2014 FAA Test Prep - Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) Education App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Tekk Innovations LLC

• Fixed a bug that prevented text from showing when using larger fonts.
• Question text formatting fixes.

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Becoming a CFI? Preparing for your FAA Fundamentals of Instruction Exam? Ace your exam as quickly as possible by studying on the go.


• Updated FAA FOI exam question bank.
• Figures included.
• Three study modes: classic, test, and cram.
• Email questions to friends.
• Bookmark questions.
• Search questions.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very effective app

    by jmirish

    I downloaded this app only a few days ago and passed with a 94. Way more effective and up to date than exams4pilots.com, and very similar to Shepard air at only a fraction of the cost. This should still be used in conjunction with the FAA publication to actually learn the material. Overall this is a very useful test guide at a good price.


    by Thermal Rider

    Overall, good app, as noted in other reviews, there are a few questions that have wrong answers keyed in. Needs updates for the 2011 question bank as used in the actual test, as the language has changed for a few questions. Good tool to use to review.

  • Nice app, does what it is supposed to do

    by thomasd57

    Very nice application, it does what it is supposed to do. The only reason I didn't put 5 stars is that there are 3 questions that have incorrect answers. Moving forward, it would be nice to have a summary of correctly/incorrectly answered question, as well as explanations of why an answer is correct or incorrect.

  • Just a review

    by Dutch891

    Questions are what they should be. What an "update" should include is: a record of correct&incorrect answers, flash card option, and option to put in your own questions/notes. Usefull but limited.

  • Great app!

    by PittsDriver

    It's very easy to use and is really helping me prep for the FOI, I hope they make one for the CFI as well!

  • Save your $10!

    by FN1234###

    This app is just a bunch of questions & answers. It doesn't track incorrect responses, doesn't track your progress, doesn't explain anything, doesn't do much, really... Charging $10 for it is obscene.

  • Poor quality

    by Zaqwsxcderfvbgtyhn

    Suggestions for improvement: 1 give explanations for answers, and location of source. 2 shuffle questions

  • Poo

    by Mr. Nippleshart

    I would gladly take back the $7 I spent on this horrible app and assbong it.

  • Junk update

    by Pilot113

    I'm a rotorcraft pilot attempting to pass the FOI. The update that they do is a worthless. It will display the correct answers to the first question only. Once you answer that question is locks in the answers for every other question. Ie. answer a,b,c are the same for every question. In both study mode and test mode. Keep your money. The app doesn't even bother to tell you why the answer you selected is correct or wrong in any "mode". When I sent feedback to the company expressing my opinion on a "update" they said its coming. However I've had the app for well over 3 months and I still haven't see that update. I'm disappointed.

  • Not to be trusted.

    by OttoRowT8

    A terrible app for studying for the FOI. Along with not being able to review missed questions in test mode, it is clearly missing all of the recently updated FAA questions. Do not trust this app.

  • Not worth it

    by Haxors

    In study mode, the questions should constantly revolve. Not show the same questions in the same order every time. In test mode after clicking "grade" and then trying to select a question answered wrong, it takes you to whatever question you were last on. Not the question you clicked on. All in all this is not a very professional app and the price is way too high for something this inadequate.

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