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Fixed crash on iPad Air

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Cute, weird or funny? That's up to you in the colorful world of Toca Mini. Let your imagination run wild in this creative app for kids!

Make scary monsters, fantasy animals or your best friends! Dress up, dress down, three eyes or funny feet? The Minis can become whatever you want!

To get started, tap your Mini to add colors, stripes, sleeves or even pants. Be creative with stamps to add details such as hats, socks, laces and buttons. Adding facial features allows your Mini to smile, sneeze and see!

With thousands of possible combinations there are endless ways of creating your very own Mini! Don’t forget to take a snapshot of your creation and share with your friends.

• Add amazing animated eyes, mouths, noses and eyebrows
• Choose from 60 colors and 78 reversible stamps
• Use stamps to create patterns, hair and clothes
• Take a snapshot and share your Minis!
• Lots of colorful backgrounds to choose from!
• Your Mini makes fun gestures and sounds as you're creating
• No rules or stress - create and play anyway you want!
• Kid-friendly interface
• No third-party advertising
• No in-app purchases

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • Needs update

    by Floating hippos

    Everytime I open the app it completely freezes and shuts down I can't even use it

  • Hard

    by Fbcxgjfsehmmnbfwqqdhji


  • Great app, if it didn't crash every time

    by Momto3chickies

    This looks super fun and my girls do badly want to play it, but we get a couple minutes into it and the whole thing freezes or completely crashes. We've not been able to finish a single figure. Please fix this app!!

  • Saving mini

    by Cookcook125

    I have all of the toca Boca games but this one surprised me come on you can't save your minis to an inventory or when you leave them they look sad I'm pretty disappointed you can do better than this

  • OK App

    by Psgajemzj,

    I really hope toca boca will fix this app because it keeps crashing on me and I can't even access the app! But other than that, it's a really fun app.

  • 5...... TRILLION STARS!!!!!!!

    by Chapstick Classic

    I LOVE this game!!! I am a HUGE toca fan! I love their games and this is their best one yet!!!!

  • Great app!

    by nadialena

    Great game! This game keeps my creative 5 year old interested, and I even have fun playing it with her.

  • Little glitch... But love it!

    by Brynpucel

    There's a glitch where when you pick a eyeball (for example) makes another eyeball and it just stays there even when you take a picture. I'll let you get five stars cause I still

  • It's not Loading

    by NerdyPanda6702

    For some reason it isn't loading when I downloaded it. I deleted lots of my useless apps for this and it's not working.

  • Toca boca rules! But...

    by llerbesto

    Love the app BUT it really needs to add undo levels! and a gallery mode so you can look at all the characters that you made in the past and even modify them or send them to other people

  • I guess

    by Draineye

    There shouldn't be a limit for things really

  • Perfecto ......well kinda ....

    by Pandasforever2002

    I have it on my phone and iPad I love designing people but the takes forever and almost every time on my iPad when I take a pic it crashes

  • Ideas for u!!!

    by Julie22676

    Love this app! Keeps my kids busy as bees!! However.... They tell me they wish there could accessorize with hats and that their people could hold items!! Just a thought!!

  • Great

    by Irishman10

    I really like it but why do the people you make look sad when they like go off

  • Limit on EYES???

    by Chandog

    Why oh why can’t my son add more then 4 eyes? Seems odd that there is a limit on any of parts… Come one TOCA BOCA.. Frustration is abound over this seemingly silly limitation..

  • Really cute


    Like it

  • Nice

    by My Little Jedi

    Awesome as ever!!!!!! But it crashes every time I wanna take a picture of my created mini

  • I bought it two days ago.

    by Xx-C4T3-xX

    It's a lovely game. I'm 17 and I adore it, designing tiny little people, giving them little features. I think it's a great game for all ages!

  • So much fun!

    by MannyBob3455108296

    I play this game all the time! It is great for all ages and you can spend hours on hours of fun on this game!

  • Great

    by CaitiCat109

    It's a great app that's really time consuming but it really depresses me when I finish one of my characters off and they look so depressed and sad as it boxes them and they drift away, it's really saddening. Please at lest make them happy.

  • No sound

    by minnesota'mom

    My 3 year old loves these apps but with no sound she gets frustrated. Send an update soon.

  • Looks better than it really is

    by GunaTryIt

    The first toca app I havent completely loved. Idea is good but so many annoying things. You can only draw in stripes, you can add other shapes but not draw them. When trying to add a shape they are constantly falling off even when they appear like they are on. You can't draw on the tops of the head so no drawing hair.

  • Boo I thought this was Toca Builders

    by Ivinite

    Silly app was broken for a month and now I realize it's not builders.

  • Fun

    by Crow cool

    Really like this app. It would be nice to have a catalogue of images to look for more ideas. Need textures for hair and facial features.

  • I love this app

    by Kitty lover❤❤❤❤

    I love this app but the only thing is it keeps on crashing and when I go back into the app I have to create a new toca mini

  • May crash older iTouch

    by zarathud

    Crashes periodically but regularly on 3 year old iPod Touch after a long freeze will reboot the device. A shame because my kids (4 & 6) really enjoy all things Toca Boca, and liked how it looks. Hope it will get fixed soon.

  • Can't save your work, app is useless!

    by 19bal85

    My son sat and created one for 20 minutes but came to found out that he couldn't even save it. I went to click on the camera, bottom right. It sounds like a snapshot of his art is being took then a blank white screen comes up. Few seconds later the app just crashes. This app is useless if you can't save your work. I'm on the new iPad Air.

  • Quite fun

    by Joey Jojo Junior

    This is a fun little app. It has kept us entertained so far. My only request would be some way to save the character you make. You can take a picture, but thee is no way to rotate or animate the character after you move on to another one. Also it would be fun to export these characters to another app Mii style and play with them. I would pay for that! Also the app description says you can add three eyes...not true! Only allows two eyes at a time.

  • Cute but not great

    by KIDAKA

    Weve bought all of the apps from TB in the past. We did the same here for our son because he was on blue all week at school (that's the best color). Anywho, I've never seen him get frustrated with one before the way he has with this one. The main problem is that you cant just hit a button and undo what you just did if you make a boo-boo. I wished there was a way to mirror the one side to the other. One last gripe is that I found the stamps, eyes, etc. didn't have as many choices as I thought it could. Maybe some of these changes can be updated. If so I will change my rating! I still love TB!

  • Finally, another great Toca app!

    by GreatKris

    We haven't been thrilled with the last few new apps from Toca, but this one is fantastic. Love it! There are so many possibilities. I do wish it would ask for confirmation that you are done with your creation. We've lost a few creations earlier than planned by accidentally hitting the home icon.

  • Want my money back

    by Farmermatsey

    I was not happy with this app

  • Love it!!!!!

    by Blackjack40000

    Both my daughters really enjoy this game one is 6 the other is 12. I think all toca Boca games are worth the money all are very creative and entertaining. Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing some new games.

  • Awesome app

    by Muahahailaugh

    Great app, could have more features, but awesome as it is. High quality and high definition. I see a lot of idiotic comments below, so I felt like people who haven't bought the app should know that it is not hard to use.. If you honestly have trouble figuring out how to use this or, "make flowers"(?? not the purpose anyway), then you're probably too young or ..'slow' to be using it. And if you find it boring when you're way past the age range then, please, get out. What did you expect. I'm 17, and I like it but most my age wouldn't because we're not who the app is made for.

  • Refund

    by jubilantjess

    I want my money back, I delete apps every so often for newer and games worth keeping and my son already wants to get rid of it.

  • Kids love it

    by Andy-_wilson

    Whenever a new app comes out it is a no brainer, we buy it! Thanks toca!

  • Great! Got some ideas.

    by Matt Finnish

    I really like this app. I think it's fantastic. I just have some suggestions for you. You should be able to save your creations to maybe sort of a Toca folder full of your little characters, so you could play with them any time you want. That would be great. And also, I would love to be able to share your characters to the community. That would be amazing! Thanks. ;)

  • It keeps crashing alot

    by Crash the game!

    Every time I open the game it crashed but it doesn't crash till a little farther than the last time! I want to play the game! It froze my iPod! Please fix the crashing thing! I will only give you one star until I can play all the way through!

  • Not bad. Expected more.

    by Mommyof2QTPi

    You CAN save your child's creations. When you first run the app, it will ask permission to access your photo album. You should allow. I believe you can go back to settings menu to toggle this permission. You may also do a screenshot which will auto-save to your album (on/off button + menu button pressed at the same time). Not bad an app for designing although everything is a shape or stamp. There is no drawing needed. It is really for a 4 yo because of the slightly complex operation of a color wheel and the process of applying a color, which is not so simple as clicking to apply, like other apps are designed to. I was expecting more as in playing interactively with the finished creation like poking, tilting, shaking or tickling it to generate random responses. After you create your mini, that's it. Game ends. You either choose to create another or save the current one.

  • Some problems

    by Gabsygirl

    You can't really make hair I'm a girl so I want the to have hair even when I try to make hair it doesn't look right there should be wigs to but on them also you SH should be able to save when you work hard on a creation it should save so you can see it again there also should be a world you can play with the characters in but I like the game otherwise

  • Some problems

    by Gabsygirl

    You can't really make hair I'm a girl so I want the to have hair even when I try to make hair it doesn't look right there should be wigs to but on them also you SH should be able to save when you work hard on a creation it should save so you can see it again there also should be a world you can play with the characters in but I like the game otherwise

  • Love it

    by Dakota Dallas

    I love toca apps and i think this is the best one they've made so far. But it keeps crashing and won't let me take a picture of my mini. Good job though!


    by Cutie pie 107

    This app is soo AWSOME I love it and I'm 11 just one more thing for an update I want to be able to see them like go into the world when ever they go away please

  • Cool game

    by jlewis41

    I wish it was easier to create hair. Overall great game.

  • I'm literally 12 years old

    by ThatCrayCrayDirectioner

    This is entertaining to me Is that sad

  • Boring and not educational

    by Rachel20001

    Why is this in the educational category?

  • Bug fixes

    by Linus222

    Can you guys please update this app there is bug fixes becuase it won't let me add any details only color,eyes,nose,eyebrows and mouth not any graphics

  • Great

    by GeorgeC12

    Great game but needs option to save minis and edit them later. And maybe some pre-made hair or animal ears.

  • by Cloudy Misty 2333

    This app is so cute! I love the adorable little minis you make! BUT: I wish we could save the Minis kind of like on BuddyPoke.

  • Amazing

    by To ninja for you

    This app is amazing I love that you can be creative the only thing is I wish you could save the mini's in app instead of filling up you pictures but other then that I love great job toca boca

  • Seriously

    by piranhaskin

    The whole app is great! The only thing is, the app crashes every single time I take a picture of my mini. Therefore, all the time I've taken to work on it, is ruined. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars.

  • Crappy

    by MojitoMomma

    The app keeps crashing .. It was a waste of money .

  • Another fun one

    by TeD2D

    My two kids love toca's Apps. This one reminds them of painting one of those vinylmation figures.

  • Disappointed

    by Sra Mami

    Doesn't load properly. Basically just wasted $3.

  • 5 stars

    by J. Jasper

    My 3 yr old loves Toca Boca apps, and so do I. This one is fantastic. It would be nice to have a save option and previous creations gallery. We have all the TB apps. I think this one ranks up with the best of them.

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