Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: PBS KIDS
  • Updated: Aug, 29 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 458.18 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PBS Kids

Minor fixes.

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**Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award**
Learn about morning and bedtime routines with PBS KIDS’ Daniel Tiger. Help Daniel get ready for school in the morning and for bed at night through imaginative play and songs.

• 8 games about morning and nighttime routines
• Sing-along songs that help make routines familiar and fun
• A musical timer to help keep routines on-track

Daniel Tiger has lots to do to get ready before Trolley comes to take him to school!

Get Dressed: Help Daniel get dressed in his red sweater. Then, imagine with Daniel that his sweater is a “Super Daniel” costume.

Breakfast: Help set the table as Daniel gets ready for breakfast. Have fun topping a pancake and then imagining that the pancake can dance!

Brush Teeth: Help Daniel brush his teeth by moving your finger back and forth.

Shoe Time: Choose a pair of shoes for Daniel to wear and help him tie them. Then, imagine that his shoes can make him jump super high.

Daniel Tiger needs to get ready for bed!

Bath time: Help Daniel get washed up before bedtime and pop silly soap bubbles together.

Brush Teeth: It’s time to brush Daniel’s teeth again!

Pajama Time: Choose pajamas for Daniel and create a pair of make-believe pajamas for him.

Bedtime Story: Move Daniel through the clouds as his mom reads and sings a calming bedtime song.

Play the Good Morning and Good Night songs at any time to reinforce each routine.

Use the built-in timer for some of your family’s morning and bedtime routines to help you and your child stay on task. The timer can be used to help children know how long they should brush their teeth.

Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night is based on the PBS KIDS series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by The Fred Rogers Company. The app is designed to extend the series’ social-emotional curriculum, helping kids practice important daily routines. For more fun with Daniel visit pbskids.org/daniel

Customer Reviews

  • Sound?

    by Angelina9982

    My 2 year old girl loves this app but there is no sound. If I have to pay even one penny for an app I expect it to work, please fix this problem.

  • Sound

    by Ratjaw

    Cute app, sound problems seem to be fixed now!

  • No sound!

    by LouisKreusel

    Great looking app, I hope the sound is fixed soon!

  • Daughter loves it

    by hatfield02

    My 2-year old can't get enough of this cute game. It has even helped her become better and more diligent about brushing her teeth, as well as developed an interest in potty training. If you are trying to decide between this app and the other Daniel Tiger app, my daughter likes this one quite a bit more than the "Play at Home" app.

  • No sound after update

    by Quainel

    My sons love this app but no sound after 7 update :(

  • Very entertaining

    by Heather36782

    This kept my 4 yr old entertained for about 30 minutes and then she has came back to play it some more. She isn't easily entertained but this was a winner

  • Two year old LOVES

    by kathysh2o

    My 2 year old opens this app every time. It doesn't have any tricky online things. Very fun catchy activities. I get him to brush his teeth liger "Tiger" does.

  • Daniel rocks!

    by Grindkrusher

    My son loves the show and the apps. Great lessons to learn and fun activities for him. No technical problems on my iPad mini.

  • Great app

    by Rm514

    My 2 yrs old son loves this app!

  • My 2 year old loves it!

    by Kmgirton

    My 2 year old loves this app! We use the songs for bedtime and when we are getting ready during the day! The only thing she doesn't like is that the "pancake" part closes out easily and she can't go back to without replaying the whole part. I highly recommend this to anyone trying to set a routine for bedtime and getting ready in the morning.

  • Daniel Tiger

    by Curvearein

    My 4 year old granddaughter loves this game. I will purchase more PBS games!

  • Holds my 20 month olds attention

    by Andrew_ann1026

    My 20 m/o daughter loves playing this app on my iPad. It keeps her attention. The app is very calm and easy for her to do herself without my help. Such a cute show and a perfect app!!! Great job!!!

  • Great App!!

    by spiritfilledsista

    This is probably the most engaging app I have seen for preschoolers. The graphics are bright and lively. Teaches good hygiene habits. A must have for Daniel Tiger fans.

  • Son loves it

    by SuperJubeiX

    Asks for this app by name. Nuff said. I wish it was one dollar cheaper as it is a little light on content.

  • Loving Daniel Tiger

    by Utgalsofi

    I used to watch Mr Rogers as a kid and now my daughter adores Daniel Tiger, as do I. She has learned so much and she reminds me all the time what Daniel does. Love it!!

  • Son loves it

    by Artarutaru

    Occupies my sons time, allows me to do chores. Nuff said.

  • GRATE!!!!!


    best game ever.helps me go to sleep at night and helps me wake up in the morning

  • People complaining of no sound...

    by Record1979

    Might want to take your phone off of mute. It's the little button on the upper left side.

  • Definitely a New Favorite!

    by IpadDad123

    Lots and lots of fun for both of my kids (almost 3 and 4 1/2). I want my iPad back! BTW, not sure if there's a connection but the daily bath time struggle with my youngest is suddenly a whole lot easier.

  • Daniel tiger and my sons

    by MenchiTheDog

    As I was reading the app before paying I figured for 2.99 I couldn't really go wrong my sons both love Daniel tiger to begin with. After playing around with it, I noticed that for being 2.99 there isn't a whole lot but it has enough to keep my kids entertained for a while during their play time with my iPad mini. Honestly I feel 4 stars would be sufficient enough to say that it needs a bit more for the price. Overall it's a good practical game that will keep my kids entertained. If that seems a bit confusing is it worth buying to see your kids happy...yes.

  • No sound...still

    by MhzMI

    2/6/14 and no sound. Bummer!

  • No sound!

    by Hoffbro

    I have a iPhone 4s. No sound for this app. It looks cool, but doesn't work.

  • Sad!

    by Ms. Speechie

    No sound!!!!!!! Ggrrrrrrrrr! Daniel Tiger would take a deep breath and count to 3. PBS, please fix this problem!!!!

  • Needs fix

    by Swalifer

    NO sound at all! Fix please....

  • Sound

    by Ratjaw

    Cute app, but No sound on iPad 2 with iOS 7.0.4. Works fine on the new iPad mini. Buyer beware until an update is released.

  • No sound

    by Dummy6

    Boo no sound on the iPad took my money

  • No sound

    by Iowamom115

    This seems like a really neat game but there is no sound!

  • No sound no help

    by Nmoto22

    There is no sound with the iOS 7.03 update. I emailed for help twice but have had zero assistance. Just a disappointed two year old now

  • No sound

    by Sound lacking

    Do not by no sound waste of money!

  • No sound

    by minnesota'mom

    Since update. App plays no sound. Daughter is super fruited bc she loved this app! Please fix pronto

  • very disappointed

    by Thankful 1234

    I bought this for a 4 year old who loves Daniel tiger on PBS, but this app was a great disappointment. It claims to have 8 games, which end up not being games at all, but something as simple as placing forks and spoons on a table to be set for breakfast, or zipping up Daniel's sweater for him. That was it and that is not a game! Very very limited and left both me and the child wondering was that all?? If I could I would get a refund.

  • No sound & not on mute

    by Nalu25

    No sound after following the application support tips. My 4 year old played with it but not the same. Deleted app and reinstalled still no sound. Fix app or refund would be appreciated.

  • Daniel tiger day and night

    by Bill1948

    No audio.

  • No sound.

    by Genevieve's Mommy

    Way to go. My kids were so excited to play with this app, but there was no sound.

  • Daniel Tigers Day and Night

    by Krin1954

    No sound and my 3 year old is very unhappy! Please refund my 2.99. Disappointing to all.

  • Crashes

    by Juan Williams

    Got this for my son but he can't enjoy it because it crashes at the first screen on my 4th gen ipad. Will change score after they fix this

  • No sound came with mine

    by Addymill

    After paying $2.99 and downloading this app on my iPad mini there was no sound. Kids today prefer talkies.

  • Please fix

    by Patricksgames

    Not a whole lot of fun without sound. Please fix or refund the few bucks. Disappointed because we think Daniel is a great character.

  • Too babyish

    by HappymomUSA

    For my 5 year old. He had fun for a few minutes and then put it down.

  • Great game

    by Mee ^_^

    My baby sister loved this game she loves watching it on netflix

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