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• Bug fixes
• Improvements to awards
• Support for more skills

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Make math tangible with IXL Math Practice! Over 2,000 standards-aligned skills provide comprehensive coverage of K-12 math content, while hundreds of colorful awards celebrate important milestones. From skip-counting with pictures to multi-step story problems, IXL's interactive practice formats bring the joy of learning right to students’ fingertips.


- Comprehensive coverage of K-12 math curriculum

- Wide variety of question types to engage students
- Virtual prizes and awards to celebrate learning milestones

- Insightful reporting on all app practice at IXL.com

- Over 8 billion questions served at IXL.com

“Thanks to IXL, our students' performance has increased dramatically. Because they practice the skills daily, and because the site provides feedback, students are able to correct their mistakes and master the concepts easily.”
Waleska Batista, teacher, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, U.S.A.

“My favourite feature of IXL is that if you get a question wrong IXL will tell you how to solve it and what you did wrong. Another thing I really enjoy is that IXL provides awards and progress reports showing how you do over time. I think these two things are very effective because they make the student feel like they are actually studying and not wasting time.”

Student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“This program takes the frustration out of math because it allows the student to practice at his/her own pace and stay focused. It's okay if you mark one wrong because another one will be waiting. This is a great tool to have.”
Parent of a 4th grader, California, U.S.A.

“We like the rewards and certificates; our children work very hard to receive these! The reports are also brilliant in keeping us informed of the levels our children have reached and where they need extra help.”
Parent, Coolah, NSW, Australia

“My students are improving by the day, and some even stay in for recess to work on IXL!”

Helm Jackson, 5th grade teacher, Redmond, Washington, U.S.A

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Abgale44

    I would say this is a pretty good app my teacher told us to get it and it's very picky but a good learning site and it's nice that I can do whenever I want for however I want since I'm in rolled

  • Wish I could have an account

    by Roxi1968

    This is a great app for learning but I can only use it as a guest.

  • Great app

    by SergeDet

    Great app to help kids to improve their math skills following what they are learning in classes, but app doesn't have the reports for parents that web version has it. Hopefully you can provide those reports in app soon

  • This app is great now

    by Dvojodxxxxx

    This app is great now that it offers all the way up to Algebra and Geometry is coming soon.

  • The worst BUT good app I got smart

    by Trolololollillikmna

    Ok this is the worst app I have ever seen and if u get wrong soo dumb u lose points BUT thank you for letting me learn so much I got soo smart but thx I'm in 2nd grade and I'm in a Christian school so guys take care :-)

  • Excellent and fast app

    by Elaine David

    I love this app. I promoted this app to the whole school and now my school is going to their phones or tablets if they need to do IXL. My teachers love this app. It's fast and excellent. You should download.

  • Great App, but...

    by Boobear73124

    Great app, but I wish there was a way that we could work the problems out in the app, not on a separate sheet of paper. My school has subscriptions for. iXL, so yeah. But I really like this app better than online! I'm using it to study for midterms, so it's helping! Thanks! Great app!!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Song Shi

    Although I am not a teacher myself, it would be cool to hear my teacher say that she could check my IXL Reports from Minnesota and send them back to my substitute teacher so gay I could practice at home what is nessecary for my future career! Please add a reports section to the app.

  • Education

    by EduTech Guy

    This is a good App and does great things for students but many schools are running behind when it comes to technology. We have a number of 1st generation iPads still running for student use in our district and they can’t update past iOS 5.1.1 Please make a version of your App that is compatible with these older devices so students in public education can access this great tool!

  • by Alliesley

    Best math app ever! Helps a ton!

  • It's great an all but

    by Froggers549

    I'm not doing so good in algebra and I use this to help me study big time but I just reached the limit and it won't help me now I can't study at all at least make the study limit for each subject to be at least 100 my parents don't have the kind of money right now to make me a membership

  • So happy you came out with an app.

    by 2badithappened

    My little one is enrolled in this for school. We love handing over our ipad to see it really being used for school. Fantastic job!

  • iPhone support

    by Dominaterz1902

    This is awesome for school homework and studying! Please create iPhone app ASAP!!! If possible, please add science, biology, and video help for 6 stars out of 5.

  • Good

    by Brett Turner

    This is really great, but really needs updates because I have to go online for some things

  • Much better than the PC

    by AlyChu

    My children use IXL for school and homework. They really like the ap and using the iPad more than the lap top. It is very user friendly and they love earning new rewards. This makes learning fun. Recommended for families everywhere!

  • ????????

    by TLoobs

    How do I make an account

  • The best math app ever !!

    by Jassimalthani

    The best !

  • Great, but wish I could actually buy this

    by Meg's ipad

    This is a great practice math app, but you can only play as a guest. Being a guest only allows you about 20 problems a day before it closes you out. With multiple kids that doesn't allow for much practice. It seems you can only get full access if a teacher enrolls and them enrolls their students. Great app but wish normal people could utilize it.


    by guptaMLBfan

    This is awesome. There didn't use to be many choices, but now I can do all the skill levels I need in my hand on a tablet. 5 stars all the way. It is also very, very well made. Doesn't crash at all, smooth running. I highly recommend this app. I would give it a higher rating if I could.

  • Needs 7th and 8th

    by Elaine David

    I wish you guys can open 7th and 8th grade already because it's annoying how i have to go online for 7th. It's an app that works fast but needs for grades.

  • It's good for learning but...

    by DJ Nyancat

    I keep getting answers wrong when their right. I don't like it cuz I get a score from my teacher and it'd bothering that I get like 3 mistakes because of your faulty work. But you really learn from this it shows the work and helps you learn.

  • by Mittens girl

    I don't want it it won't let me exit it out at the App Store so I can actually get the app I want I'm so mad


    by Asdfghjklbyhkm

    F***** this app

  • This app won't take my secret word.

    by mr.katnipp

    Every time I go to sign in and I put in the right secret word it says incorrect secret word.

  • Poor interaction

    by inasisi

    Not like an iPad app. The interaction is poor.

  • Don't get this app

    by fjtughhf

    Don't get this app

  • Worst App Ever

    by AlexT2001

    Only causes frustration because it removes too many points when you get a question wrong

  • Locked up my iPad

    by Pezkb

    Not good


    by Asdfghjklbyhkm

    The worst app ever

  • Don't like

    by knitone

    Is very boring and I had 99 and when I finished it it brought me back to 25

  • Not enough room? HELP!

    by Idalis Lujan

    I did not like the way that I kept writing what a number was in word form and it didn't show me what I was writing! Other than that I am still waiting for seventh and eighth grade! Please hurry up and help me get a good grade on my test!

  • IXL

    by Stitchsm7

    IXLis a great learning app! The only thing is I would like an update and added on a place you can check your usage for the past week on the kids version and the teachers! Thanks that's all please update!

  • Pay what?

    by GlenRwang

    Why don't they write payments to be made for unlimited questions Change your description to pay before your start

  • Account not active!?

    by Mehfgcd

    Once in a while it says my account is NOT active, it is a great thing but that is a major bug!

  • Questions won't load

    by Cbax

    Just downloaded the app and it keeps stalling and saying questions won't load. We love the web version. Wish the app was up to the same standard.

  • 8th grade

    by Anonymousdoggy

    There is no 8th grade! I'm in 8th grade and I thought it would easier to use the app than safari, but instead, Safari is easier! Update!!!!

  • NEED 7th AND 8th GRADE

    by dxdxmxe

    Please update the app so they have 7th grade and 8th grade

  • I loved it

    by Usef7

    I loved it but I can't wait for I ang J levels to be done to make my math home work

  • I loved it

    by Usef7

    I loved it but I can't wait for I ang J levels to be done to make my math home work

  • I loved it

    by Usef7

    I loved it but I can't wait for I ang J levels to be done to make my math home work

  • Needs to work without internet connection

    by Mommy70

    Fantastic app for kids in elementary. I looove the game approach but it will totally be a home run if the kids could work on it all the time, it will be great for long car trips and waiting at the doctor's office. Even if the "off-line" option was a more limited one.


    by Kagome higorashi

    I need algebra 1! Not anything else, ANYTHING

  • I love it

    by Sproutie8

    My kids teacher bought the subscription and handed out passwords to whole class, so ask the school before buying.

  • This is great

    by MarciBD

    My grand kids are required to use this website for school. The app is so much easier than on a PC. And the instruction is easy to follow and understand if it is a new concept.

  • I need better ixl

    by Dkkev69

    You need rewards to going on and doing a number of days and also you cant just have 5th grade and not have 4th grade review.

  • Ixl issue

    by Mathwms

    When are grade 7 - 8 coming? That was why we downloaded the app.

  • Frustrating

    by Mom10023

    Something is seriously out of sorts. My daughter was answering questions right and kept getting feedback that they were wrong so I tested it. The number pad must be coded to the wrong numeral. I took app off immediately. We will stick with the full web version as we love IXL.

  • Yearly Membership Required

    by Darylbn

    This is an amazing app like no other out there! BUT, the app requires an $80 membership in order to unlock for full use. The membership does not offer support to grades above 4th grade and is limited in resources. I'm not selling this short as it does offer a wealth of information. I am not willing, however to pay $10/ month or $80/ year for an app. My need / want is for the app only! Please provide this (IXL Math) app for a one time charge and I will buy and so will thousands others. It is the only app I will use for my children (3 in grade school), once it is available for full use without membership. Thank you.

  • Needs 7th grade level

    by Oboe11

    I need it

  • Great!

    by Bhicks2220

    I am a third grade teacher and this app is great for my students. They love to use the iPad for IXL. My one suggestion is to add the administrator controls for teachers. I would love to chess reports from my iPad.

  • It really needs other grades

    by MilkDudBud

    I use this website a lot to do math hw, but the app is useless to me if i cannot do grades 7-up. Plus, it's been out for over 4 months and it's still v 1.0 Please fix!

  • Need more grade levels

    by Melanie Whitaker

    We use IXL almost daily in our school. I teach 8th grade however and we also have algebra and geometry classes that utilize IXL. It would be very helpful if the app included all of the grade levels and skills that the website included so that we can use our newer technology such as an iPad cart and iPod cart with the IXL app.

  • 1 word AWESOME

    by Hshehckfb

    It helps me but feels like games

  • Nice for Ipad

    by MartanaO

    Very nice to have the ipad, but teacher requires an amount of time per week for students. It's a pain as a parent to have to log on a computer to see how much time my child has completed for the week.

  • Come on

    by Yijfickdkf

    Im in highschool 9th grade i get assigned ixl please add more grades pleaase

  • Good but needs update

    by Awesome alot

    This app is very good, but it still needs some updates like grades 7-9 or something like that!!

  • Needs more grades

    by Crap face 111

    I'm in 8th grade and we do a butt-load of ixls and I don't wanna go to the website and sign in every time... Please add all of the grades k-12

  • 8th grade???

    by fowpaw

    This app only goes up to 6th grade and I'm in 8th meaning I can't use it. Please add support for 8th grade students in the next update.

  • Add More!!!

    by Chriskiki23

    This app doesn't have 7-8 grade or algebra. They need to add this.

  • A couple ideas

    by B H

    Great app. A couple suggestions to improve. Allow the ability to switch between users without logging out one child (we have multiple kids using it). Add ability to use off the network. Ability to see what questions the kids got wrong on a section. Add a scratchpad. Add date and time test was completed.

  • Amazing

    by Song Shi

    I just have one thing, my teacher's a little bit picky on how long I do IXL, so can there be a student's section where students can see how long they are taking, what they did wrong, and don't forget to add links to practices so students can practice more. I bet my parents would love the reports section on the app, too.

  • No

    by Danmister 69

    There is no 7th grade! l:(

  • needs voice over like web

    by Zanaxx77

    using it in a kindergarten class and i cant read to 6 groups of kids all at the same time. it would be nice if it could read the question to you like the web version.

  • Nice, however...

    by Romills

    It won't run on the first gen iPads. The IXL website won't work on them either. Nice app, but very limited.

  • Update now

    by Teacher 8976

    love the.website, but the app should be just like the website.

  • Useless without sound

    by nmc school

    This app would be wonderful for our elementary students on the iPads, but is utterly useless without the ability to read the questions to the child. Instead we have to take the kindergarteners through Safari - an exercise in frustration! Please fix this!!!!

  • ?

    by MyAuntIsTheBest!

    Where is Algebra?

  • Where is the rest

    by Stacey Carraturo

    It only goes up to 6th grade. The computer version goes up to 8th grade and has algebra 1,2 and geometry. Very disappointed!

  • need all grades

    by 8th grade--homework.

    For school i need to do ixl in algebra but there is no option on the app...only the website. Please add all grades to the app.

  • 1 problem

    by Bbunni

    I like this app but whenever I get a question wrong I was finally at 98 and it takes me back to 90! Seriously?

  • Its great but...

    by Hawaiixx

    What happened to the other grades? 7-8? :( at least put geometry on the app

  • Why?!

    by Em mermaid

    At first I was excited it came out with an app. So I got it. Turns out, it only goes up to 6th grade! I'm in 7th... Hopefully they will add more grades in the next update

  • Other grades

    by Jay123101

    Can we get all the grades on here. If all the others grades were here this would be 5 star


    by Lpoiutreqq

    Thank gosh they finally made and app for IXL one thing I can't find where to login if you don't have it please add it

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