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- Access folders you've created and bookmarked on the Quizlet website
- Fixed issue with stuck folder loading indicator

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The official Quizlet app is here! It's a free, fun, and beautifully simple way to study on your iPhone and iPad.

Seamless syncing means all your Quizlet study sets are ready to use. Or search Quizlet's database of over 21 million flash card sets to find content already created.

Pick from 3 mobile-only study modes to suit your learning style and take advantage of audio in 18 languages to reinforce pronunciation and retention. Plus, with full offline support you can study anywhere — even without an internet connection.

* Full integration with your Quizlet.com account
* Audio in 18 languages
* Search 21+ million flashcard sets
* 3 distinct study modes - Flash Cards, Learn, and Scatter
* Works offline
* 100% FREE
* And much much more...

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!!!

    by TheHoomz

    This app is great!!! I have just started Spanish class, and I had known my teacher had posted some stuff to study. I decided to try this this app out, and loved it!!! To be honest, I barely study. This app makes it actually fun to study. I just got an A+ on my most recent test!!! I think that it was because of this app and this app only. Anyone out there questioning whether to try this app out, believe me, this app will CHANGE YOUR GRADES.

  • "Mark for review" button needed

    by 1zoeyb1

    Hello. I am very thankful to quizlet for not making me carry 500 index cards in my backpack. The only thing that this great app may need to be even greater is maybe a "mark word for review" button on the flash cards or study option. When I am studying my 100s of Latin stems, I do not want to search through all of them again to find the one that I need to review. Thanks!

  • not have Stars

    by 天末zz

    need stars!

  • Get a review button

    by Itsyomamma

    You should really make a button that marks what words you need to review more

  • I like it but..

    by I love treeworld

    I really like Quizlet but I mostly use the apps just because it's easier and more convenient. But I gotta say I like the site a bit more and with the Quizlet makers would make the app like on the site.

  • Best app for studying

    by The Average gut

    The app has provided more than enough ways to study a subject which required memorization.

  • Awesome

    by gigyifduldd

    IT is awesome and never crashes I highly recommend it

  • Best study app!

    by Quizletluvr

    This is a great app to study vocabulary because it offers different ways to study material. I use this app all the time for schoolwork, because it is an effective study tool. I would recommend for all students.

  • iOS 7

    by My name is Spock

    Needs iOS7 ASAP. Otherwise, decent.

  • Scatter

    by Hedgehorn Today is #1

    I like this and all, but when you do Scatter, can you have the words on one side and definitions on the other? It'd make things a LOT easier to see.

  • Please keep adding more features

    by Liddy Tryon

    Love this app, find it incredibly useful, but please keep adding more features to the phone version (speller, test, etc..) please!

  • Love it! App update though :/

    by K!NDR3C

    I really really love this app it's helping me out a lot but I wish it was updated for iOS 7

  • An "A+"! I pass my tests each time!

    by OwlMaiden

    Like the tests I take, I give this app an A plus! You can create your flash cards at any place at anytime without the need of wifi. This has helped me pass my history tests, I never got lower than a B on a test when I started to use this. Please get it!!! It is remarkable :)

  • :)

    by Gomehz

    Quizlet is the best flash card service on the computer and now on my phone!

  • Great Studying Tool on the Go!

    by  Nora and Eli

    Love this app.

  • by Rayray oh so cool

    Love this app so much!! Helped me remember all of my Spanish vocab terms for my final exam and i passed.!! I have used other peoples advise on how they study but they never worked. This app totally saved me! I use it all the time!!!!!!!

  • Great app!!!

    by Hooladays


  • Best app

    by Andy 694

    I really like this app I recommend it to everyone An update would be nice

  • Quizlet

    by R6212

    Best app for studying flash card/vocabulary so good

  • Helped me a lot

    by Spinoza12345532

    This app is awesome

  • iOS 7

    by Niupinnacle

    iOS 7 theme please

  • Test answers

    by Injyjnnjgjnjvgun

    Gives me test answers great

  • HELP ME!!

    by Maggie Franco

    Does anyone know how to delete a whole set of flash cards??

  • This app is perfect now!

    by Victoria Ta

    The Quizlet app finally lets me make flashcard sets in the actual app and not online and it makes my life x10 easier. I use it all the time on my iPad mini and it makes cramming for all of my classes much easier.

  • Stars wanted

    by Kevin Riely

    Very useful, I use it all the time to study. My only complaint is that there is no star option on the cards on the app like there is on the website.

  • Best decision ever!

    by Fatty1919199999999998

    Learned my vocabulary words so fast even made a 100 on my quiz! A must get !

  • Improvement

    by Rashad77

    It's a good app help me study nth it needs to allow music because some people could study better with music like me

  • Good So Far

    by Thegettysburgaddress

    I really like the photo feature, especially when learning foreign languages. One thing I would like to see is the ability to go from the foreign language to the picture without the translation. For example, if I’m trying to learn “la fresa,” I would like to see just the picture without the word so I can identify the picture as una fresa without the English translation interfering. It’s a great app so far. Keep it up.

  • Quizlet can do much better than this

    by Cookiemnster119

    Because I use the website I know that quizlet is fully aware of the missing functionality in this app. Please update with the ability to mark cards as "learned" or at least star difficult cards. Until then, the app is seriously lacking.

  • Good!

    by Edh0117

    I love this app! It's great for studying and I love that I can synch it to other device! The only complaint I have is that the app need to have a way to mark the cards you don't know so you can study them separately-like the website does. Other than that, I love it!

  • Not good

    by Anyn. (:

    Not good

  • I'm a genius because of Quizlet

    by Boogs1002

    I don't usually right a review but when I do it's about Quizlet... Seriously, this app is on the money. It's simple, sophisticated, easy to edit and most importantly EFFECTIVE.

  • Great App but....

    by Keaton591

    I would use this app a lot more if there was a way to search through an individual quizlet section for text. That would be amazing.

  • Awesome study tool!!

    by Divalicious202110

    Quizlet is a definite must have for all determined individuals. If taking notes isn't your thing, Quizlet is. This app helps me to learn difficult health science terms, spanish vocabulary and even world history (Im not good with dates.) I promise this is the best if you are looking to succeed in life itself and there are no limits to what this tool can drill in your head.Try it and you are sure to be hooked guaranteed!

  • Get star feature

    by #1alexriderfan

    It's great but when I have 100+ words I need to go through the hard ones easily so add the star feature like there is on the web site

  • App is a okay, but the site is fantastic

    by Crashing45658

    The app should be formatted like the when we log on to the actual website. It is just okay, but for student users especially students who use iPads on a daily basis, it doesn't make sense why we don't have some of the perks we get when we log on to the actual website. Fix this issue and you have a golden app and an app that current and future students will likely use.

  • Want an A?

    by musik4life;)

    this app is such a great study tool. all of it's features make studying more efficient and less dull and boring. my favorite feature is the learn feature, it is extremely helpful.

  • Worth your time

    by Ash mist

    Awsome I can learn lots of stuff from here

  • Confusing

    by J-dog5724

    There's no way to delete a stack if you're finding no use for studying it. There is no detail to it, basically, if you want flash cards on your phone then this is perfect, but deleting and finding friends and sharing, the app isn't developed enough. Ill redownload it in the future.

  • Love! But needs more

    by M.anneN

    I absolutely love the app! It's amazing and great! But I just wish the app had the testing section just like the website, but once again AWESOME app!

  • by Doskie

    Something is wrong with quizlet. When I try to search somebody. It tell be ERROR! Please Try again. And I can't search anybody. Fix this problem.

  • Computer version is great, but...

    by Otaku Tsuki Star

    I use Quizlet on the computer to study for the spelling bee, but on the app it doesn't let me use the Speller. Please add it and I'll give this app five stars.


    by Marty's Genius

    I don't know how they do it, but this app is fascinating, and I am learning and passing tests because if this tool. OUTSTANDING!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Needs the star feature


    I need this man. It's like the best thing in the world. And also people who are reading this....don't rate this down! I don't have that much apps or extra things that would be causing my quizlet to not work efficiently. Reduce your memory wasted in your phone and it WILL WORK.

  • Quizlet

    by Speechpeach68

    I really like quizlet. It is really fun. But what really I don't like is the captions at the scatter if you go past your pervious best time. It offends me. They need to change those captions.

  • Best Study App

    by ::Chuckles::

    Been using quizlet on the computer since October and my English grade went from a 88 to a 103! This is an incredible resource for students, definitely recommend it.

  • Good, but...

    by Onomis/Brook10M7

    I really like this app and quiz let is the only thing that gets me through my tests, however, my OCD can not stand the fact it is still in an ios 6 look. It's so easy to fix, just a small bit of code to change the keyboard, so PLEASE Quizlet, get an ios 7 keyboard.

  • Great app with some issues

    by Swiftie1389

    Crashes every time I try to study

  • Crashing

    by Mike95688

    Normally love the app. Latest update has been crashing.

  • Crashes every time

    by Nick Favela

    Title pretty much explains it

  • Uh I mean uh~

    by Ca-utey

    Got this app because on safari quizlet would always crash. And the app still crashes!!!!!

  • One bad thing

    by Blue Fam

    Great app for studying. Only bad thing is that it is force quitting every time I open the app:(

  • Crash

    by Mjsanimals

    It crashes anytime I try to learn flash cards but other than that it's great when it works!

  • No

    by Braxton miller lover

    Umm btw...it doesn't work :-/ but nice try

  • Crashes

    by This app actually works!

    This app always crashes when I try to do scatter on my iPad mini

  • Keeps crashing

    by Butter333

    Love it on the computer. It keeps crashing, need to get the bugs out

  • Worked Great Until Today...

    by Stylinkat100

    I've used this app time and time again to cram for exams as quizzes, which is exactly what I was doing now. Suddenly, Quizlet crashed! I thought it was just an error on my phone's part - but no! I can click on the app, bringing me to my study feed, but when I click on the set I want to study, it pulls it up, but then freezes, doesn't allow me to scroll down or up, select a study option, and after a few seconds, crashes again. Repeat process.

  • Meh...

    by JessnSarah

    I have iOS 7 and I don't know if this is the reason but my app crashes every single time I log in. I have deleted and redownloaded but I don't think it's helping. Love the computer version though. It's helping me get ready for my veterinary boards.


    by kateset

    It keeps on crashing!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix!!!!!!!!

  • Odd crashing, but good app

    by JohnMBCP

    I used this app for a while, and when I tried to shuffle some cards, the app crashed. I opened it again, but after a few seconds it crashes again! Need to fix this odd bug.


    by Chained guy

    this app helps me with homework so much and on tests when I have this app I ACE test!!!!!!

  • NNEEDS the "Star" Feature!!!

    by This app is terrible---!

    The ability to study only the cards I don't know is an essential feature for me, and is missing in the mobile app. Fix this, and this'll be 5 stars!!!

  • Amazing

    by Momortg

    Has helped me so much

  • I want to study certain parts of my set

    by Student123942233


  • Good

    by Besty The Cow

    I like it moooooo

  • Add star cards

    by Kdonxl

    Add the star cards option that is available on the computer to prioritize studying

  • Awesome app!

    by And you've

    It is soooo helpful when it comes to my Latin tests and world geography. It is a great source of studying and I highly recommend this to students.

  • Not worth it.

    by @4evverrkidrauhl

    I was highly disappointed to see that you could not practice using the "Spelling" category.

  • Best way to study

    by B3bobby

    This is a great way to study. I'm in sixth grade and a lot of people use it for the hard tests we get. Sometimes you have to go to Safari to use it.


    by kanyewestluver22

    I love this app and it's sooo helpful for tests, especially my midterms. An IOS 7 version would be great as well.(:

  • So grateful of this app!

    by Princess778964

    I passed the HESI A 2 because of the help I received from quizlet! I printed practice tests and study guides from quizlet and read them everyday! Thank you so much! I will recommend and continue to use!!!!

  • This is beautiful

    by Badooki

    I am so happy this exists. I had been dreaming for this kind of app and today I found it.

  • Suggestion

    by crumples12

    The app is very nice, it would be even more helpful if I could search for keywords within my own sets to find things easier

  • I WANT PRE-TESTS...please?!!

    by Bree707

    I would like if you could take the pre-tests on the app... Other than that

  • Love It

    by XzaZ24

    Love the app, it helps me so much with studying.

  • Really really like it!

    by sarahannbentley

    Hello! I am a Spanish teacher and my students really like Quizlet. All of my students have iPads and use the app constantly. They love the “scatter” game so much and it helps motivate them to learn! I give it 4 starts I think a few more things need to be improved on the web version and the app. I wish the student information area on the web version showed more specifically exactly what parts of each deck the students have mastered, and exactly how much time they spent. There is one feature that I think my students would really like that is not available. There is another web-based flashcards website called Anki that does this, if your developers want to look into it. It is basically as if you had a stack of cards in your hand and you took the ones out that you knew really well and set them to the side and you don’t go over those cards again until another study session. It would be a nice feature to add to the "cards" area, so you could flip through the cards and mark the ones you know as "done" or something, so the ones you really need to review pop up more often. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Love love it!!!

    by Huy389222

    Love it!!! It is the best app ever!!! It really helps me study!

  • Awsome

    by Daisylover14

    I love this app!It helps me so much with my homework.

  • Must for midterms!

    by Kp62313

    Amazing. That is all.

  • ❤️ it!

    by A121597

    I really love this app and quizlet is the only way I could pass my tests! I would actually probably give it 5 if it weren't for the fact that I can't take the practice tests like I can on the website, which really help me. However, it's a great app!!

  • iOS 7 Interface

    by Kfupianoman

    Where is it?

  • Not ios 7 compatible

    by Hunter18228

    I would love to give this app more than 2 stars but it does not have the ios 7 look and feel. The app is also confusing to navigate through and I can be easily lost in the menus.

  • Great App, But A Suggestion.

    by Jyoshin Delgado!

    This app works, it is great and gets the job done. What I see is something that can make this app make a home run for sure. Creators; It would be nice if you can allow users to make or write their own flash cards.

  • ios7

    by runrun123haha

    I want ios7!!!

  • Love it

    by FongKirst

    Great app! Is it possible to have British accent English?

  • Best app everrrr!

    by Awesome app best ever

    This app helps me so much!!! Love it!!

  • "Star" Hard Flashcards

    by Tai_sen

    It would be great if the mobile app allowed users to "star" flashcards like the desktop version of Quizlet. If this feature was implemented on the app, then I can focus on the hard cards wherever I go. Thank you!

  • Pinyin Problem

    by Sopranomme

    For Chinese pinyin on the website there are two ways to enter: e.g. "yī" or "yi1". On the app though you can only enter "yī". This is especially a problem for third tone because the accent mark (â but upside down) is not available on iPhone keyboard. Please add the ability to type "yi1". Thank you!

  • Need to be able to star

    by peartato

    Can't star cards or even view starred cards

  • No Speller!

    by Kid with a iPod

    I love Quizlet & I recently started using it online to practice words for my class spelling bee. I thought this app would be great to have on my phone so I could practice away from home, but this app unfortunately doesn't have the speller function!!! Other than that, it's a great app and works well for learning vocabulary words.

  • Needs combine feature!!

    by Yxiong

    Please make this feature available and I will give 10 stars!

  • Good app, add "star" function

    by Missing function

    I love this app, but I do not use it often, as it is missing the "star" function on here. I find that to be a major factor, as it is extremely useful when studying on the desktop version of Quizlet. If this app were to add the "star" function, I would surely give this a perfect rating.

  • I love this app

    by I love chockate

    This app is the best thing ever. I memorized 81 flash cards in two days because I this. The only thing is that I want to be able to star flash cards and have all the features that the actual website has because I don't always have time to go on the computer (ex: test, race, etc,). It would be nice if you could add that thanks again and a great app!!

  • Can we get an iOS 7 optimized quizlet NOW?

    by RyanDolan123

    Last month I wrote a review for quizlet kindly asking you to try and update quizlet for iOS 7. Once again, completely ignored. iOS 7 was announced half a year ago. It doesn't take half a year to optimize an app for a new version of an OS. In case you haven't heard, apps are REQUIRED to update to iOS 7 in February and will be rejected if not. It's good to get prepared now, before it is too late. You just need to compile for iOS 7, flatten the top bar, update the animations if needed, change around the fonts and colors, and you'll have an impressive iOS 7 app on your hands. Besides the old looking search box, the sidebar looks perfectly fine. You just need to update the style of the app a bit

  • Class editing

    by Steve

    I would give this app 5 stars if it allowed you to edit the sets in your class. Instead, you have to go online to edit the sets in your class.

  • Ios7

    by Rudygarcia12

    I'm still waiting for the ios7 quizlet

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