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*Parents Choice Awards 2012 - Gold Winner!*

Ever wanted to play with your food? Now you can! Toca Kitchen lets you cook and play with food for four hungry characters. Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix? And wait for your hungry friend´s response…

- Four cute characters to cook for - each with their own favorite food!
- 12 different ingredients that can be prepared in 180 different ways!
- Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
- Optional vegetarian mode!
- Fantastic original artwork!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Kitchen is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids get to explore cooking. What happens if you mix a carrot and then fry it? Will the cat like it? And what is the bull's favorite food? Toca Kitchen supports free play for all ages and is a great way to use your imagination.

Watch our trailer to see what it looks like:

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • Good but could be better.

    by Annedawg

    Don't get me wrong this is a great app and all but I recommend you make some idol these changes that would make it worth $3. Add more characters to feed, more food to prepare, and more tools to prepare it. This is an awesome app I just think it will be worth the $3 and 5 stars when toca boca considers adding these.

  • READ

    by 0123456789( :$$!'

    I wist that they had put more characters and had more food like"cupcake , drink, cookie" but I do like this game a little.

  • Update!!!!!!

    by Hurricane412

    This is a wonderful app! I love all the characters and food your able to cook although the main reason for this comment is that I may suggest some things first, although you may have heard this one please make there be a way to MIX FOOD that is my main request!! Second, add pasta, bread (to make a sandwich with OR add the option to make a sandwich complete with all the condiments) ham, cheese (different kinds), lettuce, milk, water, turkey, drinks, berries, and flour. There's more but I'll stop there. Third!! A juicer please! Please! Also I would like to see spoon, knives, more cuts allowed, be able to feed them with a fork OR have an option for them to feed themselves, recipes, menu, toaster, deep fryer, maybe an option to hand mix or mix with a spoon... And I have more suggestions but once again I'll stop. I hope I could give you some ideas? Please take them into consideration on the next update! Thanks!!

  • Awesome but could improve

    by TiffyPuck

    The gane is so fun. Even for older kids like myself! But it could improve by letting you cook to things at the same time,have recipes, also bake stuff! But it's a super fun app

  • FUN IM 11 and like this app

    by Mckenna tacoz


  • I love it!!,But....

    by Fjbdfvj

    I love it!! ,but it needs more features like add more food. Please put more charactors like a dog maybe a baby or something.And add like an oven and bake a cake. Thats all

  • Fun! But needs more

    by Epic waffles 2013

    I really do love this game! Its great for kids and really fun! But, it would be awesome if you could: 1)add more food 2)be able to blend,fry,bake, and boil morw than one food at a time! Please try to change this in the next update! I have noticed a lot of other people have suggested this! Great app though!

  • Toca boca

    by Jaylion246

    Best game ever

  • نغم

    by راكان الدوسري

    بالسراح ان التطبيق رائع جدا ومسلي

  • Amazing!!

    by April Lenora Hickey

    I think it's amazing because certain people like different things I taboca kitchen that why I think it's amazing!!!

  • Should be better

    by Tianafrogynut

    I got bored after about ten minutes of this game. You should be able to mix things and make other foods. They should have recipe book to tell you what you can make.

  • Hands

    by Hamad_bigboss


  • Love it sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by ابو عبدالغفور

    Love it but put more foods plz and it is the beast of games and 9000 stars for me

  • Exelent but

    by Is so cool : ) ; )

    Is so cooooooool i love it but their need more food like pancakes bread pizza milk juice hamberger and more and more thing to make the food like a toaster

  • Love


    Lllloooovvveeee lllloooovvvveeee Lllloooovvveeee lllloooovvvveeee =love

  • Amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by Dude buster 12222222

    LOVE THE APP! The only thing is you should be able to mix foods

  • Best Toca Yet

    by Cassie;););)

    This is the most fun game from Toca Boca!!!!!;);):)

  • Nice so far

    by Very fun shop

    It's very good but there's not much food you can get it.its fun and cool

  • Still fun

    by Amber the 1

    I like just wish u could do more but it's needs 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ so plz buy it

  • Tip

    by Hopey27

    Great app but ... You should make one were you go shopping , then cook what you got and put it on the table for you and the guests to eat . Make more like toca birthday and tea party

  • 5th generation please!

    by A Despicable Fan

    I wish I could give 0 stars. I would really like it to be fit for the 5th generation screen. Other than that, cute app!!! I will fix the rating when you fix the screen...

  • Toca Boca,

    by Princess Petrich


  • Kinda weird!

    by Couch potato 189

    Feeding a ox a cat putting hay on a grill This is kinda weird!!!!!

  • My review

    by summerloving16

    I got this game for $2.99. Was it worth the money? Kinda... There needs to be some changes, ok so first of all add more food, second allow players to cook more then one food item at a time, also add more people less animals. Also let players make actual meals not just the same thing, for example a burger and fries. Stuff like that :) all in all the game is fun and yea it's for kids but I'm 17 so yolo ;) haha ok peaceskies

  • Great

    by *Abby*#1

    This app is a great cooking app but you should add ways to make different foods and you should also add a cookbook to put the recipes in.

  • Fun but...

    by Fgtggbgvrvt

    This game is fun, but it gets boring after a while. I think there should be more food options, different ways to prepare the food and possibly different characters.

  • More Choices!!!

    by Zjxjcjbnc

    I love this app, bit there should be more cooking options, foods, and characters. Examples for food preparing: Baking, skewering, etc. Examples for foods: Strawberries, brownies, etc. I also think that there should be drinks, and straw choices.

  • Great App for *Young* kids

    by mtb_ogre

    My granddaughter will spend hours on this app, chopping up sausage and serving it over and over to the cat. She knows which characters like which food and how to best prepare it. For perspective, if you are over 5-6 years old (as most reviewers appear to be) then it’s not going to be much fun.

  • Title

    by Uhhbjugugb

    It's a good game but it should have more foods to cook

  • Great app!

    by flyingcasual

    Our kids (3 and 1.5) love this app still, after over a year of play. It's fun for mom and dad occasionally as well!

  • It's good but gets old fast

    by Shelby and Caleb

    We think you should be able to mix the foods when cooking and that you should add drinks to this app also more ways to cook the food and more types of food We love the game it's a great game to play when bored!! We love the app

  • Wow!

    by stickwithjosh

    This app is terrific. My 3 year old loves it and plays it all the time.

  • Great game!

    by nadialena

    It's fun to figure out what and how each person will eat - it keeps my daughter interested for quite awhile.

  • It's not bad but....

    by Rachel

    The app it self isn't that bad for little kids but it got boring to me after a short amount of time. There should be like an order the character wants made to made it more interesting. Over all ok app but not worth the $

  • It's gr8

    by Fun

    I love this game but it gets kind of boring

  • You will enjoy it... For 5 minutes!

    by Once upon a timer

    It gets boring my 7 year old brother stopped playing before i did (i am 14) and that is just because if i am going to pay as much as this game costs! I am going to get my moneys worth! And after trying to get my moneys worth, i failed because this game would never be able to live up to its cost.

  • DONT!

    by Lindz

    this game is so boring! Doesn't fit the screen for my iPhone 5. You can't even do anything! I wish I could get my money back. I'm disappointed in the usually great toca boca company

  • Wow

    by KaLiNa TrInGaS


  • Awesome

    by Lilturtle04


  • Awesome game

    by Pug lover 355

    The game is so fun I can't stop playing the game and it's so fun

  • Toca Kitchen Review

    by Burrito man

    Fun, simple, and the perfect way to keep your hands busy.

  • Awesome

    by ggiiaa78

    This game is so awesome it's so fun.

  • Not worth $2.99!!!!

    by Stylegirl123456789

    It was fun at first but after 1 day it got boring...... Nothing new on updates and needs more food and options to cook the food on

  • Nice app for kids

    by Buggy Simon

    I got bored quickly but my kids play it again and again.

  • Kids

    by Ghaloooosh

    رائعه وممتعه جدا

  • Afraid

    by Aaliyah Martin

    I'm not afraid of the game, the game is awesome,can someone please help me,there is a stink bug in my room and I am afraid to kill it!

  • I LOVE this game❗❗❗❗❗

    by MONKEY-1200

    I love this game but I wish there were more people, food and ways to cook the food!:(

  • Cutie so worth it..... for my little bro i mean

    by DLovemybffbrother

    Cutest games since the 2nd toca hair solon i dont think it needs much but drinks i mean remember its a kids game. Its not for grown women and men. But if there was a game for older people i would get it otherwise toca boca is doing great

  • Deeply flawed morals

    by Mukund Sudarshan

    The bull simply will not eat the steak prepared for it. It is a shame and a pity to see toca boca teach the kids using this app to waste food. In the next update, every character should eat anything on the plate, cooked or not, in order to teach kids not to waste food and to listen to their parents. It should be up to parents to teach their children what and what not to eat. In addition to all this, I find it horrific that the bull's anthropomorphic face lights up in excitement when an obscene quantity of marijuana is placed in front of it. I understand that children will not know what it is, but it is outright offensive to engrain this disgusting image in an innocent's mind.

  • Funny

    by Chris Alicious

    This game is so funny but also realistically fun. The characters eat the raw meat without getting sick how is that possible. Are they robots or something. LOL!

  • I'm a teenager...

    by KayJayAye

    Okay so I'm a teenager and I'm fascinated with this game. Everything looks and sounds so realistic. I love it. It would be amazing if you all could make a version more for the older audience, and have it to where you can mix more than one thing together (e.g. dice carrots and broccoli, then throw them in the skillet together). It would also be nice to see a loooot more food! Maybe even if you guys included some recipes to make. I know this game is for kids but I know a lot of older people, including myself, who would enjoy this game on a more mature level. :)

  • Ranoo

    by Ranenkaram


  • Fit for iphone 5 pls

    by Reviewer%

    good game but pls fit for the iphone 5

  • Very good but...............

    by Presley Leann

    Really? People say its bad? No dip needs more options but on the other hand it's the best . More food,cooking supplies,being able to mix things and making recipes is needed. Oh and also more characters.

  • More more more!!

    by I love Peeta!!!

    I got this game last weekend and right away I was sort of disappointed because the lack of options... They should add -butter -chicken -strawberries -desserts -more characters PLEASE DO THESE TOCA BOCA I LOVE YOU GUYS BUT ITS GETTING BORING!!!!!!!!

  • Sometimes

    by Brookie

    I gave this game 5 stars because this can be fun SOMETIMES!

  • Em

    by Em knows best

    I ❤️love❤️ any thing that is toco so I ❤️love❤️ this

  • so good

    by kimbada

    i'm so good! bye.

  • nono9n9

    by 747d6d26


  • Could be better... ‼️Read Please‼️

    by Alexa58341

    This app gets boring really fast. The app could be better if... 1. You could mix items together {For Example: You could click on 2 items then they could both be highlighted. Then you could click on the blending machine or something and bolth of the items would be in there and you could blend bolth of them at the same time.} If that makes since? 2. More items to chose from {For Example: Strawberries, Bread, Ham, etc.} 3. You should make a thing where you can season the item with different kinds of seasons. 4. You should also make a thing where you can put ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, and stuff like that on the item.

  • Great game

    by Tiffhunny808

    I think it ok but i wish there was more food and more people.

  • Good Game

    by Penneth2

    Its a good game but I think that each time you chose a character what they want is different. Also I think that you should be able to put more than one food in the blender,pan,pot,ect. And it needs more food options! You (company that made the app) only added like 4 new foods, I think that you should've added more food options. Other than that, its a good game.

  • More food!

    by Alicetheawesome

    Great, but maybe you should make an update with more food. Other than that, this app is addicting and fun.

  • Kay

    by Zsgub

    It's okay

  • Gorgeous graphics

    by kitiwiti

    Love it! I downloaded for my nephews to play with

  • Kuko

    by Jg josh

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my my but is in a twist I am " kuko"

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