My Disney Experience - Walt Disney World Travel App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Travel
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Aug, 02 2012
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 16.36 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Walt Disney

What’s New in 1.5.1
•Bug fixes and performance improvements
•Now make dining reservations at 20+ additional Signature and Character Dining restaurants
•More easily link your Disney Resort reservation
•Create a Disney account, faster

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An official App from Disney! Featuring Walt Disney World® maps, official Disney Parks-provided wait times, FASTPASS® return times, and the ability to view menus and book dining reservations, manage and share itineraries with family and friends, find details about nearby Disney Characters, attractions, entertainment, park hours and schedules, and more!

• Global Navigation makes it easier to find Things to Do, plan your vacation, manage your account and view Help & Support. Includes quick links to Wait Times, Disney Character appearances, Here & Now and more!
• Scan your tickets and passes with your phone or tablet to link them to My Disney Experience

•Maps of Walt Disney World® Resort, optimized for touch screens, with details only Disney Parks can provide. Pan and zoom around:
–Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom® Park, Epcot®, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park
–Water Parks: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and Disney’s Blizzard Beach
–Downtown Disney® Area
–Select Walt Disney World Resort hotels
–ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
•See attraction wait times and dining availability integrated with maps
•Get acquainted with park and hotel locations while planning your visit
•Use the new Here & Now feature to instantly find attractions and events closest to your current location

•Explore Walt Disney World® attractions, including descriptions, images and height requirements
•Access special features including official Disney Parks wait times and current FASTPASS® return times
•Locate nearest restrooms, baby care centers, concierge and other Guest Services
•Learn when and where your favorite Disney Characters will be appearing next
•See Park hours and schedules, available at a glance
•Browse entertainment, including parades, fireworks, stage shows and performance times
•Find valuable tips and FAQ in Help Center

•View menus for dining locations
•Browse dining options including Table Service and Quick Service locations
•Check availability and sign in to make dining reservations
•Sort and filter dining options to find what meets the needs of your family based on location, price range, cuisine, and experience description

•View your upcoming resort reservations
•Create and manage your own personalized itinerary, including dining reservations. Add personal notes, reminders for parades, fireworks, and other Disney entertainment.
•Share your itinerary with family and friends
•Save your favorite experiences on Wish Lists, so you won’t forget any must-see items
•Sign in to manage your personal profile

This app collects your location to enable certain features, such as Maps and Explore. If you choose to not to allow location to be collected, those features will not be available to you. This app also asks you to register by providing certain information about yourself, such as your full name, email and postal address, birthdate and answers to security questions. Registration is optional, but if you choose not to register, certain features may not be available to you. You may also elect to provide other information to take advantage of vacation planning features this app provides, such as details regarding your vacation to Walt Disney World Resort and a credit card number for online purchases.

It’s new—optimized for mobile devices—and continuously updated! The official My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World® is the very best way to plan your visit, navigate the parks and maximize the magic while enjoying all that Walt Disney World® Resort has to offer!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app!!!

    by venomhatch

    Just wonderful. But please remove the AT&T logo.

  • My disney experience

    by Eastonsmomrocks

    Very good app

  • Its ok

    by Dezi45678

    Like it takes forever to load and when I try to get into it it takes forever I like how it tells you the waiting list

  • Awesome app

    by DisneyFanForLife

    Love this app ... Its one of my favorites. Keeps us on track so we can see everything we want and still get to meet the characters we want.

  • Helpful but needs se tweaking

    by Sarah McClintock

    Most of the time the app was very helpful. Sometimes it would not link our reservations/plans even though they were there. This improved during our stay.

  • Nice, but not perfect

    by Haeschen KoP

    We're still in the early stages of our trip, but I can tell the app needs work. A "today" button would be nice, for example. And I was not able to make certain FP changes without the assistance of a cast member. (Not due to inability, but rather the app won't allow it.) Still, it's ok for quick reference.

  • Great Disney App

    by G. Tiffany

    Love everything about . Keeps everything so organized in one place. So easy to add to your plans & find out wait times for attractions & rides & show times. Would recommend to anyone!!!!

  • It's OK

    by LadyZolt

    It works like you'd expect, but it only let me link dining reservations and not my "Behind the Magic" tour, even though there is a Disney confirmation number. It really should let you link all Disney activities.

  • My Disney Experience

    by UR2QT

    I could go on and on instead to putting one word MAGICAL!

  • Another great Disney app!

    by Litt1101

    I had a great experience with this app! It is a great compliment to the magic bands. I was able to book all of my fastpasses in advance at the best times for my schedule. I can't wait to use it for my next visit!

  • Must have, needs work.

    by KatwomanWA

    Like all things Disney, it's a glossy topcoat with an ugly interior. The app is vital for wait times and 'my plans', especially if you have magic bands or fast pass+. Changing a *single* fast pass selection mid day is pretty easy, if there are available alternates, but can be slow. And it only works well if you want to change only the experience *or* the time, meaning if you have Space Mountain at 10am, it's easy to change it either from 10am to 1pm or from Space Mountain to Big Thunder at 10am. You cannot change to Big Thunder at 1pm in one step. The My Plans area was an indispensable section with an overview for the day. Wish list: - Point to Point map within the park - Transportation information (getting from DTD to a specific resort or park) - The aforementioned FP+ changes - A home button or menu button on ALL screens so you don't have to backup through everything - Additional ride info - An instant 'praise a cast member' button via QCD code - QCD codes placed around the park and in lines to give info, play games related to the location, to order junk, etc. - The option to view and order pics. - Work on the app speed and efficiency Highly recommend, but a basic app right now. This should not be used as a planning app, but rather a supplemental app in conjunction with the main My Disney site.

  • A little faster

    by Hdnnnrnfjjdjdjdjdjdjdj

    You could make this a little faster

  • Excellent. The Disney way!

    by Kecooper

    So much information packed into an easy to navigate app.

  • Love it

    by Dynopurd1988

    This app was indispensable every day. It and fast pass made Disney World a joy to navigate.

  • Very Helpful, but...

    by Stjohn2199


  • Disney Experience

    by Car Holli

    Love it!!!

  • Great

    by James torpid

    I love it!!!

  • Miss

    by CMK and LDK

    I loved this app!!! It really helped with planning the day. I just wish I had taken the time to figure it all out before we arrived! One suggestion I have is to also provide estimated times of how long it takes to get from one place to another. And I really liked that Fast Pass option!! I missed the advantage on the first day because I hadn't loaded everything. I suggest figuring it out ahead of time to have more time for fun.

  • Excellent

    by Geroelviking

    Excellent tool for your trip to WDW! Easy and fun!!

  • Great app if you need info on the fly

    by shaneoWDW

    This app is a big help if you want to know wait times or character locations, it takes a little bit to update the right wait times, but if you have a family or just your self it is a big help for any one.

  • Needs work

    by Frustrated PA

    This worked about 50% of the time on the iPad ....but most frequently froze on my smart phone. It would have been helpful if it was reliable.

  • Could be a great app.

    by Luckyelf777

    I like the concept, but too many issues with it yet! Get error message when trying to accept friends invite, can't link reservation, even though it states it's linked. Just too many issues yet!!!!

  • Really good!

    by Katiekitten243

    Nice! It tells you everything about Disney!

  • Disappointing for Disney Standards

    by DisneyVacationer

    Sad and surprised to see this come from Disney. Nice to see online schedule in one place. Website is better than the app. Fastpass+ is big downgrade from prior program. You can no longer fast pass what you want. Forced to choose 3 in the same park. So why did I pay extra for the Parkhopper option. Choosing 3 is useless. You're forced to only pick one of the rides in demand, while the other 2 are among rides that have minimal or no wait. Essentially, you now only can Fastpass 1 ride you want per day, but the app makes it more difficult than it needs to be by forcing you to pick 3. The app has hung or crashed for me and my wife several times.

  • Spending way too much time on this app

    by Camugs

    The new fast pass system is very complicated. The app while helpful is very slow and has many glitches. Have been trying for days to customize my wristbands but every time I try to type in my zip code the app shuts down.

  • Amazing

    by Carliq!!!

    Can't wait to use the new magic+ bracelets with this app

  • Great app

    by James Risden

    Great app

  • Very useful

    by HarveyDowd

    Helped us maximize our time.

  • :3

    by Feathergirl20

    A really helpful app when u vacation at Disney. Although I wish that the schedule would go by weekly instead of just daily

  • needs work

    by needs work 9999

    app works fine - loads of speed, accuracy and back end database issues. disney cast very friendly on helping to fix - but my family still wasted 3 hours while they did that. great idea, will be good when totally working correctly.

  • Horrible app

    by kdfrmfslf

    Never works in the parks. Big waste of time. Disney sure has missed with this app.

  • Good tool

    by Coldinwisconsin

    We haven't gone on our disney vacation yet, but I'm certain that this app will be of great use to us once we're there. It has been very fun surfing this app and seeing the different activities to do. My only criticism so far is that I wish there was information on the Disney resorts as well as the theme parks and downtown disney. Then it would be the perfect app!!

  • Great ap

    by Melis1228

    Great ap for vacation. We were able to keep track of our plans as well as change/make plans on the fly.

  • I Love This App

    by Amanda Panda44

    Best disney app ever

  • Love this app!!

    by Chris from Ponce, PR

    Great app for people going for the first time or their 100th!!! Haha

  • Trying to sync is a major problem

    by Disneykia

    I made hotel and dining reservations on my desktop computer and then found out about the app. Put the app on my tablet but it does not show any ressies. Tried to manually put in my hotel using confirmation number to only be told that number is all ready assigned to my account. Will not put it on the app.

  • Disney NOT

    by andrew thomas

    Come on guys. This thing is so twitchy. Great concept but the app is not responsive or smooth.

  • It's Alright

    by DisneyFanatics

    App works for the most part but it's a bit difficult to use. Trying to use the app in the park is a waste of time.... It's too slow with the wifi that's available. Also, you would think you'd be able to see what fastpasses you have under the fastpass menu but you can only change existing passes. Needs some work...

  • Awesome Trip planner!

    by Nookiphone95

    Is a great app to plan a Disney vacation. I used it on my senior trip and it was extremely useful in figuring out what ride to go to next with the wait time section. I would recommend this for every Disney World vacationer.

  • Great APP!

    by Patau

    Great APP very useful in the parks! Keep on improving...

  • Amazing

    by Tifferdoo

    Love ! Very easy to navigate and very useful.

  • Just what you want!

    by TroyVSF

    Just what you need to keep track of all your Disney plans!

  • Great tool

    by rockymar

    Easy to use and straight forward. This is a good compliment to the web version and recommend have both

  • Disney app

    by toptek1

    It works good for the most part but is a bit slow

  • Work in progress I hope

    by Milehighronjon

    Fairly functional, but lacks simple conveniences such as linking your tickets, why can't the system tell you how many days are left? Still blows me away you can't find this out online. The "My Plans" needs to call out on the calendar at a glance what days you have something planned. There is no recap screen so you find yourself selecting each day of your trip to see what's booked and it seems to default to today's date each time it is launched instead of the last viewed date. Under notifications or the calendar it should list closed/refurbishment attractions. Haven't found a spot within the app that explains the days schedule of events such as parade times and meet and greets. It looks like the app is after being everything you need to know so these suggestions are helpful.

  • Muito bom

    by Patlmelo

    Ótima ferramenta

  • Indispensable, but far from perfect

    by Sbruceklein

    I don't want to imagine what our days at the parks would have been like without the app, which made working our way through the parks and dealing with fast passes much easier than it otherwise would have been. But the app was frequently slow, difficult to navigate, and limited in function. It was frustrating that it was not possible to choose a single fast pass - something that makes sense to do if you're not sure which rides will have long lines or particular appeal to your party. When I changed a fast pass for two of our party, the fast passes for everyone else disappeared from the system, giving me a moment if pure terror as I contemplated the rest of the group being unable to go on the ride that was the highlight of the day - fortunately it turned out we still had the fast passes, but the app wouldn't display all of them once some of them were changed. Restaurant reservations were difficult to manage as well. And it was not intuitive to move from park to park. All that said, what it did well - providing wait times, enabling setting and changing of fast passes (as long as you were doing your entire party) and giving basic information on the timing and location of events, was extremely useful, and I was very glad to have the app and would use it again.

  • Loved this!!!

    by Pcvngal

    Loved almost everything about this app. Unlike many, we planned our trip less than 30-days prior to going. Didn't even have tickets until we arrived. With this in mind, this app kept us organized. We were able to change fastpasses before the time started to different attraction as available to suit the days needs. This saved us countless hours of waiting. We consider the app to be concierge in our pocket that made of a Disney vacation PERFECT! The app has several things that can be improved like making the show times available and changeable in "my plans".

  • Like it

    by JW3107

    Other than an occasional black screen, easy to use.

  • It's a great app

    by highwayhopper66

    Works great! It was great to keep track of our itinerary. Thanks!

  • Too many "blips"

    by DisneeLover

    I am planning a May 2014 vacation to WDW FL. and was excited to see an app that I could use to schedule my dinner reservations and such but the app crashes ALOT and is usually down for DAYS!! It makes me apprehensive about my upcoming vacay and Fastpass+. I hope it's working better before my trip.

  • Great accessibility for the parks

    by MLP06

    This was a terrific app to use while we were in the parks and to help us remember our fast passes, see wait times, and check out our personal plans. It was easy to change fast passes while waiting in lines or determine if we wanted to change them. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it would run slow sometimes while inside the parks.

  • Great start but a few bugs

    by Greatness1155

    Great app but issues with rides not always showing fast pass times in the waiting times screen please fix this

  • Poorly executed

    by skydweller28

    Server down most of the time. Linking to family members...server down Linking to reservations ... server down Setting up fast pass... server down Add to wish list....server down We've tried off hours, for weeks, same results.

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