Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Wildlife Count Along Education App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Nov, 15 2012
  • Version: 1.4
  • Size: 126.41 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

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40 Ratings
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• Practice early math and science concepts with Mickey and pals in this globe-spanning, interactive app from Disney!
• Count animals and help Mickey snap colorful photos!
• Match the animals to their natural habitats to create a Wildlife Photo Album!

In this Disney app, kids join Mickey and his friends on a globe-spanning road trip to get to Mickey Beach. As they travel through exciting environments, kids take pictures while counting groups of animals and learning about wildlife habitats. Early math concepts such as sequencing, more than and less than, and group to numeral matching are also reinforced through bonus play-along games and interactivity. With a rich variety of early math and science activities, children will delight in learning alongside Mickey and his clubhouse pals.

• Activities aimed at counting and sequencing numbers 1-10
• Hands-on practice with key early math concepts of more than and less than, and group to numeral matching
• Match over 20 different animals to one of five fascinating habitats!
• Word-by-word highlighting
• Character voices from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and exciting sound effects!
• Original artwork and animation as well as fun effects such as Tap, Shake, and Tilt!
• Story extension activities for parents and caregivers


Customer Reviews

  • Grammar mistake

    by MedievalSinger

    My two year old enjoys this app. It seems to do a good job teaching basic skills. The major exception is that it asks the child "which picture has less animals?" I'd rather Disney didn't confuse my daughter when it comes to the difference between less and fewer. Please fix this mistake.

  • 2 Year Old Loves It!

    by To n fro

    Keeps my 2 year old entertained forever. She loves Mickey and Minnie and enjoys the interactive Clubhouse

  • Playful and joyful learning

    by Turk Family

    Educational, engaging content at its best

  • So cute!

    by Paleomom31694

    Love counting the animals.

  • Lovely

    by tvlady232

    Cute app with Mickey & gang

  • Go Mickey!

    by WhoWatchesTheWatchman?

    Super fun app! My kids love counting along with Mickey.

  • Niece loves it!

    by imauntie

    My niece loves counting all the animals and making it snow!!

  • great

    by crissa0702

    my baby love it.i have sound and the update is working,it s great for travel or for annoynig baby

  • Say cheese

    by Uesmomx2

    My 3 yo son likes this app. It comes down to following directions and paying attention. It also teaches how to take pics on apple devices :)

  • Great App for little ones

    by Calikins

    My two year old son loves this app! It's easy enough for him to do but complicated enough to keep his interest.

  • Cute and fun!

    by Miss-Pixie

    I love counting in this app with my little one!

  • Disappointed

    by SexyEmerald

    For being a paid app you would think it had much more to do. I think it was a waste of money, so don't waste you money on this app.

  • Great for Toddler/preschool

    by MatthewB94105

    Helped my 3 year old to count...now he is counting everything. Working on identifying more and less than. Would be great to have new destinations, but my son loves it.

  • Ever Changing Adventure

    by peaceloveandringo

    Such a cute experience. It's so fun to seek out all the little animals throughout the trip, and take their photos. It's exactly what I would expect from the Mouse ;)

  • Mickey Mouse

    by Mortypnut

    Cute, but should be 99 cents.

  • Ok

    by Dimzae

    This game is just ok. Definitely not my sons favorite. There's better games for tots in I store. Not so interesting...

  • Make one with Minnie

    by Imaginary Eric

    Great app, I'd like to see more.

  • So fun

    by toyzrock

    My niece loves this app! She loves Mickey and the gang and the adventures.

  • Saved us from meltdowns

    by Garbpl

    There are times when we're out in public and we have to turn to the iPhone - this is our son's fave app to pass the time. There are several different animal groups to tap and count in each location (5?) they pop up if you move the car slowly along. Some other things too - tapping for flowers, shaking (gently!) for snow. I can see how some kids may just want to tap the arrows to get to the end, but then it's over quickly. Our son goes back and forth finding the animals, but every kid is different!

  • To cute

    by reddybettyspaghetti

    Two and a half old son loves this. It's really cute and for all the interactive things to do with the 'gang' it's easy.

  • Not worth it.

    by dollarbill425

    Volume stops working, delays ... Where are the updates and bug fixes?

  • Not worth the money

    by KCKMom

    I wish I'd listened to other reviewers. Save your money folks. If your kiddo likes the Mickey Mouse clubhouse this isn't the app for them.

  • Don't buy!!

    by Laura Crapa

    Paid and downloaded this game, and you can't hear anything on it. My 4 yr old LOVES Mickey Mouse, and she can't even play it. No sound on it at all. She took 5 secs and said I don't like this game. Waste of money, time, and data!!!! Very frustrated!!!

  • Mic problems?

    by CNitti03

    Am I the only one having trouble with the mic in this app my daughter gets so frustrated trying to use it and it won't hear i'm using the mic right now to write this review so I don't know what the issue is just won't work in the app

  • Disappointed

    by MVPKobe

    Waste of money, very dull not interactive, my 2 year old who loves MMCH didn't find this to be fun

  • Not worth it!!!!

    by TeddyPorTuAno

    My 4 year old finished the entire game in 5 minutes. It should have more interactions. Very dull. Waste of money. Want my money back!


    by SulamitaG

    My daughter is so frustrated because she loves the app but can't hear anything!

  • Poor

    by Josh0863

    Did not like. Expected more out of paid app. Went off reviews and was mislead. Not worth 3.99.

  • No sound!

    by Becky413

    My daughter was so excited so I finally got this app for her and there is no sound!

  • app doesnt work

    by mjchf

    thesound doesnt work...does anyone know how to delete app and get a refund? how to contact app store? shame on disney! fix this, please!

  • No sound

    by Gtrrn

    Very frustrating

  • I have no sound, I want I refund

    by Mrscooley77

    No good

  • No sound

    by Santana luv

    Just purchased and it has no sound

  • Update won't install

    by blacksabbathfan1210

    My granddaughter liked this app, but it won't work properly after having so many update attempts that have failed. Hey guys, the update doesn't go. Please try again.

  • Makes me want to scream!

    by Ronlap

    As mad mom says, it's the same thing over and over with maybe five scenes repeated with all of the Disney voices. My kid is now speaking like Disney characters and hasn't learned anything about math. This could've been so much more if the numbers in the scenes changed, or the child had to do math problems to continue. Waste of money

  • Mad Mama

    by AKathrynHD55

    Lame game. Same thing over & over. Needs more to do besides going to a few different places & clicking on am on animals. My 3 year old got tired of it before she even made it to all the areas! They should put a note saying for 2 and under. Makes me really upset that I actually waisted my money on it!

  • Incorrect Use Of "Less"

    by Mhm768622

    This app tries to teach the concept of "more" versus "less" by asking the child to circle the picture with LESS animals where it should ask the child to circle the picture with FEWER animals. I want my money back. Notes say that they have a couple of Ph.D advisors...wonder where they were....

  • Do not buy

    by 1car69

    It is not well designed for preschoolers. Not engaging and a thousand steps backwards from the Mickey rally app. This should be taken down. Do not waste your money on this app.

  • Disappointed :-(

    by StarchildinVT

    I loved mickeys road rally, my son has special needs so it was perfect for him. I assumed this game would be the same. It is more like a book than a game. I want a refund!

  • Don't Buy

    by Rtate214

    Not worth the money. My daughter finished it in a very short time.

  • Sound keeps going out

    by KellieRayasuki

    My 3 year old likes this app, but the sound keeps going out and it's frozen a couple times. Also, I agree that it's very limited once you've been through it a couple times. hopefully there will be a fix or something for the sound issues!

  • Mom

    by Lauriefab

    Beyond dumb.

  • Maybe fine for younger kids

    by JoelMeek

    Our kids (K5) found this very boring. It seems like a decent app, but a bit boring compared to other available apps (especially for the money)

  • Not like the road rally app

    by Navy27

    I thought this would be similar to the road rally app but its nothing like that. Don't waste 2.99 wait till it turns .99 or becomes free. Its like in a story book format.

  • Not a good app

    by frankle76

    I ignored the comments and bought it any way. As the comments mentioned this apps is not worth it. It took my child 1 minute and 30 second as I have counted to complete the course. I am myself upset and want back my refund. I thought this apps let the child to interact such as driving and so on. I'm very absolutely disappointed.

  • Useless!

    by Erzom

    Was this done by Disney China?

  • Disney junk

    by Another angry parent!

    Purchased this app expecting a lot more, my 2 year old went through it quickly, I feel cheated I just bought it and wanted a refund. No option to do so. Very angry.

  • Not Worth $3

    by Rainrainnevergoaway

    There is very limited functionality. Get to load a car, drive it on four wrong paths, then count. Not worth it at all. Wish I could have my money back. Obviously overpriced because of brand name.

  • Not good.

    by TheDea321

    Got this for my niece, she finished it in like five minutes. And she's only three. I am very disappointed with it. Costing $3. Not worth it.

  • :(

    by Andrea.a6112

    This is very bad. I got this app for my son and I can't hear anything on it. Everything else such as music,etc.. Works except for the volume on the app.

  • Love it

    by Jody0611

    My daughter loves animals and this app really holds her attention!

  • It's ok but be warned...

    by Kisonay

    I purchased this because my daughter loved Micky Mouse's Clubhouse: Road Rally. This application is nothing like that one. Otherwise seems ok, will need to let my daughter play with it some more to see if it's a keeper.

  • Not the same as Road Rally

    by Robert Parker

    I thought this would be another interactive episode like Road Rally, but it's just an interactive book. My 2 year old got confused and didn't know when she was supposed to be playing a game.

  • GREAT App!

    by momplusthree

    I just downloaded this app for my 3 year old. She will not stop counting the animals. She loves looking for the animals from page to page. And, she is counting along out load! I love seeing her learning while having fun. Great job Disney! I highly recommend this app for parents with young children.

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