2014 FAA Test Prep - Aviation Mechanic Airframe (AMA) Education App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Tekk Innovations LLC

• Fixed a bug that prevented text from showing when using larger fonts.
• Question text formatting fixes.

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Going for your A&P Mechanic License? Preparing for your FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician Airframe Knowledge Exam? Ace your exam as quickly as possible by studying on the go.


• Updated FAA AMA exam question bank.
• All figures included.
• Three study modes: classic, test, and cram.
• Email a question to a friend.
• Bookmark questions for later review.
• Study according to topics/subjects.
• Search question database.
• Tracks user response history in classic mode and optimizes questions for future study.

Questions, comments, or feature requests? Found an inaccurate answer? Email us at support@tekkinnovations.com.

Customer Reviews

  • Helped me pass my tests

    by Mastermason789


  • Really good study app for the iPad

    by Southernboy214

    I like this app a lot. It's really helpful; I've used this for my generals and I passed with a 92 after studying for only 3 days. I used the ASA app for my power plant test and I didn't pass but I had studies more. Its been over a year since I had any generals classes but I just finished my power plant classes(I got all A's in both). Just like anything this has it's own bugs, but if you just buck up and tell them about it they get fixed pretty quick. I'm really glad I bought this. The only thing I can think of to complain about is that the 3 study guides aren't grouped together for one price.

  • Good

    by Aim student Orlando

    It's very good ..

  • Good app

    by Al1582

    This app is very good very good for studying on the go. A bit expensive though the new test mode is good I just wished they gave explanations to the answers other than that it's good

  • Nicely done

    by jbc496

    Glad that you came out with the powerplant and airframe. One suggestion, how about a grading feature with progress tracking.

  • The best iPhone apps ever!!!

    by Habetamu

    Now I can study every where! 10q 4 who ever creat this idea!

  • hmmmm , stop and think !

    by studentny

    this app has mistakes, making me wonder what else is wrong , there are other app out there ,ASA,, all 3 (A,P and General for $10 ,,, look it up !! and good luck to all

  • Nice but...

    by Dennyjl

    This app is designed very good but I did see an incorrect answer for one of the questions. That leads me to believe there could be more incorrect answers, not good if you use it to study. It also need a way to grade the study topics you review. New update 1.85 crashes consistantly!!! Cannot recommend!!!

  • Not good

    by Jeffreymd

    Go with ASA's app.

  • Could and should be alot better for the price

    by Stunt4fun

    For the price they charge for this app it should have the ability to grade you in test mode and Give an explanation of the answer in study mode Just like ASA's test guild on here that's only $10 for All 3 subjects! This app is expensive and doesn't offer features that make it worth while. Specially when it cost me $30 to have all the subjects verses the ASA app! I will give some credit though! They did finnally add specific subjects to be study'd.

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