iTranslate with Text to Speech THAI to English Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Gp Imports Inc, Software Development

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iTranslate with Text to Speech Results is an amazing application for your iPhone.

This application will translate most texts in THAI into ENGLISH, you will also be able to hear the result translation using TTS technologies.

As soon as you are ready with your word or text simply TAP "read text" and the job will be done for you.

Text-to-speech (TTS) is a system which converts normal language text into speech.

You can use this application to read:
- Emails
- Documents (such as spreadsheets, text and pdf files),
- Web pages and more.
- Possibilities are endless, you can select the text that you want.

The process is very simple:
- Select/Copy the text that you want to hear (can be extracted from the email app, notes app, Safari browser and more using the native copy feature).
- Tap on "paste" in our app.
- Tap on "read text"... and thats all!

* Application will give you the choice to send a sound file with the content of the text via email (perfect for voice emails).

Our app's voice technology is so clear that it sounds almost human.


Customer Reviews

  • Mr.

    by Linuxbrett

    Only does Thai to English, keeps shutting down by its self. Must have internet connection. Waste of $.99

  • Doesn't work :(

    by Siamese Gina

    It won't even translate a street name to English. Doesn't seem to work.

  • Hate it

    by Bittybutter

    Don't buy!!!

  • Thai translator

    by Josh california

    I thought this was awesome until I asked my Thai language teacher if the translations were accurate. She pointed out that they were grossly inaccurate. No wonder I was having such a hard time communicating! Would have been easier to carry a thai dictionary and point at words and hoped people understood rather than have them think the wrong things all the time.

  • Don't buy

    by Whiteboy0888

    I wanna translate English to laos. Update so you can do this and it will be awsome.

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Fulltone


  • Pointles to have it

    by dshifflettsr


  • Not useful for travelers

    by OhHonestly!

    It will not allow for you to type text in English and translate to Thai. I also entered the characters for the word "Thai" as on the app picture, and when it plays the voice says something else in English. I think it's glitchy and pointless for non Thai speakers.

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