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All aboard? Time to get on Toca Train! Your kids are the train driver in this fun and friendly train simulator. The controls are intuitive and there are no written instructions. Just pull the levers, push the buttons and start exploring the island with your train!

- Steam train with sounds, smoke, whistle, sparks and speed lever
- Load and unload characters and cargo
- Change camera angle by swiping and pinching
- Delightful scenery with 6 stations
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Train is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids decide what you want to do. Where do passengers want to get off? At what stop should you unload the crate of pears? Your kids imagination is the only limitation! Just like a toy train set.

Toca Train is suitable for kids between 3-7 years old.

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • Toca train is awesome

    by Acavmom

    Toca train is so much fun!!!!!!!!!:-) :-) I just love it It is crazy fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) by:kybyky

  • Add more please

    by Supernickb

    Add more things more people longer and bigger train but GOOD game❗️❗️❗️❕❕❕

  • ❤️

    by WendyChic

    I love this app!!! I mean I love all toca boca apps and I'm debating whether or not to get toca cars! I could literally play this all day and I'm a teenager! Your games are for little ones but some how keep me amused :-) you guys have wonderful graphics and also know what kids and even parents want. I've always hated those games that have pop up adds or in app purchases and it's great that you guys don't :-) my only thing is I might see myself getting bored of the map it would be cool if you had other maps or if you could make your own map. Also on the map inside the train it would tell you where you are.

  • My children love all Toca Boca apps

    by Twelfth Station

    I'm leaving this review in light of the many negative reviews from the "12 Days of Gifts" debacle. Toca Boca makes some of the best apps designed for children. My daughters, ages 5 and 4, love playing with this and every other Toca Boca app. They are engaging and have great sound and visual design. We love Toca Boca apps.

  • Toca boca

    by Mmoonniiqquuee

    I love ore games the are the best game


    by Nancy Harding

    This game is great but ad a part where the conductor puts cole in the colcar and also ad a couple more stops.

  • Son loves it!

    by benscheirman

    My son really loves trains and this game makes him happy :)

  • 3 yr old loves

    by Marymack7

    My 3 yr old loves this app. There is really nothing to the app. But my son loves trains and so the app appeals to him. He drives the train, blows the whistle, picks up a couple people and loads a couple things on the train. That's about it. It gets 4 stars because it entertains him. First day I downloaded he played for 2 hours and cried because he had to go to bed.

  • Great game

    by Nl6nl

    It's an awesome game

  • My son loves it

    by Missy716123

    My son is two and loves trains he loves this app as do I because he can figure it all out


    by BRIT

    this app is great but it could use some things like on the map in the train you should show where the train is and you should add more things to do

  • Pretty good!!:-)

    by Hlffcbyf

    The game is good (kids get bored playing it after a while) you really NEED to update!!!!!!!!!

  • Awsome game

    by Horsepuppylover

    This game is really worth spending your money on its super fun!!!

  • Good app for little kids

    by The1'nOnlyBookWrm

    I bought it for my daughter but it was a lot better for my nephew who is 3. It would have been better if it had mini missions for older kids like delivering milk to a platform. Overall, still a good app.

  • I like ti it's fun pls update!!! :D

    by Buttsagington 55556439


  • Add more

    by Kykykykybuggg

    You should make the train bigger Have more people at the stops After done with doing things add more stuff to do

  • EPIC

    by metalmeredith

    It is so FUN that i am going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Best Game EVER

    by 1000,1000,1000,1000,

    Pleas make the train a little bit bigger then what you need is more speed make the train go 1-6 it would be really cool add a bell to it and a Manuel brake that would be really cool male the track bigger and longer and the add more cars to the train so it would be really cool so over all its a good game

  • OMG!!!!!

    by Jamie Person

    You guys that don't have this game buy it now!!!!!! THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVER!!!!! I JUST CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO BUY IT!!!! But...... It needs more stuff to play with. It needs like more people, buttons to touch, gadgets. But I still love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!

  • Better

    by Alyssa super star

    You need to make it better it is a really good game

  • Poop

    by Gdhdjsusjfhdhdjdjdsjdj

    It is for kids 2 and under my sister is 2 and she plays it and she knows how to do it


    by NerdyPanda6702

    Do not buy this app it is for little kids. I just wasted 3 bucks.

  • For babies

    by Lisainny

    I am not sure why they put the age as preschool for this game. There is nothing to it....definitely designed for age 2 and under!

  • Fun but Boring

    by Hdelwvrdjggs

    It is really fun but after you play it a couple times it gets kinda boring and the game keeps on going on where's the end? I don't think it's worth $2.99

  • gets boring quick

    by miss momma mIa

    There's simply not enough game here. My 2 yr old loves trains, and was excited to play this... and he had a good time... for about 20 minutes. Now he's done everything there is to do, which is not much. I suggest adding some more content to the game and you might start getting more positive reviews. The foundation of the game is great, but it's far too simple and repetitive, even for a 2 year old.

  • Worse Toca game yet!

    by acevedoj28

    We have every Toca app (hair salon, tea time, house, etc), but my almost four year old lost interest in this after the first 5min (if even!), and we LOVE trains!

  • Toca Train

    by Oma + 4

    Grand kids love this app! Toca apps are consistently great!

  • Horrible

    by Janyah

    Don't waste your money this game isn't worth any penny short tracks no fun all u do is go and stop no wheel or anything Wish I could rate it 0 stars

  • I like it.

    by Super spidey

    It is good for small kids or kids obsessed by trains

  • I

    by Imissmusicfreak800400

    I love all the toca apps! I am 9 and have a brain disease and these r so fun 4 me! I think u should make a toca bank and a toca post office and maybe even a toca fired department. I love toca and I have almost all of your apps. No in app purchases or adds! These r the best apps on the App Store! I can not get enough of them! U should make so many more! I will get them all!

  • Great for kids.

    by Ian Noe

    Not enough violence for a 14 year old. But if you're 3 and a 1/2 this thing is amazing. Toot. Toot.

  • Lots of potential

    by klr125

    Bores my 20 month old. Lived it for the first 10 minutes. I wish it did more. I hope the game updates bring more interesting activities.

  • Great game

    by Fhxjoephwjls

    My little sister loves and sometimes I do.

  • Hmm...

    by Fresco1

    I love Toca Boca games. But this game isn't the best game that they've made. But I guess it's ok

  • Sort of Bored -_-

    by Brianna Z 1023

    It's a good game but I feel it's too... short. The track repeats over and over too fast. I think there should be different ways to turn and longer tracks. Maybe even more carts and like... cart stations or whatever... LOL. That aside it's a good game and I hope you guys at Toca Boca take my advice and make this game better :D.

  • Could be more fun

    by 21CenturyGames

    This is a great game. For the first few times around the railroad, the game is amusing and fun. But after a while, you begin to get bored of the routine- picking up passengers and turning a lever to start the locomotive. There are only three stations, and all of the track is pretty much the same the whole trip. It would be fun if they could add a lot more stations, ways to move the train, and different options for where to steer. It would also be fun if they could make the tracks go on longer and have more twists and turns, bridges, and so on. This game would be more interesting if you could take the train to different places besides the regular path. Anyways, this game is okay but has a lot of potential to be better.

  • Meh.

    by RadRoch

    It's Okay the fist couple of times.but it get boring!Add more mini games and let people make the person controlling the train walk around.

  • Awesome with awesome sprinkles on top

    by DC Lisa

    I have only played this game for about two minutes before I stopped to write this review. It is just so charming and fun to be a train conductor, making your stops, watching the scenery go by. Very low-key, no points to score, no winning or losing. Just thinking and playing and having fun. Can't wait to let my kid try it.

  • 9 year old loves it

    by Logic Lou

    My son loves LEGO and Minecraft. We purchased Toca Builder today and he is thrilled with all the tool features. He has built a movie theatre world and is looking forward to creating even more detail in it.

  • Needs louder "chuffing" action

    by GringoKen

    My son likes this app, but you can't hear the locomotive "chuff chuff chuff" as it goes by. It's far too muted. Otherwise, fun little distraction for the kids.

  • Wonderful app

    by Spanglersamantha

    App needed for any train lover child great job toca boca

  • Fantastic

    by Racing wife

    The kids I work with absolutely love this game. The ones who 'get it' love moving cargo and people around town. The ones who don't still love making the train go and stop and blowing the horn.

  • Love it

    by Caa119

    3year old loves being a train conductor

  • Fun

    by Jon Layton


  • Excellent!!!

    by Tocafan24

    toca is awesome

  • Great for toddlers and preschoolers!

    by Becks1717

    My train obsessed 4 year old loves thus game, and I really love that there are no in ap purchases or advertisements! Easily on of the best preschool train games out there, and we have them all. You will probably be bored to tears if you are an adult though :)

  • Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by PuppyGirl4

    If you have this game your lucky! This is the best game! Tell me if you love toca train!

  • Don't waste your money

    by CPasta

    We have a few of the Toca games (tailor, kitchen, kitchen monsters) and have enjoyed them all. And since my son is really into trains I thought this would be a good choice. It wasn't. He's 3 and lost interest in about 10 minutes. I think because it's so monotonous. Once you visit a station to pick up a passenger and then stop and pick up cargo, you've essentially finished the game. It just repeats those two stops, with very limit variety on who/what you pick up at those stops. I can't imagine this holding the interest of a six or seven year old (they state it's designed for ages 4-7). I like the Toca games in general, but not this one.

  • Boring...

    by Alli Terry

    This game WAS great the first time. My young brother loved it! But when he played it the second time, he was already bored and asked for a new game. You need to add WAY more mini games to it and new characters to drive the train. This games stinks!

  • Toca

    by Smutheop

    Great app for our little guy to explore. We recommend any Toca apps they are all great!

  • My toddler loves this app

    by Dman1972

    Great entertainment for toddlers. No problems so far.

  • Good fun for kids!

    by mom2alexthegr8

    I have read a few marginal reviews of this app, so I was hesitant to buy it at first, but I had a sick little man, who wanted it, so I got it. I will say that it is a bit more simple than some other apps by Toca Boca, bit if you have young child that likes trains, it is likely to be a hit! My little guy got hours of entertainment out of it!

  • Grandson loves it!

    by RustyTEW

    Wonderful !

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