Adobe Photoshop Touch Photo & Video App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Feb, 27 2012
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 56.94 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

• General bug fixes
• Improved support for iOS 7
• Updated support for Pogo Connect stylus

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** App Store Best of 2012 **
** App Store Hall of Fame **

Transform your images with core Adobe® Photoshop® features in an app designed for tablets.

Combine images, apply professional effects, share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter – all from the convenience of your iPad.

• Use popular Photoshop features designed for the tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images.
• Use your iPad camera to fill an area on a layer with the unique camera fill feature.
• Select part of an image to extract by scribbling with the Scribble Selection tool. With Refine Edge, use your fingertip to capture even hard-to-select image elements, like hair, with ease.
• Work on high-resolution images while maintaining the highest image quality. Supports images up to 12 megapixels.
• Follow step-by-step tutorials to easily learn techniques the pros use for great-looking results.
• Search and acquire images with the integrated Google Image Search.
• Browse an inspirational gallery for the styles and results you'd like to achieve.
• Use AirPrint for wireless printing of Photoshop Touch projects.
• Automatically sync projects to Adobe Creative Cloud* and open layered files from Adobe Photoshop Touch in Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CS5.1.
• Free membership to Creative Cloud gives you 2GB of cloud storage plus the ability to sync between tablet and desktop, access files from the web, and easily share with others.

• Requires iPad 2 or later and iOS 5. Not available for 1st generation iPad.

*Internet connection and complimentary level of membership to Adobe Creative Cloud is required for use of this feature. Creative Cloud membership is only available to users 13 and older and requires agreement to additional terms and Adobe's online privacy policy. Creative Cloud may not available in all countries or languages and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

Customer Reviews

  • So Far So Great!

    by SoulChildFree

    For 10 bucks this app is awesome! Takes a little getting used to but once you get the hang of it, what a fantastic app. Clone stamp tool is my savior today! Great Buy!

  • Best photo editing app on the App Store

    by Hihihihihihihlhlflfl

    I have made the most amazing photos using this such as my families Christmas photo and my best friends family photo

  • how to improve this....

    by Smhcine

    ....typically Adobe user interface. 1. After writing a tutorial have non-Adobe personnel (including desktop PS users like myself) TRY it! (Amazing concept I know, but do give it a shot.) 2. Here is a problem that is typical of the kind real -world users will find: a) In the tutorials, the confidently predicted results of some steps are NOT what actually happens b) Why? Because you've left things out (of the coding and instructions) c) You don't notice these interface missing links because you wrote the app! 3. Or, to make it real simple, please stop releasing (the best) photo editing software without field-testing the interface on non-Adobe users! a) Not because there's anything wrong with Adobe - it's a great software company, but because it has a culture, like any other company, country or Mom & Pop grocery store, and b) Those inside said culture cannot (wait for it) SEE said culture, any more than fish (until caught) can see that they're in water. Do these steps, then you're done! Best app meets commensurately good user interface, world beats (even wider) path to your door, all is good.

  • Needs Work

    by SecretVVeapon

    I love how it as the majority of the core elements and is generally easy to work with, however making selections is near impossible and thats one of the most important parts of photo editing. No magnetic lasso or quick select!?

  • Almost the best

    by Fighter 153 ( .)(. )

    I do like the app but it needs a little bit more. We need masks so we don't destroy are work. There is telos to fix the broken work but they don't work all that well. I also wish we had more layers an designs we could use because it's a lot of work just to make one thing.last we need the pen tool. That is the best tool on the computer an it needs to be on the app.


    by Ñÿâń

    Please fix the bug crash! Working on cool project but it craaaashed! Plz fix

  • Adding text

    by leinadious

    Could you make adding text more dynamic ,universal?

  • Impressed

    by Mal.D

    I was hesitant to drop $10 on an app with a 3-star avg rating, but figured it was worth the risk since I haven't found another photo editing app I'm happy with. Definitely happy with this one! Yes, it does take a while to figure out, and yes, the tutorials could use a little improvement; but the effort is worth it. Anyone who's used the desktop version of Photoshop knows it takes a bit of time to learn how to use all the features; same is true for this. Lots of features = a steeper and longer learning curve.

  • Crashing

    by Shanaynay135737533647

    I love this app, favorite one for editing but lately whenever I try to open one of my older edits, the app crashes so I can't edit it anymore. Some edits won't save to my camera roll either so it's just there and I can't do anything with them. Please fix

  • Ok

    by Thcrush8

    Good! But crashes on my ipad.

  • Met my expectations.

    by Dustin Souls

    I understand that this is an iPad app so you won't get the total functionality of the PC version however for $10 it worked out great and does all the things I need to do.


    by Domo2993

    THIS IS AWESOME I wanted something exactly like photo shop and this is it.... It was a little confusing at first but I got the hang of it and it was awesome.... Thank you for making this app!!!!

  • newest update

    by Hawaiiancaligirl

    After updating to the latest version, I am having trouble saving my work and at times the program seems to be frozen...any feedback would be awesome. Thanks

  • ideal

    by Rellite

    This app makes me love my pogo connect! especially since the new update! whoever helped implement this.. if you're out there.. I love you.

  • Cool but

    by 9988773

    I like using the fact that, it seems as though it needs a lot of work. There are bugs. There are a lot of things that you can do with its features, boulevard portion of them seem very cheesy and low-quality. Moreover, I have had the program crash on me three times and I lost my work. Auto save function? Anyway, you get what you pay for. $10 is not a bad price for so many tools...

  • App Crashes

    by Kingsmack

    The app has a lot of potential, but every time I access the photo stream, it crashes! No sometimes, EVERY time! Please, please fix this! This app costs way too much to have such issues.

  • update...

    by Susan Mitchell

    I've seen people make incredible things with this but I'm having trouble figuring it out. I need practice I know but every time I try to practice and upload pictures to edit it crashes! I thought it might be because I have 3k+ pics on my camera roll so I put four pictures into a separate album to access on ps touch but even that crashed! Please fix!

  • Great app but...

    by Ryanpatton43

    This is the best editing app on the AppStore by a large margin. However I have one complaint. When I load a picture into the app the picture becomes slightly blurry and distorted. Please fix this as it makes me very aggravated

  • please please

    by Tae Hwang Kim

    i hate that flogs! please changes...

  • iLike

    by irra

    Would like some more power-user features though

  • Crashes when opening just a 2nd layer

    by Ska8erboi

    I just started using this even tho I've had it over a year. Took a while to figure out or to just save a photo and now it's just crashing left and right. I can't even open a 2nd layer. And it doesn't support raw files? Smh

  • Absolutely Terrible

    by Jimbojoe

    Sometimes when you're drawing for a while, it begins to freeze and won't run properly, forcing you to exit the app and discard your hard work! And to make it even worse, it's $10!!! I mean, seriously?!

  • Constant Crasher

    by Awall777

    Read reviews, thought it was worth it, nope. Goes 5 minutes maybe and crashes. You lose whatever you were doing. Pretty frustrated I spent $9.99 on a constant crasher.

  • Photoshop Touch crashes repeatedly on iPad Air

    by Dmtz9

    I purchased this app today for use with iPad Air. In the first 2 hours of use it crashed 9 times +! I am an Adobe Creative Cloud user and expect better from Adobe. This app works like it was created by non-experts in app development. I hope that Adobe addresses this issue right away or else- where do I request a refund?

  • Complicated and Limited

    by alsemas

    Not worth the trouble. Photoshop users should just do their editing on the computer, this is nothing like Photoshop.

  • App Crashes

    by CaffeineDan

    I hate this app!!! Its such piece of crap comparing to Art Studio! I was really excited when I bought the app, but the biggest problem with this app is that crashes without saving the current state. Last time crushed when I had around 15 layers and all lost! No save button and option to export as PSD. Every time I try to add larger image it crashes and you have to start over again. Until they fix this, they get 1 start for the crappy work and missing futures the developers have done and 5 stars for the interface, which is really easy to use and intuitive. However, it is disappointing that large company like adobe have done such a crap piece of software. Until they fix it, I`ll use ArtStudio! More futures for the same money… way better!

  • App Crashes

    by CaffeineDan

    I was really excited when I bought the app, but the biggest problem with this app is that crashes without saving the current state. Last time crushed when I had around 15 layers and all lost! No save button and option to export as PSD. Every time I try to add larger image it crashes and you have to start over again. Until they fix this, they get 1 start for the crappy work and missing futures the developers have done and 5 stars for the interface, which is really easy to use and intuitive. However, it is disappointing that large company like adobe have done such a crap piece of software. Until they fix it, I`ll use ArtStudio! More futures for the same money… way better!

  • CRAP--tastic!

    by motiongraphics

    Using the latest version Jan 2014, I tried twice to put together a simple document with 3 layers. App closed and lost file in progress. On 2nd attempt, ipad froze to a complete standstill and became unresponsive for a good 50 seconds then a hard reset. Some apps are just not ready for a tablet environment.

  • Beyond Difficult To Figure Out

    by trendystylez27

    Spent $10 on this and even with the tutorials it's to difficult to figure out. Highly Dissatisfied!!! I don't think it's meant for regular people looking for simple photo editing use. It's way more complicated than any other photo app editor I've ever used. I think it should clearly state for professional use or photographers. Worst $10 I've ever spent!!!!!

  • Unusable due to constant crashing on iPad 2.

    by Vegito15243

    Can you make it so it doesn't crash when I try to, you know, actually USE the app? Please and thank you.

  • crashing

    by Akdacol

    It started out as an amazing app but now i just see only the blue screen and it crashes. is there anything that will resolve this issue?

  • What the F!!!!!!

    by enotsr22

    I just spent $9 dollars on a app that doesn't even work. I want my money back! Get your stuff together Adobe! Your products have gone to the crapper.

  • The Downward Spiral

    by hale0nearth

    Adobe has been spiraling downward for some time now, Creative Cloud being their latest blunder (reorganizing their pricing strategy for their benefit instead of actually improving their stale products). This app is as silly as the rest of their over-extended lineup. The good news is that quality alternatives exist.

  • Keeps crashing!!!!!

    by PlayzSax

    Please fix.

  • Crashes a lot

    by Buzzard0369

    I've used this app for a while and I really love the editing I can do with it, but more than once it has crashed when I try to save my picture and then I have to redownload the app. Now when I redownload it it won't even open, it just stays on the blue screen. I've redownloaded it at least 10 times and it still has the same result.

  • Room for Improvement

    by CynicalSeraphim

    I knew this wasn't going to be anything like my lovely photoshop, but I figured they would exercise a bit of common sense. My biggest issue is the thumbnails. I go to choose a photo to open, and the thumbnails all look the same. Everything is stuck inside little squares. It takes forever to figure out which photo you actually wanted to open. I hate it. I want to see a decent thumbnail, with it's original format intact. At this point, I basically have to know exactly which photo I'm editing before I open it. Which means reviewing in another app, and then hoping that I picked the right square when I go back into touch.

  • Not Good. Don't buy

    by unsatisfied neon light

    This app does not have good reshaping tools, nor a good fill in function. Unless you are looking only to add filters and slight effects don't buy.

  • Crashes

    by Mike4648382836

    If I try to upload a picture from my iPad, it crashes as soon as I select the folder. $10 wasted.


    by Freemakh

    Well The app started out working very good! Then all of a sudden I couldn't open it. It Completely froze. I don't know what the issue is but I paid for it and can't use it.. So I can only give you a star..

  • Hung up on title screen

    by chadwatson

    I can't get past the title screen. I have reinstalled the app five times and it continues to do the same thing. Restarted and hard reset my iPad (4th gen). No luck. Would not recommend.

  • Won’t Start

    by DaleCooper

    Won’t start past initial splash screen. Just freezes IPad. Tried resetting IPad but that didn’t work either.

  • Refund

    by mbroussard

    This app is kinda stupid, I dislike it refund please

  • Great app, needs a fix!

    by iovanay

    I love this app but I can't correctly edit because it only allows you to position layers in certain spots... Please fix this then I will be giving it a 5 star review!

  • Crashes with Shared Photo Streams

    by dportela

    Click Shared Photo Stream folder to add photo, instant crash. Rinse, repeat.

  • App Closes mid-work

    by Shannon Marsico

    I can barely load a pic in without the app glitching. I worked on a photo for awhile and all my work was lost because it randomly closes.


    by GannaSH


  • Hard to use

    by Mealphapig

    In typical Adobe form this is not an intuitive application. I recognize photoshop's power (I have CS6) and am willing to accept some degree of complexity with a high level desktop app. When I bought ps touch I expected an easy to use app. This is not that app. What is even more frustrating is that finding a help manual on the adobe site is not easy. I bought a book to learn CS6. I think one is needed for ps touch. This is not how I wanted to use my ipad.

  • Not easy to figure out

    by DulceMil

    I'm not sure why but it's really complicated to use. I try following instructions on tutorials but I can't seem to figure it out. Wish it was more clear.

  • Simply The Best

    by bittlebox

    Would be nice to have a "cancel" option to "save" "don't save". I've been a Photoshop user since 1994 and have paid for almost every major upgrade. I was not expecting greatness from an iPad version but I was wrong. I'm now doing some professional editing on my iPad and often creating finished work, but can move a project onto my MacBook and Photoshop CS to finish when needed. The surprising thing is that there are some functions that I prefer in the iPad version over the full desktop version! For the novice, there are great Russell Brown tutorials to teach and inspire. I highly recommend this app as the only mobile editing app you'll need.

  • Fun App!


    This is a great app for quick photo editing in the field or on the go. It doesn’t have the umph of Photoshop CS series but if I’m away from my studio, I can shoot, pop my SD card into my iPad and get a great look and feel to my photos in minutes. HDR can be a work around with some of the tools and it would be nice if being able to create a layer mask and “Revel Selection” was added or a true HDR 3+ layer build. There is an HDR FX in the tools but not it lacks the same pop you can build in PS.

  • Need access to creative cloud

    by Iguana_Girl

    First off, I need to be able to work with the layers and you can't fully work with them unless you have access to creative cloud, which costs a good amount of money a month. Plus this app cost $9.99. The creative cloud should be accessible at no cost or cut out the restrictions on what types of images can be used as layers. Or adobe should make an app like ps2 touch that is more accessible.

  • Bugs

    by Tk1212121212

    Tried to save a project and it wouldn't respond so I closed the app and now I can't get past the loading screen, adobe forums were no help because I was did not want to become a member of the adobe community to ask one question

  • Latest update

    by Shanaynay135737533647

    I love this app, favorite one for editing but lately whenever I try to put a picture on to edit it, the app crashes. Please fix

  • Close to great

    by d*b*j

    For $10, this app allows me to do much of what I do on my laptop. Add support for the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus and it will allow an iPad to be almost a mini Cintiq. Please?

  • New update

    by HumanFuego

    Since new update can't access local photos. Please fix.

  • should be called photoshop

    by this is crap bigtime

    not worth spending money on. this just allows you to make minor adjustments and apply cheesy filters. cannot make basic adjustments like exposure.

  • Awesome App

    by Titus D'Warlord

    The app is awesome, definitely easy to use...I only wish the font choices were more. I think a new update with more font choices would really take this app to the next level.

  • Great app but latest version is buggy

    by 260-836-377

    Title says it all. Latest version has issues when saving. Had to redownload app but the problem reoccured.

  • Worse then get WORSE ea. Update!!

    by Kitkatt747

    Don't get 1st all! In beginning was a great app. Then comes "updates". It's become a really a rip off word!! They take away what use to be easy & nice & simple, then take it away. Make it far more complicated plus they charge you for it! Like another review said, wants you to just delete all these types of apps together. You see all these things it will do, once you get it for .99, only then find out it will be up to $10.00 for all the true full app, with full to NO clear directions!! Sad This use to be such a great app, way back in the beginning! REPEAT don't bother to get or others don't update any! (Had to give 1 star to submit! Unfortunately!!

  • Youtuber uses this

    by Kilbat

    I'm a youtuber (JojoPlaysMcpe) and I use this app to do costumes thumbnails! And it works really well!

  • Great app!

    by Gogert86

    I use this application all the time to make flyers for shows. Would really love a bigger font selection!!

  • Amazing

    by FrankySavvy

    Photoshop on the go! Love it! Can even export as a PSD file!

  • Nice app, easy to use

    by BluePhoenix8

    A variety of adjustments can be made with this app. Surprising what you can do with a touch app. Satisfied and enjoy using

  • Too Hard.

    by Quincy Stallworth

    So complex that I paid for and can't even use it. It's not user friendly and the tutorial breezes right past me. I'm an amateur graphic designer who wants to learn more but this makes it all too complicated.

  • Bad

    by GMBaz

    This app is a disaster. It is slow to process. The interface has terrible lag, the icons and interface make no sense. I am a tech guy and this is just clunky. Zooming does not work right while in certain tools making it difficult to use the manic wand tool to select sky with trees in the foreground. Paint brush does nothing. This app is a waste of money and does a disservice to the reputation of Adobe. I must assume that this app just does not work right on my ipad for some strange reason.

  • Think twice

    by My review on game

    When I 1st bought this app, it worked great got some good projects done without any help from my laptop. But after I had more than 10 saved projects the app started frequently crashing, erasing all my efforts! After that it started lagging to the point where I couldn't even work. I would click something and about 5 seconds later it would respond!!! I am sick of this and really want a bug fix, or whatever is traumatizing my experience! I own an ipad 3 by the way!!

  • Useless

    by J0NNYB

    Waste of money considering it crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME. Doesn't save progress either so absolutely useless.

  • It keeps crashing!

    by bebe1876mk973

    This app keeps crashing

  • Pretty good

    by superstarspeedy

    For $10, it's an amazing app. But I think there should be more brush options. Also clipping masks.

  • Nice update.... But

    by Strizbiz

    Was a 5 star app, since iOS 7 it crashes too much to work in at all. I've lost so much time due to crashes I'm back to strictly using my desktop. You pretty much need to save every time you do anything because it crashes a LOT! Sooooooooooooooo disappointed with Adobe.

  • It's alright

    by Billy LeBlanc

    image size limit, layer limit if you enjoy a lot of pixels, I wishing can zoom in more, good luck drawing clean lines.

  • Great app but keeps crashing!!!!!!

    by SupaMoviesLLC

    This is a great app I've used cs5 & cs6 and this is a great mobile app except it keeps crashing. Please fix this!!!!!!!!

  • Not to happy with the app

    by elyssia montgomery

    First off it has been very buggy since i downloaded iOS 7. Its been very slow and crashes often. Can we get someone to fix this problem? Also this app doesn't let you paint effects onto your art. It only lets you paint one effect onto your art. Also whenever i go to change my lighting it crashes immediately. And i also would like if you could make it so there can be more layers able to be applied. I would also like there to be more options in photoshop so it can be more fun to use. I am an artist on the go and would like all the comforts of photo shop where ever i go. Thank you for reading and hopefully you can make it ios 7 compatible here soon. I would also like to make a recommendation on a new app you should make. I think you should make an adobe flash player app. Ive seen it on other mobile devices and would like it to be on ios devices.

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