Edmodo Education App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Edmodo
  • Updated: Jun, 25 2010
  • Version: 4.3.2
  • Size: 111.08 MB

Languages: English

Seller: FusionProjects, Inc.

• Students can now view the results of a graded quiz, including teacher comments
• A new tutorial for first time users
• Improved interface in the Library and Backpack

Customer Ratings

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109 Ratings
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3366 Ratings


Edmodo makes a teacher’s daily life easier by providing a safe and easy way for teachers and students to engage and collaborate for free, anytime, anywhere.

Use Edmodo for:

• Secure classroom discussions
• Posting assignments
• Gradebook tracking
• File sharing and uploading

Key Features:

• Classroom activity feed
• Student progress tracker
• Educational resource library
• Professional learning networks

With over 20 million users, Edmodo is the largest, fastest growing social platform for education. Awarded the 2013 EdTech Digest Award for Best Product, Edmodo makes the idea of a paperless classroom a reality.

Questions? Contact our award-winning Edmodo support team anytime at support@edmodo.com, using ‘iPad’ in the subject line.

For more information: www.edmodo.com

Customer Reviews

  • Please add parent profiles

    by Web-Head82

    I think Edmodo is a great tool, however, there is no parent profile log in. It would be great if you could incorporate that into the app. Thanks am keep up the good work!

  • So Ugly

    by hitotsu47

    I Use Edmodo As A Student. The App Works But It's So Ugly I'd Rather Go To The Desktop Site.

  • Login

    by Fallen_angel001

    I keep trying to log in but it keeps saying that I typed it in wrong, help?

  • Great app


    This is a really nice and awesome app

  • I like the app but...

    by Crackupbuffalo

    Can you change the design to the same one on the computer because I really like the one on the computer and this app is awesome

  • Needs profile edit button

    by  Karma Lee Nash

    I like it! Really cool, but needs a profile edit button so u can change ur pic

  • notifications

    by anss10

    it frustrates me that i don't get notifications when one of my groups posts something. i get notifications for assignments but not when my teacher posts something for the whole group to see. it'd be great if y'all could change that.

  • I LOVE IT!!!

    by  HuntAW

    It is really great that I don't have 2 use a big computer, and without even having 2 be using the app, it lets me know if I have a new grade, or something 2 turn in. No bugs or errors at all! Thanks 4 making this awesome app!!!!!

  • Update

    by Shubhang D

    Please give option for open in another app in iPhone

  • I need friends

    by Blame1

    Follow me on twitter and add me on edmodo.

  • Autocorrect

    by Vance Graves

    Please get autocorrect when typing messages to teachers and other students. Spelling mistakes are frowned upon.

  • Private messages

    by Guta87

    I love it but can you include in the update like a button where you can text in secret with friends please

  • Eats up too much memory!

    by BandGeekz

    This app is amazing! I am constantly using this for school. Over the years my classes build up. I believe this causes the unnecessary memory. Please fix this and make an update.

  • tests/quizzes

    by Gabriellerenee

    the app doesn't allow you to take the actual quiz. you have to goto the safari and use the website version. it's stressful, and it would be much appreciated if that we're to be fixed. overall, this app is wonderful and really helps out with homework, etc. thank you!

  • Bug

    by Bk2121212121212121

    Can you fix the problem on not being able to chose a career other than in the category that you first open up.

  • Please update

    by Luv2Drum

    This is an INCREdIBLE tool for education!!!!!!! Please update the APP so that it can do exactly what the website can. Consult the people at Facebook! Merge with Facebook! Steal one of their app designers!!!

  • Fix Responses

    by Student636

    Love the app! The only thing that frustrates me is when a teacher writes a response; the app cuts off the end of what the teacher wrote and I can't find a way to access that. Other than that, this is a great app for students and teachers!

  • Nice

    by Shannonluvuboo

    I think this app is awesome on the go but need a few bug fixes

  • Add stuff

    by Bananaramama111

    The user face could be better, where it makes you say what you thought about it make a neutral option or skip.

  • Great!

    by JD097566 

    This is good. S/O to Ms. Bego's 1A class!!!!!! Woot!

  • ...

    by sefret


  • Useless


    Used for AP Statistics class; complete waste of time time and energy to use. Sure, it might be useful for group projects and communications, but our idiot teacher had us taking pictures of assignments and turning them in. Do not bother using.

  • Awful

    by Mike27994346743

    Very boring layout and messes up all the time

  • Crappy

    by chandler98736274097128397

    Terrible for school useless and just annoying

  • App has no help!

    by Scott818

    Before you use this app, you need to research it on the Internet. The app itself is not user-friendly. There's no way to familiarize yourself with the application unless you go to the Internet first.

  • Horrible

    by Bri Bro Lee

    I can't even start a quiz on my phone but other people with other phones can

  • This app is way too slow

    by Jljup

    Lags out of everything and won't load any material

  • Ummm…

    by Jackilayne

    What happened to the "search famous person" on the favorite quote thing? Get that fixed then BOOM! Y'all will get 5 stars

  • Meh

    by Blane Dobbins

    This app is only useful for notifications don't rely on it for anything else that in my case is infinitely more important than notifications such as viewing a group discussion separately or looking in folder that contain all of your assignments. You are better off using the web version.

  • Troubles

    by Messele Asfaw

    Is it just me or does it take forever to download. I'm on an Ipad Air and I just cant downlaod it.

  • Keeps crashing!

    by Therearentanynamesleftjeez

    The app would be very useful if it didn't have as many bugs. Every time I open it, it either crashes or freezes within five minutes. And I know it's not just a problem with my own iPad; the same thing happens to everyone in my class!

  • Bugs and stuff

    by AKid73

    This app isn't useful since it's easy to forget about and not very clear to use

  • Needs update'

    by GeomTeach

    As a teacher, I love Edmodo, but I can't use the app without getting frustrated. I can't seem to view the results from my students' quizzes. Please make the app more agreeable (like the website) so I use it on the go!

  • Like but..

    by Zacharyluft@yahoo1972

    Needs 2 go faster @B!M@3L

  • Great way to connect with teachers

    by SamCornetta24

    This app helps out a lot, especially since I have homework on this site almost every week. However, the app has been running pretty slow recently and sometimes it even crashes. It doesn't really get in the way but it could definitely be improved! Overall, the app is great though.

  • It's OK.

    by A17B

    My only issue with this app is that attachments aren't opening. Don't update this app.

  • Username/password

    by Ralph474

    How do we view our username and password

  • Attachments

    by Haleymae031

    It used to be good but now I can't open any attachments! That's what I use this for!! Please fix!

  • Love Edmodo, but not your App

    by SCFornal

    The Edmodo service is a fantastic resource, but the App is not as polished as the web portal. My two biggest frustrations are both related to the Notification feature of the app. After you have received a notification, the only way to clear it is to hit a very very tiny hide button at the top if the notification list. The button is far too small for normal fingers. Second, since the last update, the app shows a red number badge that won't go away, even when you clear all the notices in the app. If you're OCD about clearing app badges like I am, this is very frustrating.

  • Great, but...

    by kkkarabeara

    This app is great, I just wish I could see my class folders.

  • Great learning tool

    by Natalia Nigro

    Edmodo is a fantastic app for students in school (middle school, high school) and I recommend it to teachers to help remind their students about projects and late assignments.

  • Think twice before you update!!!

    by Flying Squirrel expert

    I recently updated this app and now it won't let me open video links! Please fix this!

  • Cuts off responses

    by Me...nh

    I love this app. The only problem I have is when I'm grading assignments, the app cuts off some of the student writing in the response box.

  • Problem

    by SarahYarbrough

    Show the late assignments

  • Whatever

    by ABorgesD


  • Love it but update it please

    by alex1358

    My teachers use this website a lot. I really like the website but the app format isn't really up to par. It's basic and would look and feel simpler if you designed it kind of like Facebook or or a similar social networking app. The app serves it's purpose reasonably, however, it doesn't have all the features from the website. If those features were incorporated into the app it would be cooler. :)

  • I don't even know anymore

    by Mike27994346743

    I can't even reply to a post

  • Mrs Lopez haz SWEG

    by Jaden R R


  • Hey

    by Faolan

    Hey, I love it, but I'd sorta like to post photos. It's hard to explain a setting or situation without one. THNX -Lauren

  • It's ok....

    by Banjoknights1

    This app is great for getting messages from your teacher but there is no way that I am aware of to get files out of the folders that teachers post.....only away to do that is to go on a computer

  • Wrong

    by Very hilarious

    I got on the app to check out my class, and in my notifications a bunch of strangers reacted and replied to my posts, and when I clicked on them, they weren't even there.

  • Overall Great

    by seaotterlova

    Easy to use, great way to connect with teachers and class. Only problem I have is I am unable to view the edmodo calendar. Overall happy with this app.

  • What the heck

    by Kkh567

    I can't log it!!!! Fix it!!!!

  • Bulky

    by ipahhdtouch

    The new update is over 100 MB in size whereas the previous version was well under 100 MB. What happened?

  • Pretty good

    by Mr1217

    It's a great app but it won't let me take quizzes from my phone, if it could do that then it'd be perfect

  • Makes me back out

    by YuuupItsMe

    It takes me back to the home screen alot and I can't change my profile picture

  • Can't open any attachments

    by HelloHelloHelloHelllo

    Can't open any attachments

  • Edmodo

    by Blue1954

    This really helps get back on track if I haven't been at school for a few days and I need to catch up. I could just look at assignments posted by my teachers and figure out what to do. I love how so much useful information is posted to help.

  • Edmodo is Cool!!!!!!!

    by littlechurchbytheseafollowme

    Hi I'm opie and I love edmodo u should seriously get it I would even get it if it costs a million bucks READ THIS REVIEW!!!!!! :)

  • Please fix error!

    by Slamuel82848382

    Great app, but error always occurs when I try to open my homework via a PDF. Please fix this!!

  • Maestro H.

    by  The Bat Outta Hell

    This app works well- I use it with my students. If you can't get the notifications to clear and you are on an apple device, place your finger to the left of the yellow notification where the number is- then swipe to the right. A red box will appear and you can delete it from your notifications. This works on messages and emails too btw.

  • Okay

    by Melacoones

    I work in this at school and the app helps

  • Learning

    by Evanescence123

    This is a great tool to use for learning! :)

  • Edmodo

    by Aribian


  • Almost There...

    by laslo0728

    Overall, the app is great and useful, but there are a few things out of place: – There is no AutoCorrect while commenting or posting—I don't know if it's to encourage correct spelling, but it's really inconvenient – Still no way to turn notifications off like on the desktop version

  • This is great!

    by Miss-Frustrated137605

    I think this is a fun way to have connection with classes and it also helps me stay organized the only thing is it needs notifications

  • Eh

    by Maxocool54

    Its cool but no one responds, y'know?

  • It's okay

    by Ashleycat28

    Sometimes the app works, sometimes it doesn't. And the update is confusing, just because iOS 7 is in full force doesn't mean that the apps that are perfectly fine need to change.

  • Its good

    by Booya8564

    You can access the folders through your backpack. I like the app its got easy accessibility

  • Good

    by Jaevo1

    It's the best

  • So much potential

    by Infinite729

    The app should be more like the mobile site. It does not work like it should. I need to be able to see my students, grade assignments, comment on assignments. I also have push notifications on and nothing ever goes through. I would like all students comments and other things pushed rift through my phone like a text. I will review this again if you fix this app.

  • Fix

    by Jose is awesome #1

    I can't post any videos

  • Don't Like it

    by internetgenius

    I really don't like this app. It gives me a dozen or so notifications everyday, I can't change my profile picture, adding a post is confusing and definitely more complicated than it should be. I am NOT impressed by this app; it could be a lot better and I wish accessing things were easier and less hard to get used to. When downloading this app, it shouldn't take a month to figure out how to use it.

  • Horrible

    by annablmt

    Needs Major bug fixes

  • Amazing

    by Juniornobly

    I really like it I can do my class work on a computer but the thing is my teacher forces me to do it.


    by Anonamis83737

    I like this app but I need zonde!

  • What I think of edmodo

    by Tori C. :)

    I think it's great?You can talk to your friends,teachers,and it's just fun to play on EDMODO!!!

  • good!

    by ed_diesel 

    very simple and easy to use!

  • Awesome, but not!

    by Brian Oelke

    I LOVE this app, but almost every time I use it, it won't let me log in and then when I do, it won't show me anything! This app is great because (every once and a while) it gives you notifications and that's nice to have! Also, this app is really annoying! It's always stopping and logging me out! About every other time I use it, it just won't log me in or even open, so I have to delete it and download it again! It's really annoying!!! Luv it/hate it/can tolerate it…

  • Quiz Results

    by Hfjdndnsjdndjcj

    I think you should let us view our quiz results on the app. Like that we wouldn't have to go to the online version to view the results. I think we would all appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Good, but.....

    by SpringIsAwesome22

    Please add folders!!! It would be great to see documents teachers give you.

  • It's nice....

    by MeguKitsune

    Could you please make it so that you can delete old notifications? Also, when I try to put up an avatar picture, it won't work on iPad.

  • ok

    by Jgold231

    The app is ok. altho ever sense the update, i cant view pdf files. plz fix

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