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▸ Voted Best Kids App for iPad! -Best App Ever Awards
▸ Voted Best Educational Game App -
▸ "If you have children who are elementary school aged this is a fantastic educational app that’s also a hoot." - The iPhone
▸ "Stack the States is a must have." - The iKids Blog

Stack the States™ makes learning about the 50 states fun! Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game!

As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level.

You earn a random state for every successfully completed level. All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States. Try to collect all 50! As you earn more states, you begin to unlock the four free bonus games: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop. Four games in one!

▸ Capitals
▸ State shapes
▸ Abbreviations
▸ Bordering states
▸ Location on the map
▸ Nicknames
▸ Flags
...and more!

▸ Hundreds of unique questions
▸ Interactive map and 50 state flash cards
▸ Choose any of the 50 friendly-looking states as your avatar
▸ Create up to six player profiles
▸ Collect all 50 states and track your progress on a personalized map
▸ Earn FREE bonus games: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop
▸ High resolution pictures of famous US landmarks
▸ All games are powered by a realistic physics engine
▸ Fun sound effects and music
▸ iPhone 4 and new iPad Retina Display support
▸ Works on both iPhone and iPad - a universal app


STACK THE STATES: Build tall piles with states and try to reach the checkered line.

MAP IT: Tap the location of the selected state on the map. Try to complete the whole country.

PILE UP: The states are piling up! Tap them quickly to get rid of them before they pile too high.

PUZZLER: Sit back and relax as you slide the states around and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

CAPITAL DROP: Match states with their capitals in this fast-paced bonus game. Don't let a state fall!

Stack the States™ is an educational app for all ages that's actually FUN to play. Try it now and enjoy five games for the price of one!

Stack the States™:
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- Does not contain in-app purchases.
- Does not contain integration with social networks.
- Does not use analytics / data collection tools.
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Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by clamesa

    My 6 years old loves this app. Is perfect for his level of reading so he can play alone. He already knows most of the states, capitols and abbreviations and is staring to play including the landmarks. I just got Stake the Countries and I expect the same results. Good job.

  • Educational

    by NickThelen

    My 2 older kids, ages 7 and 5, love this app. And I love that they are learning about the states.

  • Response To Missing DC Profile Log In

    by ภถุึคตจขช

    You can always sign in as another State. I Live In California but signed in as Montana & Vermont As My Other Profile. I'm sorry if she Still refuses to sign in as another state. But, Technically DC is part of Maryland. Even though you call it 'DC', Many People Consider it part of Maryland. Even Some Presidents! If you Look on a Map and there isn't DC, It will most likely be in Maryland. hope This Helps!

  • 1000000000000 stars

    by Realman24

    Great game but a little virusy

  • 11 year old and I Love this app

    by Anniesteese

    Put the app on both of our phones and we see who can get the most states. We both are learning from the app. Thank you for this app.

  • Excellent

    by JJJJJJJJ88888888

    Very good set of games!

  • Great but a few bugs

    by HappyBlueFish

    It is a super fun educational game but there are a few errors I've noticed. It said that Pennsylvania bordered Canada and the capital of Washington is Tapoca and it's actually Olympia. But overall I love it.

  • Love this app!!!

    by teacherjez

    My 1st graders are learning so much from this app. Not only are they learning the states, but many facts about each state. I enjoy seeing them excited about learning. Stack the States is the best app out there and keeps kids engaged.

  • Awesome!!! By learner a+

    by Bella W.

    I love this game great for education and literally has never crashed on me!! I love this game!!!!!:):)

  • Love it!

    by Prof. Torg

    I like to play this by myself too, but fun with my eight or five year old. The five year old taps on the states when I tell her the answers and she looks for states that start with the right letter. We have "Stack the Countries" too. Much more challenging and I look forward to learning all the countries in the world. :)

  • Stack the states

    by Carebear55bja

    Love, love, love this app!!!! My 10 and 8 year old love this app and have learned SO much about the states.

  • By Griffin

    by Cjryifdhbfkgf

    It's awesome and I learn and there's the extra games to play

  • Tha bom

    by jmh45881

    Best game ever it's so fun!!!!!:)

  • By Darius soto

    by 1PrincessMelissa

    This game is fantastic! I love how you can have fun,and learn!!

  • Include DC Profile Sign In!

    by DC Statehood Now!

    This is a great app! However, it has one fatal defect that I and all of the residents of my city hope will be remedied without delay! While the District of Columbia is not technically a state, many, many people live here, in fact, more than live in either Wyoming or Vermont. My daughter was heartbroken, in fact she cried when she attempted to create her player profile and found she couldn't sign in as a resident of DC, where she was born and has lived her entire life. Refusing to sign in as being from the neighboring states of Virginia or Maryland, in protest, she is playing as a Guest on her own iPad. We in DC have no voting representation in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, the least you could do is represent use in your game.

  • Great, but only if you can read

    by myscue

    My daughter loves this app but has to come to me to read the questions. She can answer by recognition of state shape or correct answer cognitively, but she is unable to read. Please add audible to questions and answers, you are preventing some real geniuses from using, and learning from your fun and really brilliant app!

  • Helpful hints

    by Kel kel123

    Hey guys helpful hints again and today I am talking about Stack The States! I'm in 4th grade and learning the map and this is a great game to practice on! I tried a lot of state map apps and this one was the one for me! Even though it does not really have upgrades it doesn't need it! @luv it I totally agree! It helps u sooo much and it is a great game! @wow I also agree,u don't need to be little to play this game! It can be for ALL ages! Even if u r in 2nd or 8th grade this can be a great game for u! @states I disagree, they do not need more bonus games! I don't think that's the point in the game not bonus games it's well about to get your states right you're supposed to cover the map on the front screen not to play bonus games! And finally @good but ok if ur child is 4 the game is not for u! If u even look at the pictures u will know it involves reading! And anyways ur child is 4 she does not need to be learning the map now! And that is another review from helpful hints! See u next time :)

  • Love it

    by Snowflake317

    I love this game one thing that could be better is the map it i click on the right place but it says I got it wrong


    by Horse lover bse

    This app is awesome I love how you earn the states. I recommend this app to everyone

  • Awesome but has some gaps

    by Awesome sauce eeeeeeee

    It would be nice if ALL states had landmarks

  • Waste dont buy!

    by Tico

    I beat the game once and then what do it again...NO it was a waste of money and I never play it anymore

  • Clearly wrong!

    by RandomNickname!&@-/11

    Can not be considered an educational App. The questions are clearly not written by someone who is qualified to do so and the QA for the app is dangerously inadequate to allow something like this to slip through. For example: Q: in which state is Vancouver? A: Washington

  • Problem with a question.

    by Emma the temple runner

    I love this app, but I need to report an inaccuracy on a question. When asked in which state Manchester was located Vermont was one of my options but was wrong. Though the correct answer 'was true there is a Manchester, Vermont as well, and it should have been either not an option or correct.

  • By America

    by Stack the fun!!!!!

    This app is so great that it can make you super smart. Get this app!!!

  • Fun for my son

    by DaLaDavis

    My 5year old has learned so much about the US on his own with this game (and so have I). It's one of the few games that makes "too much screen time" ok.

  • The greatest learning game out there!

    by ND Carper

    This is a great app! Before getting it, I knew nearly nothing about the states, now I know a lot. And I'm 13, maybe a little old to be playing it, but it didn't know that! I tried some of the other apps by this person, they aren't as good.

  • Good

    by Yasmonty

    It is good to get this game

  • Stack the States

    by kob712

    This app is awesome. My 6 & 7 year old kids love it!!!!

  • Learned all my states !

    by Friedchickenlover000

    Being a grown adult going my life without knowing my own countries states locations was embarrassing. Thanks to this wonderful kids app I learned the states in a few days!

  • So fun!

    by 8888999

    Our 7 year old loves this game and has learned so much! Great app!

  • Omg this is so good!

    by Dmbjm

    I love this maker of these kind of games! Best app idea ever!

  • Awesome App!

    by Amazing Homeschooling Mom of 3

    We absolutely love Stack the States! It's educational and fun! My 6 yr old can map all 50 states with no help at all now. I even created a game profile so I could play too!! Well worth the cost of the app!

  • Love

    by Like gieeewiz

    My son and I play this together. He has learned so much about our country, our state flag (other flags) and states! He's 5. He can tell you some states names just by their outline.

  • Good but

    by djjenkins

    My 4 year old love geography and I thought this could be a new app for her but it requires reading so basically she can't play alone. I wish it would have stated that or given an age range

  • Excellent Educational Game!

    by MrsVanMeer

    My kindergartener can put together a states puzzle with no help, in about five minutes. She recognizes all the state shapes and knows some of their capitals off the top of her head. She knows more about the basic geography of the states than I do now, and she enjoys using her knowledge in real life. This game is fun, with cute animations, neat sounds, relevant facts, and effective incentives. Worth every penny.

  • All in a summer

    by Sarasaraightandtall

    My kids learned all the states and the capitals in one summer of playing your game!

  • Great learning game

    by G8Rs man

    My 5 year old knows all of his state capitals because of this game... Great way to make learning fun for my kids!

  • Awesome

    by Country~Barbie

    Love this app!!! My son is 8 and loves to play it. He is learning so much about the USA and will help him in the long run!!!

  • LV

    by Trab3k

    Great game! Fun & good for the brain :)

  • Fun for all ages!

    by Milestones, LLC

    My 6 year old knows more states than most of his peers. My 9 year old can recognize states by sight, and their flags! Mom (that's me) loves to get as many states as possible on the platform. We love competing against each other!

  • Favorite App!

    by Ecomaven

    My 6 year old son is obsessed with this app! He literally plays it for hours and his geography knowledge is pretty impressive. He has unlocked all the extras and can now fill in a blank map. He is also learning some planning with the stacking, especially since his line is almost at the top. The rest of us enjoy the app too. I do wish they'd add some new questions. Surely the questions to ask are endless.

  • Great app for kids

    by Radfordfamily

    My kids love it and have learned a great deal. Great summer app for brushing up!

  • Overall really great

    by Procrastigamer

    Several fun and instructive games, with some bugs and a few oversights. For the developers: the pile up game is great but the handling of the "small"states is not good. They get stuck behind bigger states and when they fall off, beyond the player's control, they still get called up despite no longer being in the board. Presumably, they are still "falling" but it seems unfair the player gets penalized for this. Capital drop: great game but when the writing is Isidro down it's awkward to have to turn the phone upside down to read the capital name. Finally, once the player had earned all 50 states, he or she cannot access the already won states' capitals by tapping in the map. They're all gone and the map reset. It would be useful to have flags and capitals if already won states for learning and reference. Thanks again for a great app!

  • My kids love it


    My kids love this app their teacher approved it to count as studying and will let them being their tablets to school now. It's also great that you don't need internet connection to play it so my kids can play it when we're on the way to school on the day of their geography test. Anyways it's a great app you should try it it's totally worth $0.99 my kids love it it's great to help them study. I know when you first get it and you play it your like this isn't what I want but when you unlock 10 states you unlock the bonus game map it out which helps my kids the most rather then the regular game itself. But anyways it's a great app I even play it myself

  • States

    by TheHumenCreeper12

    Your game is awesome! But you need to add more bonus games please

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!

    by derm72

    This game is wicked awesome!!! I am in the 7th grade but who cares????? Is such a good app. Actually helps me learn. Parents- if you are looking for an app for your kids, this is the one to get. It is 100% PERFECT

  • Excellent

    by Jencreide

    Best map game out there for kids, in my opinion. My 5 year old loves it and has learned a LOT from playing it.

  • Awesome

    by Nick pix

    This is amazing no bugs that I have seen now I know a lot about states but it is also fun to stack states like that

  • Friends

    by Emawd

    Love it sooooo creative

  • WOW

    by Jane Crocker

    Ok I'm probably too old for this app, considering I'm in 8th grade, but this game is adorable, educational, and just all around fun. I recommend it to anyone, really.

  • Love it

    by Pinkcutie

    Great fun game

  • Luv it

    by CrAzy cAt 523489

    I love this game it helps me for school

  • Good education


    Anyone Who wanted this game is going to love it!Welll;I do!Now I know all the capitals and abbreviations of all the states now(Sasha)

  • Good For Learning

    by Cool Cuttie

    Good for learning and ss

  • Love this

    by BenJoHoHo

    Great app. I appreciate sounds. A child can play solo when he/she can read. My only suggestion is game play that would include an explanation why a state is called the "Golden State" for example. Also random cities I don't think are so important to learn. Found one asked what state Aurora is in and 2 of the choices were Illinois and Ohio. It is in both states but when we chose Ohio, it marked us wrong and said it was only in Illinois. Maybe fixed now. otherwise it's an awesome game. Highly recommended. 4 stars only because it really needs to be accurate or it can be confusing especially for a kid.

  • Awesome

    by Persona Nongrota

    This app helped me learn my states

  • (Clp)

    by (Poppy)

    Our family loves this game. We are all learning, including former teachers. Our ages are 5 to 75. I just wish that the bonus games would not have to be earned again when you have all the states and start over earning states.

  • Great practice in a fun way.

    by SimpleStyle

    Kids and I all love this game. Great practice for what could be tedious memory work.

  • Stack the States

    by MJA60

    This is supposed to be a child's game but it's lots of fun to play with adults too. Also presents pleasant ways to learn information about the states and cities of the USA.

  • Fun and educational!

    by Lisa Lisa and No Cult Jam

    My son (5 years old) and I love playing this game together. We learn a lot and have fun at the same time!

  • Fun app

    by yada3x

    Kids enjoy playing and learning states.

  • Fun and educational

    by dwinlm

    I really enjoy playing this and I've learned a lot.

  • Great game

    by Kltdefer

    I got this for my boys to learn geography. They love it . Have played it for hours. Best of all, they are learning US geography in a very fun way!

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