Minnie Fashion Tour HD Entertainment App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we're giving you even more to love about Minnie's Fashion Tour! Now you can head to Hawaii with Minnie and Daisy and play 9 new levels, with more accessories, patterns to choose from!

Also includes optimization of 3D textures to reduce crashes on devices with non-retina displays such as iPad 2 and iPad Mini.

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“If fun and fashion are what you seek, come inside and take a peek!”

Minnie and Daisy are so excited! The Bow-Tique has become an international sensation, and they need your help to take their fashion show on the road. Experiment with new styles, customize outfits with accessories and fabulous bows, then show off your creations on the runway. Once you’ve honed your fashion skills in the Free Style section, you can help Minnie and Daisy travel to New York City, Paris, and Milan to make outfits for every occasion—and strut their stuff on the runways!

•Photograph your own material and patterns to upload designs that are all your own.
•Help Minnie and Daisy look their best when they walk the runway in New York, Milan, and Paris!
•Customize outfits, patterns, materials, and accessories, and choose pets for Minnie and Daisy to take along on their fashion tour!
•Give Minnie and Daisy a runway-ready look with new clothes and accessories—and, of course, bows!
•Travel to New York City, Milan, and Paris to compete in fashion shows, and unlock new accessories by correctly completing challenges.
•Include Minnie and Daisy's favorite pets on the runway, so they can share the spotlight.
•Feature your creations on a photo postcard to share with friends and family.

Let’s face it—Minnie: Fashion Tour is THE app to have this season!

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check to see if your device is muted in the in-app settings. Don’t hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or memberservices@disneydigitalbooks.com

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Gjffhchnbc

    I love this game but I don't play it often it crashes but it a really nice game and I wish I can play it more but it keeps crashing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very disappointed

    by Georgez842

    I bought this app for my granddaughter. She loves the part of the game that works but the travel & style part crashes every time she tries it. Please fix.

  • fix it!

    by apackage

    my daughter loves this game but she is so disappointed when it crashes all the time. boo!!

  • Works for me...

    by Kleww

    As of January 13th, 2014, I am able to get this app to work. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, it works on an older iPad running iOS 7. (IPad 2) It did crash initially once, but then not again. Out of curiosity I downloaded it to my iPad air (2 months old) and it hasn't crashed once. Maybe Disney fixed it. As far as apps go, my almost 4 year old loves it. Will it last in the long run of holding her attention? Probably not. But she gets it without any explanation from me, so it's pretty intuitive. She enjoys it, so I'm happy.

  • Great games

    by Mark Strefling

    It is a great game but never X out in the middle of the games.

  • Lovely

    by Yellertunesa

    I'm sure my daughter will love it!

  • So cute

    by JCamilla

    My kids loves dressing up Minnie, and Daisy is just a nice extra. The characters look just like they do in the show. I almost didn't download it because of the reviews,but I have an older iPad and iOS7 and the app ran smoothly. The character voices sound genuine and are a great touch. I hope they release updates for this as it could use more stuff to do!

  • GREAT!but,

    by Nhaod

    Everything was normal on this app but one day I entered this app and all the volume was off.The rest of my apps sound worked perfectly.plus my devices volume was at the max sound level?Plz fix this bug.

  • Minnie's fashion

    by Aggie of Zachary and Taryn

    The app is not working very well. When selecting the travel mode nothing could be selected from the numbered sheets of paper in any of the various city choices. Looks like my granddaughter would enjoy if only it would work. Hope you will check on this and get it working. mm

  • Still Crashes!

    by Kirklad

    Update still a fail. If you are going to charge $5 for an app, you think you'd want to make sure it was properly tested before making it available download. When do I get my money back?

  • Update Needed

    by Nikki nac

    When I click around the world the app shuts down and it won't work

  • Crashes every time, I want a refund

    by Maddad2680

    Home on a snow day, saw the commercial, my princess was excited that I bought it for her. After patiently waiting she was totally upset when it crashed every single time she tried playing. Need a refund ASAP. Never had any problem with any Apple Apps before, very upset.

  • Crashes on IPad Mini

    by Af1nav

    Just bought today. It crashed repeatedly. I called Disney App support and was told they were aware of a bug in the system but up to Apple to fix - because it is designed for only "retina display" devices. Please fix or refund.

  • Crashes

    by 7777777777$7777$7$7$7

    Every time my daughter tries to play the game, it crashes. How do we get our money back? Thanks for your help!

  • Please please please fix the crashing bug

    by RyanMc77

    This app consistently crashes after just a few minutes of playing. Very frustrating especially for a $4.99 app. We expect better, Disney.

  • Crashes

    by Kbone2000

    Looks like a cool app and my 5 year old was really excited about it but it continues to crash after a few minutes of playing. Very disappointed to pay for a Disney app that is not working.

  • Junk

    by JustAnotherJudy

    Does not work. Disney should be ashamed for making children cry. FIX THIS ASAP. UPDATE OR RETURN MY $5 NOW

  • Refund

    by Madjenny

    Doesn't open, I want a refund ASAP!

  • Crashes

    by Smileymoe

    Should've read the reviews. Has anyone gotten their money back? My daughter was really looking forward to playing this game even though I didn't want to pay $5 for it. She actually took money out of her piggy bank to pay for it. She can't even get past the homepage before it crashes. Are the developers doing anything to fix this seeing that there are so many complaints? Should be advertised if it doesn't work for the majority of people! I want my money back. How do I go about requesting a refund?

  • Will not work

    by Mickeyfan1555

    I have spent the last twenty minutes trying to get this 5.00 app to load for my child. It will get to the point where it looks like it's going to open, and then starts all over again! I hope I do not get billed for this because it is a worthless app!

  • Disappointing quality

    by Maky's Mom

    My daughter was very disappointed that this app keeps crashing. I am very disappointed after spending $5 - I expect more from Disney. We saw a commercial for this today.... How about stop advertising and fix it!

  • Crashes when opening

    by TheMaxx013

    I just purchased this app and it doesn't allow the game to play. I'm using an iPad mini with iOS 7.0.4. I really expected more from this company. They are advertising a product that doesn't work!!!!!

  • Crashes everytime

    by Thatguy45677

    Thanks for disappointing my daughter. I would appreciate a refund or a fix for this.

  • Crashes

    by Music0101

    Barely works crashes more then a minute into game. Beginning tutorial to long- and every time you want to play

  • Please fix or refund my money please

    by Pixie31

    I bought this app for my 4 year old daughter who loves Minnie Mouse. We saw the commercial on Disney Junior. We have not been able to get the app to progress passed the selection screen. To say she is disappointed is an understatement. Please resolve the issues with this app or refund my money please.

  • Crashes every time

    by Ahays0913

    For a game that costs $4.99 you would think that it would work. My little girl is upset that she spent money from her iTunes cards that she got for Christmas on a game that she can't even play and frankly I am too. Please either fix the game or refund our money. If you are going to charge this much for a game for children then you need to make sure that it is working.

  • Will not install after purchase!!

    by Smilesallaroundforu

    Do not buy. Shame on Disney!

  • Horrible!!!

    by Chef Erik

    How upsetting! My 3 year old was so excited when she saw this app. However I should have looked at the reviews first, never would have purchased, how are so supposed to play when it crashes every time, what a joke!!!!! Total waste of money I want a refund!!!! Thanks Disney for a horrible app and wasting my money!

  • Frequent crashing

    by Vashtbh

    Title says it all

  • Waste of money...

    by MrsSwat82

    Keeps force closing...unable to play...super disappointed!!!!

  • Crash

    by Cb2255

    Always crashes. Fix it!!!

  • Do not buy

    by Oxriis

    The game hasn't worked once. Not worth $5. Do not buy!!!


    by 9stella

    This app just DOES NOT WORK. My daughter downloaded it, spending her own money, and is horribly disappointed. Worse, she cannot understand why Disney, of all companies, would do something like this. From my own perspective as a parent, I am pretty irked that Disney is advertising defective application on its television network, Disney Junior Channel, which is where she learned about this useless piece of garbage.

  • Unable to play

    by Rita Simmons

    My almost 4 year old is very upset that we can only get the opening screen to come up before we hear Minnie laugh and my daughter gets excited that she can finally play this game that she's wanted to play for so long and then it crashes. We've tried to open this app over 40 times now with absolutely no luck. There is obviously a major problem with this game and someone needs to fix it immediately. Please fix or refund my money. Thank you.

  • Please fix!


    My daughter loves this game until it crashes.

  • Ugh

    by Asgardkenz

    I've tried everything I could think of to get this app to work! Deleting it, leaving it alone, and trying constantly. The only reason I am going to keep this app is because I'm hoping you will fix it immediately! Nearly all of the people who have this app are very disappointed.

  • Ouch - bad buy

    by Srbrowning

    Sorry folks... This one crashes A-LOT on an ipad2 (the original one). I think i have lost 5.00 and have one sad 5 year old. Bummer.

  • Frustrating

    by DebSDebS1209

    Won't load. The purchase went through just fine but it will not appear on the iPad. I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing.

  • Crashes every time

    by Teresa Edina

    $4.99 & it crashes every time! That's terrible! Disney even advertises this. Bad experience

  • Horrible

    by POS14

    Horrible rip off for $4.99!!! Downloaded and won't work. Crashes every time. I want a refund!

  • Crashes! Refund!

    by Ablock73

    My daughter was so excited to get this app and I really should have read these reviews before purchasing because the app crashes over and over. Every time my 4 year old starts a fashion project, it crashes and she has to start all over again. Very disappointed, Disney! I want my $5 back!

  • Terrible

    by Angellm78

    What is wrong with this app?! This app crashes as soon as it's loaded! My child is very upset and I'm mad I wasted my money on this! Do not buy!!!!!

  • Awful

    by KAFinney

    Just spent $5.00 on this app and every time my daughter opens the app it crashes. How can a company like Disney get away with such a scam??? Don't waste your money.

  • Really?!

    by Jkratzer07

    App crashes as soon as you head to fashion runway. Come on Disney.

  • Worst Disney App Ever!!!

    by Chachi-Mama

    Don't purchase...I made the mistake. Just downloaded for $4.99 & it crashes every time my daughter plays it. I want it fixed or be refunded!!!

  • Crashes

    by mamalaurena

    Loads for 10 seconds before crashing. Please fix!!!!!!!!!

  • Buggy

    by MBostrom

    Crashes way too often. Unplayable. Want a refund!

  • Crashes too much and I want a refund.

    by MaggieandKyleigh

    My daughter loves this game but it crashes everytime she uses it and I've tried to play it and it crashes. I want a refund.

  • Fix it please

    by :) happychiqui

    Please fix the app, my daughter loves the part that works but gets so frustrated when she gets to the traveling part or wants to take a pic to create her own fabric pattern and the app just crashes! Please fix it!

  • Why run a commercial on TV when the game crashes????

    by Jaybillw

    You would think anything Disney does would be good for release??? not! I want my 5$ back or fix this!!!

  • Would be a cool game if it worked

    by Joebull20

    You can't tell me that the developers tried the game before they put it in the App Store. The game crashes every 3 seconds. You can tell someone needed to get paid and they rushed it to market. Nothing like paying $4 to make you kid upset.

  • PLEASE FIX!! Constantly crashing on iPad

    by Nikkimcole

    My daughter is so excited to play this & it has NEVER worked!!! So sad Disney!!

  • Crashes every time

    by Odessamiya

    Not working, makes my daughter cries on frustration. waste of money, do not download

  • crashes

    by Samer Ghadry

    a buggy app. needs serious work. crashes a lot.

  • Crash n Cry

    by Stnic54

    This app crashes within 5 min of starting. I think it's designed to make children learn about frustration.

  • Never worked

    by Arboterrie

    Terrible app. Never worked past first screen. I want a refund.

  • Fashion tour crashes

    by Tikkiecat

    Should have read all the reviews first. Way too many crashes.

  • Please fix

    by Rebamor

    My mother in law had this on her iPad this weekend and it was working fine. Just downloaded it on ours and it crashes immediately. Please fix as my daughter is really annoyed... or refund my money!

  • Terrible

    by Carlais7

    This app will not work....I really would like a refund! I gave one star only because I had to or I couldn't post.

  • Do not buy

    by Crushed kid

    Game keeps crashing. Disney needs to fix and update or refund five dollars. After all the advertising on Disney Jr. I thought it would be ok..should have listened to reviews!!

  • Crashes!!!

    by Verrocchio819

    Should have read the reviews first. Worst app experience ever! Fix the app or give me a refund!

  • Crashes...don't download

    by Laurgf

    My daughter & I were very disappointed in this app crashing within 30 seconds of opening it.

  • Terrible

    by Disappointed Ark

    Terrible app. Crashes every time. Do not purchase.

  • App keeps crashing

    by Frazdaz123

    Extremely disappointed. App keeps crashing. I hope they fix it. I can't believe they advertise an app that performs this poorly on the Disney channel. My daughter was crushed!

  • Doesn't work!

    by Yalimarjo

    I agree, it doesn't work !!! Please fix this bug quick ! I should have read the reviews first....

  • Awful

    by Jlw013

    I want a refund! Can't believe I wasted $5, only works partially and it resets itself frequently.

  • Do not download

    by Tbnbb0101

    This app does not work. My daughter was so looking forward to playing with this app and was devastated when it continued to crash. Avoid this app.

  • Crashes

    by Originalray's


  • Crashes

    by Bertrandjeanette

    Junk game. Don't buy. Crashes every single time you try to play the travel part. Disappointed disney hasn't fixed this yet still runs commercials for it every 30 minutes on Disney jr.

  • Crashes

    by Emertyuio

    Should have listened to other's warnings. Crashes after being opened 10 seconds. Fix or refund people's money!

  • Fashion Travel isn't working

    by Rosebud_M

    My daughter is crushed. Please fix!

  • I want my money back,,

    by Agrlmom

    This App does not work. Downloaded it on my daughters mini and it won't open. Neither her nor I are happy.

  • Crashes often

    by klnmslp

    I am very disappointed in this Disney App. My daughter was so excited when she saw it advertised on the Disney Channel; however, it wasn't loading and then when it did load it kept crashing. Argh, very frustrating!

  • Our princess is SAD...:( app won't work!

    by MattyM1998

    Disney...I'm surprised at you. How you can charge $4.99 for a little girls app...and THEN it won't work? Our little girl is so disappointed!!! A refund would be the respected thing to do...thank you.


    by Becany1982

    CRASHES two seconds into it!!!! Either fix it or I want a refund!! I have a very disappointed 5 year old.

  • Horrible!

    by Phazelag

    This app crashes about every 2-3 minutes. My daughter loves this app, but I'm tired of soothing her tears over being frustrated with it. Please issue a refund of $4.99

  • Don't buy this app!!!

    by Lrhees

    We have never been able to get this app to work...like other reviewers, it crashes every time soon after opening. Want a refund!

  • Terrible

    by Mom of sad child

    Won't even open. They advertise on Disney Junior for an app that doesn't even work?! Do not buy!

  • Crashes

    by ItsDisneybirch.

    I bought this for my daughter on her ipad mini original and it crashes everytime she wants to make a picture pattern or play the tour. I want my money back, AND a happy six year old. DO NOT BUY!!! Im warning you!! I would give no stars if i could! She has been crying and screaming nonstop for its non use. Do not buy without warning your child!

  • Terrible

    by Kcrjtjgj

    App keeps crashing..disappointing considering how much I paid for it. I'm very upset.

  • Don't waste your money!

    by Neeterpoo

    Won't load on either iPad mini or latest gen iPad. We have a VERY disappointed 3 year old on our hands. Do NOT buy this app.

  • Minnie fashion

    by Adaevi

    Crashes. Two unhappy little girls. Please refund $4.99.

  • Bad Programming - Do Not Buy

    by Jartread

    The crashes upon launch every time. First app I will be looking for a refund. Bad programming. Do not buy this app.

  • App crashes! Please fix

    by Courtney Dougharty

    The app crashes all the time. My daughter is so upset that it won't work for her. Please correct the issue. A 4 year old little girl named Rylee checks for updates daily in hopes that Minnie will stop shutting off on her.

  • Daughter Loves It...but it constantly crashes

    by flyerfan1106

    Lot of fun, but is always crashing. Please fix or refund my money. It is very frustrating for my daughter.

  • Disappointed

    by Popocamaro

    Also a mini iPad owner unable to play due to crashing.

  • Horrible

    by Misharp

    The app crashes while traveling. My three year old is very upset! I want a refund!!

  • Crashes!

    by Mini golfer007

    App always crashes when selecting the "Travel" portion of the game. Please fix or refund my money.

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