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Make handwriting practice fun! With our Wet-Dry-Try Suite App, children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters. The app simulates our Slate Chalkboard and Blackboard with Double Lines and helps children learn handwriting skills in the easiest, most efficient way. The result truly is handwriting without tears!


- A proven multisensory approach teaches children to write letters and numbers with correct habits and without reversals.

- Children can practice letters in any order they choose, or follow the HWT Order, which presents the letters in the proven Handwriting Without Tears® developmental teaching order.

- A personal coach helps children with friendly audio cues to learn formation steps and fix mistakes.

- Each letter has three levels of difficulty that build skills progressively. Master a level and win a star. Earn three stars and win a letter card. Collect them all to win the grand prize!

- The two options for sensitivity allow parents and educators to adjust the writing tolerance depending on each student’s needs.

- The smiley face and Slate Chalkboard frame promotes good handwriting and reading habits for capitals and numbers.

- The double lines, modeled after our Blackboard with Double Lines, make it easy to understand where lowercase letters start and end.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it, but...

    by NMOT

    I love the sound effects that simulate the "drag" of dry and try. I also like that lowercase and numbers were added. It would be great to also have the cursive letters. As a school-based OT I have more than just 4 students that need this app. Unfortunately, I can only tack 4 students with the regular app purchase. I wish I could add as many students as I need to like I can in similarly priced fine motor/writing apps.

  • OTR

    by SpH2273

    Love this app, however would love a cursive app too!

  • Great app!

    by KidzCOTA

    This is a great app, just like the program. I agree that it is a little frustrating when set on the more difficult level. The app needs more color, better graphics & variety. I absolutely love the feedback (live insights) portion, but wish it was more reasonably priced. Overall still a great app!

  • Awesome

    by Terrymic

    My second grader still has many reversals and struggles to write as he seems unsure about direction the letters go. I purchased this two weeks ago (in addition to the workbook) and it is very helpful. I can see that he is gaining confidence in his writing and he is already beginning to use their method rather than his haphazard one). I wish he had been started on this earlier because the method prevents reversals and many letters are built from the "magic c, hence cutting down on how many different strokes a child has to remember to write letters. I highly recommend this app!

  • helpful & useful for 4 1/2 y.o. right-hander

    by Mulligan672

    This app has been very helpful in teaching my daughter appropriate strokes since she tends to go the wrong direction. However, the other reviews are valid it can be frustrating. To balance it out, we only practice 3 letters at a time and only as long as she's enjoying it. I also like the detailed reports that I am able to access outlining her progress. It's worth the money to augment your child's education!

  • Nice idea, but...

    by Ashley4040

    I love the app, it works well and is a great teaching tool. However, only being able to use it with one student (unless you pay more for an already expensive app to add only 3 students) makes it not worth it.

  • Great handwriting practice app!

    by Samsa1972

    The app works well & is good for beginning writers. Please add cursive practice!

  • No lefty strokes or fine motor activities

    by Junk22222222

    There is no option for children to learn strokes that left handed children use. Also, the letters are large so with a stylus pen children really only learn gross motor control and proper righty strokes. Wish there were some smaller letters to practice on and lefty strokes (right to left and clockwise) It is still helping our lefty first grader who has trouble with handwriting.

  • Improved, but needs work

    by Pre-K teacher with a 5yr old

    I was so excited when they added the lower case letters to this app. I love the HWT tears program and used it in my Pre-k classroom. The Wet Dry Try is a wonderful way to reinforce how to correctly write a letter. However, when my 5 yr old uses this App I quickly noticed how frustrating it is for her even though she can write well and was trying so hard. You must understand the following in order to see why this app is so frustrating to children: -The Program begins by writing the letter in white chalk. -The first step for the child is to use a "wet" sponge to "erase the chalk (creating a black letter) and this is easy for her, although if you don't do it absolutely perfect it makes you start over. - The second step for the child is to "dry" the board (creates a gray line) and this is a little more challenging because she need to see the original white letter under her black letter which is basically gone. - "Try" (you use white chalk) is nearly impossible for her because the board has not bee completely erased!!! Instead she must look at a letter mess (tiny shadow of a white letter, black shadow of a letter and the gray letter). The gray letter on the top now is misleading because if you try to go over top of it with your chalk the program will make you start over and say "whoops". The program wants your child to see the tiny shadow of the white line and go over that. Until your child does this they will not get a star and move on to the next letter. Ways to get around this problem: - Tell you child to only do "wet" and "dry" and that you get to do "try" (if it seems like they are still having the same problem). -Another thing you can do is have the program show your child how to write the letter and then have your child write it on their own chalk board, in shaving cream, sand, or with a crayon on paper. If your child gets easily frustrated by being told they did something wrong even though they came very, very, very close to doing it right then this is not the app for your child.

  • Great...

    by Lorevincami

    This app is helping my daughter how to write a letter correctly I love it!!!

  • Amazing

    by Nawnie11

    I purchased this app for the little boy I nanny who is Autistic. Normally he only wants to play Thomas on the IPad now he is asking to play his letters. No other educational app I have bought has intrigued him this much.

  • Thanks!

    by Handwritingchristine

    I've used this with my own children, in my occupational therapy office, as well as in a private kindergarten class. Everyone is excited by this app. I can track progress and prioritize lessons better while the children have fun.

  • OTGuy

    by Bee happy today

    I love the new update and love the ability to track thru live insights exactly what is challenging for my students. The new update really makes this a must have for teaching children correct letter formation - and the ability to teach letters in a logical teaching order. The best thing about the app is the ability to know via live insights exactly what the child is having difficulty with then target that during the teacher demonstration on the WDT slate. This is the only app I know of that is fun for kids but provides actual 'grown up' data. Keep up the great work.

  • Mom

    by mommoni

    I love the App. My only suggestion is that it not be so unforgiving. Young kids get very discouraged very soon with it.

  • Fantastic!

    by Bruce KS

    This app has it all! Capitals, numbers and lowercase that integrate with all the other hands-on activities I use with my students. The self-correcting is friendly and the graphics are incredible! I love how HWT always develops products that are child-friendly, developmental, multi-sensory and most importantly truly teach.

  • What an app

    by Cbraxton

    I love how the Slate and Blackboard concepts are integrated to mesh with the other hands-on products my kids use.This app shows me which of my kids are struggling and with what letters/strokes. I don’t need to look at their iPads. I just log into my account.

  • In app reporting

    by JamesFuton

    The in-app reporting gives insights about things children do well and where they need help.

  • Exceptional activity!

    by Patty Bunce OTR

    The updates are fantastic! I've used this with regular ed and special needs students and they absolutely love the activities and the motivating exercises. So, the kids are loving it and so am I because tracking their progress is a snap with the updated version. Wonder what could be better? Nothing, if you ask me!

  • Awesome App!

    by Susan Van Meter

    My students have a hard time putting the iPad away! They want the next star. I love that I can see their progress without standing over their shoulders. Thank you for the updated Wet Dry Try App!

  • Great tool and nice improvements!

    by Grobenstein

    This is a nice simulation of the "real" chalkboard Wet Dry Try activity, which I have used before. One of the features I like the most is that the app detects the different types of errors my kids are making, and it gives unique verbal feedback for each type. And now you can see a visual display of the child's errors and progress for a quick snapshot of what they need to work on most. Great to see this app evolve. Thanks HWT!

  • Many tears

    by Solitaire Grandma

    As a former elementary school teacher,I purchased this app to assist my special needs grandson with writing. This app is very unforgiving of the smallest error. After watching my grandson get frustrated to the point of tears, I cannot recommend this app! He is extremely intelligent and has had no trouble using other educational apps!

  • Too expensive for an entire class anymore

    by Anikamarie

    I used the previous versions of this app with my kindergarten students. I am disappointed that I chose to do the update because now I have to by student licenses to use it with multiple kids...I don't have $3.99 per student to do that so I will no longer be able to use this app with my class.

  • OTR/L

    by School System OT

    App is a fun activity to use in conjunction with the HWT program. However, in order to monitor more than one student's progress you must pay an additional cost for each student and that provides you with a subscription that is only good for one year. Not cost effective for those wanting to use the app to monitor multiple students progress. Also, although the error tolerance can be adjusted, it is still too sensitive for those students with motor impairments.

  • Superb app!

    by TheRuby2z

    Awesome job adding the lowercase letters. The LiveInsights analytical tool that can go with it is great...it keeps track of the important info and makes cool reports I can share with parents and colleagues.

  • School Buyer Beware

    by Costly App

    This app is great, educationally I give it 5 stars! However, purchase wise, the price for what you get is misleading. I purchased the app for $6.99 to use with the iPad in a preschool setting. AFTER my purchase, I realize that you have to purchase an individual license for each individual student as you can only use the purchased app for $6.99 for up to 2 students. So, I contacted HWT (Handwriting Without Tears) customer care about the cost for purchasing additional licenses and they are $3.99 per student. However, their website goes on to state that purchases of 30 or more items (including +Live Insights licenses) qualify for a discounted price. A customer care representative quoted me $2.99 each on 09/18/13. I had to get Board approval for my purchase, so when I went to place my order for more than 30 licenses today, 9/19/13, I was told that $3.99 is the discounted price even though its the same price if you order 1 or 100. I feel that this is VERY misleading advertising. I even ask to speak to a supervisor about the issue, and the supervisor claims that $3.99 is the discounted price - and wouldn't honor the verbal quote I got 1 day before. My center wants to use the app with 75 students, however my $6.99 app is actually going to cost over $300 by the time I buy the "individual licenses", plus each license is only good for 1 year, so we're looking at thousands of dollars if we continue to use the app for multiple school years!

  • Best app for handwriting issues

    by Wingslevel

    I have been using the updated app with my homeschooled first grader and he gets frustrated sometimes but the app does a great job at correcting stroke direction and reversals. He completed the capitals in two weeks and is just as motivated about the numbers and lowercase letters. I am hoping the cursive get added as well. Thanks!

  • Frustrating my 5yr old

    by Nexie28

    I'm disappointed that I paid $7 for this app. My daughter does her letter pretty good on paper but when she works with them on this app she gets so frustrated... I thought it was suppose t be WITHOUT tears...? And I completely see why, I kept saying that I was writing the a wrong! I think the expectations are a little high... Or many the touch screen feature is too touchy... Whatever it is I should be fixed. I would have been better off buying $7 worth f paper... Disappointing

  • Great tool, not suitable for a full class

    by Kharrison

    I absolutely love the HWT wet dry try app, but I am disappointed that there is only enough storage or 4 students' work. As a pre-k teacher using my personal iPad with my class, I am frustrated that the assessments will be unusable, nice multiple children will be working under the same name. Please, do something about this in your next update! I would love to continue to use this app!

  • Works Seamlessly With HWT Materials

    by NanaHas3Luvs

    I loved the App when only Capitals and Numbers were available. But I really love it now with the addition of lower case letters and Live Insights! I'm looking forward to receiving data on student progress weekly by email for documentation. And I like the expanded information given about strokes missed. So helpful for researching and review. HWT is the best multi-sensory handwriting process I've ever seen and I would recommend it to other teachers of students with significant disabilities. My only wish is that the App supported more children. We only have 1 iPad for my class of 9 students - and the App only allows me to choose 4.

  • Don't buy the app

    by Jree12

    Don't buy this app! Really hwt? The old version allowed my 3 kids to practice. Now you have to pay for each additional student!!!!

  • Frustrated

    by Knlrachel

    I love this app, and especially the lowercase part being added. However, I am frustrated that I can't have my kids each on the app without paying a fee every year. Really, HWT??? I already bought the app.....

  • HWT App=Awesome

    by TSMD14

    My 4 year old loves this app! She loves seeing the cards turn color when she has completed a letter. I use this app with several students I work with as well and the reporting feature is perfect. I can take a look at my students and my daughter to see where they are struggling. I love everything Get Set for School and Handwriting Without Tears and this app is no exception. So excited to have lowercase letters now as well.

  • Awesome app

    by Darren Maynard

    I loved the first app, and the addition of lower case and the improved reporting is just incredible, and I am amazed they added the lowercase without charging more. Great job HWTears - Why we all love you guys... ....................................................................................................... I have been looking for something for my niece to help her with her handwriting, and this is just an amazing app. It actually teaches her as she goes through her letters and gives her encouragement. I have tried other apps and they allow your child to learn bad habits and not follow proper instruction. This app is so good at teaching her, and developing her skills at each level, but still making sure to stop her when she lifts her finger, or fail to complete a letter correctly. Fantastic value for what it is doing. Thank you HWTears...

  • Getting better

    by Homeschooling Girl

    My original review: "I got this app for my kindergarten daughter who has been using the HWT system for the last two years to support what work she has already done and to add support the letter style chosen. The app moves very slowly and is only geared toward Pre-K children who are just learning the 26 capitals and numbers 0-9 (or 10). I hope that HWT will update with lowercase sometime in the next few months. Until then, unless you have a child that does not yet write at all, I suggest waiting on the developer to do some big updates to this app. It's not worth the $5 and if the "Y" with other handwriting apps was similar I would have looked more at a different app. HWT- I love your printed materials- but I am very very disappointed in this app. I did better with the chalkboard, at least we could use it for upper and lower case." Update: I'm eager to have my first grader practice with the changes. I would love if we could speed up or skip the tutorial, and I would love if the 'sponge', 'paper' and 'chalk' moved faster. I have a feeling because they are SO SLOW that we will have trouble having her practice with this app. She will just get too bored. The nice thing about the app instead of the chalkboard is the ease of portability and lack of mess, but If I can't get it to hold my student's attention then we are limited on what we will be able to do with it.

  • Hooray for lowercase!

    by ILuvHWT

    Since the very first HWT app came out, I loved it! I knew it could be used in addition to the HWT hands-on materials we use. I always wished my kids could practice their lowercase on here, too. Now, they can, and they have tons of fun with it! This update comes just in time for the new school year.

  • love lowercase

    by Sheklo

    So glad lowercase was added! My kids loved doing the capitals and numbers, now we can do lowercase. The in-app reporting is something my older son will be able to understand. Thanks HWT!

  • LOVE the update!

    by BGTwinsMom

    I am a huge fan of HWT. I am a homeschooler and HWT has been an important part of our Kindergarten classroom. This new update is fantastic. Adding the lowercase, the HWT Order option, and the Student Progress are the kinds of improvements that make this app a must for anyone - teachers AND parents. Once you start using HWT you will notice just how awful "other" kids write that haven't been taught by HWT. Thank you HWT.

  • LOVE IT!

    by Bbrill

    I love this new update! The lower case letters are an added plus to app. I use this app all the time with students and it a great benefit to now have the lowercase. Using this app in addition to my original WET-DRY-TRY activity, my students are doing excellent with their printing. + Live Insights helps me keep record of each student and their progress! Love it!!

  • Thank you for this APP!!!!

    by Yorkie95

    My daughter has gone through the entire alphabet (and numbers) multiple times! Her teacher asked me what I'm doing at home to help her improve so much in just 3 weeks!! Thank you all for taking the time to create such a fun and interactive tool!!!

  • YES! Been waiting for this!

    by Minnezota53

    I'm so excited to start the year off with this fantastic app! Lowercase letters AND record keeping. Thank you so muc!

  • Handwriting without tears

    by Laconeja

    My students LOVE this app! And their handwriting has improved exponentially!

  • Needs tweaking

    by Jhhgjg

    Where is the lowercase? I had to buy Letter School just to get it.

  • I like it!

    by Teacher1183

    I am a teacher for special needs students. I really like this app and how it requires students to write the letters the correct way. Although, I would like to see lower case letters as well and maybe some more color to hold my students attention a little longer.

  • Disappointed

    by Piscesabitdreamy

    When the letter is completed, my child does not earn a "star" disappointed that it does not have a lower level practice as well. And even with the easier writing option, my child is frustrated that it doesn't register her lines

  • Great for struggling writers

    by Mamato0608

    As an elementary school teacher, the HWT font doesn't match what schools usually teach as handwriting and this program only includes capital letters, so it's not for parents who are looking to improve their children's handwriting. However, if your child is dysgraphic, struggles with fine motor skills, or has trouble remembering letter shape, the HWT program will at least get them to form recognizable capital letters. The app breaks down the coaching with repeated physical practice tracing the letters as well as auditory descriptions of letter formation and both visual and audible sounds to help reinforce letter memory. I originally found this app for a second-grader who transferred into my class with learning disabilities complicated by coming from a school that "didn't believe in forcing kids to learn" if they weren't interested. I also use this for my preschooler to help with number formation and reversals.

  • Great learn to write App

    by Slcurtis

    I am a cota and I use the application to help my kiddos learn the correct letter formation but it would be nice to also have lowercase letters to go with the upper case and number. Would give a 5 star rating if had lower case letters

  • Good but could be better.

    by LadyLaurent

    We've had this for one day and my son likes it but was frustrated with the upper level of difficulty. I changed it to the easier setting and he's doing we'll with that. When he's mastered everything on the easier setting I'll move him back up and let him do the more difficult setting. I would have given 5 stars if there were lower case letters. I was offered a years complimentary subscription to a new service that will be coming out with the next update of this app. I am really hoping there will be lower case letters with that update. I'll try to update my review when they do the update. I am happy we bought it but would like to see more options for the money. Keep up the good work on the app!

  • Awesome!!

    by Sarahdipity79

    We use HWT in our homeschool and have always loved it. This app just inspired all 6 kids (up to age 12) to "practice" their capitals! On the easy setting it is not too difficult for my very active, non-precise 3 year old to successfully complete the letters. He went from barely being able to draw a straight line to practicing several letters at a sitting. The voice instructor is very encouraging and the stars and letter cards are reward enough to inspire him to do it again and again. With 5 other children taking my time teaching them their lessons, this is a learning activity the 3yo can do on his own. Very pleased. If only it included the lowercase letters it would be perfect.

  • Crashes

    by Momghs

    I can't even get through one letter without it crashing!

  • COTA/L

    by Tracihp

    I am a school based OT. This is too hard for my more involved students. It would be much better if you could adjust the skill levels. It also needs lower case letters. I'm not happy with this purchase.

  • OT practitioner wants refund!!!!!!

    by Icantfindanamethatsnottaken

    as an occupational therapy practitioner who has been trained in HWT, i was excited to see this app. i am very disappointed with it, especially since i paid $4.99 for it. it requires far too much precision for my students to be successful. i have spoken with other OT practitioners in the public schools who bought it and dont iuse it any longer. Letter School app is much more appropriate and realistic in its expectations. i would like to get a refund!!!!!

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