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Do you feel unprepared for your AP Chem exam?? Improve your AP Chemistry knowledge FASTER than with any other app on iTunes. Applying the latest in cognitive science techniques, AP Chemistry Preparation will help you efficiently learn over 600 dynamic chemistry flashcards. It's the perfect study supplement!

Brainscape has embarked on setting the highest standard for AP prep in the mobile community by partnering with educational consultants: The Science Guys. The idea is to mesh the complete College Board outline of material with clear explanations in a streamlined adaptive flashcard software, so you can study as efficiently as possible. The adaptive platform lets you immediately diagnose weak areas (which will repeat more frequently as you study) and avoid over-studying already strong areas (which will be sorted out for you). It also tracks your overall success throughout. This won't completely replace your books -- indeed, we still recommend doing practice problems separately -- but it's the mobile prep tool you've been waiting for.

**Important Updates:
-All IUPAC (organic nomenclature) cards have full picture examples.
-Mnemonics used by the best test takers added to help boost retention.
-Full test overview deck, so you don't have to go researching CollegeBoard.com.
-NFPA labels in full color added.
-3D images of hybridizations and bonding structures added.

Spread the good word, and hit us up with stars as your score starts climbing!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Bubble gum mcgee

    The questions for each section ate kind of generalized, but when used in conjunction with the AP Chem book or a final review book it's really helpful

  • great tool

    by DaddyDudeA

    So far so good! I see someone said new update broke, but mine and my friends are good. Write Brainscape an email--they answered my question fast.

  • Absolutely Wonderful

    by ze weasel

    Easy to use, very in-depth, simple and clear explanations. A top-notch test prep supplement.

  • Simply amazing

    by CrazySoccerChick11

    I've gone through the first two sets of cards and already feel way more confident and prepared for the test.

  • Perfect for an AP/College student.

    by Greg0757

    Saved my backside plenty of times on tests.

  • Love this app

    by Dancergurl9

    Great review for all the first semester chem stuff long forgotten!'

  • Wish I

    by FitsumDrybax

    Gotta give it 5-stars, because it's awesome ... just wish I'd know it was here a couple weeks ago :-/ I'm gonna tell all my friends though, because it's seriously the best flashcard set I've ever seen. Simple, easy, clear explanations... just, needed it earlier!

  • Love it!

    by Simonaator

    With the AP Chem test just a few weeks away, this app is exactly what I need to get ready! Already glanced over three decks, and found a ton of stuff I didn't know I needed. Can't wait to see the rest! Hope they have an AP Physics app by next year!

  • Perfect

    by AppMoJo

    I'm flying through this

  • Must-have for AP Chem

    by Ico1114

    Such a big help with my AP prep!! I love the breakdown into subjects, it really allows you to focus on your weak areas - the flashcards themselves (which you rate according to confidence) also help a lot with that. If you're studying for the AP Chem exam, definitely get this app.

  • So useful

    by Hhiioill

    I've already clicked through Atomic Theory and realize that I would NOT have known half this stuff without this app. Sexy. I can't wait to get to Nuclear Chem! Thanks for this app - now make one AP Bio please :)

  • Fantastic

    by Shnozzleberry

    This is an awesome way to prep for the exam. It covers everything you have to know perfectly. Well done.

  • Legit

    by slapchevre

    This app is perfect for last minute cramming. You WILL memorize important concepts with this. Huge help

  • Update to NEW curriculum

    by DocKJR

    This app WAS good for AP Chem review, but no longer, as the AP College Board has CHANGED the curriculum...when this app fixes that update, I will upgrade my review...

  • AP Chemistry teacher

    by Mr. Shakeri

    This app is okay. Not worth paying for, I have been teaching AP Chem for a number of years and this is a decent supplement, but No way will this prepare you for the test. You need to do problems and practice.

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