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It’s a personal play date with Bubble Puppy!
Send your child swimming into a fin-tastic play date with Bubble Puppy! Kids can dress him up in fun outfits, feed him all kinds of treats and groom him so he’s nice and clean. Plus, they’ll learn while playing math and literacy games.

Care for Bubble Puppy
Kids can join Molly in the classroom to dress up Bubble Puppy as a playful pirate or a “ruff-ruff” rock star, and feed him his favorite Bubble Bites, healthy apple slices, and more! They’ll love brushing his teeth, combing his fur and turning on the shower to give him a barking good bath.

Playtime with Bubble Puppy
It’s time to go outside so Bubble Puppy can play with Gil! In Puppy Run, kids can help him race down a path to pick up number bubbles while they also jump over obstacles, dodge rocks and pick up speed boosts to make it to the finish line.

Bark, Bubble Puppy
In the Bark, Bubble Puppy game, Molly needs your kids help getting Bubble Puppy to bark to make alphabet bubbles! As kids match uppercase and lowercase letters, pictures or word bubbles, Bubble Puppy will pop them! Arf, arf!

Earn Toys for Bubble Puppy
Every time kids play a game, they’ll earn bones for their Doggy Bag. Bones can be used to unlock doggy toys for Bubble Puppy. Kids can visit Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse to play with all the toys they’ve unlocked! They’ll love playing fetch or giving him a squeaky chew toy.

Bubble Puppy: Play and Learn invites children to go on an exciting play date and build important cognitive, social and emotional skills along the way.

Bubble Puppy: Play and Learn features:
•Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
•Curriculum Level Selector so you can choose the curriculum level that is just right for your child. There are six curricular levels in each game.
•The Classroom (Socio-emotional skills)
oCustomization, creative expression and caretaking skills are fostered through over 30 feeding, grooming and dressing activities.
•Bark, Bubble Puppy (Literacy skills)
oTogether with Molly, sort bubbles and build literacy skills, including letter recognition, letter sounds and early reading. Six curriculum levels will keep your child challenged as they play.
•Puppy Run (Math skills)
oTogether with Gil, collect bubbles and build math skills, including number identification (1-30), group identification and shape identification. There are six curriculum levels here as well.
•Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse (Math skills)
oMath skills, such as counting and one-to-one correspondence, are reinforced through bones rewards that unlock new toys. There are 20 toys to be earned and unlocked.
•Bubble Puppy’s Doggy Bag (Social Skills)
oTaking turns is promoted through open-ended play with Bubble Puppy. And a special surprise when you have unlocked all the toys.
•Game instructions delivered by Molly and Gil.
•Player profiles that allow more than one child to play and save progress along the way.
•Kid-tested, age-appropriate learning games

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Customer Reviews

  • Great!!

    by Greengirl!

    I was hesitant, since others stated it crashes a lot but then decided to go for it since he loves Bubble guppies. We have played a few times and so far no crashing. I have an iPhone 4S not sure if it's the phone that makes the difference. My son is 20 months old and loves it. Hope it works for your little one and no crashing!!


    by Mama2AML&J

    Our 4 yr old loves this app!! It's really cute and interactive. Lots of fun!!

  • Okay...

    by Landreville0818

    It takes ALOT of battery and sometimes our Bubble Puppy turns black and Gil turns all tan....

  • App keeps crashing!

    by Steffles74

    Every time my daughter selects her name, it crashes and closes out the game! Please fix this!

  • Very pleased!

    by Egh1122

    My 18 month old and I just got this app and love playing it already! It's too cute:-) Nickelodeon needs to come out with more character games for sure.

  • Horrible!

    by Kittie Kat

    This app continually crashes! My little one gets so frustrated. I really thought this would be a better app because it was hyped so much by nickelodeon on tv. Please fix or give me my money back!

  • Hate it

    by Rhi

    Always crashes!

  • Bubble Puppy

    by Unhappy234623

    This crashes every time my daughter starts to play it. Upsets her. Disappointed and want my money back. Don't understand why the problem has not been fixed. Even tried deleting and downloading again. Still has problems.

  • Upset mom

    by Upset131

    PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!!! Very frustrating when the app crashes when tapping on your name. Or quit ripping people off by charging for it!

  • M

    by Michdufort

    Awful! Keeps shutting down! Very frustrating! Would just like my money back! For $3.99 and the way they are pushing it on TV they need to get it fixed!

  • ripoff

    by angeleyedx

    this game will not work it crashes every time it is opened

  • Hate it

    by Rhi

    Always crashes!


    by clarks4willie

    Bought yesterday and keeps crashing!! My 5 year old is driving me nuts about!! Send a fix or give me back my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will not work

    by Deeds89567

    My daughter is very frustrated because we just bought the app and we cannot play. When switching screens, it crashes every time. This is the second Nick app I paid for that just won't function. The Disney apps work fine.

  • Grrrrrr

    by Paper dancer

    My daughter loves this game .... But it keeps closing out on her and she is not able to continue playing. This needs to be fixed before you attempt this game.

  • Not happy

    by Robert Keane

    This would be a fun app if it didn't crash every time my son tried to play it. It keeps frustrating him because he sees the commercial and wants to play it but once we click on to play it keeps crashing :( I want a refund

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