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Have your kids ever played store at home? Now you can turn your iPhone or iPad into a Store Play Set - without any of the cleaning up afterwards! It's the perfect toy for your kids to play together with you, their siblings or friends.

* PLEASE NOTE that restarting your device will solve most problem if you are experiencing crashes! Please try this before writing about it in the reviews :) *

"The app lets youngsters run their own Store by allowing them to be both storekeeper and customer. The end result is simply fantastic" - Bryan M Wolfe, AppAdvice

"It’s an interactive app for multiple kids or can easily engage one child who gets to play both roles. Kids learn about making choices, counting, money, and also get the pleasure of selling their wares to their very special “customers”! - Jeana Lee Tahnk,

"Toca Store is a wonderful app that gets your child interacting with their friends, setting up shop as well as making decisions on what they might like to buy!" - Maggie, Appsforipads

- turn taking
- cooperation
- negotiation
- basic mathematical skills
- resource management

Toca Store is a Store Play Set that triggers your child´s imagination and inspires role-playing. We wanted to create a toy that can be included in children´s natural exploration of everyday life and help them to master social and mathematical skills. That´s Toca Store!

- Choose between 34 different objects to sell in your store
- Set your own prices
- Invite friends to the store and let them start shopping!
- Cute animations guides along the way
- Beautiful original artwork
- Multiplayer fun!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Store lets the players try out the roles of storekeeper and customer. It is preferably played by two players, but works fine for a single child too.

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • Need option to buy more products.

    by NoLightSwitchesHere

    Love this game. Bought it for my 2yo. Needs in app purchases for more grocery items for people willing to pay.

  • Game

    by Bubblemix

    It is a very good game and little kids really like it

  • Toca boca I love u

    by Cool:) :):):):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Toca boca u spend so much time on your games thanks so much for perfecting ur games so fun ahhhhhhhh can't talk or come up with words to tell u how amazing your apps are

  • Great for little kids

    by Toca boca buyer

    It's entertaining for about 5 minutes then you get bored the price should be 0.99 great app for little kids wouldn't recommend it for ages 7 and up

  • Very nice

    by Fgtggbgvrvt

    This is a good app very fun, but it gets boring after a while there needs to be more food options, and different things to do.Then it will get 5 stars.

  • Ill call it a 4 star app.

    by Chubs rock like fat

    I truly love the app! But you really need to add more things to sell… I had this big idea that maybe you could add levels! What I mean is, say a boy is in first grade learning about money in his class. Depending on how much better he gets at it in the app levels will be added including using dollar bills and different kinds of coins. But that was just an Idea. : /

  • Fun especially for two

    by craftyashley

    Great intuitive app, especially like its versatility to use with two children.

  • It's fun

    by Bob riverl but lol omg

    It's fun my kids enjoy it

  • Great app!

    by DisSuggs4U

    My five-year-old son loves this and other Toca Boca apps. He likes to use it and play "store" with us, mimicking his real trips with us to the grocery. Toca Boca's apps are great for imaginative play and bringing out a giggle (or five). Worth it!

  • Awesome

    by TocaBoca lover

    Great app but only worth 0.99. I love Toca Boca but I wish they would make their apps a little cheaper. Note to Toca Boca: Please make your apps a little cheaper! I want all the toca apps but its too much money and adds up too fast. PLEASE make your apps a little cheaper. The apps I want from Toca Boca are the 2.99 ones. Like toca tailor. I am trying to limit myself to one toca app a week because it really adds up quick. I

  • All your 1 star review are belong to us

    by @thecreative


  • Great game!

    by Chan24

    This game is very entertaining and loved playing it with all different age groups of people! Very creative, simple, and cute! The only down side is I wish there were more items to sell, but other than that it's an all around good game, and defiantly worth the purchase!

  • Awesome!

    by Kaiyamir

    I love this app! Great to play if your child has a great imagination and loves to "be in charge"

  • Awesome

    by Love but hate fix it

    I love this game

  • Great fun

    by The1'nOnlyBookWrm

    It's great idea for an app but it would be a lot better if you had a computer mode for the second person otherwise you would always need to have 2 players. My daughter still loves this app though.

  • I wub toca boca

    by lizzyher

    I wish I can have all ur apps

  • Coll

    by Zoeykeziah9


  • Good game

    by I love Family Feud!

    This is a good game

  • Funest

    by Jiffy 62

    I love toca store because it is like cashing out somebody at a real store just with out choosing your own prices

  • I love it

    by Jaidyn p.

    It's VERY fun but it needs more items and you should walk down isles and choose of shelves it would be a great update please that would make it the best app ever! So thx and keep making good apps but really consider that update!

  • Worst game ever

    by Sfgycdhujdr

    This game is a waste of 3 dollars. It doesn't teach kids how count money. It would be counfusing to little kids without parents helping them. If I were you I wouldn't buy it THAT GAME IS A WASTE OF MONEY!! It's the worst toca boca game EVER made!!!!

  • Hate it

    by Librocker

    It's so boring and there's no one to play with and after awhile its boring

  • Eh

    by 44Jackieboy

    I love this game but it needs more. Make a single player mode!

  • Simple and Fun to Play Together!

    by Buzz-On

    Its really fun for little guys !

  • Love it

    by Ajones389

    Intuitive enough for a 3 year old; engaging enough for her 10 year old brother to want to play it with her!


    by Lilylamb2

    This app is the best thing I've ever downloaded! Well, no, but it's a close second. I love how you can play it with two people!! ;P

  • Store time is fun time!

    by BjornLouser


  • Awesome

    by Annoying orange moshi

    Great game keep up the good work!

  • I love this!❤

    by 123abbylee

    Hey toca! This by far is the best toca game ever! I've seen some of the comments and there mean! But I love it! I play by myself when I play this game, but it's still fun! Plus the hair salon, & tea party! My mom thinks this is worth the money! Thanks so much toca! Keep doing all those awesome games! But I have something that's bugging me, I would like if they cost a little less, like .99! But that's what I'm thinking! I love you toca!!!!

  • Fun!!

    by HermioneOlivia

    Me and my mom love playing this game it super fun!!

  • Please add a new stuff

    by Gigs fog

    Like a food, and make it cool

  • Toca Boca

    by Anabeth rose

    Best app ever!!!!

  • I would rate 0 if I could

    by Peace lover 100%

    I hate it it is so boring I can believe I wasted $3 for this app I would not have never got it if I knew how boring it was I wish I could get my money back and that's the last time I am buying on of there games

  • More stuff to sell in store

    by Baibaiy

    It is overall good, but it needs more items and a higher money limit. My younger cousin wants to buy eggs and mac and cheese and toys and shampoo but none there. It's a bit disappointing without more to choose from.

  • I love this game so much!

    by OilBiz

    My five yo loves this game.

  • Cool

    by WejdanAK


  • Good for learning

    by Run jump play

    This game is very fun and educational.

  • Cool

    by Gamer289

    It is like some much fun of you don't have this app you better get it

  • Awesome

    by Alllians

    This is so cool that I play it every day it's fun

  • Baby Sitting tool

    by Lexi2053

    It's a fun game, but it gets boring after a while. I think I'll just use it for baby sitting, now.

  • Terrific

    by Paxipad

    I love this app. I have absolutely have no words

  • Toca store

    by Ha ha stupid you

    Ahh kind of gets boring after a wile ?????????

  • Good

    by Qwert12345678910

    It's really fun but it needs an update to be worth the money

  • My kids love all Toca Games

    by maquisapa

    My boys love this game. My four-year-old requests to play this one over and over.

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    by Robert Perry

    WOW!!! My daughter loves it! Now she can count to 30!

  • Great

    by Faithyfaith13683983

    It is so cool I like it but they should upgrade it to be more than just ten bucks and put more supplies and stuffs in the store that would give it a good buy than more people will want to buy it!

  • Favorite Toca Game!....

    by GravyDvyne5

    We love the problem solving aspects. It also encourages social interaction and sharing responsibility. I just don't know what the green surface with te apple on it is for.

  • Loser

    by Christian nakihei

    No one to play with

  • Amazing!!!


    My brother and I (8+11) love this Toca Boca app. It is really fun and we love to take turn being the cashier and customer. It is very fun and suggest it.

  • Boring after a while.

    by Sara a dog

    Not very fun gets so boring after a while so I think you shouldn't buy it!

  • Good for kids

    by PinkXBunny

    Very educational and fun

  • Naomi

    by Méx. Leo

    Asome game I Love it

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