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Dive into learning with Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day! This educational app brings to life a silly, swim-sational school day with the Bubble Guppies, allowing kids to join Molly, Gil, Mr. Grouper and all their fish-tailed friends!

Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day teaches kids all about animals and allows them to take part in a fin-tastic day of play at school! Through a series of interactive games, kids will learn about animal diet, animal habitats and animal attributes- what penguins like to eat, where baby giraffes live, and what zebras and clownfish have in common (stripes!). As kids follow any of the ten featured animals and complete an Animal School Day, they earn a Gold Star - a Gold Starfish, that is – which rewards them and encourages them to earn more! And along the way, kids will laugh along with the Bubble Guppies’ animal-themed jokes such as: What kind of dog has the cleanest hair? A sham-poodle!
In addition to playing through an entire Animal School Day, kids can choose to play one of the four rich and replayable educational games on their own.

• Circle Time: A game about animals attributes
• Field Trip: A game about animal habitats
• Treat Shop: A game about what animals eat
• Lunch Time: A game about what we eat

After every game, kids earn a reward sticker or a toy for the Bubble Guppies’ favorite animal – Bubble Puppy! They can then visit and decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse to see and interact with the rewards.

Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day is also loaded with features that make this app a must-have in the Education category:

• Learn the names and attributes of 40 different animals
• Earn stickers and toys to decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse
• Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
• Game instructions delivered by the voices of the Bubble Guppies and Mr. Grouper
• Player profiles that allow up to four children to play and save their progress on the same device
• Kid-tested age-appropriate learning games

So put on your water-wings, and jump in for learning and laughs with Bubble Guppies: Animal School Day!

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Customer Reviews

  • Bubble Guppies update


    NOT IMPRESSED with ANY of the latest updates! I have to many apps that won't open!! VERY FRUSTRATED!!!! I have a handicap child who played these!! PLEASE FIX!

  • Excellent app

    by angrybirds376

    My 3 year old adores Bubble Guppies and loves playing this app. It has been a favorite around our home for several months and he has learned a lot about animals. I'm hoping Nick Jr. will release another Bubble Guppies app soon!

  • Need more options

    by AndiJ1972

    It's just the same games over and over. Would be better if there was more variety

  • Classroom

    by 1st Graders

    We are studying ocean life and, the kindergarten students enjoyed learning. It fit perfectly in the curriculum with the use of the overhead projector.

  • Excellent Game

    by SusieJ12378

    My daughter loves this app! She has so much fun playing with the Bubble Guppies, and I love that she's having fun learning! Money well spent!

  • Love

    by Ann M Tidwell

    I love the games and I love bubble guppies

  • Bubble guppies

    by Pookareality

    For some reason it will not download additional information. Any Ideas?

  • Won't update

    by Rmlovethun

    Will not update so now my daughter can not play the game. Please fix this!

  • Bubble guppies

    by Eqart

    Bubbie guppies will not update it's just freezes, what can you tell me to get it to work or give me a refund

  • Bubble guppies

    by Shopper515

    Will not updated. Stuck on "installing"

  • Bubble guppies

    by kelly_williams

    Not a bad app for the price. My almost 2 year old enjoys it so much, and bubble guppies is her favorite show!

  • Pretty Good

    by I luv diggy simmons

    This game keeps my 4 year old cousin entertained all throughout the day. It's her favorite game to play on my iPad. This game is also educational with teaching children about the different animals and lets them work with different activities. The only issue is you can play all of the animal's levels in one day if played the whole day which can quickly get repetitive

  • Great app

    by Kaylees dad

    Don't know what the problem is with all the other reviews hope you read this if you want the app. Ummm download time... No biggie takes what 3 min. Instead of 5 sec. Real fun my 4 yr old loves it loves the show very similar great interaction between show and game. Recommend also umizoomi now that its finally got more content both apps rock great job NIK!!! :)

  • Great intro to game play

    by Gamin' Gran

    Got this for my 2.5 year old grandson. This is the first game play he can manage completely independently. It is very hands on and immediate. He knows the animals already which contributes to his sense of control and accomplishment plus he adds depth to his knowledge. On the IPad, the initial installation took forever but the game itself loads quickly from segment to segment. An excellent value; FUN, stimulating, encourages hand eye coordination, positive and encouraging narration, you learn about animals diets, habitats and shared characteristics and it is laugh out loud funny for a preschooler. Worth every penny.

  • A fav on our iPad

    by DoorkeyMom

    This one and Nick Jr draw are two of our favorites. Pricey but well worth it in options and graphics. We are a Disney family but their apps are no where near as exceptional as Nickelodeon's are. You won't regret this purchase, endless game possibilities and so much to learn all in one app.

  • Great learning game

    by Lena72183

    My daughter loves this game def worth it!


    by Daycaremom28

    It is worth every penny paid my 3 year old loves it I can point to a picture of an animal now and she'll know it

  • I like it.

    by Top notch game

    I need to tell bubble guppies where are the stickers you said. Are they gone, are there only two. It needs more.

  • Guppies!

    by BDMommy

    My toddler loves it!

  • Jason

    by Ojitos bello.

    Excellent game a lot fun

  • Wasted $5

    by Emi Aquino

    I don't understand why they have two different versions for ipad and iPhone. I wasted $5 on this app when I already got the other one.

  • Don't waste your money

    by edentel

    For such an expensive app, it is extremely repetitive and not even remotely challenging or educational. Having said that, my 2yo daughter likes it because she loves the Bubble Guppies, but if you're looking for a teaching tool this is NOT it. There are a limited number of animals and every animal has the exact same set of essentially 2 short games in the exact same order with the exact same verbiage. This would be cute if it was more well thought out and less repetitive.

  • Boooo- my iPad 1 won't update.- $4.99 lost since it won't open

    by Caitlinem

    Been trying to update for weeks- first says not enough space, so I clear off things and try again, then it says it failed. Retry doesn't help. Going to try deleting and reinstalling. I wasn't excited about paying $4.99 for this app but did because my 3 year old really loves Bubble Guppies. Really hope this gets fixed.

  • Bubble Guppy

    by Mommy102

    Not enough variety, not worth the money. Don't buy it.

  • Won't even download

    by KzWhyte

    I paid the $4.99 for the app, and it WILL NOT download. It keeps saying I don't have enough available space, though I have over 1GB, and it's listed as needing 713MB. The app support link is a dead link, so thy have basically just ripped me off for the price of the app. I'll definitely think twice, at least before buying any more Nick Jr. Apps.

  • Buggy

    by illnoise

    Game is OK, but updates keep hanging up my iPad and needs to be deleted and manually reinstalled. Developer support link in App Store leads to a dead link. I'm deleting it, to my toddler's chagrin.

  • Won't load

    by TRDARD3

    This version is as bad as the last. It won't load because of memory, but there is plenty of memory. Please fix this app, and this time test out the application loading before publishing a new version!

  • Horrible

    by sarahmkidwell

    I bought this game for my daughter and she loved it. She played it multiple times a day but then one day it called for an update and ever since, it says I don't have enough room to download and then when I deleted a lot of her games, it just stayed in the downloading stage. Why did I pay for a game she can't use? Disney fix this please.

  • Game is stuck on "not enough storage"

    by Kathleen Michael

    This game will not install. The app is positive my iPad does not have enough storage. I have more than enough. I have deleted and tried to download again, I have rebooted my iPad. I am very disappointed. Any ideas?

  • cant download update

    by Kimmimasu

    my son loves this app, but since the latest update it has been frozen with a note that there isn't room to download it, but the settings show it is larger than what the app store shows for space and there is plenty more space available on the ipad. based on other reviews looks like a bug with the app. especially irritating that this isn't being fixed on a paid app. please fix this so i don't have to delete it.

  • Please Fix

    by doxiemomm

    I have plenty of room for downloading. Judging by previous reviews, this is an issue. Please fix especially since this is a $5 app.

  • Not installing update!!!!!

    by JoeCashbrook


  • Will not install

    by Js1102ss

    I have deleted and even bought more backup storage due to this app! It keeps saying manage settings not enough storage. Son is super upset! Thanks again for nothing

  • Fix the problem

    by Mtomczak1

    Game worked well until last update - now doesn't work at all - tried deleting and re-installing and it freezes during installing. Done buying Nick apps until this gets fixed.

  • Was happy

    by Perez_fam

    Great app but wont update tried to delete and reload but now it wants me to re-buy it.....dont think so!!!!

  • Frozen

    by 12345 gfkso

    Game is frozen. It keeps saying i dont have enough storage, but i have more than enough. Please correct this so my daughter can play the game i paid for.

  • app stop in downloading

    by Tomasincge

    can not use the app... Freeze!!

  • It didn't install the update

    by Ivyvale13

    It's not installing the update is just there waiting. Freeze!!!!please solve the problem.

  • Love it!!

    by Skippy..

    Just like the show. UPDATE; I disagree with Elf family. Do NOT get Team Umizoomi! Haha

  • Bugs

    by Lilbirds

    Really cute, but keeps stalling during games, frustrating my preschooler. Bummer.

  • Installation

    by Drawingfreak2012

    It won't install......keeps pausing! After more than 12 hours after purchase!

  • Bubble guppies

    by Anniemkav7710

    Not worth the $4.99 Paid. It's the same stuff over and over again and it's not that interesting to the kids. They are bored already! Guess I'll keep it, hoping I'll get my money's worth eventually. Very disappointed!

  • Freezes please fix

    by Mom of thr33

    Very irritating

  • Bubble guppies

    by Jodic1383

    Frozen and won't update.

  • The Best!

    by Audreykaimi

    It is the best for my younger sisters.

  • Not as great as Team Umizoomi Game

    by RobfromNYC

    I dL the team Umizoomi game first. 2 weeks after, I got this game. Team Umizoomi, u get to gradually learn number principles. Bubble guppies, it's ok, but it's not gradual learning, just repetitive stuff.

  • Bubble Guppies

    by Animal School Day

    My son likes it but for a $6 game, I thought there would be a ton more games like counting, colors, letters. After a few minutes, he's played all the games.

  • Unpleased mom

    by Darcel Apple Products

    This app is definitely not worth $4.99. It is not educational at all. All my son has been doing is feeding animals and driving. I'm not pleased at all.

  • Frozen

    by hogan23

    This game was great then I did an update and all I get is a blue screen now! Just bought it a couple days ago for 5$!! App Support takes you to the nick jr. Website, can someone please fix this!

  • More levels!!!!!!!

    by Thatgirlsbigsister

    My sister loves bubble guppies and decided to buy this for her. She loves it, she laughs, but then again, more levels so she can stay happy and occupied! :)

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