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Seller: Daniele Ratti

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With iAtoms 3D you can see a beautiful 3D model with the energy levels (rotatable with accelerometer) and find all the information on each element of the periodic table.

* * * INFOS OF EACH ITEM * * * 

✔ Name

✔ symbol

✔ Number

✔ Series
✔ Group
✔ Period 

✔ Lock 

✔ Density

✔ Weight 

✔ Radius 

✔ Covalent radius 

✔ Radius v.d. Waals 

✔ Configuration 

✔ Electrons

✔ Oxidation state
✔ Structure 

✔ State
✔ Melting point
✔ Boiling 

✔ Critical point 

✔ molar volume
✔ Enthalpy of vaporization

✔ Heat of fusion

✔ Vapour
✔ Sound speed

✔ Electronegativity

✔ Specific heat
✔ conductivity heat

Customer Reviews

  • English

    by Bob99635643

    Please make an english update.

  • False advertising

    by Dogstar1986

    Nothing in the description says its in Italian only.

  • Description is English, app is not.

    by Observer2010

    Not in English.

  • Its not in english

    by Airteez

    Why doesn't the App language match the description? The tilt function would be okay if it worked well.. A manual rotate would have much better.. No zoom or any functions..like interactivity... Like if you take away an electron what happens, will it stabilize itself... Theres lots of general data on elements if you can read it.. Overall.. This app seems pointless unless you need specific atomic information... That can't be looked up... And if you can it.... But it would probably be simpler to just get a periodic chart and be done..

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