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Buckle up, friends! It’s time for Toca Cars!  In Toca Cars you do what feels right. No rules apply to these roads. Cruise through big puddles of ice cream, fly off jumps into a lake or build a huge pile of houses, stop lights, and mailboxes and drive right through. Ready, set, GO!
The world of Toca Cars is made from 100% recycled cardboard, including the little dog that may chase you! Want to speed through the lake, bump a tree, and knock over the stop sign one more time? No problem! Simply push the restore button and do it again!
When you choose Editor mode you can arrange your own jumps, races, trees, animals and houses. Build small jumps or big jumps, place a quarter pipe in the lake and maybe even get surprised by a robot...

Toca Cars is where you stop following roads, and start doing whatever feels right for you! Toca Cars is suitable for kids between 3-9 years. So what are you waiting for? It's time to start your engines!

Two fearless drivers
Stay off or on the road, it doesn’t matter
Arrange your own world any way you like
Crash’n’Restore - don’t worry about things falling over, the Restore Button will fix it.
No rules or stress - play any way you want to!
Kid-friendly interface
No in-app purchases

About Toca Boca
Toca Boca is a game studio that makes digital toys for kids. We think playing and having fun is the best way to learn about the world. Therefore we make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination, and that you can play together with your kids. Best of all - we do it in a safe way without third-party advertising or in-app purchases.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5 STARS

    by MellowCisco

    I like it but thing that bugs me is the comtrol it would be better if you guys update it with a control pad like arrows that would be better everyone is saying to update with a control pad hope you guys do please

  • One imperfection

    by Rose2713

    I love this game and it's super fun driving around And knocking stuff over only dislikes : add more stuff and make it so u can change up ur character Maybe have more little guys chasing u around loopty loops u can go on now that would be six star material

  • Ok

    by Emily I go to stinebeck

    This is boring it will be beeter if someone else had it and u can join worlds or go racing or your own house

  • Good needs more

    by cassiecattttt

    Why have limited resources why not be able to adventure and be creative there is a lot more things you can put on this app like choosing the color and size!


    by Justin bieber fan

    This app is probably the best ever

  • Super GOOD game!!!!!!

    by Ty120908540

    Super GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic

    by ابو طالب الزهراني


  • Higgins

    by lilvic2002


  • Amazing

    by elecbananas

    No bugs or crashes stunning graphics truly amazing.

  • Cute start

    by Dandetiger

    Controls are too hard for little ones to figure out but it's cute it needs a bit more to do

  • Awesome

    by Mario12121212

    Really good but should have wifi multiplayer and chat and levels too.

  • great but....

    by gahhshdvha

    it's great don't get me wrong but I think is should have coins or you should be able to beats level instead of just going around but it is a great game

  • ---READ PLEASE!!!----

    by Yoyo The Fox

    NEEDS SOME FIXING AND ADDING 1. Voices on boy and girl are like switched?! 2. Add+ more characters and cars 3. Add+ Customize avatar and car 4. Love it still!

  • Good Game

    by Legokid428

    Needs more

  • Love it

    by Minnnnecrafthorse

    Add car and person editor

  • It's great.

    by -:-brad-:-

    Im 13 years old, but i enjoy it... Lol.

  • Love it

    by Jdjfjffk

    I am 18 years old & I play this game lol it's so much fun! But for my little sisters it was kind of hard for them to operate the car so a how to page on the car would be great :)

  • sauce

    by A$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    This app is totally sauce, and brings a substantial amount of rice out with it. Don't play it too much tho, as it will drain your battery until your phone or iPad shuts off forever.

  • Toca boca cars

    by Coolzzz2hip

    To me this game is addicting you drive in a car rolling over things lol But I wish we could customize your character

  • Great app

    by GladiatorPenguin

    I love this app, but i did expect it to be more than just run around. I must admit that it's fun to create your own map, but this game would be much better if you could play multiplayer via bluetooth or wifi

  • toca cars

    by $javier1

    this game soulnds cool i hop i injoy it!

  • horrible

    by Lillab4444

    When the robot kicks you you're dead and it all black!!!!

  • Needs multiplayer!

    by Mariowats

    Needs multiplayer over local wifi so it's safe!!! Will rate five stars If added!

  • App of the week?

    by Kamolot

    Terrible is the word that comes to mind...

  • Boring

    by Fgjgfggfyghjhgh

    It doesn't deserve to be the app of the week.

  • Great Game

    by Jjhitman

    This game is really fun and it has a great idea of just bring able to do nothing. It has great physics which make it fun to do jumps and tricks. But where there is good there is bad. If they are going to have one world then it needs to be expanded a lot and add more people and things into it to make the game reach its full height. The game should also have multiplayer where you can use a preloaded world or a created one and just try to out trick everyone one it. So all in all it's a fun, great game with a few bad parts but by the next update I think these will be made or at least a portion of it. Oh ya and I know tons and I mean tons if people would get this if you made it lint GTA, to do this u should have the world a lot bigger and be able to get out of your car walk into stores to buy new items for your character maybe even have a job or get money for doing tricks. You also need to add a bunch of people including police that will chase you till you get away or you lose your money, but only do that if they catch you commuting a crime. Thank You for your time can't wait for next update!!!

  • Bad Game

    by Sofyan libya

    Dont buy its Not Good I don't like it

  • Amin

    by Amin

    It good

  • No

    by Snozzzy

    Might be ok if you are 2

  • Dat lil dog


    The game is very good. However, my problem is that little dog. It keeps on following me and flipping me over.. Please fix that

  • No objective... /:

    by (Mike):24

    What is there to actually do on this then DRIVE.

  • Nothing to do

    by Elijah Pierre

    There really isn't anything to do. The driving is really dumb and the interactions are dry. The people who picked this as app of the week should be fired.

  • Weird

    by Sergey Epifanov

    The controls are strange to say the least and it is unclear what you need to do in this game.

  • Best toca game ever

    by Lia515

    I love it!!!!

  • Toca cars

    by Miss animal lover

    I would live an update for toca cars so u can do multiplayer with you friends and you can race or drive in your town with them I would also like the update to just happen automatically because something happened to my ipod so could you do that please if u can I live toca cars though it is fun to drive and reck things up and go over ramps but when I make my own town I like to go easy and not brake stuff but sometimes I will reck things up

  • '.'

    by :) :D:):)):))))))))

    My friend says its the best game ever. Plus, shes 13

  • Wth App of the week

    by TheIpod4gguy101

    This trashy kid game on app of the week Lol

  • Worst game ever

    by Fghjklzxcvbnmasdqwertyuiop

    This game is horrible. Don't ever get. Never tells you how to drive. When you figure it out it is hard. Boring, you can only slowly drive in a tiny town. Horrible!!!!!

  • YES ♛

    by Kobekobeloo

    Yes yes yes! I absolutely love this app i don't know why but I find it so fun..

  • Love it

    by Polarbear247

    It says for ages 6-8 I'm 15.... Is that bad

  • So bored game

    by Sheedooo

    I don't like it :/

  • Horrible

    by AndySym

    Just a baby game waster

  • Good game

    by Xrdpooough

    Only reason I'm writing is because there were 666 reviews O_o

  • Terrible

    by Nikki-Ann from Tx

    The screen is just white terrible game I hate it

  • Very cute but needs more interactivity

    by apinkcloud

    Cute idea and great execution but could use more interactivity with the world and characters.

  • Must read

    by Poolrocksomg

    I downloaded this not knowing anything about it... I figure out I have to build a town. Next I know I hit a house and that roof came flying off...

  • Driving

    by Clumsy awsome

    Mabey u could add like a arrows to drive because it is really hard to drive if u know minecraft u will know what I meani

  • Toca cars

    by Laylas123


  • Toca cars

    by Mondestin

    This is the best game can you make it better

  • Its a good app but...

    by BlondieBoo211

    Its a good app but make the objects so you can't knock em over and make them drive alittle slower, also when you build the town make the things unlimited and have there be people take at least one of my suggestions or ill never purchase and app from you again i wont waste money for a stupid baby game thats even too hard for me!

  • Love It!

    by Zjxjcjbnc

    Awesome game! Really entertaining! There should be more characters and worlds, though. Also, when you can create your own world, you should be able to take unlimited amounts of every thing!!!! Please take this into thought!!!


    by Jon Caldwell

    This game is so fun and easy to play anyone can do it!! I am 11 and I love all of there games. Just drag your finger and the car follows! But I do want more race tracks with different roads. Besides that the 2 that they give you are awesome!!! Thanks Toca Boca!

  • Toca Boca

    by Izzy913

    I love this game so much, but I think it should have more courses and you be able to design your own car. Also after awhile it gets a little bored, like it's still fun but get a bit boring.

  • Toca Cars

    by Meyer kaylin

    I luv toca apps, but you should make a 2nd toca cars, because its really fun. You should make it were you can be the characters and have more fun! That's something that I think should be improved. Hope you read this Toca Boca!! Sincerely, Lavagirl_6969

  • Boring and pointless

    by MissYMissy45

    This app is really boring the calibration is all off and all u can do is wreck things this app is so boring it needs more things like racing being able to go home or go to stores etc that would make the app more entertaining and interesting

  • REALLY FUN!!!!

    by emileet42

    1.This game is great for kids and family. 2.The houses are made out of boxes and who doesnt like boxes. 3.The things that chase you around are really funny 4.You get to make your own town type of thingy. 5.Just buy it already!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Oookkkkk hi blanky

    This game is great . I'm 13 and I play this all the time . It's so fun running through the ice cream puddles! I would love it even more if you added multiplayer or where u could race with the computer .it would also be cool if u could go in the buildings !!

  • Horrible

    by Turtlelover12348

    I have always loved toca boca but this app is stupid all you do is run around on a road

  • Fun!

    by Baboon poop

    This app is very fun and I get very addicted to it it's nice because u can ruin and break the cardboard so if u want to start again it won't be ruined anymore.I just hate the cardboard dog that's all.

  • Awesome for every one !!!!

    by Kitty cat121

    Best app ever there are now screen adds or stuff like that every thing from them is great and fun for everyone I'm 10 years old and I luv this game I also have and like toca boca builders toca boca hair salon one and two and toca boca doctor and toca boca tailor and there all fun I recomend every one of there apps

  • Awesome for every one !!!!

    by Kitty cat121

    Best app ever there are now screen adds or stuff like that every thing from them is great and fun for everyone I'm 10 years old and I luv this game I also have and like toca boca builders toca boca hair salon one and two and toca boca doctor and toca boca tailor and there all fun I recomend every one of there apps

  • It's great, thanks!

    by BjornLouser

    And if I see another review that says 'it's worth 99 pennies but for 300 pennies I expect so much more' I will scream.

  • Better be good

    by Super fun fun fun fun fun

    Haven't played yet better be good

  • Meh.

    by HartfordWhalers

    Like some others, I was super excited to get this in front of my little-guy. Unfortunately, I quickly saw that it just didn’t pull him in like other Toca games. For me the biggest issue seemed like the way you control the cars… you’re forced to basically block your view of where you’re going because you need to point where the car goes (which means it’s underneath a hand most of the time). I feel it’s one of those ideas that sounds fantastically simple on paper, but fails miserably in execution. I kind of wish they just used the accelerometer to steer instead and had a gas/brake pedal. They also need a couple more default tracks (maybe each with a different theme).

  • Why? Boring

    by Supersavvybuyer

    My daughters love all toca boca games except this one! I want my 2.99 back what a rip-off!

  • How to play

    by Title picture

    I like the idea of the game I like toca boca there very good apps I have a whole file just for my little cousin he 4 years old he loves these games he just has a hard time driving the car around I even tried it my self and it is a very weird way to control the car I just hope you could fix that on the other hand toca boca just needs to keep on doing what there doing they are a very successful app company I just hope the games that there going to create in the future are as good as the games they have already and like I said these are good games and I have just a whole file on my iPad of toca boca games for my cousin who is 4 years old he always asks me when he sees me with my iPad lets toca boca he is always laughing and smiling

  • This game is sooooooo much fun


    This game is awesome, every time I go to school my BFF always comes up to me to play the toca boca games

  • Bo$$

    by Perryfan4ever

    I love this game!!! Im 11 and its so fun i cant get enough of it, in other reviews some people said this is boring after 2 times, i admit it gets boring in the original world, but not in the build your own world. I have all the toca boca apps toca tailor, toca hair Solon 1 and 2, toca kitchen, toca train, and many others. I was really disipointed in toca builders. But anyways, you should get this app. It is also fun for young kids my 5 and 8 year old cousins love it!!!!!

  • B E S T G A M E E V E R !

    by The beast mojang

    Llllllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee. Iiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great!

    by Wordedship73

    I think this is a perfect pocket freeplay driving game! It'd be better if it had unlimited items. : )

  • It's pretty good.

    by Awesome and amazing luv it

    U need to make the buildings interactive outside of just smashing into them. Also make the world bigger and customizable cars and characters. I like this app but it really doesn't hold that much entertainment for me without more interactive stuff. I love your other apps though:)

  • Best game ever

    by Xsdg

    The game is awesome!!!go toca boca!!! :)

  • Awesome!

    by Best Game On I.

    Wish they made an app like this for older kids. You've made a flawless app, once again, Toca Boca!

  • To a cars

    by Aril miller


  • Awesome game for toddlers!

    by Jedi Zarr Tan

    We have four Toca Boca apps so far, and ALL are amazing and have become favorites of my soon to be 3 year old. I can't wait to add more of them to our collection!

  • Well......

    by ezwages

    Ok you should be able to play multiplayer AND you should get UNLIMITED blocks and i ALSO think you should be able to create your OWN driver even though its just the beginning of the game i think it DOSE need WORK I think its a OK game

  • Ok...

    by I love my Hello Kitties :)

    It needs more it gets boring after awhile. It needs multiplayer, more racers, races, different tracks, more buildings, and things. It is not worth the money because it needs more.

  • Best game yet but...

    by Timothy Miles

    Good but add more cars and a race mode!!! Other than that make bug fixes then I'll give 5 stars.

  • Fun, but not enough

    by Smashkid20

    I love your apps but there should be a multiplayer b/c there is so much to do, but all alone

  • Confused

    by durfla

    It looks cute and fun but i couldnt figure out how to play it so a tutorial would be nice

  • SO FUN

    by Barbara Froio

    Love it

  • Won't work on I phone 4 even with iOS 7

    by Bacon tamer

    Won't work

  • Awesome

    by Wintermere

    My kids love it. It is cute.


    by Rainbow Dash2003

    Super fun! super cool! Super awesome! BEST APP EVER!!

  • Boring

    by Rossaroni (SF treat)

    Not much to do

  • They need more things

    by Jeremiah Reahr

    They need more things like drivers and maps and alot of buildings and online make big things like online anything like make more bots and trees and people for offline and online and make bigger maps maybe a world oh and maybe a thing for little kids too

  • Toca cars is awesome!

    by SheenaShantina

    The kids are loving it! You can pick your character and the controls are very simple. The music is nice.

  • Fun yes. Educational? Ha.

    by madmadirishman

    Totally fun for my kids. But it shouldn't be called educational.

  • My family totally loves this game!

    by Lisa Warren

    My family totally loves this game! I love this game it's awesome I love the bird robot and dog. I like It when the dog chases me.If you want the dog to chase you Look for the post office.the bird is usually in the tree. The robot is only in the make your own world mode. Try this game!

  • Hela

    by SNT011

    اللعبة جميلة ومفيدة انصح بتحميلها

  • Work

    by Poprock480000

    1. Drivers wheel & stick shaft 2.make toy box bigger in size 3. Let the kids make their own people & cars 4. Try not to make the cars so drifty

  • Super awesome app!!!

    by Tabby Cat 4000

    I like this game a lot because there are no rules! Like you can crash in to things. It's really fun! My little brother likes it too.

  • Great game!

    by Burgersanta

    Fun- cool- great style! I would love multiplayer option and more maps! Keep updating and adding stuff and I will keep giving reviews! :D

  • Finally a new Toca Boca Game!

    by Andy-_wilson

    My boys love this game, controlled destruction that is easy for kids to use! Great!

  • multiplayer

    by noob8567

    you should add multiplayer for creating a world and have a password for only your friends so that they can join

  • Totally disappointed

    by Finn99

    We love love Toca apps but this one was just so not exciting and fun at all. In fact my 7 year old said Mom this is boring.... She loves all of Toca's apps so I was surprised when she wasn't happy with this one, especially based on the reviews! But it's just driving around and around and crashing into things I guess is cool once or twice but that gets old fast. So bummed out that this wasn't as cool as I thought it would be!

  • Jumped the gun

    by Glu Games Inc.

    Now it works. It's like GTA for kids!

  • What fun!

    by Great fun and easy to learn

    My almost four yo picked this game up right away. It is so much fun to knock into "cardboard" buildings.

  • Good game.

    by Zbrlz

    Really good game, more features could be added, but over all a really good game.

  • My son loves this

    by TeD2D

    Easy and clever. The cardboard items are a fun.

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