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** Children's Technology Review - 2014 Editor's Choice Award

Make dolphins jump. Build a coral reef. Explore the deep sea. Create your own aquarium. These are just some of the fun things you can do with MarcoPolo Ocean, a “digital sandbox” for kids to play in that sparks their interest in the most unexplored part of our planet – the ocean.

Build and Explore
Five build-and-play activities bring the language and the images of the ocean to life. Ocean is playfully narrated and animated to reinforce vocabulary, physical attributes and ocean concepts.

*Coral Reef
*Marine Mammals

Free Play Exploration
The open ocean is a personal aquarium your child can explore however he or she chooses!

*Explore from the shoreline all the way down to the sea floor
*Steer your submersible and boat through ocean waters
*Add marine animals and fish to the ocean and interact with more than 30 different species
*Investigate by tapping, dragging and swiping where the animals live in the ocean to see their natural behaviors and how they interact with other animals

Through self-directed discovery, we expose kids to early skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), focusing on the following concepts:

*The wide variety of animal species that live in the shallow and deep parts of the ocean
*Ocean landscape
*Construction and characteristics of a boat (shipping vessel) and submersible
*Characteristics of fish and marine mammals
*Topic-specific vocabulary exposure and acquisition

For ages 3+

*Requires 1.1GB of storage space.

Customer Reviews

  • Dive right in!

    by Seaspray14

    A great way for little kids to learn about the ocean. The creatures are realistic and interesting and it is based on good science. Lots of fun for the pre-k set.

  • Wonderful Adventure

    by Ches01

    Great innovative app that has kids interacting with fish, whales, and submarines! You go from building various items to interacting with them in their envirnoment. We downloaded it though our daughter is a little young for the rating but she has really enjoyed it so far.... One she can really grow in to!

  • Ms

    by otta213

    I love how this app allows my child to explore an area that would be otherwise out of his reach.

  • Underwater adventure at its best

    by Melanie1425

    I downloaded this app for my 3 year old nephew and it's his new favorite. He loves building the submarine and hearing about the individual parts of it as he builds. The coral reef is another favorite. The graphics are beautiful and the animals are adorable and interactive. It's a great app that is fun for both parents and kids to work together to build the puzzles and explore the ocean.

  • Fun But Limited

    by Thabizman of the world

    This game is really fun, but it is way too limited in the ways of activities.

  • Great game and adventure...

    by Ldsimon

    Entertained my little one right off the bat. She even said she learned about boats from the puzzles!

  • Interesting!

    by HeWhoIs

    Loads of content. Great graphics. Educational replay value is unmatched in this subject. Really good job! Looking forward to the developer expanding even more on this app! Needs a fisherman! Lol! thanks for a great app!

  • My 3 year old creates ocean wonderlands!

    by Christian LesStrang

    This app delighted us all from the start. Together we create schools of fish, drive the submersible around - even build whales and dolphins piece by piece. The animation is crisp and the sounds are enjoyable. Little clever touches here and there surprise and delight. Well done, MarcoPolo - can't wait to see what you dream up next!

  • Best kids app

    by jonny GT

    Love this app. Really fun to watch the children enjoy this interactive learning experience.

  • A magical under sea adventure

    by CifraHallberg

    This app combines entertainment and education in an immersive way, it takes the kids on an under sea adventure. They are encouraged to build, navigate and add stuff to the world and in a magical way it keeps them wanting to explore more and more. From building and navigating the submarine to making the dolphins do beautiful jumps… All of this while a pleasant kid voice tells them about the different parts of the submarine or gives them details about the Orca and its other sea friends. A great app that uses creative play to teach young kids about the ocean. This app is edutainment at its best!

  • Amazing

    by Patrick Ramsey

    This is one of the best apps ever! Not only is it educational, it is fun. My kids just love it. I typically don't like my kids on the iPads for an extended period of time but with this app, I feel they are learning and having fun I don't mind hoe long they are on their iPads. It is great for all ages, my son is 6 and my daughter is 8 and both are lovin it. Need to come up with more apps like this.

  • Educator

    by Thankful Chicago Teacher

    As an educator I’ve seen far too many flashcards and worksheets in the form of an app. But this app will propel student thinking and curiosity forward through interactive and authentic learning. This is how you build life long learners! My little learners thank you!

  • Amazing!

    by Fgu1982

    Beautiful graphics, fun characters and lots of learning! My 2yo and 4yo are loving it!!!

  • My 4.5 year old girl loves this app

    by Really?212

    I came across this app today and thought my daughter would like playing with fishies and boats. We sat down and played with this together and what I didn't realize was that kids get to build their environment. It starts with the basics but then you can build a reef, a sub, a whale, add fishes, feed them etc., etc. which are added to the rest of the environment. Its a much richer exeperience than I thought it would be. I normally don't bother rating apps but this one is worth the time.

  • Wonderful app!

    by Ewitt91444

    Fantastic! A terrific way for my son to learn about the ocean and sea creatures! He plays with similar sea "friends" in the bath every evening. Now he can bring them along with him!!

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