2014 FAA Test Prep - Instrument Pilot (IR) Education App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Tekk Innovations LLC

• Fixed a bug that prevented text from showing when using larger fonts.
• Question text formatting fixes.

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Getting your instrument or CFII rating? Preparing for the knowledge exam? Ace your exam as quickly as possible by studying on the go.


• FAA Instrument Pilot/CFII-H exam question bank.
• Airplane and Rotorcraft/Helicopter categories.
• Filter questions according to topics.
• Figures included.
• Choose from three study modes: Classic, Test, or Cram.
• Email a question to a friend.
• Bookmark questions for later review.
• Tracks user response history in classic mode and optimizes questions for future study.

Questions, comments, or feature requests? Found an inaccurate answer? Email us at [email protected].

Customer Reviews

  • Would love explanations

    by LTCBogus

    Upon getting a wrong answer, would love to see the reason why the answer was wrong. Also, grading the test instead of simply starting over would be nice as well.

  • Great customer support

    by Heli joe

    Customer service is fast and helpful, a must when purchasing apps...great layout and options. Cram mode is a must when studying for these test...Only thing I would like to see is after I take a practice test that it shows me the correct answer to the missed question. It just tells you which ones you missed with no indication of correct answer.

  • SUPER App with outstanding Customer service

    by Lady flyer

    Contacted Tekk Innovations, they responded in no time... the problem is fixed now... just deleted it and re-downloaded (no add. charge) re-insalled it, and it works like a charm Like I said in the email I wrote to them... THE BEST INSTRUMENT PREPWARE APP... NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!!

  • Not happy

    by Jcain117

    Lots of incorrect questions and no explanations. I've found numerous incorrect questions and at a certain point it starts making me wonder if the questions I'm getting correct are actually correct. The no explanation on why it's wrong is also pretty annoying. Don't waste your time, spend the extra 5$ and get the sportys instrument app. The only reason I gave two stars was because the customer service was good on responding to Wong questions, but i don't want to be evening worrying about that. Fail.

  • App review

    by Pmcleans

    Not very user friendly. I would have liked more detailed explanations

  • FAA test prep (IR)

    by fhr123

    Disapointed with this product. The program doesn't truly test you, all it does is give you the answer. You can select multiple answers and won't grade you after completing the selected number of questions, it just starts over. I would purchase a different product, I wish I had my $10.

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