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Seller: Dipesh Patel

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Basic Pizza Dough Recipe
Boboli Pizza Crust Recipe
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New York-Style Pizza Crust Recipe
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WholeWheat Pizza Crust Recipe'),

Customer Reviews

  • Horrible

    by coolbeanslol

    When you open it up the "start" button looks awful, it's cropped wrong. This is just minor compared to the fact that his other apps (18+ obviously as other reviewers said) are advertised. Please take it off. All though the recipes seemed okay I took a quick look. But they are probably just taken from someone else. Not really the developer who took the time to look for various recipes.

  • Troll

    by O.othisisnotanickname

    Ads for sex apps intermixed with the actual recipes. This should be something you would use with your kids, but there is no way you could with this app. Completely inappropriate for what you would want to use it for.


    by Swampyxx

    This is just another one of the myriad of pathetic apps that these developers use to peddle their anti-social, disgusting & degrading apps. DELETING!

  • Really, sex ads ?

    by Pavelbure77

    I don't think having links to sexual apps is a good idea and will turn people off immediately, like I did. Deleted

  • What were you thinking?

    by RCRJr

    I was greatly displeased with this app - not for the recipes or lack thereof, but rather for the fact that I bought the app to use with my kids only to open it and find that the first several lines on the main page menu is about female ejaculations. Creators what were you thinking. If you were going to advertise sex apps it should at least have been in a separate area labeled "Other apps" with a connection to another separate page. Because I don't want my kids to be exposed to this subject matter, I will delete the app as soon as I make certain this review is posted. I did look over the recipes, but will not comment on that part. If you ( the creators) would be so kind to redesign the menu page, I would be pleased to again download the app and write a more fitting review. I will check back occasionally for a more family-friendly update.

  • VERY disappointed

    by Dixiedutchgirl

    Warning! This app would appear to be a nice recipe app for making pizza. WRONG! The first two menu items have to do with intimate female sexuality. Oh, the recipes are there, but I am very disappointed that this seller would insinuate this other garbage into the app in order to vend more of his apps. I won't buy anything else from this seller.

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