Adobe Reader Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Oct, 17 2011
  • Version: 11.2.2
  • Size: 10.63 MB

Languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

Note: iOS6 users should not update to this version.
• Added file indexing in file browser
• Bug fixes for save and document conversion issues

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
65 Ratings
All Versions:
17606 Ratings


Note: iOS6 users should not update to this version.

Adobe Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices. Install the free Adobe Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Easily access, manage, and share a wide variety of PDF types, including PDF Portfolios, password-protected documents, fillable forms, and Adobe LiveCycle rights-managed PDFs. Use with Adobe Document Services to convert and export PDF files.

View PDF documents
• Quickly open PDF documents from email, the web, or any app that supports "Open In..."
• View PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDFs, annotations, and drawing markups
• Search text to find specific information
• Select single page or continuous scroll modes
• Easily zoom in on text or images for a closer view
• Read in dark locations using Night Mode
• Read long passages with Brightness Lock
• Get definitions with iOS Dictionary support
• Navigate and read documents using iOS VoiceOver Accessibility

Export PDF files to Word or Excel using the Adobe ExportPDF online service
• Subscribe to ExportPDF using In-App Purchase
• Convert PDF files to DOC, DOCX, XLSX or RTF formats for easy editing
• Integrated login for current ExportPDF subscribers

Create PDF files using Adobe PDF Pack online services
• Create PDF files from Word or Excel
• Convert images to PDF for easy sharing
• Subscribe to PDF Pack using In-App Purchase
• Integrated login for PDF Pack and Adobe Acrobat subscribers

Store and access documents in the cloud with
• Share files across all of your desktop and mobile devices with
• Automatically save changes back to the cloud
• Synchronize last page read across multiple devices via

Annotate and comment on PDF documents
• Add comments anywhere in your PDF with sticky notes
• Add text with the Add Text tool
• Provide feedback using the highlight, strikethrough, and underline tools
• Easily mark up PDF content with the freehand drawing tool, and easily undo mistakes

Fill out forms
• Quickly fill out PDF forms
• Have confidence that the form is correct with field validation, calculation, and formatting
• Save, sign, and forward forms to others

Organize your documents
• Create folders to make organizing and finding documents easier
• Make copies of documents to mark up or to use as templates
• Rename documents
• Easily select and delete multiple documents

Print and share documents
• Print wirelessly with AirPrint, including your comments and forms
• Share PDFs with other applications using "Open In..."
• Email PDFs as attachments
• Flatten PDFs when sharing via email

By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at

In addition to using free Adobe Reader to view and annotate your PDF documents, you can convert images and documents to PDF and export PDF files to Word or Excel by subscribing to Adobe Document Services via an optional In-App Purchase. Subscribe from your iOS device and access these services via mobile, web and desktop.

In-App Subscription Details:
• Adobe PDF Pack subscription is $9.99 US dollars per month (includes Adobe ExportPDF)
• Adobe ExportPDF subscription is $23.99 US dollars per year
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the purchase price listed above
• You may manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase
• No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period

Customer Reviews

  • zoom lock!

    by cardofgiant

    I just bought an ipad air. I read a lot of textbooks for school that are in pdf. The one thing I have been wanting is a zoom and width lock feature when reading pdfs with a tablet. Although this version of adobe reader does not completely lock the margins when zoomed in, it does keep the margins stationary while scrolling. The way it works is the margins will move if your finger swipes to the left or right quickly, otherwise the margins stay in place while scrolling. It is the best margin lock implementation I have used! Also, this reader has a clean interface: not bloated like other readers and has all the necessary editing tools I need. 5 stars!


    by 1JoseA

    Thanks for the iOS 6 anxiety is gone

  • Great app

    by thebakonator

    Make the signature box LARGER when your rotate your device

  • nice and smooth

    by Mh.hamad

    I like it that I would give up all other pdf readers IF ONLY it had password protection feature

  • Greatest annotating app on the App Store!

    by CDaera

    Great interface, easy to use and p it makes annotating PDFs and pictures so easy. There aren't many tools to annotate, but you can highlight, strike text, add text, draw, and add notes. Very clean, and notes look great on it. I tried all the other annotating apps however they weren't as simple to use as Adobe reader. And the notes simply looked messy on them. Plus I can upload all my annotated files to skydive once I'm done with pdf files.

  • Page Number display is Big Black Box

    by vijayanp

    Great...finally it works on IOS 6.0 again. However One minor glitch is the page number display. Currently the pagenumber display is a big black box and it an irritant when viewing pages in full screen mode. Can Adobe make the page number display transparent and the font size smaller. so that the display does not take up the limited screen space that is available on phones.

  • Works for Me

    by justintime4it

    iBooks is a major fail when it comes to PDFs (can't highlight, annotate, continuously scroll, etc.). Reader has all of these features and more. As a student who reads a lot of journal articles in PDF format, I'm just glad I can finally use continuous scrolling in landscape view to read and mark up my PDFs, and then sync them across devices.

  • study

    by Howdoyouuseaspace

    great app: used for studying, highlight, make notes, personal drawings in the note to better understand. The thing that would make it better is if it would read the pdf to you. have to use ibooks for that

  • Please! Do it...

    by iAzMWD

    Could you increase the number of recents for the ones who reads too many books at the same time? Thanks :)

  • Great, but...

    by JohnMBCP

    Fix the white on white status bar for iPad! It's barely visible.

  • C.N.A

    by "SHEENA"

    This app is a must! One of the greatest apps of its kind.

  • Glitch Fixed!!!

    by Fdtkh

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for listening to us IOS 6'ers and giving us a fix so quickly!!!

  • Ahh

    by Erick Day

    Program fully functional, and has a nice upgraded interface. Not bad at all

  • Works great now!

    by yhtomitb

    I can't upgrade my iPod Touch passed iOS 7. Latest update resolves previous crash issues. I guess it pays to write a negative review. Thanks for fixing this Adobe.

  • Needs work

    by אברהם העיברי

    Well behind other PDF readers :( When you double tap on a column in iBooks (and other readers), it will zoom automatically to the desired column size. Why don't Adobe have it??? Needs a lot of work.

  • Updated in error

    by 56books

    I love adobe reader but I accidentally updated to the new version by clicking on "update all". I don't have iOS 7. How to I go back to the older version without losing all my data?

  • Rotating view

    by AmericanBatman

    No problem with this app but it'd be nice if there was an option to Rotate View similar to desktop versions.

  • Great for PDF - more gestures please

    by KidKlassic

    I use this mainly for school when I get PDFs to study from, great for highlighting etc. However, when it comes to moving files into folders, swiping back to the main window, etc ; I'd like to see more gestures.

  • Needs work

    by TrayneRek

    The ability to rotate PDF's to sign and annotate would be great. Also the ability to send individual pages.

  • Great app

    by Anas al rawi anas

    Top app

  • Don't like it

    by Hawmanx

    It keeps crashing up on the PDF file that use. Adobe reader is not the same any more.

  • Crashes ALL THE TIME!

    by ribeirojose

    I can't even open an article on this, it keeps crashing all the time! I've already tried restarting my iPad, closing other applications, using in landscape model nothing works!

  • Cheaters!!!!!!!!!

    by iPhone&Mac user

    That should be the name of the app!!!!!! Are you guys stealing other app design?

  • Still frustrated w/app

    by JacquelynY

    Have iPhone 5 and still having problem with app as of Tuesday afternoon. Tried going to App Store to reload but no luck. Was hoping there would be an update to download as I have very important documents stored in this app I need to access. Any suggestions?

  • Crashing

    by Samm131257901

    I got the new update and every time I open it it crashes.

  • Bugs

    by Dlite6

    Still crashing on iOS7 (while highlighting).

  • Update didn't fix it

    by RS: Taco Man

    Still crashes

  • For iOS 6 users

    by Masteravik

    What the f**k??? Still not working on my iPod touch 4th gen. And I'm using iOS 6.1.5 ...sort out this issue guys I really need this app.

  • Deleted documents

    by Stupid nickname!!!!!

    I just downloaded the newest version, the one after the crashing business, and now all of my documents have been deleted! I had hundreds of documents for school on there and they're all gone now. If I cannot get them back I will never used adobe again and will tell everyone I know never to use it because of this. This sets me months back in my research.. Thanks adobe



    Just updated the latest version and NOW IT WON'T EVEN OPEN. Did I lose all my files? I'M NOT HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

  • Adobe Reader for iPod running 6.1.5

    by Genec1041

    This crashes immediately upon launching, giving me a blank screen and no files. Thank goodness I still had the previous update on our MacBook Pro and was able to revert. Back to the drawing board guys. Please take this update off the apps store - it doesn't work.

  • it was good til it crashed

    by Lillyroseblossom

    this was my go to app. now, it doesn't even work. it wont even open. everything i had saved on it, is gone. i even erased it, and added it, and it still wont open. i deleted it. im done with this app. all my stuff is gone ad it no longer works! completely dissatisfied! :( EVERYTHING HAS BEEN WIPED! it was good app. til it wasnt!

  • Needs to be iOS6 compatible

    by FuckingAdobe

    I have iOS6 on my iPad, which was given to me by my university for "collaborative learning" and note-taking. As most of my professors post their notes as PDF files, it is convenient to load them to this app and take additional notes directly in the file. However, my iPad was prompted to update Adobe and the app no longer opens. Thank you so effing much. Because of this new change, I have lost 3 weeks worth of Macroeconomics notes.

  • Done with your worthless Updates!

    by AppReviews1423

    Are you freaking kidding me!!?? You update an app that is guaranteed to crash on iOS6 users? So my work is GONE!! Grr. Updates are supposed to IMPROVE software not screw people over. Shame on you Adobe. You had 5 stars going up until now. FOR THOSE NEEDING A SOLUTION: I was able to reinstall old version from my back up on my computer and to not lose my docs on the ipad version (that crashes) I transferred them from the adobe app to my computer and then added them back once I got the old version installed. All done through iTunes. Hope it helps.

  • Why!?!?!?

    by Jaxleslie

    I don't want iOS 7 please update for iOS 6 comparability

  • What the heck!!!!!!!

    by Mammam04

    I downloaded all my files here now I can't open the app!!! What is going to happen to my files!?!?!?!?!?! I regret to counting on you!!!!

  • Fine before update, now broken

    by TheBossIskewl

    This was fine before the update, now its broken and crashes all the time....

  • Bad software engineering meets bad management decision

    by Doctor Design

    Adobe, you now have ample evidence this "update" breaks Reader for all iOS 6 users, yet you leave it up? For folks like me who hit the "Update All" button, a silly note warning not to use this poisonous update does no good. I have been forced to abandon your product and go with another app. I wonder how upper management will view all of these negative reviews and subsequent loss of market share? Finally, what slipshod software engineering practices in your company allowed this "update" (that crashes instantly after being invoked) to be released to begin with?

  • Crashes

    by Becky Alpe Wallace

    After the update the app crashes and can't even open it.

  • The app doesn't even open!!!

    by Canofran

    How am I suppose to go back and look at my PDF now ??? The app doesn't even open !! Very disappointing!!!!! Please , do something !!!!

  • What's wrong with the freaking app?

    by Lanyi Han

    I cannot even open it! What the Hell?

  • Stinks...

    by Lightening94

    I cant even get it to open. It was a waist of my Internet to download.

  • Crashes all the time

    by Vsuarez3

    Had to remove it.

  • Stupid worthless upgrade on OI6

    by Frustratedss

    Just like everyone else, my iPad2 runs on 6 and cannot upgrade to a higher version and after being prompted to upgrade Acrobat, I did. Unfortunately, the new version DOES NOT WORK ON MY IPAD AND KEEPS CRASHING AND I CANNOT REVERT TO A PREVIOUS VERSION!!!!! Adobe...where is your brain? You release a new upgrade that is NOT compatible for OS 6 users and was working just fine. This is unacceptable!!!! I have been using your products for years and this issue needs to be resolved ASAP!!!!! No excuses!!!!! Give us an app that works!!!!! You don't deserve any star ratings, but I had to select one just to send you this message.

  • Bad update

    by Beezus01

    This is the worst update ever app doesn't even open anymore just crashes when try to open. Very disappointed!!!!!

  • It crashes on opening!

    by Tonitron107

    It does not work! How can I install a previous version?

  • DOA in iOS 6 .!.!

    by Beadymom

    Does not even open in iOS 6.... Thanks a lot...!

  • Acrobat Resets Itself...

    by U90803

    The pdf file I'm reading won't stay up if I switch to a different application, then come back to Acrobat. The program resets itself every time I switch back to the Acrobat app....Please fix this!

  • Up graded and will not work

    by Rusty34744

    It did with older version. Do not upgrade

  • Not so good now

    by Evil Cuttlefish

    I got the newest update and now it is crashing every time I try to open it. Please fix this, also, maybe add a data reclamation function.

  • iOS 6 CRASH

    by riphimtoshreds

    Will no longer open- crashes immediately. Very disappointing :(

  • Bad update

    by Hammody007

    Fix the crash please

  • Can someone let me know how to do a rollback?

    by NgFine

    I too have been having lots of trouble with the new upgrade! Upon opening, it crashes immediately. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it and it's just not working. How can I roll back to the last previous version on my iPad iOS 6?

  • Disappointed...

    by bedtimebearbri

    With the new update, I can't even open the app, it instantly crashes. Lost all my PDF's saved on my iPod, easy to get back, but I can't even use the app.

  • *Crash*Crash*Crash*Crash!*

    by Nighthawke75

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION!! It will not run at all and will ruin your collection you have gathered on your device.

  • New update crashes upon opening

    by Twill2k3

    Please fix this . Everything was fine until this new update. I use this app every day ... Until today ... I need you to fix this and so do other users

  • App crashes in IOS 6

    by Busy way

    Adobe get a QA Team together if you don't have one ! How can a release come out without having been tested on all iOS versions for a bare minimum thing like the app should not crash?

  • Crash every time!

    by cnpr

    The update is not good, when you open your file the app crash!

  • Please fix App

    by Dolgine1

    I used this app every day for files and used "Text Box" daily as I updated the file. It was flawless until this new update. The new update is AWFUL and the text box either doesn't show what I am typing or crashes every time. Also why is the alphabet on side of screen gone for filing? Please fix issues or I will need to find new PDF app.

  • Used To Be A Wonderful App

    by hartpete

    With the latest update my Documents Listing now sorts into two separate alphabetical listings and when I used the link in the app to get help I was unable to sign in to post my question. It's not as though Adobe is a small developer with limited resources. It just appears that they don't care.

  • Weak sauce.

    by iNXTGeek

    It looks nice, until you try to use it. The PDF annotation stands out as the most poorly-implemented part of the app. It simply is unusable! Skip this app, use notability and iBooks. I'm not affiliated with any of those apps, I've just tried a bunch and found them to be the best for PDF viewing/organizing (iBooks, notability), processing (iBooks), and annotation (notability). Paired with Scanner Pro (for scanning drawings and notes) and a cloud storage service + MS Office file editing app (SkyDrive and/or Box), this setup solves the majority of my problems as a college student.

  • Terrible 2014 Upgrade!

    by bparker86

    3 reasons why this is a terrible upgrade: 1. Interface regression: They removed the "letters" on the right corner, used to be similar to contacts, but now one can no longer "jump" to a specific alphabet (for example PDFs that start with the letter "P"). I have to scroll up or down past dozens of PDFs before I get to the file I want. This is much SLOWER! 2. If you have a lot, it can't sort PDFs properly. 3. It crashes! I selected several PDFs to transfer to a folder. Worked reliably before. Now? Poof - fail! I want the old reader back!

  • Worst update

    by fpdoc 321

    Where did the alphabet go on the side? It is now impossible to find anything. I loved the app but now I'm looking elsewhere.

  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • Won't come up in bill history thru adobe.

    by Lmott65

    It's not work! Lousy!

  • Great app but.....

    by JavaMan03

    The thing I need most is the ability to send more than one file at a time. I create a daily log and I like to send them to my project manager a month at a time. The only way to do this now is to send each file/log one at a time. This is extremely inconvenient because now my boss will be getting 30 emails at once. Wouldn't it be much simpler just to be able to select the files you want to send and email them all at once as attachments? I'm sure there is some limit as to the number attachments you can put in an email but surely to God it is more than one. Would get 5 stars from me if this feature could be added. Thanks!

  • CrAsHiNG all the time

    by NivekNoslo77

    This has to be the worst PDF reader. It's gotten kinda embarrassing for Adobe. Please fix it. It crashed especially when you highlight a PDF

  • Very disappointed

    by Athas80

    This new update is useless . Pleaseeeee bring back the recent file folder .it was so much easier to find a file. And also where did the add a signature go? VERY DISAPPOINTED. !

  • Fix crashes

    by MasterValor

    I used to love this app, then the new update came out and I can't use the app for 5 minutes without it crashing

  • This app constantly crashes for me

    by whimsicalShadow

    Ever since this new update, the app constantly crashes the minute I open a PDF file, I dont know what the hell happened in the latest update, but the constant crashing is annoying and it doesnt allow me to read my PDF files, please fix it.

  • ExportPDF does not work

    by bzj31416

    The expensive in-app purchase of ExportPDF has failed every test I have given it. The basic app only gets two stars because it offers an alternative to GoodReader for saving PDFs.

  • Don't know why it's rated so low

    by Ykjt

    All other PDF apps seem to crash when handling large files (couple hundred pages, like a textbook), but this one has performed exceedingly well so far. Here's hoping it keeps up the good work. If your having problems with your PDFs crashing on you in your current app, definitely download this one

  • Unimpressed with update

    by pauliallen

    This upgrade has significantly downgraded my experience of this app. Firstly, the listing of the alphabet no longer appears on the right side of the screen, which makes my documents inconvenient to navigate. Secondly, the recents column only allows for 5 recent documents. This is my biggest issue. Previous versions allowed for a much longer list. Thirdly, the layout and illustrations of features do not look nice. The previous version of the app was much better except the search function in that app did not work properly.

  • Needs update

    by firedoc1017

    Crashes frequently while reading PDF losing my work.

  • Crashing

    by faridfat

    Please fix it It crashes a lot lately on ipad mini It was way better before ios 7 look.

  • Crashing problem

    by Rindane

    It keeps crashing when I try to highlight any text..

  • Bugs

    by Dlite6

    With the update uploads become indefinite.

  • Keeps crushing

    by Adnan saad

    Please fix the program URGENTLY, all my books inside it are not working, it keeps crushing

  • Cheaters!!!!!!!!!

    by iPhone&Mac user

    That should be the name of the app!!!!!! Are you guys stealing other app design?

  • Terrible updates

    by Signmaker

    With the latest updates high lighting a document will cause the program to crash and forget what was highlighted or if you exit it will simply forget. Please fix

  • This release CRASHES!

    by jjbristol

    Was great up till this release. Crashes unexpectedly.

  • Worst PDF reader

    by Jose David Garay Sierra

    Any file you Open with more than one page will crash. It's a bug. Just joined program to discover that it's useless because of the instant crashes every time I open a file.

  • Thanks for 1 fix

    by bcampbell

    As of this update, I can finally move files to folders again, even if I must scroll down the list of folders to find the one I want. Thx. However, we NEED an ALPHA sort, and a "CREATED DATE", "MODIFIED DATE" sort. Also, a WILDCARD search, please? And a way to "UNDO LAST ACTION" in the File/Folder Edit menu??? iPads are so "finger hover sensitive" that I occasionally accidentally find that my Files were "Moved" into a Folder I did not intend to select, when the iPad decided my finger HAD selected a Folder. I cannot find the files now, and if I could "UNDO" that "Move" it would be fantastic!

  • Nice but with some bugs

    by AsANightWalker

    So basically I like this app a lot, it's very useful, but the only thing that I don't really like is that there is a little big and it won't let me see nothing in the status bar because it's so white so it's quite annoying, hope you fix it soon. Thanks.

  • This app is worthless.

    by DavidFoster

    For PDF use, I recommend looking elsewhere.

  • Very good app now

    by AAIGH

    Works fine, and as advertised, since the glitch moving files into folders was fixed with an update. Great app, gets it done.

  • Needs work

    by אברהם העיברי

    Well behind other PDF readers :( When you double tap on a column in iBooks and other readers, it will zoom automatically to the desired size. Needs a lot of work.

  • Great App

    by DanielSG91

    Thanks for fixing the crashing issues, now the app is usable again, keep improving !!

  • Needs an option for iPad to upload to a skydrive shared folder.

    by Goredough

    Been creating PDFs for work using my iPad, but can't upload them to a shared folder on skydrive unless I email them to myself and upload via my desktop. Fix this and I will be forever grateful.

  • This app is unreliable

    by Arketekton

    The new upgrade makes this an unreliable app for reading PDF files. I am an undergrad student who uses this app for keeping track of my paperwork. The app continuously crashed preventing me from accessing my critical paperwork that I scanned into the app using the camera. Prior to the upgrade I had no problems. Overall, a major crash that completely prevents access to your files that occurs occasionally makes this a sketchy program for professionals and students. I updated on January 28, the update is supposed to fix crashes, it does not. I am still having crashes.

  • (Alpha) please bring back

    by Susy85z

    Please bring back the alpha to look for file faster, and don't have to scroll with finger to fin file.

  • Fire the Programers and Marketing

    by Program Hosed!!!!

    Newest update is still hosed! Ability to sort alphabetically still gone. Files still out of order. Still no quick alphabet on the side for efficient access. Still no alphabetic separators. Still can’t clear “new” recent list. Of course all of this makes sense when the ability to sort has been removed! Please put alphabetic sorting back in! How can you possibly think that this program would be useful without the ability to sort????!!!!

  • Why??

    by Pbjlyon

    Why was the ability to clear recents history removed? That lists keeps getting longer and longer...annoying. Why is every single word highlighted separately?also annoying.

  • where is the contrast?

    by Ma5terLuke

    new version changed from black to white background theme - its not for me. i'd prefer the option to switch back. also, i would like the documents menu better if the scroll bar provided first letter indication when i scroll down. overall, still a good reader, however a few previous like-able features have been removed. Tres Stars.

  • Used to love it... Why did you guys change it?

    by baseball8

    I would pay $20.00 for this app at one time. I am a physical therapy student and I have ALL OF MY NOTES and editing in this app. I LOVED IT. But just recently you guys updated the application and now when I download my PDF to the application I cannot move it into the folder for that class. Every time I try to move it to that folder the application crashes. It does crash until i begin to scroll down and look for the folder and then it crashes. Please fix this! Like I said, just to ensure that all of my notes are taken care of and that I could save all of my notes from 3 years of graduate school I would seriously pay $20.00 for this amazing app. But if you aren't able to fix this I may be transferring my files to Goodreader because I just don't have the time during school to mess with all of this. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!

  • No sorts

    by Igivesmiles

    Can no longer sort by alpha. Stop trying to sell me the clouds.

  • Not so impressed with the new update

    by Shade24.7

    When you go into night mode, and do scrolling between pages it shows page numbers at the bottom left in bright white colour, Which really hurt sensitive eyes :( Switching to Foxit pdf reader until they fix this issue.

  • Yay much better

    by huzzahskis

    After the recent update, this customer is now much more satisfied.

  • Waste of time

    by Taylor

    Honestly, don't go and get this unless you want to pay a subscription just to be able to edit your PDFs. You can look at your documents, and see them in file, but you can edit or do anything else with it unless you pay money to, and that was a waste of my time to download and see this happen. Yes, I'm 18, hoping to help with my school projects and all I can do is sit and stare at the phone (it's true it's very comparable with my 5c) and not be able to edit or sticky note or anything my documents, but have to pay a monthly due

  • Hooray. No more crashes!

    by Googie109

    No more crashes when moving pdf files!! App works great now!

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