Puffin Web Browser Utilities App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: CloudMosa, Inc.

* Add P2P Flash Video support. (Also known as RTMFP streaming)
* Fix Flash copy-n-paste issues.
* Fix Flash software keyboard display issues.
* Fix some Flash content compatibility issues.
* Improve stability.

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Puffin Web Browser is wicked fast. Once users experience the thrill of using Puffin, regular mobile Internet just feels like torture. Puffin Web Browser is the premium version of the Puffin family, and comes with unlimited hours of Adobe Flash support over cloud.

* Incredible Loading Speed
* Adobe Flash Support over Cloud (Flash Player 11.9)
* The Whole New Tabs Browsing
* Download to Cloud (Up to 100M per file)
* Sync open tabs across devices
* Theater Mode
* Virtual Trackpad (Mouse Simulator)
* Virtual Gamepad
* Add-ons functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and more)
* Color Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar
* Fastest JavaScript Engine
* Full Web Experience (Desktop view and mobile view)

==== Limitations ====
* The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
* For users outside the US, local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in your home country.
* Due to the Internet censorship, Puffin Browser service is blocked in China and Saudi Arabia.
For more information, please check our FAQ: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/faq.html

==== Suggestion ====
For all users, we suggest trying the free version before buying the full version. This can help you make sure that Puffin Web Browser works well and fulfill your needs.

Customer Reviews

  • The best app

    by abchak

    This is the most necessary and awesome app. Lets you do everything on the internet, finally. Love this.

  • Good App

    by KEStoss

    Though it can be buggy and slow at times (on the IPhone 3GS) I have had no trouble using Puffin on the Ipad Air. Overall it is a good app for accessing flash sites.

  • Awesome App

    by Ana Hernandez

    This app let me work on websites for college like mymathlab.. It works great!

  • Videos

    by Wadih1999

    Everything is great with this app exept that the videos are very slow and buggy. Please fix!

  • Computer on the go!!!

    by Jasboy099

    I love this app it's like my computer on the go I hope great updates will come!

  • The BEST Browser

    by SNIPER FIRE 899

    I downloaded this app so I could access websites with flash player, for games and movies. It works perfectly and I have not found any problems with it. I'm sure I won't.

  • Yah

    by Daniel Barrios

    Love. This. App. Highly recommend it.

  • Thank you.

    by Oscar Delgadillo


  • Great productivity asset for MyInfo

    by RodRick M

    I downloaded this app to allow me to access flash based websites such as MyInfo and it has done an excellent job. As a technical supervisor who travels between work locations, this app has allowed me to approve employee time sheets, initiate relocation requests, manage performance reviews, and other MyInfo human resource administrative tasks. Though this app will not allow me to access 100% of MyInfo features, the +90% of features it does allows me to work faster on the go without having to boot up my laptop.

  • Thanks

    by Sameer from jordan

    This app is the best


    by To all the hater

    Nuf said

  • I'm satisfied

    by Berk_Miami

    Very very cool features.

  • Fast and stable

    by Denincali

    This is a great browser for a ipad, it's fast stable and has flash built in. I found it to be a clean looking browser that's easy to navigate.

  • Best browser in the app store!!!

    by 5 star all day

    Only thing i dislike is sometimes when i search for something it takes me to the puffin tour page. Its annoying. And a video out feature would be awesome and make this a even better app

  • Great flash Browser

    by ZenaA96

    Great flash browser especially for viewing video, accessing web pages with flash content, and playing basic online games. I like the automatic flash feature(no extra steps or buttons to make it work), the video theater mode, and the snappy UI and thoughtful interface.

  • 1 Problem =full screen mode

    by Mr football

    I've had this for nearly a year and it has been great until you guys removed full screen... Please bring it back

  • Absolutely Stunning.

    by Dvtgrtgdrgdtgdthfthfth

    This browser is probably the best browser available, hands down. Very personizable and you honestly do see a difference in speed. It is around 3 times faster than Safari or Chrome. It never crashes and is reliable 100% of the time. I never really leave reviews, but this app blew my mind.

  • Best browser ever

    by HikingData

    Absolutely wonderful I no longer use Safari now that I have Puffin Best browser in history

  • Use to be good

    by Skjae2001

    Last update caused the app not to remember login info so every time is go to a website that needs a login it makes me log in again.

  • I used to use chrome until I found puffin.

    by Rob123452

    I used to use chrome mobile. It was fast, simple, and similar to the chrome I used on my desktop. I recently found puffin and I can safely say this is the app I have that has been most worth the money. It is amazingly fast, clean, and it has flash support! Trust me. A few dollars for this app is nothing compared to the features it gives you.

  • Mehhhh!

    by Justins FB

    Still no sound on my movies. Using 5s, iOS7. Fix this!!!!

  • Wait... Network recovery

    by Mttt34

    I loved this app until recently .. Now all I get is the above error :(

  • Video!!!

    by snarkeee

    Videos are so leggy! I have to reconnect with the server several times to make it watchable. Fix it!!!

  • tabs are brocken

    by labruja12

    whenever I'm browsing the tabs it's impossible for me to go to any of them other than the one I'm already selected to sometimes after I just keep on tapping one repeatedly over and over again it'll eventually just randomly let me go to the tab I wanted

  • Was great before but...

    by IST20001122

    This app was perfect before the recent update. Now it disconnects CONSTANTLY, freezes all the time, and a lot of the pages don't even load or take an obscene amount of time to.

  • Update with Major Issues!

    by ArtG1965

    I've been using Puffin on my iPAD for quite a while and love this browser. However, something has changed with the most recent update- and NOT for the better. Pages load incompletely and require constant refreshes to get a single complete page load. I find I must constantly "Reconnect to Server" and it crashes far more often than older versions. One MAJOR ISSUE is Puffin now either cannot or will not store Cookies and Tokens for Web Pages you access frequently. This causes users to have to re-enter your User Name and Password every 5 to 10 minutes while using ANY site requiring a UN/PW. This is a problem of EPIC proportions-Making Puffin unusable by and large. I have e-mailed customer support and hope they will address this major bug. All 4 of my other browsers including CHROME, DOLPHIN, SAFARI and UC BROWSER do not have this issue-It is without question a Puffin Created Problem. I would suggest everyone avoid the paid version until this issue is resolved. Resetting to Factory Defaults-Uninstalling and Reinstalling have not resolved this problem, which is frankly really disturbing for a PAID APP. This is a real shame as I have relied heavily on this browser for moderating my vBulletin Forum, and it is now useless for any web site which requires a user to login.Hopefully, this issue will be resolved or I will be permanently deleting what is by and large a now useless Web Browser.

  • Stop updating

    by Tyd97

    Every time you fix one problem you create 3 more get real developers or get this garbage off the app store

  • Bought this

    by Bmark15

    for Facebook games and it works poorly at best. MyVegas Slots shows only center of the screen. Edges are all loped off. Not worth the money.

  • Popups

    by Hdfgfhdhd

    Block pop-up feature does not work. Still getting annoying pop-up.

  • WAS a good app

    by AngelSavageSR71

    Laggy like s**t !

  • Please bring back "Full Screen" flash video support.

    by Once avid user

    I must agree that the removal of the full screen feature is a major disappointment.

  • Crashes

    by Poobuttden

    Since update does not work

  • best

    by b1e9k9a0

    very good app, thanks!

  • Bugs

    by Bobbie78

    there's a big with the reconnect button and well it ceps logging me out when its supposed to reconnect THATS A BUG AND CAN YA PLZ PUT POP UP KEYBOARD IN THE SETTINGS PLZ I DONT LIKE IT PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • Great app

    by Brooklynrapp

    Love the app works fine

  • Great!

    by aldog77

    This brother is incredible! Before I got this browser, I tried virtual Firefox which did not allow you to stream at full speed without paying another $1.99. This was incredible, I was able to get the full speed about paying anything additional! Awesome application!

  • Best browser at what it does

    by Dodge137363

    Best browser at what it does

  • Choppy video and audio

    by Aukaman

    When watching a flash video, the picture and sound and both very choppy. Although I've had this problem before, it is much, much, much worse! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • Facebook Casino Games

    by Dammit$hit

    No longer able to play casino games on Facebook. I wrote several emails & no replies or fix!! This was the only reason why I paid for this browser was for flash. Now it doesn't work

  • Rip off!!

    by Likesfastinternet

    This app is a waste of money! It is super slow and freezes up all the time! Do yourself a favor and save 3 dollars.

  • Cant f in d this app anywhere!

    by limoTian

    cant opwn it or find it on the screen。i used my money for this

  • Bottom floating menubars obscure webpages

    by 74256274

    Puffin allows menubars found at the bottom of many webpages to float up as the page is scrolled. The floating menubar obscures the text making articles difficult to read. It is so frustrating that I had to abandon the use of Puffin as a default web browser. I sent support questions about how to turn this off without any response.

  • Good app

    by Ant8:(

    Supports adobe flash which not many browser can do it for mobile and that is impressive

  • It's gone

    by Deathknight123

    I'm absolutely positive that I paid for this. However, I can't redownload without paying again

  • Fast and beautiful interface

    by Cedar Beater

    Amazing. Does everything you wanted safari to do but faster. Love the ripple of screen hand gestures. ONLY one improvement needed---PRIVATE Browsing toggle-- like safari. Currently requires you to clear the cookies/cache/history. It would be great to have a privacy and non tracked web browser.

  • Great, but no Webgl

    by Webgl

    Extremely fast, best browser , but I am disappointed because their is no Webgl support, which would be very helpful.

  • Nice

    by Eihab2011


  • Muy bueno

    by Magolos1

    Muy buen navegador

  • Amazing

    by Skakwieicke

    I bought this app for 2.99 and no updates it was amazing never crashed once. I updated it the first it got slow and crashed every 10 minutes. Saw the new update thought it was going to be better bought its even worse it crashes every 2 minutes freezes everytime I try to type something. I'm really mad that I spend 2.99 for this app. Debating if I should just delete and not waste my time. But if they could fix before any updates any ways these are my problems about this app!! Fix please.

  • :)

    by Niiiccce

    this is a great app its very cool but it has some issues with the Internet a lot

  • No more cookies since last update

    by Moguy1973

    I don't know if its just me bust since the last update I have to re-sign into websites after leaving the app. I've tried resetting to factory and it still requires me to log into websites each time. It would be 4.5-5 stars if this was fixed.

  • Fantastic

    by Metrobronco

    Love the design. Love the feel. Good job guys!

  • Puffin Browser App

    by JGosha

    I purchases the app to play Zynga and FB games. Works pretty well. Crashes mostly are due to Zynga sloppy tech support. Should cost ninety nine cents.

  • Awesome app fp

    by Awesome app fp

    Awesome app fp

  • Great browser but keep getting Flash version error

    by Oj 83

    I love the browser. It's quick, user-friendly, and much less buggy these days. However, I keep getting a Flash version error on some sites (e.g. xfinitytv), saying that the most current version is not installed. For some reason, Puffin seems to be using Flash 11.7.7 (ancient!).

  • Great Browser but...

    by KoalaGCF

    I really like this browser but was wondering why iOS spell correct doesn't work with the browser maybe something to look into before next update... If you have no problems with spelling this is super app but for me with having stroke damage in my head I don't spell very well n would love to see the spell in this app... After recent update it forgets logins/cookie info, every time I restart I have to re-input my login info a real pain... I have stopped using this browser n wondering if there is a way to get my money back seeing no spell checking n now it not remembering logins/cookie info thinking I have wasted my money sent in a feedback n have not got a reply, why??? Signed Giovano

  • Pretty good

    by Lekson Family

    A solid piece of software, it allows flash video and apps to be played back and can bypass certain blacklists. A little laggy at times though.

  • More stable!! Keep going!!

    by J. Hsu

    Puffin is my favorite one mobile browser. This version fixed the issue "Can't do copy-n-paster in Flash". Nice!!

  • Horrible App!!!!

    by Dfreezio

    Waste of money! Bought it to watch live streaming sports on an iPod touch but doesn't work. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Want my money back!

  • best web browser on the App Store. FLASHPLAYER

    by faustinog

    this app is the best app to stream movies that require flash.

  • Awesome

    by C.elegans

    I've been using this app and it never gives me a problem. Recommend it 100%

  • Poorly done

    by Alison1222

    I like the set up but when i use text boxes it is either really glitchy or it loads to some random text box.

  • As usual..

    by aeromatic

    Puffin can never update without taking steps bsckwards while still moving forward lol...I can't access my downloads anymore. when I used to try to open files in box via puffin, it worked. Now it takes several tries to get the file to open, but then when it opens box just crashed before fully booting. One star for this.

  • Make it

    by CoachCintron

    Have java

  • Full screen doesn't work

    by Pesos585

    Full screen is not working for new update...

  • Excellent

    by Mohamed Alkhateeb

    Really wonderful and excellent work Highly recommended Thank you

  • Tab Background support bring it back.

    by Bluemrh

    Please put back the tab background support. When I open another tab it cuts out the sound. No ad blocker? Too many ads

  • No sound (update)

    by Brilliant1

    Had to enable 'ignore mute switch'. I didn't know that this was the problem. Now i give this browser 10 stars if i could. It does everything i need. Thanks developers! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It bad

    by ابوعيسي

    Not work Not working in Saudi Arabia

  • Very. Good. Fast too


    Fast easy works great no problems at all

  • Love it.

    by Cru12

    Bestest browser of all!

  • Great app

    by P vs z fanatic

    I like that you can watch video and look at all the websites you regularly cannot in mobile. It would be cool if I could use this app with chromecast :)

  • Just keeps getting better

    by Cellphonenut

    I've been using Puffin for a while. I can honestly say it's the best browser for anyone looking for a Flash compatible browser with super fast page loads. This developer does rest on their laurels as it truly shows with the upgrades that just keep improving this app. It's unreal how fast pages load with this browser. If there was one thing I would love to see included in the next update it would be gesture support. Even without gesture support I will still take this browser 10 to 1 over the stock ipad browser.

  • by

    Amazing thank you very much

  • Bobthebuilder

    by joetherobo

    Awesome app. The first reliable mobile browser.

  • Thank


    I'd like to say"Thank you"for good browser app and work hard for us.

  • Well Done, great bang for the buck

    by Link500

    This is the first app review I've done ever that's how good it is. I've bought flash enabled browsers but this version is great, and decent enough as an all around browser even if it couldn't do flash. I do enterprise software to earn a living and if you get the concept that their servers need to render a page to send it to you after you input what you want from the from the web, then you understand that it's easier said than done. Awesome job Puffin. Perfect? No but pretty darn close.

  • Saudi

    by X3x0x1x

    The program has been very bad, closing in Saudi Arabia did not initiate the developer to find a solution to this problem has been ripped off buying a bad program

  • Love this app

    by Ma_rv

    I bought photon due to the good reviews but it was horrible I hated it and I decided to give this one a try and it was AMAZING I loved this app and it was fast and responsive

  • Needs work

    by cadihog

    I'm really getting tired of playing bata tester for these half baked apps.

  • This thing is the best!

    by rigonan

    Forget about the bugs! Forget about the negative things that bother this app, but I tell you 80% of the time it will satisfy you. Compared to other Flash Based Browser, Puffin delivers you the best. Also take note that it is a universal app which makes it a steal! Search the internet faster than ever! Download now!

  • update is great

    by Raymondstorm18

    good work fixing the problems

  • Still no full screen.

    by littleunit

    Why did you ruin this great app? Now when everyone watches video that is choppy. Just bring back full screen mode.


    by Zac 99

    This app use to be awesome until they removed the full screen on the top of the screen and almost every video I know that can go to full screen works. When they removed it saying that a pop up will show if you want it in full screen but nothing shows. Listen to us because right now this app has low ratings. PLEASE BRING BACK FULL SCREEN MODE ON TOP OF THE SCREEN!!! PLEASE!

  • Finally!!!!

    by Qtr 7mood

    Thank you so much for improving the flash video support, now it shows almost every time!❤️

  • Awesome

    by Kazanovha

    In live online streaming and super fast

  • John

    by Dudeawesome23

    Best flash browser out of all the ones I used. Constant updates to fix issues. Faster than safari browser at times. Well worth the purchase.

  • Best browser,best update!

    by alii85b

    After some time, this is the best update ... I want to thank the developers of this excellent browser

  • Bring back theatre mode

    by TheSeahawkFan

    I have a very fast connection but without theatre mode button the regular flash skips all the time. It's horrible. Now I regret paying for this app. It was great with the theatre button. Now I have no reason to use this app. Please bring back that feature. It was the only way to watch in peace.

  • What happened!?!?

    by NyM20

    I've had this app for as long as I can remember and now its impossible! I cannot watch anything, if I go full screen the picture and sound don't match and if I pause then try to restart there is no sound at all. Idk, but I think the last update ruined it, fix it please, this used to be my favorite app...

  • The best Browser in iOS

    by Q8Mubarak

    The best Browser on iOS! I can do everything like I'm using my mac #awesome_app


    by Edward Bastian

    This is the best browser on AppStore

  • Whoa

    by LatenightReviewer428

    I just made the switch from Safari to puffin. Play any sort of flash based video? Okay. Cool. Use any flash-based application? Wicked, I'm browsing google finances and looking through stock charts like I would on my PC, in real time to boot. But wait. Flash game support... With a GAMEPAD? I think I'm in love.

  • mohsen

    by mohsenemil

    It's perfect


    by Ksnavy123457890

    This is the BEST browser. You can play most games (notdoppler, coolmath, etc.) You can also download things like minecraft, but i have no idea how to play it. You can also sync bookmarks and stuff with google. Anyway TOTALLY WORTH THE $$ BUY IT!!!!!!

  • Amazing!

    by Seizetheday!

    I needed a way to get my office email which operates on MS 365 Office Outlook. Plus, I needed flash. This app did it perfectly. Plus, it has a nice layout and is wickedly fast! It moved to my No 1 app out of over 350. Amazing is an understatement.

  • Terrible

    by Tyd97

    Their isnt even words to explain how bad this app has gotten dont waste your money

  • The most useful app, second only to the App Store

    by GoodAdviceSteve

    Absolutely stunning. They do not exaggerate when they say fast Internet. And with flash player, I can play my favorite PC Games on my IPad anytime I want! Worth every last penny. This will be your most well spent purchase that you will ever make.

  • Favorite browser

    by OX8769

    Title says it all puffin Is awesome

  • Annoying

    by Gmoneysquad

    App is annoying. Video reel only works when it wants, and without videos constantly lag, sound goes off, and freeze. Puffin really needs to fix these bugs.

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