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* Help Minnie create fantastic bows with her Bow-Tique Bow-Maker!
* Meet Minnie’s friends Cuckoo-Loca and Daisy, and her nieces Millie & Melody!
* Join your new friends and watch your creations on the runway in Minnie’s Bow-Show!

No matter what the occasion, Minnie has a bow for every situation, and now you can become her helper!

Choose the material, color, shape, pattern and type of bow, then watch your bow take shape in Minnie’s Bow-Maker!

Create and customize bows for Minnie and her friends, and place them on your own photo!

· Three all-new stories inspired by the Minnie’s Bow-Toons series!
· Play with lots of possible Bow-Maker customizations!
· Personalize your own photo and share it with your friends!
· Enjoy a 3D Bow-Show featuring your creations!
· Features music and voices from Minnie’s Bow-Toons!

Customer Reviews

  • Minnie bow maker

    by Cat lover 2006

    It was good and fun

  • Freezes

    by Merky88

    My 4 year old loves it but get frustrated over it freezing all the time.

  • Minnie Rocks!

    by Princess Christie

    I am a big fan of Disney and I love it. Can you add more characters please?

  • Crashes a lot when taking a pic

    by Iria0000

    A Lot

  • ISO 7 Trouble

    by Roller86

    Good app but app keeps crashing when wanting to take a picture with bow that was made. Updated to ISO 7.

  • Minnie is a Winner!

    by peaceloveandringo

    We can play this for hours on-end. It's such a cute experience, and fun for the whole family.

  • Minnie Bow Maker

    by 71rene7

    My granddaughter likes it a lot .It was working pretty will know when ask take a photo it go back to the desk. When tap to photo.. Please fix this problem.

  • Great app!

    by 623marciax3

    My 2 year old loves it!!

  • Minnie Mouse

    by Asewsd

    I think that this game is ok but it could be better because you could have made it so you have your own boutique. But my sister loves this app because she loves Minnie Mouse and she is only three. See, I am nine so you can not blame me.

  • Excellent for Little Girls!

    by Mendy8i8

    Toddler and primary school age girls that are girly love making their own bow designs and listening to the story!

  • Fun for 3 year old

    by Ranger Mom

    My granddaughter loves it.

  • Fun

    by Jenc392

    This is a grate game I don't get the people that don't like it me 9 year old and 3 year old girls love it is is so fun here is what my 9 year old has to say about it hay people this game is so much fun I play every day it is very fun more than just fun !!!!! Play play !!!!!!!!!!

  • Cute

    by IvanD*

    My little sister loves this app

  • Babyish

    by Huggabuggaboo

    I suggest this app for kids 6 and under. Minnie takes u threw every step. This is not for a ten yr old.

  • Fun!

    by jterukot

    Jun 22, 2013. Minnie's Bow Maker is fun. The patterns are beautiful, they have my favorite colors, and shapes I'd want for an occasion. It's fun to make bows for Minnie, her friends, and me. I can save my picture, and share it if I wish.

  • App size is misleading

    by Gbidrugchemist

    In the App Store, it said that the app would be 296 megs, but it is taking up 812 megs on my device.

  • I love it

    by Dewayne Sanders

    I might be 9 year old but I still watch Mickey Mouse. I love this app( I'm addicted)! Maybe you could add Clarabell to the characters. And let each character on story mode have at least 5 different stories... Not the same one. - An Awesome Girl

  • The Best

    by SlimJim2424

    I like the bow show game the best!

  • Lola minny bow game

    by First Queenie

    It's great that you can make bows not just for Minnie but for your self too

  • Bow maker

    by Deedeejo

    It's just wonderful !! My lil girl just loves it!!

  • Don't buy

    by LoveJ&K

    Boring app

  • Doesn't work on perfectly functioning old equip.

    by Old iPod 16747389

    App not comparable with all iPods it like being punished for taking care of a piece of equipment. Not smart on the developers part.

  • I wish I hadn't spent money on this

    by Suzanne Wagner

    The app works, it's just boring. I bought this for my daughter but there isn't very much to do! She plays it for a few minutes then gets bored and clicks out to other apps instead. Also, this app uses up a lot of memory.

  • Won't update

    by Nate Purpura

    Bad app. Bummed my kids out because it won't work

  • worst app

    by Cheskieweskie

    Don't get it when I connect it won't let me in

  • Less cash

    by Awesomeness12097

    I think 5 is alot but its a good app...<3

  • No security control for email access in kid game?

    by LIBeaches2011

    Why does this app have no means to disable email for sharing of photos? First, it is too easy for a 4 and 5 year old to blindly send an email without giving it any thought by just following the blue buttons to send to whomever. Second, these images that are being generated are 3.5MB in size. Imagine the surprise a parent could get when they find that their bandwidth was quickly utilized. Thankfully, my daughter has supervised access to the iPad and we caught this fundamental design flaw. I am rating this app a 1 until proper access control is implemented. If I am overlooking a configuration setting for the app, I would love to hear about it. That all being said, my daughter does enjoy then app, but it is very repetitive. Other games cost less and offer much more functionality at that app price point.

  • Review

    by Delilah6895

    I really love it I think it's a great game and I definitely suggest it!!

  • Great app

    by Lilysday0618

    My 2 1/2 year old seems to really enjoy this app. She looks making new bows. So far no crashes or any other problems.

  • Haley, age 7 says:

    by SamRob95003

    Haley, age 7 says: I like this game because you get to choose whatever you like. It's a very good invention. I also really used to like the show. I think other little girls would like this game to decide if they want to be a fashionista.

  • Love this app!

    by jabeddy

    My 2 year old girl absolutely loves this app. I had to take her to a doctors appointment that ended up taking over an hour. This app saved me! She just sat in the chair quietly as she played. The whole doctors office was in awe on how good of a child she was! Thank you Minnie's bow maker!

  • Great stuff!

    by Jivybailey

    Great stuff!

  • Love it

    by NeonPink123

    I love this game and so does my little sister. She loves when you can do the pageants And take pictures with your bow

  • Cute but kind of expensive for the few options

    by Lucky632

    My 3 year old likes this app, but I just don't think it was worth $3.99 to make the same bows over and over. I also don't like how you don't seem to be able to save pictures the kids take of themselves.

  • Great for a 3 year old.

    by Zekenru

    My daughter loves this app. It has helped us get through many car rides and dinner dates :)

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by D3D3D3D3

    I'm 10 years old and I love it!!! I'm soooo abscessed with Minnie Mouse!! I

  • 3yr old loves it

    by Motsmom

    My daughter loves this game. Her favorite part is the bow show. Very cute!

  • Bow Maker

    by Jennyjjjjj

    Awesome, I am a 6 year old girl,and I like bows.

  • Great

    by Minnie hamster

    I love this game

  • Ok but...........

    by Nickname12356789

    It is not worth 3.99 for it.

  • Great but....

    by 4Danielle4

    My 3 year old sister likes it but it keeps closing the app constantly.. And for 3.99?? That is just not worth it.

  • Awesome but 1 problem

    by Minniemouse9

    I love this app! I just have one problem though. I can't find the place where they keep the saved bows. It's not In my photo album. Still awesome

  • Save the bows

    by Baileymcrae

    I wish you could save the bows because when you do one and put it on minnie or the others that one you put when you do the show it just does the one you just put on them and you even save them and it takes minnie for ever to say the next line SO FIX PLEASE NOW

  • Over priced

    by Ant2199

    For $3.99 I expected more!! My 5 year old played with it 3 times and got board. There is not enough to do!! I would love my money back! It also takes a lot of memory and too much time to download.

  • App closes constantly

    by Goofy999klf

    I want my $3.99 back this app is terrible on both my iPad and iPhone it closes constantly.

  • App is great when it works...

    by Lbrown65

    My daughter loves this app but it freezes up quite a bit and she can't even use it. It has been not working now for two days.

  • Minnie's bow macker

    by Hanna7876

    So cute

  • this is so cute!

    by LydieT the child of Lis

    This is a so cute app! I love it,and any fan of Minnie would love it to! you can make bows for minnie,or ware them yourself! Then you can make bows for daisy,and watch Minnie's friends walk the runway When you select the big bow show! any preschooler will love this!! it is SO worth the money!

  • Love it!

    by Daisy',rhujuw

    Love it! Daisy

  • Bow maker

    by Kami1117

    Great app. Lots of fun

  • Sound problem

    by Victoria Cator

    The sound went off and now on story I can't hear what they are saying!! Minor mistake. Please fix this!! On the other hand it is a good game even though it only takes 5 seconds to finish it. Also it would be cool if you made a display section for all of the bows you make. Thanks for your appreciation! Xoxoxoxo petshoplover

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