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Train your memory and attention. Used by over 50 million people worldwide, Lumosity creates a Personalized Training Program that challenges your brain.


Lumosity is designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, and more. With foundations in the study of neuroplasticity, Lumosity games have improved working core cognitive abilities in several research studies.


Harvard Business Review
"Designed by neuroscientists, a brain training approach such as Lumosity builds on breakthrough concepts such as neuroplasticity and fluid intelligence."

The Guardian
"The mini-games are fun rather than dry, making it a daily habit that never feels like a chore."

Dr. Oz
"Your body isn’t the only thing that needs a workout – your brain needs stimulation to stay in peak shape. This Oz-approved game works to improve your memory."

"The app itself is very clean, and performance is excellent."

Wall Street Journal
"The games offer a scorecard of your performance and let you follow changes in performance over time, so you can see if you're getting better or backsliding. You can also choose what skills you want to improve."

PC Mag
"I’ve found the Lumosity training fun, challenging, and—as it only takes 15 or 20 minutes a day—brief enough that it doesn’t become a time-sink."

USA Today
"This site offers a wide variety of games designed by neuroscientists to help keep your brain agile and to improve cognitive function."


Customer Reviews

  • Lumosity

    by lavendarandlilac

    This app is absolutely amazing and I'm soo so glad I downloaded it!

  • Smart app

    by Bombs brew

    Really enjoy the app and I've noticed a big difference

  • About the app


    I really like the app and it gets better and harder every time I play so its really fun. But I think there should be a NEW update I thinks that u can play ----- as much as u want so that u can unlock and play new levels,that's what would make it better. But I will give it 5⃣

  • Love it.

    by Katie Kegley

    I just finished my first day of exercises. It only took a few minutes. This seems like a great app. If you're going to spend mins/hrs on your phone.. Why not train your brain rather that mindless tap a bird around.

  • All-star app

    by Lisa Snider

    Great app for mobile devices. It's so fun and useful to be able to improve your mind thanks to Lumosity! I'm even contemplating buying a subscription.


    by Nabigha

    This app is so amazing it helps my brain everyday to learn better and focus this is just amazing thank u guys for this amazing incredible app keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Love it

    by jbm-VA

    I love it

  • Fun app for downtime

    by Earlwallice

    If you have a few minutes to spare this is a nice app, runs smooth and the games interface make them both fun and challenging.

  • Great app

    by Fire fighter wife

    This app is great. I play it everyday and I love it. Very worth gettin

  • Great App!

    by Luvdokter

    I gave this app 5 stars, but I still think there's room for improvement and hope they continue to do so. That being said...I love this app! In our world of mindless entertainment (and I love my other mindless apps, too!), it's great to have an app that works on improving my quality of life through mental health. Thanks Lumosity!

  • Great

    by TruCode

    It definitely customized to my brain function. It even skipped a couple of levels, cause I'm sure it new I wasn't ready for them. Haha. Great to play after waking up, jump starts your brain!

  • Dig it.

    by nico.bailey

    I haven't had the chance to play with this too much but so far I think it's a fun way to pass the time.

  • Love it

    by Sabrinakpyne

    This the best app is helping me alot

  • Worth trying

    by EstMer

    I don't know if it helps with brain cognition but in my opinion it helps.

  • Great app

    by Orgoneeyes

    Luminosity has been the leader in brain games and this app works great.

  • Not Sure About It

    by OneBertolucci

    The idea is great, and the effort is worth while. I analyze some of the studies but there are plenty to look at. The only problem is: the mobile apps. Many people don't have time to sit down on a compute and play the games; they may have transient lifestyles. It would be great if the games here became a bit more complex and more in number; because otherwise this app turns into a game challenge, and not a brain one.

  • Fun Game

    by Krdlmd

    Makes you think and it's fun to do! Highly recommend.

  • Brain wake up!

    by Fooliopunk

    A cup of coffee and my daily game and I'm ready to face the day's challenges of kids and work! It is quite fun too!

  • Good job

    by Aleasha511

    This app makes us challenge ourselves and have fun at the sme time That's always a good combination

  • Wow

    by Vicveto

    Amazing work

  • Luv

    by NO group chat

    Luv luminosity

  • Awesome

    by FrenchFryPie

    I absolutely love this app.

  • Looks promising.

    by Printhouseusa

    First day playing and I enjoyed it. Missed some answers by jumping the gun. But getting the hang of it. Love it

  • Very simple and easy to use

    by Caraa

    I feel smarter already

  • Decent App/ great design

    by Chrispy4321

    Great design for this app and all the interactive features you get. The training is decent.

  • I like it

    by yorenie

    I want to do this daily. I think it will refocus me.

  • gB

    by Gisbel

    Enjoy playing every day. Exercises the gray matter.

  • Perfect

    by Min G


  • Shanni91354

    by Doglover91356

    Wow....Great app!

  • Nice!

    by Shadrach Mccauley

    This is really great..

  • Nice

    by Wireless liter

    Nice game:)

  • It's great.

    by Lynn9989

    I actually feel myself focusing and remembering things easier!

  • It is awesome

    by Isaiah hafen

    I really like it and it actually helps you unlike others

  • Fun

    by BostonBren

    Fun series of games. Not completely sold on the brain training part but I enjoy the app.

  • Really cool app

    by - Easy breezy

    I really enjoy this app. Fun and challenging at the same time. Try it!

  • I feel like I'm getting better

    by (Dead on Great)

    I feel like I can't forget anything after this game :)

  • Love this app!!!!!!

    by Deadgirlkill

    Awesome!!! Really gets your brain thinking In such a fun way! I am ADDICTED to the fun little and helpful games. You can even see your progress and how well you are doing! I love this app and i definitely would recommend this to others!!!

  • Great app

    by Double Felix

    Not sure if this is helping my brain, but so far it is fun! And is much better for you than playing a mindless game.

  • Good design

    by Sunmuthukumar

    Good design

  • Increased athleticism

    by TheBoz55

    It helps with my memory and hand eye ordination in sports; the full version is much better though; there should be more games available for the app. I highly recommend buying the full version.

  • Great game


    This is a great game, I got it from my friend and i love it one of my favorite games.

  • What an awesome scam

    by Ghadjoe

    If you think this is making you smarter, you should meet my buddy the Nigerian prince who needs some help getting his money out of the country. He is happy splitting his fortune with you 50/50...

  • Lumosity's awesome

    by Superskyla

    Lumosity has helped me to remember more things and it really works!

  • love!

    by GodsAdvoKAte

    So much fun!

  • Great

    by Emcp33

  • Challenging Fun

    by Doug McMullen II

    Great for ending or starting the day.

  • Billy

    by Bryce Chizek

    Awesome sauce!!!!

  • Fun and brainteaser

    by Erika Simms

    Fun game that allows you to test your brain and also keep you engaged while having fun I give this one definitely for starters

  • Fun

    by Adam Lowery

    I don't know how well it works but it is fun

  • Awesome

    by Awesome staci

    Really helps my focus!

  • by Kayk321

    Love It!

  • Fun and Clever

    by Bluebelle99

    I just downloaded this and I like it so far. Short and clever exercises.

  • dium78

    by Dium78

    Simply wonderful this app is amazing it's fun challenging, and worth opening daily to do simple brain exercises. I've already seen gains in my mental acuity after a couple of weeks. Download immediately and let the fun commence.

  • Just got it; love it!

    by Cboy awesome

    It's great I like the games and stuff today it's fun

  • Very fun

    by Turbo_BM

    Very fun games

  • Great fun

    by Open mind for education

    I find the games enjoyable and challenging. Too soon to tell if I am more brilliant because of playing, but I do expect they deliver as promised.

  • Seems decent

    by An5(8$

    Haven't gone far but hopefully it works

  • Lumosity

    by Halo7290

    This is really helping my brain whoever created it you are amazing

  • Fun!!!

    by Sam TheD

    Lots of fun. The different tests are interesting

  • Just started

    by YotaGirl83

    I have had this app for about 3 days, and I really like the games. I am skeptical about its training ability for my brain, but the games are all fun :)

  • Awesome!

    by Cindysanchez

    I think this is a great practice for your brain, I love it!

  • just downloaded

    by Longghuur

    will comment if my "brain power" improves later

  • Luminosity

    by GaryQuiteContrary

    It's ILL

  • by Arman Shokrani

    Best app that i find in the app store, thank you for your try.

  • Great exercise for your mind

    by Scatcat1469

    Great training to improve your thinking skills

  • Great app

    by Bbygurl~

    Very helpful and fun.

  • Great

    by Ovo Lisa

    I think the app is great !

  • Very interesting!!

    by "B*tches Be Like"


  • Finely crafted!

    by steveline60

    I play daily. I am very smart. I've seriously injured my brain which inhibited its short and mid term memory. Playing challenges all my weak spots. Since I play daily it works them out well. It is like being a professional athlete and practicing. They are all responding and getting better!

  • Nice

    by Ethvxe


  • Entertaining

    by 7/2Nancy

    I'm enjoying the games and challenge to do better. Just started so too soon to say if it is helping my memory

  • Good game makes my brain feel good

    by Bimevue

    It is enjoyable good way to get your brain ready for the day.

  • by StudBud1.2

    This is an amazing app... GET IT!

  • Great perspective

    by Vdubbinlady

    This app seriously challenges your thinking and decision making skills. And it is sort of fun-sort of maddening.

  • Really Helpful

    by Monica Kirkman

    It helps me focus more and react more quickly. I'm glad I got this app

  • Mr

    by Gabbers1889

    Fantastic app to train your brain when you can't access the web app!

  • .

    by DulceCortez

    Great! Challenging for the brain!

  • Lumosity

    by The Blakk sheep

    This game will help me so much, thank you to the CIA

  • Fun!

    by Loloveralways

    Reminds me of Brain Games(Nintendo)

  • Mind

    by Viktorsa29

    Good app

  • Awesome

    by Nanna's 12

    Great mind games!!!!

  • I love it

    by Melsvols79

    I am not sure if I am getting smarter or not but I do love playing these Mind games!! The are fun and challenging. I do recommend the creators add the ability to compare my score with the average person who plays the game. All in all great app!

  • Lumosity

    by Noah Dean

    The game is really fun and educational. Good for people trying to learn skills.

  • Lumosity

    by Dmwine

    Fun program, but it needs more games on the mobile version. Also would be nice if scores carried across devices since I'm signed in.

  • Love it

    by LeeJVee

    So glad to have this on my iPhone - makes it more likely I'll do it every day!

  • Brain tease

    by Ryoalo

    Fun game

  • I feel my mind expanding to new horizons...

    by ces68 doubt a really good brain much fun!

  • Great app

    by Dejuane87


  • Full access WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

    by Clarkeh35

    Excellent app but full access is ridiculously expensive, you would sell 10,000 X's more if it were a reasonable 15$ annually.

  • Muy buena

    by Viton2

    Lastima que la version sin pago sea tan limitada

  • Love it

    by Fitlobo

    Is a great app this us a must download

  • Makes you think

    by Rsalzbrun

    I just purchased this app (saw it on tv) and I figured, why not? It's exercise for your brain. I love it.

  • Great training

    by Gt4life

    Just needs more of a variety

  • Fun and challenging!

    by Toast dude

    Great app!

  • Useful? Maybe. Diverting? Definitely.

    by Berliner

    Entertaining games, nice variety. Wish you could get a lifetime family subscription, but for now the lifetime subs are just for individuals. Lumosity does a nice job of charting your progress and they continue to add games.

  • Great App, more rewarding than most video games

    by Jenafruta

    Fabulous app! Loads of fun & great brain training!


    by fiestiilaylow


  • Lumosity

    by BubbaBr3nt

    This is great it really stimulates my mind i can tell im getting smarter

  • Wow!

    by illestG35

    It gets me really really focused in what I'm doing

  • Great "brainercise

    by Future Genius

    I've always considered myself to be of average intelligence, I'm confident that with Lumosity's help, I can raise the bar to genius level!. I've only been using it for about two weeks, and each passing day just seems somehow easier. Crossword puzzles, card games and even work, all seem less challenging and so much more fun!...

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