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Seller: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Is your child curious about letters? Curious George certainly is, and he needs your child’s help on this alphabet adventure. This simple app creates the perfect environment for your child to develop foundational reading and writing skills, with plenty of fun!

Children enter into Curious George’s colorful world, where letters have been broken apart from their partners and are hiding behind bushes, fire trucks, toy chests, and more! Children must find each letter and then trace it with the help of the Man with the Yellow Hat.

Once the letters are traced, children match lowercase and uppercase letters into pairs to earn their achievement badge! Earning letter badges builds skills and confidence. And playing with Curious George is your child’s first step towards writing his or her own name!

Curious About Letters also allows your child to record and play back each letter sound! This is a fun way to learn the A-B-C’s and it creates an audible reinforcement of what your child has learned.

Alphabet recognition is promoted through
•familiarity with letter names, symbols and combinations
•the sounds of individual letters
•tracing letters, which is a precursor to printing letters
•recording letters to reinforce learning

Features and benefits:

Pop-Up Menu and Guidance
•Easy navigation
•Listen and laugh with the Man with the Yellow Hat as he narrates and guides

•Entertaining and interactive activities will reinforce knowledge of the A-B-C’s:
oSearching for familiar letters and simple words
oComparing uppercase and lowercase letters
oMatching letters
oSaying letters out loud
•Fine motor skills are strengthened with:
oTapping and dragging

Customer Reviews

  • Nice Concept

    by Long Crew

    This game is very cute, and my 2 yr. old son loves finding the letters, but the tracing part has to be so precise, I even have to start over sometimes. It would be great to get an update that allows for a little larger margin of error for kids who are learning their letters. Otherwise, nice educational app.

  • Unstable

    by Ed Wilson

    For an app that costs $2, this is a waste. There's only 2 games to play and my 2.5yo finished them in a half hour. Not to mention that the app freezes up constantly.

  • Occupational Therapist

    by MissOT84

    I purchased this app because the children I work with love Curious George. I am hesitant to use it because the lower case letters are formed incorrectly and this would be confusing for those children who already have visual motor delays. I think the app should be fixed, if not what a waste of money.

  • Preschool teacher

    by Loves Children

    I purchased this app because I love Curious George, my entire classroom decor is Curious George. After purchasing this app, I was unimpressed. A child has to tap an arrow to go back after completing the task. It would be much nicer if the app just automatically went to the next task after the first was completed. I felt myself wanting the app to respond quicker to my taps but there were many instructions that children would have to wait through even if they had played before and knew what to do. I find myself wishing I had not purchased this app.

  • Tracing is difficult

    by Joel's mob

    My two year old likes the app, but gets very frustrated with it. The tracing function is very unforgiving and it keeps making her start over. After a couple tries she gives up and moves on to a different app.

  • Tracing Difficult

    by AllieJaxMommy

    Cute idea but for the tracing you have to be very precise and my child got frustrated fast.....update should allow more leeway for error......

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