Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint & Play HD Education App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2013
  • Version: 1.5
  • Size: 238.89 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

***Winner of the 2013 Editor's Choice Award, Children's Technology Review***

***Winner of the 2013 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Award) Gold Award for virtual products***

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Minnie and Mickey have on their holiday best and have decked the Clubhouse halls with decorations and music!
· Celebrate the holidays with Mickey and Minnie!
· Build snowmen, make a gingerbread house, and decorate the Clubhouse for the holidays!
· Create an animated 3D world with this best-selling creativity app!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Paint and Play is a magical 3D coloring book that lets you create the Clubhouse world. Paint everything you see--even Mickey and Minnie! Then watch as they come to life and explore the Clubhouse.

· Decorate a gingerbread house and wrap gifts!
· Build a snowman in Minnie’s winter-wonderland garden.
· Create with new Holiday decorations, stickers, and patterns!
· Use the magic wand to watch your paintings become fully animated 3D characters!
· Experiment with color as you make cupcakes for the bake sale!
· Use the in-app camera to create your own unique textures!
· Play music…or create your own with the Mousekemusic Player!

If you are experiencing difficulties with audio, please check to see if your device is muted in the in-app settings. Don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or

Customer Reviews

  • Love this

    by LakeNymph

    6 year old says she "love this so very much!" Seasonal updates are super fun!

  • Happy holidays!

    by goldberrymom

    My kids love this app - even more now with the holiday updates. The snowman and gingerbread house are super cute. Love the frosting!

  • Great game

    by sctemme

    It's fun to dress up the characters, and then you get to play with them and they're wearing your design! We especially like the Frosting Spreader.

  • Endless hours of holiday fun!!

    by imauntie

    My nieces and I are having a blast getting into the holiday spirit with this app!!

  • Awesome

    by Princess226

    Awesome, my kids love this app and it's running perfect! They are excited to sit down and play with it.

  • Wow! Really really cool.

    by UncleCotty

    I downloaded this app for my niece and nephew to play with and wow was I amazed. You draw all over the characters and then they literally pop off the screen in 3D. I've never seen anything like it. The kids were totally enthralled.

  • We love this app

    by LeoLover01

    My son has been playing this over and over!

  • Restart

    by Amille222

    After the last update the app would crash when opened. I did a restart on my iPad and it has worked just fine. Great app. My 4 yr old loves it.

  • Bug in game

    by Fm peers

    My grandson loves this game, but with the last update it shuts down between regular Mickey, Halloween and Christmas. Please fix.

  • Buggy

    by manDUH31

    This app is wonderful but it won't load up. Please fix this bug. My daughter can't play this and she is soooo sad.

  • Great app

    by Best app for 1st graders!

    Keep my 4 and my 8 year old son busy for over and hour Very entertaining!

  • 3 year old loves it

    by Lovebabbyapps

    So creative! They definitely know their audience. She can't stop playing with this!

  • Love the app but it needs a little tweaking

    by Pinterest Addict 2.0

    Great app, my son loves it. It would be 5 stars but please fix the app to where after the child has painted everything in a scene, to delete all the coloring automatically so they can start over. My son thinks there is nothing left to do when everything is colored completely so he's already lost interest in it.

  • Ipad 2 Volume Issues

    by Chris Mld

    On Ipad 2, this app states that the volume is off eventhough is all the way up. It only works when using earphones. Please, fix it.

  • Awesome

    by Clever07

    My 5 year old loves this application. Kids can use their own creativity.

  • Awesome

    by jstoehr

    Our son is two and he loves this app, it's user friendly and sparks his creativity.

  • So far, great!

    by Crazyoldlady

    Bought this for my three year old granddaughter. She loves it and hasn't tired of it at all. Totally worth it!

  • Love this App

    by Jerry Hernandez

    This app is super cute. We bought it on our iPad 3 and it works great! We have all been playing for hrs.

  • Great App!

    by RL27A

    My daughter loves this app. She can use many different textures and tools to paint. She loves using the photo tool. I used it to turn her into a loaf of bread--she loved it! I highly recommend it.

  • Wow!

    by Jody0611

    I've never seen anything like this! Seeing your flat coloring turn into a 3D moving object is just - WOW!!

  • Still Christmas

    by Pchop158

    It's February now and still Christmas theme. Still no update available!

  • Crashes all the time

    by QuadeCNM

    I got this for my sons (6 and 3) to play on a long road trip. Good App when it actually runs. However it crashes all the time. Please fix this so that my sons stop complaining that it crashes. I will avoid all Disney apps until they fix this.


    by Paramagik

    Very buggy since Halloween update not worth the money spent if we can't paint and play.

  • Crashes

    by Hollybear1023

    Please fix just bought and can't even use please fix really annoyed I just wasted $3.99 on an app my daughter can't use!!

  • Can't Play

    by Mom the first

    Loaded this app after seeing it on Disney Junior 11/24/13. The screen kept closing and going back to the main icon screen. With some persistence we did get to one coloring page, as soon as we selected a color, it closed.

  • Crashes

    by Mashael Alhegelan

    The. Kids love the game but they are frustrated by the crashes... It crashes a lot. Fix it please

  • One star might be too high

    by Techojappa

    Has never opened. Consistently crashes while starting up.

  • UNUSABLE !!!!!

    by dlbrooks13

    It crashes before you can even get started! I can't believe I paid $5 for this. Very disappointed! I want my money back! Shocked that Disney would put their name on this.

  • UNUSABLE !!!!!

    by dlbrooks13

    It crashes before you can even get started! I can't believe I paid $5 for this. Very disappointed! I want my money back! Shocked that Disney would put their name on this.

  • Too many crashes

    by therichtia

    After reading the reviews, I noticed that I'm not the only one experiencing difficulties with the app. My daughter enjoys all the Disney games but they crash every time. I've tried looking up the developers info to send a report but those links aren't active. At $5-$7 a pop these games aren't cheap.

  • Crashes

    by ScMom74

    Would be an awesome game but it keeps crashing. My 4 year old keeps trying to play it but can't go more than 2 minutes with out it crashing. Please fix!

  • Crashes

    by Bukka red

    My 3 yo daughter used to love this app. Ever since the last update, it crashes every time she starts to play it. Please fix!! I have a very unhappy little girl.

  • Does not work at all

    by Cobrabas

    $5.00 for the app and soon as you touch anything it shuts down! I have a very angry 4 year old. I want my money back.

  • Crashes constantly!

    by tal003

    My daughter loves this game, but ever since we updated to the holiday version, it crashes all the time! The Halloween version was so fun & she was really looking forward to this one. Please fix this! I'm upset I paid so much fora game that doesn't even work now!

  • Please fix

    by Liggettfam

    Wish we could play....crashes constantly....

  • Crashes

    by TheWhitehouse223

    Very disappointed that I just spent $5 on an app as a reward for my four year old and she can't even play it. Please fix this ASAP.

  • Not good right now

    by Broadwayfairie

    Message from my 5 yr old..." I was trying to play it, but it wouldn't come up! It kept closing me out. Please fix it.,PLEASE!!!! I don't like when it does that to me right now. I love it when it works. Please fix it. " ....... We did the update for the Christmas theme and it crashes before it even opens.

  • Crashes

    by HunTanMom

    Loaded the Halloween version, continually crashed. Updated to Christmas still won't play. Please fix. I am sure it would be fun for my 4 year old but we have not bin able to play as it will not even open now.

  • Unhappy grandson

    by This ain't cheap!

    Please please fix this app! My grandson loves this app and it crashes every time it opens now. HELP. PLEASE FIX.

  • Was good

    by bluenorangguru

    After most recent update it just boots my daughter from app after couple minutes! Please fix!!

  • Great before upgrade

    by lb73!

    My 3 yr old loves this, but since upgrade...won't even load. Please fix so she can resume enjoying

  • Great until newest update...

    by ts_lil_baby_v

    This was my daughters favorite app and I loved this app. But recently we updated for Halloween and now it crashes in the middle of her coloring things. Not sure I like it much anymore

  • Crap app

    by MikeWhit

    I have never seen my daughter so frustrated with an app.


    by TimWheatley.org

    Using iOS 7 this crashes on every launch. I've NEVER been able to use it! I've quit and tried restarting, I have uninstalled and reinstalled. CRASH. CRASH. CRASH.

  • Terrible

    by Frostdes

    I bought this app for two reasons. First, my grandchildren love Mickey Mouse and second they love to paint on my iPad. I find it absolutely terrible to find such a horrific paint program based on a favorite character. This is another classic case of using product name to sell product regardless of quality. There is a very limited color pallet to choose from even though the pictures show a myriad of colors neatly painted in the lines, which even as an an adult with a stylus I found impossible to do as it lacks any sort of masking or zooming to get into the tight areas. I am highly disappointed with what I believe is a very inferior product.

  • Boring

    by aboehman

    My 20 month old son LOVES Mickey, but this app is BORING. I'm really disappointed that this is the best Disney could come up with. Color a section of the page to see it added to the scene? Until all parts are colored, the page is boring and dull. My son quickly closed it out to go to other apps instead. Save your money.

  • App malfunction

    by Ferndy12345

    It states volume is off at startup, when clearly is all the way up.

  • Does not work

    by YiyiBal

    It was really cute. However, it only worked for 30 minutes and has not worked since.

  • Stellar App

    by peaceloveandringo

    I can't get over how cool this app is. You paint Mickey and Minnie and various objects, then they turn to 3D. What?!?!

  • Love This App!

    by Bolstitch

    My kids just love this app - and I'll admit it's hard for me to put it down, too! There are so many fun designs and creations to make - and the 3D images are super-cool! What fun!!

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