Frozen: Storybook Deluxe Entertainment App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

NOTE: This app is NOT compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Generation and 4th Generation, and iPad 1.
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***Winner of the Editor's Choice Award, Children's Technology Review***

• Experience two sides of the new Frozen film story with Anna and Elsa – two sisters with very different points of view!
• Interactive play: create your own “ice craft” snow globes, and re-create Frozen scenes with frosty drawing tools.
• Flip your device to read, hear, and see the different perspectives from Anna and Elsa.
•Laugh out loud as your enjoy tappable animation, film quotes, and a few surprises.

In “Frozen,” fearless optimist Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in an epic journey, encouraging Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister, Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.

• Storytelling Options: Read on your own! Record your own voice! Or listen to the narration that accompanies this retelling of Frozen
• Create and build frozen scenes and crystal palaces with your “ice craft” tools
• Flip your device upside-down for different points of view from the two sisters
• Short clips from the actual film
• Activities, including: put together ice puzzles
• Surprising and fun tappable activities

Customer Reviews

  • Glad we bought it

    by Topcookbooks

    This app works great on both our iphone and iPad. When you rotate it, the screen looks like it is turning to ice, and you get to read Elsa's side of the story. The puzzles are great for my 6 year old to do by himself. Real kids books cost at least 7 bucks and they are not this cool, so if your child loves the movie as much as our son does, it is a great purchase, even though the price is high for an app.

  • Wonderful quality but not big on quantity!

    by appsmakemewanttoshootsomeone

    My four year old daughter begged and begged me for this app and I was hesitant to buy it for her because the price is pretty steep for a kids’ app. I finally gave in because she is so in love with the movie that I thought she should have it. Thankfully, we didn’t have any problems she likes it, but unless I’m missing something, there just doesn’t seem to be $7 worth of app in it. It’s definitely beautiful and completely authentic, but I would have thought there would be more to it in terms of choices of things to do with it. Hopefully the creators will add more things to it. As far as all the bad reviews go, we aren’t having a single quality problem with ours.

  • Beautiful & fun

    by Kasey Clark

    This app is so beautiful and lots of fun and how fun sounds (not annoying). There are plenty of games and puzzles etc. The rotate feature is not working on mine but even without that, my 5 year old daughter and I love it. I was surprised to see so many negative reviews. I'm not sure why people are having problems with it working. It's really too bad. I came here to find a solution for the rotating issue we are having and I can see now that for some people it DOES work. I will keep trying but please fix whatever bugs this app has. We look forward to an update.

  • Fantastic app!

    by HeatherG3452

    I downloaded this app a few weeks ago for my daughter who is almost 5 years old. She absolutely loves this app. I don't know why others are having a problem with the sound, it works just fine for us.

  • Frozen:Storybook

    by Maryam's iPad

    This app works perfectly, downloaded on January18th 2014. Tried it on iPhone 5 and iPad first generation. No problem on either device. The storybook has beautiful images and cool sounds, the snow globe allows you to see snowflakes close up using the magnifying glass. The best part is that as you read the book you can record yourself reading, so helps with literacy. Overall a great game, highly recommended.

  • This app is exactly what you'd expect it to be

    by Archangelic

    The sound is actually disabled if you turn the switch on the side of your iPad to mute (red). I've seen the previous reviews. The reading is great and if you child speaks French or Spanish this is a really great tool to practice.

  • Crashing

    by Cclop

    It keeps crashing!!

  • Good game but where are the movie clips??

    by Swindler Cave

    Can anyone tell me how to find the movie clips in this app?

  • Good app

    by SSSNES

    My three year old loves this. The puzzles are a bit hard for her, as is turning the app to see the other side of the story. But overall she loves it!!

  • Love this!

    by Afen12

    This is a great app my daughter loves it! The interactive story plus puzzles and drawing she can't get enough. I was impressed by the story graphics and actual scenes from the movie. The app is expensive but we love it ❤️

  • Crashing

    by Pbes

    This app stinks! I only bought this app so I could read and study up on frozen for when I see the movie. But after the second page of the book the screen turns black and goes back to the home page.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Droopy Cruz

    Super Fun

  • Works perfectly

    by Bridget collins

    I have an iPod 5 and the app works great. Before purchasing it though check the latest update version to see if it supports your device so all the features will work. Also while in the app turn screen lock off so the flip feature will work. Kids will love the app

  • Works great

    by Zschwz

    I almost didn't buy this app because of all the negative reviews but it works perfectly (iPad 2). $7 seems like a bit much but it is basically three or four $.99 apps and a $4 storybook.

  • Love it!

    by Lila&Mia

    My 5-year old and 3-year old daughters LOVE this app! It's easy to navigate, and they enjoy the interaction. Very cute!!

  • This is a really good game!!!!

    by Maddy142gbrid

    I love this app the ice drawings are nice the story, and I love how the story is animated!! I'm reading these comments on how you turn the ipad to see the other sisters side is not working, but it worked for me so I don't know why It didnt work other people but this game is great!! It was worth the money in my opinion

  • Fun but desperately needs update!

    by Bethgirl55

    My daughter loves this game but it has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed! It crashes a lot and the sound only works sometimes. I have an ipad mini and when it does work it's awesome! I don't know why someone said there are in app purchases cause there are NO in app purchases....they must be reviewing the wrong app.

  • Works

    by Kimber 1911 45 ACP

    My daughter nagged me for this. With so many having issues, I waiting as long as I could until the nagging intensified. I caved in. Luckily, it works just fine, sound and all, on our mini ipad with A5 processor- not the one with retina display.

  • Only works on 1 device

    by FanofFrozen

    I bought this app for my children, and it only works on our ipad 2. The sound will not work on our ipod touch 5. Very disappointing, although it is a great app when it works completely!

  • Fix it please

    by Frogbiscuit

    I can't do anything in this app. It won't work. :( please fix it.

  • No sound

    by 514jackie

    No sound! Refund please!

  • Fix it!

    by Amber Light

    This is a good storybook and my 4 yr old loves it but it hardly ever works!!! It is always freezing up and she gets so frustrated! So please fix it!

  • Garbage App. Constant crashing.

    by AML1978

    If you insist on buying this app, despite the warnings, at least stay away from the story reading. Constant crashing means unhappy kids.

  • :/ A Disappointed Fan

    by Dictionary_12

    Normally I don't write reviews. But this is an exception because I am getting frustrated. Unlike other people my sound works. But I'd almost rather my sound didn't work then have it crash. Repetitively. Over and over again. I get one page into the story and it crashes. I tried again. The same thing happened. The puzzles and drawings all crash too. I am speaking to you from a kids perspective. PLEASE fix this! I absolutely LOVED Frozen, and I was over the moon about this app only to discover it didn't work. I'm giving it two stars because the first page of the storybook is amazing, and if the bugs are fixed this will definitely be a five star app.

  • Grandma

    by Disappointed Mia

    I have never written a review for an app but this one is so awful I felt compelled to do so. Wish I could give it no stars. The first thing my granddaughter looked for was music from the movie but there is none (unlike some other disney apps which have songs). The need to rotate the device to hear the other character is disorienting for a young child. Animation on the pages is limited. The activities are not engaging; the snow globe is boring and the puzzles are visually very confusing even for an adult. It is apparent Disney hurried to get this app out while the movie is hot. I can only hope that an update with much needed revamping of the design will be released soon -Shame on Disney for charging so much for something so awful!


    by David Blanco

    Why does Disney create a crappy product? This app has no sound! I wonder how long it will take to have it fixed?

  • Frozen

    by 0000676

    It closes every time we get to the third page where they play as young children. We are unable to listen to the entire story! My children are very sad. My son really wanted the app! He did many chores to earn this app, and he can't enjoy it

  • I wish I could give it 0 stars

    by Gamegirl1234567

    I want my money back! The app isn't worth $7 and it deserves 0 stars. I love the movie frozen, so I bought this app thinking I could get a little more of the movie. Unlike the other reviews, the sound is fine. But I have an iPod 4th generation, iOS 6, and it doesn't matter if I press play or read, it just crashes and returns to the home screen. I tried deleting some pictures and apps to see if the app would work again, but when I clicked "read", it just crashed again. I tried over and over but it keeps crashing. I want my money back, because this app isn't worth a penny

  • Livid

    by Abs. 18

    After making PLENTY of room on my iPad 2 (deleted many other apps to make adequate space), it still won't run. This is a most horrible experience, I feel robbed. And my daughter is beyond disappointed. It's bad enough all of the Frozen merchandise is sold out everywhere. Now we can't even play with this. Boo !

  • Waste of $6.99

    by Knelson917

    No volume whatsoever. I downloaded it on my iPad 2 and my Kids were disappointed. Please fix or refund my $6.99!

  • Wonderful until it stopped working

    by amsheldon9

    We loved this app and enjoyed reading it and watching all the videos. Then, it stopped working, first no sound. Then, the pages of the book won't turn and you can no longer click on the extras. I downloaded the update hoping it would fix these issues but it didn't work. My kids are so disappointed! Please fix it!

  • It sure is FROZEN!!

    by bgoodman7

    Don't buy... not worth the overpriced price. Storybook kicks off every time you try to turn the page. Snow globe doesn't work.... puzzles cute but not worth $7.00.

  • Fail

    by Disgruntlement

    App did not launch at all on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7 until the 4th or 5th attempt (after rebooting the phone). Save your money and do not buy until Disney irons out the stability problems with this app.

  • Frozen Storybook Deluxe

    by ILoveFrozen❄️⛄️

    Keeps kicking me out in the middle of the book. Plz fix!!!

  • Very frustrating and disappointing for my daughters

    by Ruth1022

    My 9 year old used her christmas money to buy this VERY overpriced ($6.99) app. From the moment my 9 & 5 year old daughters tried to play it, it would turn itself off. This is the most disappointing and frustrating app we have experienced. It literally does not stay on. The Disney company should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Do not buy unless reviewers say it has been fixed

    by UpsetMama 26

    I have an iPad third-generation and as of January 19, 2014 everything is up to date including the app. There is still no sound with the story and I haven't even bothered showing my daughter this app. It was extremely expensive for what it does and considering it does not work it is definitely not worth one cent I wouldn't have complained if it had just work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS or like other reviewers said GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK

  • No sound!

    by Cbaby711

    There is no audio.. Don't wast your money.. It's not worth it..

  • Its name says it all

    by Happy girlfriend

    It's ironic but it freezes!

  • No sound

    by nobuy1498

    Downloaded the app and there is no sound except for a little bit of wind ??? i am hoping this gets fixed since my daughter loves it

  • Don't waste your money

    by Blk70

    $7 down the drain and a very disappointed daughter. It doesn't work. Don't buy it.

  • Don't buy

    by @&$? Off

    Don't buy ... Sound is NOT fixed.....

  • Refund please!!!

    by littlebuckeye

    Updated today (jan13) hoping the customer complaints we're hear & sound was fixed. Still no sound support. Unbelievable!!! This is an excessively expensive game that should be amazing...and actually work. My 6 year old is using a brand new iPad mini and spent her Christmas money to buy this app. She's in tears bc she feels cheated. Please either get the app to work immediately or refund my (and all the other people who have been cheated out of their) money.

  • No support for iPad1

    by BK79467

    My child loves this app but they removed support for iPad1.

  • No sound!!

    by Klh714

    Daughter loves this movie and the book looks great but the sound doesn't work! Very disappointed!!!

  • Sound doesn't work!

    by SABSMBADB111

    I downloaded this app twice, ensured in was compliant with the app specifications, my software is up to date, and I've even checked with app support to fix the sound (note: my app doesn't have a Mickey ears icon to turn on/off the narration), restarted my iPad, etc. it doesn't work! Very disappointed. Please fix ASAP and this will be a 5-star app. Update: I pushed through the update posted today (13 Jan)... No change! So disappointed!!!

  • Grrrrrr!! The pages won't turn. Keeps crashing. Not worth it!

    by Heatherhooligan

    I'm very irritated to spend $7 for an app that DOES NOT WORK. Save your money. Get your kid the soundtrack instead. Pages won't turn and it keeps crashing.

  • Freezing frozen

    by Sad little one

    Downloaded this game for a very excited five year old. Book pages turn once before the game locks and shuts down. Too expensive for a true lack of value. Disney should fix or offer refund. Sad little girl tonight as she spent her own money.

  • Crashing

    by Lab Lars

    Way to much to pay for an app I can't use. I can see the settings screen, but that is all it will do.

  • Frozen45

    by Gmom45

    Just purchased this for my granddaughter. So disappointed! The audio DOES NOT work. Refund anyone? Better yet, please fix it ASAP!

  • Bad app

    by Hip Hop2347

    Every time I try to get on the app it shuts me out!

  • No sound

    by Jeymylove

    No sound at all. I went to game settings, restart iPad and nothing :(((

  • This app is a waste of money

    by thunderbird76

    Do not purchase until they have fixed the app. Book crashes every time I open it. I have a generation one iPad and third generation iPad and it doesn't work on either.

  • Narration does not work

    by LilCDR

    I do not see any way to I turn on/off the automatic narration? App does not work. Wait for the fix do not buy!

  • Refund please!!!

    by littlebuckeye

    As others have said, the sound on book narration doesn't work. This is an excessively expensive game that should be amazing...and actually work. My 6 year old is using a brand new iPad mini and spent her Christmas money to buy this app. She's in tears bc she feels cheated. Please either get the app to work immediately or refund my (and all the other people who have been cheated out of their) money.

  • Doesn't Load on iPad Mini

    by Stormageddon Dark Lord

    I've tried everything, reboot, delete and redownload, in wifi and in a hotspot. Got nothing. Junk. My daughter spent her Christmas money on this $7 app.

  • No sound

    by Friardog

    Garbage. No sound throughout the app. $7 wasted.

  • Doesn't work.

    by Nico Chaz

    For the amount of money we spent on it you would think it worked. It crashes every time we try and use it. Refund is defiantly in order.

  • No sound :(

    by Sdryan

    It seems like it could be a really good app with scenes from the movie, puzzles, drawing and a book, but there's no sound.

  • Frozen is Frozen

    by Seriously Brenda

    This could be great , bought it yesterday and my granddaughter has done everything including deleting other games thinking that is why her storybook would not work 8-( . After the third page the book shuts down. Wow way to go brake these kids hearts. Now fix it quick. Warm there hearts.

  • Frozen Storybook

    by Notagoodapp28

    Paid lots for this app. No sound! Please tell me how to fix it or refund my money! Very disappointed little girl.

  • No audio

    by The Kbars

    A refund would be appropriate, as there is no audio (narration or music) with this app. Do not purchase.

  • Not worth the money

    by Nataliegen

    A very expensive app that closes frequently and doesn't have many options. Very disappointed in the poor quality of this Disney app.

  • Disney “Books” are TOO BIG to collect!!! MAKE EXTRA CONTENT OPTIONAL!

    by Rex Dart - Eskimo Spy

    This “StoryBook” has the same problem every other recent Disney book has. They’re tipping 1GB of storage but the space guzzling content is garbage. For example, Monster U has terrible games and Frozen literally has a video of Anna walking. If you bought your kid a 128GB iPad then maybe they don’t notice, but if your kid only has a 16GB iPad (or if you’re sharing your personal iPad) then having 6GB of space being used by Disney “books” is ridiculous. I suggest that Disney gives us ONLY the interactive book portion and make this extra content OPTIONAL downloads. Because as much as my daughters love Frozen, I’m going to have to delete it in order to fit their educational apps back on here.

  • The best game ever

    by Frozen is amazing

    I got this game yesterday and I could not get off of it. I even read the book two times and the videos are in the book, and I even made Olaf. And every thing works very very good!!!!!

  • A ripoff

    by Hedracits

    The voice that reads you the story works but the app shuts off after a few pages. Repeatedly. I want my money back. (review is by my daughter, age 9, who spent her own money to get this app)

  • Awesome!!

    by Jsle3

    I love this app, and the "flip" feature DOES work for me! My little cousin will LOVE this!

  • Not working on iPod

    by Crazy awesome130

    When I go on the app I click on the book and it closes me out of the app and there is no video clip to be found

  • Sound doesn't work!!!

    by Alex_nashy

    I've been trying to make it work ( iPad mini) please fix it,,,$7 is a really expensive app,

  • A rip off

    by Kjkjkjkkkk

    It doesn't work on I touch 4 it just shuts down in the middle of the game or story and It is $7.00 for what yo see it shut down In the middle of the game it's just a waste of money and you can't switch to Elsa's part of the story

  • Love it!!!

    by 'scriber

    This is the best app on my iPad. The sound is perfect. Only one technical difficulty: it sometimes quits on me. I never turn the illustrations button off. I love how you can make the pictures move! This is the point of view of a first-grader.

  • Great book

    by OGHowie

    My girls love it and it works perfectly on our iPad 3.

  • Don't waste your money on this game!

    by Sixeightnate

    Bought this for my little girl who loves Frozen. I am very disappointed with this game and wish I wouldn't have spent $7 on it. It's not even worth $1. Disney, you could do much better. I want a refund.

  • Don't buy

    by Shute down

    This app only got so far and then quit out. Complete waste of money!

  • Sound does not work and clips as well

    by Arielforever

    Some of the movie clips can't play at all.... I tried both on iPad and iPhone! But the story is very beautiful and drawing games are fun after all! Wish they can fixed the movie clips ASAP!

  • Wonderful Frozen Storybook App!

    by JarluvsNascar

    The sound and animation work great on my iPad. The flip able pages are magical and delight my granddaughter! No crashing for me! And to be on sale for .99 is amazing! Thank you Disney!

  • You spin me right round....

    by Adaldrida

    It's a cool feature but I wish there was a way to turn the spinning off and just turn the page. Story time with a 3 year old is hard enough without fights over who gets to spin it.

  • Rip off

    by MLMpg

    We just got this ap on both iPods for my two kids. It has "frozen" up on them every time they want to read the story and then shuts down! Ridiculous to spend that much $ to have it do that. Plus if you accidentally touch the record button it will record and not let you go back and fix. Overall waste of $!

  • Where is the magic

    by Acruce001

    This app contains no music or video from the movie! It is a boring app! This app has none of the features that other disney apps have!

  • Gorgeous App

    by peaceloveandringo

    I love this story, and the art and execution is beautiful. Highly recommended.

  • Fantastic

    by Ctlwpooh

    My daughter loves this app. After seeing the movie she begged me to download it. I was not disappointed. She hasn't put it down yet!

  • Fix app or Make Refund

    by 20CC2013

    (1) No sound in Read Along function, (2) Game will shut down when playing, (3) Nothing to shown on "Help" function key. Please fix the app problem or Make Refund.

  • Love it!

    by Paleomom31694

    My girls have been playing this for hours. The love the movie and really wanted this app. Nicely done.

  • Beautiful app!

    by IHeartItaly

    My nieces loved the film and love this app!

  • Great App!

    by Question Everything Twice

    My 4 and 5 year old love this app! Everything seems to work great. It blends well with the movie (that I've seen 4 times in a week!) I do agree it is a little pricey. Maybe 4.99 would be a more reasonable price. I had one issue at bed time when the sound didn't work. I quickly grabbed another iPad to get everyone asleep then afterwards found that if airplay was enabled, it affected the app sound. Those of you that say the flip screen function isn't working might want to see if your screen is locked.

  • Short clips not found!

    by ziggytunes

    For $6.99 this app should work better!cant access the movie clips

  • Fix app

    by Lagatita77

    There is no sound on the first two pages on my iPad mini. But my daughter likes it. PLEASE FIX IT.

  • No Sound!??!?

    by Campus Activities

    What the heck? Charging me this much for something defective? I want my money back!

  • Waste of money

    by Mom of ksvxjdne

    Don't bother. The flip feature doesn't even work and my 6 yr old got bored with it within 30 minutes. Way overpriced for what you get. Shame on Disney.

  • Frozen

    by MClogue1098765432

    Everything about this app works on the iPhone 5. I love this app!

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