a problem Houston

    by Chickengurl566

    Why can't I view the entire description of an episode? It has the ...'s and leaves me wondering what's gonna happen. Fix por favor Got this app for Duck Dynasty! Love it! Love watching Duck Dynasty episodes an clips on my iPhone 5 screen, so clear. Those clips are so interesting and hilariously funny! They crack me up whenever I watch them! Hey jack, it makes me happy happy happy! Love love love Duck Dynasty!!!!!!! Phil, Si, Jase, Willie, and Jep love you guys! Especially Willie and John Luke!

  • Updates shows

    by Dockswife

    It's a very awesome app. It would be nicer if the shows was updated more often.

  • I love the A&E app. But...

    by Sweetnicktopia

    You start watching a show and there's no picture just sound. But the little commercials have images. But during the commercial and only the commercials the screen will freeze up. :( I just want to watch duck dynasty :)

  • Great App

    by *NetMax*

    Great app with great shows! Thanks A&E

  • so far, so good

    by KaK1227

    i found this app after my slingbox app stopped working. so far, its working great! love watching 'the first 48' episodes

  • The ads

    by Cher chjdhjbfgkuonyhdjjomwhk

    Every half a second an ad comes on. And when I touch the screen too

  • Review

    by Thoebedog

    Its a good app but i cant sign in because i have dish and they dont have dish on the list! I mean, really?! Alot of homes have dish in united states! Get with the program, A&E!

  • Awsome app

    by Payton list

    I think that this app is awsome I enjoy watching movies on this app it is so Mutch fun

  • Good

    by Wbweston12

    It's good

  • Love it

    by Haileyzmama

    Love this app! Always works perfect and has the shows I like but can't get on Netflix! Love duck dynasty and Bates Motel!!

  • Five Star App

    by RonDivaDee

    No complaints here.

  • Duck dynasty

    by Buffalo bills slap yo moms.

    This app is awesome!!!! I love it but if you lose duck dynasty than I'm deleting the app

  • Great

    by Anointedann

    Great channel as long as you keep Duck Dynasty

  • Love this app.

    by judie123

    The only problem I had was because Time Warner Cable wasn't on the list so I could sigh in.

  • Love the app!

    by Blizzyicee

    Love the app. Good shows to watch! :)

  • Great

    by Studguy818

    A&E rules because they have duck dynasty. Never let that show go off the air

  • Love the First 48

    by Cas7796

    Love the First 48. Please add more episodes of The First 48. Like from the beginning. Hate Duck Dynasty. Just don't freeze on me.

  • I can't watch ANY shows. It keeps saying expired signature, and there isn't an update for it! HELP!

    by _(!caiti!)_

    I can't watch ANY shows. It keeps saying expired-signature, and there isn't an update for it! HELP!

  • Great App

    by Mollypop20202020

    I really love this app. They give you full complete episodes unlike TLC. I really do love this app:)!!!

  • Love it

    by Sparkal47

    This app Is wonderful for watching all of your favorite a and e shows just wait a day or two and the latest episode will be up of your favorite tv show

  • by Super duck 1000


  • Outstanding App

    by Cyndi3314

    I am very happy with A&E since my favorite show The First 48 and After The First 48. I never have any problems at all with this application. I watch shows using my Ipad all the time. I love it!!!

  • Duck dynasty

    by Dillon Shane webb

    Great for watching duck dynasty my favorite is jase Robertson and si Robertson

  • American hoggers

    by Country boy 72

    Very good show

  • Love this app

    by Mat75247735789

    Great app love the variety of shows

  • Thanks A&E

    by SHAZAM721

    I love this app. It's got a lot of shows i enjoy watching!

  • Awesome

    by Fina+36

    It's a great app with awesome episodes of some of my favorite shows!

  • Worth downloading

    by Gaga'sbaby

    I can't wait for season 2 of Bates Motel

  • Nice

    by Smaryf

    So far so good. I am able to watch shows when away from home.

  • Good entertainment

    by Ocoman

    This app has a good collection of programs and entertainment

  • A&E app

    by SpenceForhire

    Nothing like taking A&E shows wherever you go on behalf of your television provider!

  • I Love it!

    by Hunter7607

    This app is a great way to watch my favorite show duck dynasty on the go and at home. I highly recommend getting this app.

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