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Languages: Arabic, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: MorrisCooke sp. z o.o.

- fixed an issue where a PDF file in the exported recording could become blurry while zooming in
- fixed an issue where the app could crash while importing several large images at once

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Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.

Create slides, draw in any color, add shapes, add text, and use a laser pointer. Rotate, move, scale, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage.

Add new or existing photos and videos. Import PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS, Keynote(*), Pages(*), Numbers(*), and RTF files from Evernote, Dropbox, Box, GDrive, WebDAV, Email, iTunes, and any app that allows you to open these files types using "Open In…". Export MP4 movies, PDF documents, PNG images, or XPL project files directly from your iPad.

No account is necessary to use Explain Everything and share creations.

Please rate and review the app if you like it and please direct all technical issues to [email protected]

Explain Everything has been a top paid education app since its release in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Turkey.

*** 50% discount for educational institutions ***
Check for details - http://www.apple.com/itunes/education/
The App Store Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps in volume - Explain Everything is available under this program - please search for "morriscooke" in the VPP App Store.

Download our free Explain Everything iBook manual from the Apple iBooks bookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/book/explain-everything/id591601596?mt=11

A proud member of the Evernote "Trunk"

[…] it not only has this local export feature included, but a raft of others that make it feel like a 2.0 or 3.0 release in comparison to the others I've tried in this genre - like import of PDFs, powerpoint or keynote files, and full Dropbox and Evernote integration. For those like me who use Evernote to 'remember everything', being able to pull in any note I have stored there and annotate over the top, or even record a narration, then export this enhanced note straight back is brilliant. For students, they can import an existing PowerPoint presentation and just draw and highlight over the top of slides, all the while verbally explaining, and export to a movie that encapsulates their understanding much better than the mere slides would.
For educators, it means the option to create video podcasts is now available whenever and wherever we require it.

The different pieces you draw, type or import become objects that can individually be manipulated (resized, deleted and are treated to be a on a layer that can be send to back, front, etc)
[…] Export features: I am not forced to upload the video file to the company’s site. I have CHOICES! I can export a screenshot of the slide I created to my Photo Roll (this feature is huge for me, since I can now import the movie file directly from here into iMovie on the iPad and make the screencast part of a larger movie), via e-mail, to Dropbox or Evernote.

(*) Please note that for Keynote, Pages and Numbers in their 2013 versions it's currently necessary to convert them to PDF files before importing. We're working to bring back the direct import of these new versions!

Customer Reviews

  • Great application

    by HakonHrafn

    This is a great app and I can't really understand why I had never heard of this app until dec 2013. Very versatile and it stable.

  • Always great support!

    by Jenny Hodge

    I have always gotten a reply within 24 hours of emailing support at morriscooke dot com.

  • Fix on the way!

    by reshanR

    I've been informed that a patch to resolve the GDrive linkages has been submitted - should be available in a few days!

  • Home work due

    by Dragonefly

    My app turns white and I can't progress to finish my home work

  • Awesome!

    by Seabolt4math

    Most amazing app ever! I use this app daily in my 4th grade math classroom. I have my IPad linked to my projector, so I'm able to walk around the classroom and take pictures of student work and write over them to explain different parts. Also, kids are creating lessons on Explain Everything at home, then using them to teach the class.

  • Excellent.

    by MrHphysics

    I've owned hundreds of apps and never felt compelled to write a review. This app is THE BEST for teachers to make instructional videos. Very glad I found it.

  • Update?

    by Ranger6006

    Nvm, found button

  • Exactly what I was looking for

    by 507 df

    Perfect app to tape my lessons and export them to my camera roll or dropbox.

  • Terrific App

    by Jenny Hodge

    This is one of the most versatile apps I have ever used. Even two years later, it continues to be one of the most powerful tools in my teaching and learning toolkit.

  • Very Responsive Support

    by reshanR

    The support team has been extremely responsive to all requests whenever there is an issue. They also have been very appreciative of my suggestions for new features and enhancements! I know that they are going to be updating the app to be compatible with the iWork 13 files - those files are technically folders so I understand why the behavior is not as expected!

  • Simply the best

    by Jestin Kentucky

    Not sure why this has no ratings, it's clearly the best. Not one single problems. Have them on our school iPads. And my personal iPad mini I'm on now. The app name says it all lets you explain everything. Worth the price.

  • Good App

    by MrsDriver

    I use this app to flip my algebra class and it worked great until the last update. It now won't upload my videos to my Google Drive correctly.

  • Excellent

    by RnB13

    Downloaded bcontext then a few days later purchased EE... EE is awesome. Intuitive. Well thought out. Relatively simple.

  • Great tool for creating screencasts

    by BangkokHoD

    This is a great tool for creating simple to complex screencasts. Takes the place of several work-a-rounds that I used to use to make short tutorials for my classes.

  • hola

    by a1ex1sbahamonde

    muyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buena

  • Eepa

    by Fueledbycurry

    This is awesome app, eepa

  • by PopMetalOverdrive

    Keeps corrupting my data for projects after the update. Not sure if other iOS 6 users are facing this problem as well, but please fix this issue.

  • Audio won't record

    by Yuhcrfvf

    iPad air 7.0.3. Audio says error when compressing.

  • Compression is slow

    by Drdannny

    This app is very nice and help me a lot in making high graphical medical video notes.Everything is just under my finger tips. But there is only one short coming which is slow compression but we can use MAC xpl player or compressor.Hope for further updates.

  • Kool

    by Lerner star

    I like this app :D

  • Horrible

    by Danny from USA

    I hate this app! It destroyed my project I spent a half hour on! I didn't save it, but I always would open it and and it would say an unsaved project is open, would you like to open it? And I would choose yes and it would be the same thing I worked on. LoiLo note is the same thing, but it doesn't crash! Horrible app! I will never use it again, and neither should you!

  • Crashes

    by Mk700

    Horrible. Best word to describe it. Crashes constantly. Crashes when trying to link with google drive.

  • Not Keynote

    by Jimbob224312

    Doesn't open keynote, pages, or numbers documents. It is clearly stated in the advertisement that it opens those types of documents, but it only opens PDFs of those documents not the actual presentations themselves. It is very misleading I was hoping important keynote presentation with video embedded in it but this app will not open it. It will not open pages or numbers either without making them PDF files. Not what is advertised

  • Awful!!

    by Lunadew33

    This App crashes all the time. It doesn't save your work!! Awful! I thought Edu. Creations was limited but this one is a total joke. I paid for it!!! grrr.

  • Not very straight forward..

    by Coffee!

    The only good thing is that you are able to write things on different kinds of files. But other than that, this app does not meet my satisfaction for being a learning app. The writing/drawing function is ok, not very responsive and once you (accidentally) tap to next page or something else, you cannot erase them (have to delete them all) And now after the latest update, when ever I try to add a new slide, the next page will be missing. And there is no way I can find it back, so I have to make a copy of the original file and take a screen shot then insert the picture into where the page was missing. And that is really annoying. Please fix!!

  • Great App But....

    by Tap•Star

    ....IT CRASHED MY SCIENCE PROJECT! I spent a long time on it and was almost done. Facepalm :-/

  • by Bbk23

    This app is whorable too hard to use, doesn't save ur work

  • Slides

    by Purple4422

    I think that you should make the recording a whole recording, not just the slides.

  • Please fix

    by CaesarKeiser

    I like this app very much, and I use it often in teaching my History classes. Unfortunately, it seems to have a bug: if I lay one color on top of another color (e.g., if I "color" an empire on Google maps, and then switch to black to write the name of the empire on top of the color), the color on top shows as long as I stay in pen mode, but as soon as I hit another button or try to save my project, all colors laid on after the first set immediately move to the back and are covered, and using the "move to front" option does not work. It can be pretty aggravating when I show my students how an empire grows through time, but then I lose any labels that I add. Please fix! This is the only thing keeping me from using this app every day.

  • Even more loyal user

    by Tejpaul B

    The last update is so strong. I've been using ee since the beginning. It has many uses for me and my team. I recommend it for individuals and teams.

  • Bad app

    by Ksjcuuhdhurdihtchticufjchichit

    This app keeps crashing it needs to be fixed its happening to my friend too! I don't like it at all! FIX THE CRAPY THING!!!

  • Indispensable for Teachers! Brilliant App

    by Hatebeingconned

    Don't hesitate... Get this app now! I have created over 20 videos for my classes to watch. They love them, and I love this app.

  • Almost Perfect

    by I_Heart_Christmas_Music

    Over the last few days I have downloaded over a dozen annotation apps. Most of them don't allow the user to import multiple documents into one file. Explain Everything not only allows multiple page uploads but each page can be resized. This app could use a better color palette and an easier select tool, but the biggest tool the app is missing is the ability to draw straight lines.

  • Amazing

    by Samantha5599

    This app is really good, just the sound. Just work on it In a quiet place

  • Very Good With Practice

    by d3fc0n545

    I, representing my school, find this app to have everything needed to make a good presentation. My World History class used this to create a slideshow of a people living in a shipbuilding area. I created it and was surprised by the amount of items I could implement on the slideshow. The only thing I could say is that it is very difficult to start the project because it takes a lot of practice to get used to the controls.

  • change the slides

    by nonicknameomgstop

    new update made drop down left menu for slides so that slides move instead of scrolling, change it back please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Top five classroom apps - hands down!

    by QRue

    I teach in a 1:1 iPad 5th grade classroom and no app adds more to the possibilities of the iPad than Explain Everything. My students' science assignments on food chains, water cycle, life cycles, etc.... are all turned in with writing and speaking. The students explain their understanding of diagrams and charts, or create their own, while pointing with the hand or laser pointer. It's easy for kids to do and for me to view as they turn it in on edmodo. And, a far better measure of understanding than a traditional worksheet!

  • Awesome

    by Gpmoto39

    I am a teacher, chem and physics. This app rocks, I feel like the Kahn academy guy, so many features and I use most of them live. Can change pen line thickness, zoom in and out, move drawings around, just anything u want to do. I mirror my ipad screen onto classroom projector and do presentations live one period, can easily record and use all my drawings and equations next period.

  • Invisible Text

    by Brendan Curry

    I keep finding that the text i write is always invisible but when i look at it in "non-play mode" i can see it perfectly... Please fix this bug because frankly i find my ipad breaking the more i use this app.

  • In Some Ways Even Better than Keynote & PowerPoint

    by A Bostonian Visual Thinker

    This is a versatile presentation app. W It took me a bit of time to learn how to use the app but once I looked at the well designed manual, any question I had was clearly answered. I have found myself using EE instead of PowerPoint or Keynote on my Mac for a couple reasons. First, the audio recorder is very easy to use. It is possible to replace a segment of an audio track - but only from a mid-point to the end - or even append at the end of a track. Second, it is easy to manipulate and even modify a slide during the recording process. This helps to make the presentation flow much more naturally. Converting a presentation to an mp4 format taxes my second generation iPad but the companion conversion app on the Mac works fine. (The conversion app may seem a bit pricey but it is definitely worth the price if you have large files or are converting multiple files. I recently converted a 22 minute EE presentation into an mp4 file on my Mac in about 7 minutes.) I look forward to continued enhancements of this fine app.

  • Best of Class

    by jg6464

    The iPad is a great tool for informal vodcasting--adding voice-over and annotations to a series of slides, and then sharing it as a movie. Half a dozen apps will help you do this--most of them listed in "Customers Also Bought" below. Explain Everything is the best by far. It imports the most filetypes (including powerpoints), it has the most mark-up tools, and it exports an mp4 to the most different places, including your own Dropbox. (Most apps allow upload only to their websites, often in flash format--not good.) Support responses are fast, and the developer is continuing to improve the app. Great work!

  • Fantastic!!!

    by Bwbasinger

    I am a high school teacher, who has wanted to find an app to let me flip my classes, and this is the app. It is easy to use, making shooting, editing and exporting simple. I love creating flip classroom videos with this app!!!

  • Love this app!

    by Aimeeb33

    Lots of features other apps don't have. Importing interactive websites is great. It would be nice to have basic editing options!

  • Genius

    by markthiel

    This is true genius in all aspects: conception, design, funtionality, comprehensiveness, usability.

  • Tilt lock would make it perfect

    by Sleep875

    If you could lock a image so when you zoom in it doesn't tilt, it would be perfect. Maybe even just a horizontal lock. Also a PC compressor program would be awesome. Thank You

  • Excellent

    by iMon

    A good program that gets better. I love the UI and the improving design. Truly made with the student and school network limitations in mind.

  • So close

    by MissMuffett1975

    Very nice app. Wish we could add our live picture to the recording like some of the other programs. If so, this would be the PERFECT "flipped" program.

  • Love the App But Wish There Were More Features

    by srdnwc

    I really love this app. It's great for creating screencast videos for my flipped classroom. I do wish, tho, it had a few more PowerPoint features, most notably the ability to fade in and out text and graphics. That said, this is still a great app.

  • Amazing!

    by Rbestsaints

    Absolutely phenomenal app. It does exactly what it says explains everything with so many different types of uses, love it! Best screen cast app ever!

  • Worth the $

    by pcgreer

    I use a whiteboard a lot in my daily job. This app has been great to record my whiteboard sessions and narration and turn them into videos. The ability to import pictures has been fantastic. This is a great app for anyone who is used to being in situations where you are explaining things on a whiteboard. I've tried a lot of other programs and none of them come close to this level of functionality, ease of use, or universal import/export functions.

  • This one works

    by Lgca233

    I'm a college professor who uses this to record video tutorials to upload to my learning management system. This works flawlessly and has amazing features. Money well spent.

  • 5 stars

    by Amyrrhielle

    Affordable and easy to use! It is very helpful for all of my classes.

  • Works so well

    by No go app!

    Such an easy app to learn. Very much worth it!

  • Could be great

    by Buck--I

    This app could go a long way to change the way we teach, but it is currently too basic. The ability to edit needs to be improved. You should have the option to lock voice overs while inserting animations. This would allow individuals to work from a script, and go back later to make animations and drawings. This way the movie would be seamless, and you would not need to fumble around while speaking. The same should also be true for the animations. Users should not have to replace their entire work each time they mess up the voice over. This is very time consuming and unnecessary. So far I have found that this is great for annotating, but I will need to use another program such as iMovie in order to get a quality recording. Overall this app is a must have for education. I am hopeful that future improvements will take this decent app and make it excellent.

  • Notability of Screencasts

    by Blimes

    This app lets me permanent slides or record on the fly. Easy to add slides, draw, type, add images, etc. As a teacher it is crazy easy now to use this with projection in my class to record my lessons - as I use the iPad like a whiteboard- then share them with students who are absent. It works!!

  • Poor pen

    by Sc4bzilla

    Excellent app; my only complaint is the pen tool. As a teacher I use that tool most of all, and the handwriting is terrible. I wish they there was an option to make the pen a uniform thickness.

  • Amazing!

    by Auntang

    I love this app! I use it everyday in my classroom in place of the white board and overhead. This is my first time rating something, but this is so worth rating. Thank you!!

  • Terrible app

    by Bjm2222

    This app is very inefficient, the method to import media was horrible, and you need a drive just to share the crap project that this app spit out after it was ruined.

  • Fix

    by 18aeva

    I would spit on this app, but I don't want to damage my iPad.

  • Killer application - welcome to the future of communication

    by Routb3d

    Explain everything is a stunning peek into a cutting edge new paradigm of communicating easily and extremely powerfully. Think of it as a prosthetic recorder for your imagination. Your iPad screen is the stage, you are the director and narrator and your actors are your drawings, videos, websites and pictures found on your iPad or online.. The controls are all there! Invest 1/2 hour to learn Explain Everything and you wind up with a %90 jump in your ability to effectively communicate on a brand new level. Easily Show people videos, draw for them, annotate pictures, tell an improvisational story and draw it while you go. Drop your video on the Internet and forward links to whoever your trying to communicate to. They will get it! The possibilities are staggering. I Would love to see pinch to zoom also pan. A preference option to rotate with the pinch to zoom gesture would be a bonus! Impressive infinite zoom in this UI! Its Fractal. IE: I can record myself drawing a bird inside an egg inside a bird inside an egg forever.. Something strikes me that this could be a breakthrough for many other interfaces for note taking and forum viewing. That said, This is a 2.5D set. An inertial effect to navigation could be a pretty beautiful way to fly around. Good work! Isaiah Coberly

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