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776 Things You Didn't Know is a collection of interesting facts and trivia.

Board at a bar? Killing time during class. Pull out your iPhone/iPod Touch and fire up this 776 Things You Didn't Know. This application is a great way to start up conversation.

Did you know that every time you lick a stamp you consume 1/10 of calorie?

Did you know that rabbits can not vomit.

There is no such thing as naturally blue food. Even blueberries are purple.

776 Things You Didn't Know is great for random facts, curious situations, conversation starters, parties, and settling bets.

Customer Reviews

  • Good stuff man

    by Agiknxeu58



    by Katnissrules12

    I now know how to scroll thru this app!! U scroll to whatever fact, click the box that says lock, then spin!!!!

  • #3 and #9 are exactly the same fact

    by Ovacodo

    The first ford cars had dodge engines

  • Word

    by Sean Noonan

    Had it for a few weeks and it's good for my break at work since I don't have time to get involved in a gam of osmosis

  • Nice app

    by Pipefitter152

    Not a bad app,very interesting things

  • Ok.

    by Tyler Smith

    It's an ok app but the facts aren't real sometimes

  • Good

    by NiCink

    Good app! Interesting facts but some are doubled but it is no big deal for me.

  • I really like it

    by ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

    It never crashes on me so idk what the other people are talking about and helps me when I'm board

  • 776 things you didn't know

    by Jimmbones

    This fun and interesting.

  • Fact app

    by The 8406707351

    They seem true or at least believable, except for the ones involving ET. I don't see the motivational things people were complaining about

  • Okay...

    by MegaJumpx3

    It's a good app. There's alot of facts I really didn't know, but sometimes it can be abnoxious. It gets really annoying and sometimes a little painful having to shake my iPod 100 times to go through all 100 facts in order. Also, idk if it's just me but the facts tend to repeat themselves. Maybe u should make it that you don't have to shake to see a new fact.. all the time! -_____-

  • ..it is way it says..

    by LtSmasH1991

    It's random facts..haven't gotten a single motivational quote..

  • Great app

    by Tiger_mom-USA

    Idk what everyone else Is talking about it hasn't once told me something that wasn't a fact and no religion Is in this at all. Good app, a Lil hmm Thats cool moments

  • Affirmations

    by MsFrugaLady

    This is a roller of topics. Roll to a topic & read an AFFIRMATION, which could easily be simply be listed, without the roller. If you want to read affirmations, get this. But these statements are NOT FACTS.

  • This blows

    by 9283746501

    Boring dumb and who would make something as stupid as this


    by Blanks nick

    Uses words most people dont know and it repeats facts

  • Stupid

    by Zarbar45

    Downloaded it and it won't open! DON'T GET IT!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Ashyboo101

    Downloaded it twice and it still won't open.

  • Lame

    by Leoc91

    The ones that aren't lies, are boring facts.

  • Not all fact

    by wjr17

    Facts are not all true

  • Boring

    by Aly5321

    Idk if the facts are real or not but either wau, theyre all boring. I probably read through over 20 and none of them were anusing :/

  • Fake facts

    by Ms. JennyCakes

    Ok so I've read some of these facts and googled them and so far all the ones I've googled turned out to be lies. It's pretty lame that these facts are fake.

  • Junk app

    by Frosty_Walrus

    I had to download it 2 times for it to work and many are repeats also some of them are about balls and other body parts it is disgusting.

  • Stupid.

    by a kid who likes petty

    See above.

  • Crappy

    by chelmcm13

    Doesn't even open. Don't download. It's a waste of your time.

  • Same here.

    by Elmehman

    Won't open for me either.

  • Stupid

    by Touchdown maker

    Doesn't open

  • Blahhhhh

    by Michellehdhxjtt

    So I do get random facts but it's nothing anyone would really wanna know ? It's kinda a waste of time and stupid stuff .......

  • Hxjdjdjskoskd

    by Bgskci

    This app didnt even open for me:(

  • Bs

    by Pappy22

    This app is crap they can't spell the facts are not facts at all and it has a bunch of doubles it's more like 15 facts that are crap, good bye bad app you are no more

  • Facts?

    by Jent47

    Some of these so called facts are not even true. So deleting this. I can't stand when the wrong information is getting spread around. It's not that hard to get the right info. It took me less than a minute to find out Debra Winger is not the voice of ET, which I pretty much figured wasn't true.

  • It's ok

    by Rackle d

    This app must have changed since all those people wrote bad reviews cause all I'm finding is random facts, like I'm supposed to. No false advertising here. With that said, it's still not that exciting of an app. But hey it's free.

  • Not facts!

    by Jlwilliams28

    This app isn't what it says it is! No facts

  • ...

    by Gideyon

    List the app for what it is, don't lie...

  • Lied!

    by Chrys17

    Really? Instead of facts they give you "motivational quotes" stupid stupid stupid don't even bother downloading, even the pictures are fake

  • 5 facts about this app

    by Kita Marie

    1. For anyone who hasn't noticed yet, there are no facts just motivational phrases 2. It's a Christian app people smart ones! 3. The picture preview in the app store is fraud too 4. It's not even 776 phrases 5. DONT BUY IF YOURE NOT LOOKING FOR MOTIVATION AND ENCOURAGEME Load of

  • WOW.

    by Lightning321

    I'm.......…VERY...........Speechless. Why would they lie..? Pretty dissapointed/mad/angry/confused at those people who made this app. It's not GREAT, AWESOME FACTS it's USELESS, BORING QUOTES. SUUUCCCKKKK-IIIISSSSSHHH. Hey creators who made this app, I've got a question for you, and I bet many would like you to answer. Q: WHY. DID. YOU. LIE.??? ( YOU JERKS!!!)

  • Why no 0 stars?!?!

    by ell-oh-vee-ee(:

    I wish I could rate this 0 stars cuz there aren't any facts..just usless sayings..if you wanna call them that..WASTE OF TIME!!!!

  • Oh my god...

    by WinInc.

    What a load of horse. GTFO of the iTunes Store you selfcentered jerk!

  • What

    by refinnejjenniferet

    Where are the facts?

  • 776 review

    by Pizpat01

    This app is a FAKE! Expecting random facts and instead, receiving motivational sayings just made me angrier. Gayyy

  • Fake and Gay

    by Nickk7227


  • Review

    by musiclover99999


  • Dude

    by HappiSammi

    Huge fraud.

  • Not even worth a star

    by MITT1NS

    Have to say one of the dumbest free apps I've ever downloaded


    by Jhilyard

    This is not facts, this is motivational sayings. This app is a huge fraud and either the description gets changed or iTunes should delete it. LIAR

  • Grrrrr....

    by Carollo13

    I read a few reviews before getting this app and I knew it was a rip off, but I got it anyways to see what the big deal was. My god... It made me super mad! I can't believe this guy is being this cheap! What a loser

  • Terrible

    by Cb1156

    Deserves no stars

  • Stupid

    by Brentzilla

    Stupid motivational phrases, 0 facts

  • Worthless is an understatement

    by Metalmusicfreak0

    It may be free...but there's NO facts about anything that it says. Don't waste your time or device memory.

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