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Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Dolmar Cross

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This app is created for wholesale homes, wholesale properties and Rent to Own homes mainly for investors and eventual homebuyers. The goal is to have investors or homebuyers looking for wholesale homes, wholesale properties and Rent to Own homes. This app is being used for the Carolinas and East Coast as the go to App for Investors and Homebuyers.

Customer Reviews

  • Don't download

    by Pnkrckr625

    This "app" is no longer being maintained so you can't even look up properties. Waste of time iTunes should remove this altogether.

  • Don't download

    by Jay Tribe

    Save your time this app is the worst one I've seen/tried to use

  • Worst "app" ever

    by S grinder

    This "app" ( IF you can call this an app) is NOT functional and is worst app I've ever download it, I just wasted few minutes of my life I'll never have back downloading this and trying to use this junk. You CAN'T browse properties , by city , county or state. You go to listings and bunch of properties are there from all states, some have address and don't even say in the whole listing the zip code or state, just street address. No where to refine search or nothing . Fix this junk or take it out of the app store please.

  • Not ready.

    by Pbart5195

    Great concept, terrible launch.

  • nation is not ready to launch

    by Jennabenna87

    why do u all have an ap?? u have listings in South Carolina only! and u can't even search by location, how many bedrooms etc. u r all about helping and you need to help yourself by getting more information first before u have people downloading an app with extremely limited information! also are u all ghetto with the language u use with your updates??!!!

  • Disappointed


    This app needs some serious help! Where can I search by location? And the language used on the comments, WOW!!!!

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