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"The graphics and attention to detail are top notch. The app is sure to be a hit with the kids and one that they will return to over and over again." -

"Keeping with the theme of fantastic illustrations, seamless gameplay and engaging activities, Toca House is an excellent addition to any families’ iPad." - Famigo

Welcome to Toca House! Help the five friends to do fun chores around a cosy house. Let your kids do the dishes, ironing, sweeping or planting flowers in the garden. Loads of fun with 19 different mini-games! And if your kids liked Toca Doctor, they are going to LOVE Toca House!

* PLEASE NOTE: This toy is designed and intended for children age 2-6. But you can have fun with it if you're older too :) *

√ 19 different mini-games to play with
√ Domestically themed mini-games - teach kids what needs to be done around the house!
√ Loads of variation - different order of the games each time
√ Fantastic original artwork!
√ Convenient time to pause or take turns when the sun sets after playing ten mini-games
√ Fun sounds and animations!
√ No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
√ Kid-friendly interface!
√ No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca House is a free play toy for kids that takes them through the everyday chores of a household. Cleaning, washing windows, deliver mail, taking a bath or mopping the floor. All familiar themes for kids that they see everyday, but often can't participate it. But now they can - and it's fun too! Play a series of mini-games that take place in and around the house with five super-cute characters. When the sun sets it's time to go to bed, but you can always play another round of course. This makes it perfect for turn-taking or a break to do something else too!

Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • Wonderful

    by Atanvarno

    Such a lovely app, my kids are actually arguing who's going to do the laundry. :) Now just to teach to do it in real world

  • My 2 year old loves this app!

    by Jill Tubaugh

    My son really enjoys playing this game. Each time I watch him, he gets better at performing the various tasks. In fact, he can do most by himself with no help from me or his sister. He also seems to find new areas of the house each time which is very exciting for him. Very exciting game! Thanks to Apple for giving us this game during the 12 Days of Christmas. We had Toca Kitchen before, and this one is far better!

  • Fun game

    by nuke412

    Fun game

  • My two-year-old loves it!

    by Sschool

    Clean graphics, simple mini games and strange characters all add up to a fun app for small children. My two-year-old knew exactly what to do with it. She's hooked!

  • No sound

    by intheningnangnong

    The Toca Boca introduction plays with sound but there is no sound in the game on my iPhone, even with the side switch on and volume up.

  • Toca awsome

    by Anonymous rob in Sanger

    It is a great game

  • Great app, fun to play, just needs more activities!

    by iTreGenius

    The title says it all.


    by HeatherGaskarth

    This doesn't teach kids to light the matches, doesn't tell them to mow the lawn in their own (and honestly what 2-6 yo could?) and THE YETI IS A MAN. EVERY ONE HAS NIPPLES. I don't get how thats inappropriate at ALL. This game is for fun and its a cute spin on the way kids like to play house, which believe or not they frickin' L O V E. 5 stars for Toca Boca!

  • Nice app

    by Kerzmac

    My 6 year old granddaughter loves all the different chores she can do. She doesn't like to help around the house, but she will play Toca Boca all day long!

  • One of the best!

    by BinaryMom

    Out of all the Toca Games this one is one of the best. Chock full of activities, my 3 yr old boyo never gets bored. And since I make it a point to play with him when he gets screen time, this game doesn't bore me to tears either. I got this through 12 days of Gifts and I think it spoiled us. I've bought a couple of other Toca games but they don't seem to be as involved as Toca House.

  • Great App

    by Soccer73560

    I have used this app for many of reasons. I babysit and my kids love it!! Even the 10 year old. It is a great app for kids 2-10.

  • Love It

    by Jedakel

    Like all of the other Toca games we have, my two year old loves Toca House. I'm not exactly sure what he loves about mowing the lawn or ironing, but it keeps him busy for a few minutes while waiting for dinner, so I'm happy.

  • My two year old LOVES it.

    by Nikkyalexis

    It's easy to play and understand for small children.

  • Great for kids

    by craftyashley

    My four year old adores this app. Great easy game!

  • Great game for a lil sister

    by PleasedBigSister

    My four year old sister loves this game. She asks to play it everyday. Probably the most used thing that I downloaded from the 12 Days of Christmas app.

  • My Granddaughter LOVES This Game!

    by Sheras5

    You get an A+ in my book for coming up with this concept! My granddaughter really enjoys helping me clean & do small chores around the house and I absolutely agree with you that if you make these "chores" fun when they're little, they won't dislike them so when they get older. Your apps/games help teach that, as well as being very educational. I think every parent should consider downloading these and playing them with their children, then teach them to help you at home, too!

  • Love the app

    by Trivilin27

    It teaches kids the basics of a touch screen plus a few educational lessons along the way.

  • Cute app

    by unumbra C

    Thank you for doing this for my kids

  • How these Toca Boca apps are amazing


    Toca Boca apps are the amazing things ever invented

  • Good

    by Snowcone123

    This app is OK. I am older than 6 and I played this and enjoyed it for about 20-30 minutes, and I think younger kids would enjoy this a lot more than I do. Good game otherwise

  • It's okay

    by Couch potato 189

    I was existed to see this app but I played it and it was a lot of glitches and big bugs. Please fix!

  • Ok game

    by London Momo

    I do not understand the pink house head child, nor do I understand the angry child syndrome. Characters flaws, my son play this game.

  • Makes chores seem fun for kids

    by CastleOrange

    I've tried this with some of my friends kids and they like it. It has to be helpful to make kids think "chores aren't so bad"!

  • Really fun, but...

    by BrokeMama

    my 2 1/2 year old son completed all the activities in 15 minutes. It is an awesome game, but it gets old really quickly. I wish there was more to it!

  • 좋아요

    by qweras78952


  • Thanks!

    by l33tChicken

    Kids love the app, so happy it was included in the 12 Days Of Christmas!

  • For Kids


    I guess this app would be good for little kids, but it's boring otherwise. Why iTunes would put this on their 12 Days of Gifts, I'm not sure. Not everybody has kids.

  • Concerned Parent

    by Kids play with matches?!?

    I started playing with my 2 1/2 year old, and we were going through the different house levels. He was having fun and doing great. However, there is a level where they loaf the wood in the fireplace and then place lit match in fireplace. I seriously don't want my child playing with matches in life or in a game. This is the reason for one star. Game designers should have known better than put this level in.

  • My two year old loves it!

    by nonobjective

    Great app. Lots to keep my 2 year old occupied. It makes use of fine motor skills and problem solving.

  • Good for toddlers

    by UFchan

    My 3 year old daughter loves this game. We play together, so much fun , thank you!

  • Quality kids app

    by BlueLoyalty

    The characters are strange and I'm not sure I like the message it sends but my daughter loves it. Decent graphics and game play.

  • Pretty good

    by Claireslove4dance

    I love all of the toca apps and this is fun for about 20 mins but then got really boring. It was good for the 12 days app but I wouldn't pay for this.

  • Good for those babysitting days

    by Prisbear

    A toddler I babysit sometimes likes the app. It is pretty, easy and good for those moments when you need something to keep a hungry or tired toddler waiting a bit longer for food or nap. Thanks to Apple for the gift, good job Toca!

  • 5 yr old loves!!

    by Romc33

    Great game! Perfect for toddlers to young children! My 5 year old can enjoy this game while I secretly am teaching her chores! She finds them fun and now helps me more with real chores as we make them a game! Love this game and can't rate it high enough!

  • I hate to be asked to rate it

    by beatlechan

    It's irritating so one star! Thanks!

  • A Fun Learning Experience

    by JaylaXxBeautifulXx

    My daughter is always asking me can she play. I think she is learning because when she was done playing, an hour later I found her trying to sweep.

  • Best game ever

    by Reyana121

    My 1 year old brother Preston ask me if he could play a game on my iPhone and he wanted to play this game and he would not stop playing

  • Tocaman

    by Doodlesnack

    This is the worst game I have ever played. Don't make the mistake of getting it, it will kill you. Good day.

  • Wow

    by Lisaandsarah

    This app is great ,it teaches awesome lessons for kids and is fun for all!

  • My children love all Toca Boca apps

    by Twelfth Station

    I'm leaving this review in light of the many negative reviews from the "12 Days of Gifts" debacle. Toca Boca makes some of the best apps designed for children. My daughters, ages 5 and 4, love playing with this and every other Toca Boca app. They are engaging and have great sound and visual design. We love Toca Boca apps.

  • Doesn't make sense

    by Saucyboy99

    It is the stupidest of the stupid

  • Great Learning Tool

    by MsBluphire

    I wish I had this when my two boys were younger, now I can use this with nieces and nephews and some preschool students.

  • Our 5 year old loves this app!

    by Goflyakite5

    Our 5 year old loves the toca games, but I believe this is her favorite. I never get to use my phone now because she wants to play it as soon as she sees my phone!

  • Good app, BUT....

    by Arzonia

    Hi I like this app for my 3 year old grandson, EXCEPT I DONT THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE A SCENE WITH KIDS LIGHTING THE FIREPLACE AND BEING GIVEN A LIT MATCH! Also, I don't think they should be encouraged to use a hot iron. My grandson has suddenly become very interested in the fireplace, and wants to light it.

  • This game is a little erotic racist

    by Lolita_spinstar

    The characters make sexual sounds, the yellow troll has nipples. Why does he need those? The characters seem to follow stereotypes. Some of the activities are fun but I'm worried that my children will grow up weird of they play this.

  • Yellow Yeti & More Room


    This game is good, but please add in more floors (like a bedroom or play room) and remove the ape man.

  • Awesome

    by M.lisa

    My daughter loves it it's so good for little kids!!!!

  • Easy Fun

    by tcutler

    It's cute, it passes the time and is really easy, to easy.

  • 3 year old loves this ap!

    by Deannakay1

    She just noticed the new ap on my ipad and started playing with it. Kept her entertained and engaged for a long time. She's played with it daily since I downloaded it. I can't remember the last time we had this much success with an ap for her, thanks!

  • Upside down

    by World B. Free

    This app ignores orientation on iPad 2 running ios6. Not cool.

  • Toca boca

    by Toca house

    Este juego es muy padre

  • Toca house

    by Thumper8da, winning!

    This is a fun game. I think it wily be cool if there was a bed room where you make the bed, paint the walls, and hang clothes up in a closet! That would be really cool. And an extra character could be a white Labrador retriever dog.

  • My four year old daughter loves this

    by FlandersMcJ

    She picked it up with no instruction and it's varied enough that she can really get into it for long periods of time.

  • Toca boca

    by Hey114556677

    This is a cute little games for a child but not for teens it will teach your little ones to clean without you telling them trust me your kids will luv this game thxx

  • Toca house

    by Minigunn

    Got this as one of the 12 gifts, pretty cool! My 6 year old son loves it, plays it daily so far. Yellow naked dude with nipples is pretty weird IMO, otherwise game is fun for him.

  • Muy buena app

    by Diego S

    Mi hijo de preescolar esta encantado con las apps de Toca

  • Great

    by 667Haleybrenny123

    I love this game I'm 14... Is that weird???

  • Wonderful App


    My 2 year old can navigate through this app easy. My only suggestion is to have more apps like this.

  • likes it

    by rabbit1029

    My 3½ year old loves this. Now if I could only get her to love picking up, cleaning, and mowing irl...

  • Zero Stars: Does not work!

    by WhichNicknameIsNotYetTaken

    The app does not work. It keeps on asking about the birth year, which it either rejects, or - when accepted - tries to open an invalid link.

  • Cool app

    by bllooop

    This app is totally fun for my kids and give kids a smart mind!

  • Awesome

    by leiamadison

    Best app ever

  • Awesome

    by utepastor

    Just like all toca apps. Our kids love this game.

  • Little Kids Deserve Better

    by TheChrisCox

    The simplicity and graphics are it's best features. However task as repetitive and not rewarding. I appreciate the idea however it offers no creative ability for children to problem solve or learn. Very cut and dry.

  • Great

    by Joobeeju06

    I usually don't like doing chores around the house but this makes it fun

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