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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: CloudMosa, Inc.

• Free Adobe Flash support over cloud during off-peak daytime hours.
• Auto-renewal subscription of unlimited Adobe Flash support over cloud.

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479 Ratings
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8271 Ratings


Puffin Web Browser is a wicked fast Mobile Flash Browser. Once users experience the thrilling speed of Puffin, regular mobile Internet feels like torture. Puffin Free is the free version of the Puffin family and supports Adobe Flash over cloud during "off-peak hours" from 8AM to 4PM (subject to change without prior notice).

==== Features ====
• Incredible loading speed
• Adobe Flash support over cloud during off-peak hours (in the daytime)
• Fastest JavaScript engine
• Full web experience (desktop view or mobile view)
• Download to Cloud (up to 10M per file)
• Sync open tabs across devices
• Theater Mode
• Virtual Trackpad (mouse simulator)
• Virtual Gamepad
• Add-ons functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Translator and more)
• Color Theme for Toolbar and Slidebar

==== $0.99 In-App Purchase ====
• Six-month subscription of unlimited Adobe Flash support over cloud for $0.99

According to Apple App Store, auto-renewal of future subscriptions can be turned off but current subscription cannot be cancelled and refunded.

==== Limitations ====
• The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the US and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from US geolocations.
• For users outside the US, local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the US due to geo-restrictions in your home country.
• Due to the Internet censorship, Puffin Web Browser is blocked in China and Saudi Arabia.
For more information, please check our FAQ: http://www.puffinbrowser.com/faq.html

Customer Reviews

  • Update!!!! Please :/

    by Felix27xD

    It won't let me use the browser please update it :)

  • Works okay but view is always off kilter

    by eugenepp

    This app works, but the viewport never lines up in my screen solar of the view isn't visible. always have to move things around so I can see the entire image. Very dumb.

  • good!

    by kim mymin

    very usefull.

  • Love

    by Magdyyy

    Very very very nice browser


    by Killerjohnster21

    This is the best App that can download any thing whoever made this I thank them

  • Awesome!

    by Omygna

    This app is easy to navigate, easy to customize and use. Will recommend highly.

  • It needs more

    by Tnmidwife

    I download it for my child to play animal jam and it will not work I still think it is great.

  • Best

    by khosro ahmadzadeh

    You are the best. thanks

  • Love it

    by JeRkyjeRm

    Lots of cool features

  • Best browser

    by Osmin Iribe

    I use the Puffin browser for my main browser. I have not experience any of the problems that the reviewer is writing about. I have a good connection and my browser is fast and smooth. The videos play flawlessly just as well as my netbook. I have an iphone 5 and ipad 1 and I use the browser for both.

  • Amazing browser

    by Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this browser soo much!

  • Promising

    by xNIiRUx

    Just opened. Like the interface. Lots of possibilities.

  • Not the fastest... I think

    by Blah oh

    Sometimes the app has trouble connecting to the server. School has bad internet though, and the problem might be on this end. Otherwise it works great.

  • nice and easy

    by fesal77

    ilove it

  • Good app

    by Krhans

    잘쓰고 있어요.

  • What

    by App doer

    TWITTER LIKE DETECTS IT AND SWITCHES TO MOBILE AND I WANNA CRY but other than that it's an amazing app totally worth a download

  • Puffin best browser

    by Gtasagta

    It's a cool App i ❤ IT

  • fix lag

    by Alex.CIA

    please fix lag and optimize for iphone 5s

  • THANK YOU!!!!

    by mesug

    Finally, I can do Pearson's mymathlab and Mastering Biology on my iPad!!

  • Puffin Browser

    by Melody Dorman

    I love this app because I can use it for my Real Estate career. It is the only browser I found that works for my MLS logins. That portion only costs 99 cents for 6 months, a small price to pay for a peace of mind that I can do my work from my ipad! Melody Dorman

  • Speedy?

    by Word on the Street

    Nope. Chrome runs faster on the same internet connection. Even Safari is faster, don't advertise it if it isn't true!

  • The worst

    by IMilove

    Crashes all the time.....nuff said.

  • Confused

    by Thelovablecactus2323

    It keeps saying my flash adobe has ran out of trial mode!!! I don't understand?!?!

  • Subscription?

    by Poobabguy

    Bought the six month but it tells me it will be renewed every six months and I don't want that... Need to know how to cancel

  • Waste of money

    by Meme123u

    This app is the worst thing ive ever seen. The voice comes before the image do. Very slow connection very bad when it reconnect and u will have to start over the video every 1 min. I feel bad that i bought this app

  • Flash doesn't work. Need to pay $$$$$

    by Jameel8490

    I don't write reviews so this app was that bad. Can't even play flash videos unless you pay $6 or $7. Waste of time.

  • Beautiful, if you're only watching

    by MClaireW

    This is a great app if you only want to view flash presentations. As an early childhood teacher, many of the sites we use feature interaction. While the puffin web browser will respond to click (touch), it will not allow click and drag which renders most of the games inoperable. Pity, when it promises so much but limits it's use in this way. If this feature is added it would be a perfect browser!

  • Fix crashing

    by firefox578

    App crashes like crazy. Not worth the subscription. Can't handle most heavy sites.

  • Dud

    by Jatpk

    I downloaded this and it will not open. I can't delete, because it's not downloaded so it can be deleted! Vicious circle!


    by Wine4Tina

    I am an online student who happens to work all day. I like to bring my iPad to work and do homework on my breaks, and I can't tell you how many learning environments require flash, and how frustrating it's been having to lug around a laptop when I longed to just do it on my iPad. I can now stop whining to my fiancé about my flash homework woes! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

  • Flash Support Works as Advertised

    by Bwh1248

    The browser worked great! It saved my butt when I went on vacation with only my iPad and needed to complete something for work that required a browser with Flash support.

  • Flawed

    by Hidaven

    Browser closes down pages when you go to log in. No toolbar home page, bookmarks and tabs are confusing. Stock browser is more intuitive and way less buggy and needs work. Pages are cut off etc.

  • Good

    by Gjs999


  • Great

    by Noftyuio

    Fast easy and a great vbrowser al around

  • Great zoom and not too cluttered

    by Dgtranr

    Overall I use this browser more than any other. Would like to be able to set as the default. Any way to accomplish that?

  • Awesome!

    by Supa J

    I am really enjoying this app! Keep it up!

  • Lies

    by DarkWolf696

    I got this app to use flash only to find out it charges you. Do not get it lies worst app ever

  • Lag!!!!!

    by Drift39

    The tapping is way too laggy and hard to scroll down on things

  • Good

    by Nessie

    This is a great app. I also like the way you can customize the main screen.

  • Much needed app

    by Th3rung0

    This truly is a very great and much needed app , I love the theatre mode , makes movie watching that much more enjoyable . Alas though it has one major flaw that should be looked into immediately , this being the slider bar at the top of the theatre mode sometimes it works just fine , sometimes it will send you back to the beginning and sometimes and won't work at all , I very much enjoy this app and recommend it to anyone having troubles watching videos or movies online, all it needs is an update , and I'm hoping for sooner rather than later . Thank you


    by J—Sizzle

    I was trying to play some games that needed adobe flash, but i couldn't sign in Becuase the keyboard wouldn't show up and when i connected a bluetooth keyboard, IT DID NOT WORK! (Note—typing in urls works but any kind of keyboard-needing-thing on a website does not work.) Also the app is slow as frozen molasses in a Canadian winter. :(

  • Just a great app

    by Bahār

    The speed is unbelievable it the shortcut is great too but while swiping it kept on going on the screen sometimes is bothering

  • Stupid

    by Hainesrocker

    This is a stupid app

  • 별로....

    by ㅇ울라앙 ㅇ

    왜 결제가 됐는지 모르겠네요 그리고 레티나에 최적화 못한거 같네요 iOS 7에도 최적화 못한거 같구요....영 별로 발전 요망 보고나서 욕하지 말구

  • Used to love this app

    by Kaepernick Jr.

    When I first has this app, u had adobe flash support all the time. Now they made it so that u only have adobe flash support from 8am to 4pm. That Is so stupid.

  • Best,easy app

    by Matoepelodeleon

    It's a fantastic app that I don't and will never regret downloading, if the creators are reading, please keep doing what you do. You guys seriously make my life easier. I would give this app a hundred stars but that's not an Option!!!

  • Slow!

    by AriaLHM

    The flash performance is sooo slow that its ability to handle flash is not worthwhile.

  • So far so good

    by Smokin hot mama

    Nice interface

  • Sophisticated!!!

    by Jr0wski

    Extremely classy UI - sleek, and smooth - love it!!!!

  • Best app ever!!!

    by Silkjammies18

    This is the easiest and fastest app for web browsing!! Thank you puffin!!❤❤❤

  • BEST

    by I love roblox comperter

    BEST APP EVER I CAN DO ANYTHING LIKE PLAY BTD5 but one thing There's no sound I don't know how to fix is so Please fix. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

  • Great!

    by Angry rage mode

    I don't know how they do it but it's very fast! Pretty good layout not the greatest but it's alright. Very cool features Definitely give it a shot.


    by Nathan Lovette

    I was so furious when it took off Flash if I don't get the full version! I finally had Club Penguin portable! These peeps know we want the Flash and just want money!!!

  • Horrible app! Video lovers can't watch this!

    by 33991035's helper

    I love to watch videos but this stupid browser always LAGs . I'll be doing it a favor by giving it ONE star. This thing won't work on any anime websites.

  • Puffin

    by Całka

    Puffin zdał mi kolokwium z całek. Dzięki

  • Best Browser!

    by Epicasian23

    This is... By far... The best browser out of all!!! It has EVERYTHING!

  • Awesome

    by ipad coder

    works create with online IDEs like nitrous.io the touchpad and keyboard commands are a big help.

  • Fast but not perfect

    by Tamarinera

    Very fast, for sure. And haven't tested the Flash component yet. Downsides: can't customize search engine (to DuckDuckGo, eg); has a lot of ads; web pages don't wrap to screen size, so reading can be cumbersome with all the scrolling (that's a pro-con issue, as it is nice to see the original page format sometimes); and also I keep getting side menus popping out by accident as I try to scroll around. I'm still browser shopping, as I don't think this is the end-all and be-all.

  • Great browser

    by comfynumb1

    I have several browsers I use on my iPhone and iPad, but this has become my favorite. Lots of good features and everything functions very well. Playing flash videos needs a little help though, it doesn't play them all and most it does play are fair at best. Still a good app and I'll stick with it and see where it goes.

  • It's great

    by JakeThewhite

    All good

  • Great

    by Cooooool cal2347

    This ia a great app but i want more flash

  • Perfect

    by mehdi kalantari

    Perfect and perfect and perfect

  • Okay, but we need more flash

    by AshaN1214

    I think this is a better browser app than any, I just think that it should have more flash time. Thanks.

  • awsome

    by RedIZO

    great app

  • Flash Player

    by Dibbs101

    Flash player is out of date and you have to pay $1 to upgrade it.

  • A customer write review

    by Leo Tran Nguyen Phuong

    This app verry useful with every body just me

  • Great to have flash but...

    by Eseeft

    It is very slow if your paying a game, but good for simple videos, the loading speed is horrid for every page. I only use it if I want to watch a simple video and I just copy the link from safari and put it in puffin. Is the full version faster?

  • N

    by Bbnjjobbb

    can't scroll down on twitter

  • Would be great if....

    by The_pinkfluffycloud

    You get the full flash player version not the trial version

  • Great.

    by General 95

    Great browser,only problem for me is that with the new update,it appears you can't renew your flash trial by recommending the app to friends. Unless I just haven't noticed.

  • Alright

    by Intrepod

    I got this for my phone and found it to be useful and convenient. But there was a code in the google play version that people could enter to extend their trials. With enough entries, you could recieve hundreds of days. Not here.

  • Some issues

    by MK180

    It's a great browser but you can't scroll down to view more tweets on twitter.

  • Perfect App

    by CU865

    This is even better than the Safari app! Pages load super quickly and websites with lots of memory on them don't get frozen at all! I'm thinking of getting the full version!

  • Awesome!

    by Desperatetrdv

    Best ever! Yeah

  • Great

    by DJAmped

    I use it at school to go on blocked websites. P0rn inthe bathrooms my friends. Mmmm.

  • Cl

    by IClears

    Best browser no crash or bugs for ipod 4th gen thanks

  • Slightly laggy, bad sound

    by weirdo3470

    I downloaded this so that I could read Homestuck on the iPad. It worked reasonably well. I was able to watch Cascade all the way through, with slight lag, and very static-filled sound.

  • Great

    by Jon Kessler

    This App is a great substitute for Adobe Flash Player. It works really well.

  • Twitter

    by Jhayhay

    You can't scroll on twitter, which bothers me. Other than that I really like the app

  • Makes you pay.

    by SomeoneUsedMyScreenName


  • Love it

    by Mac 6d

    Very smooth and nice. And has adobi :)

  • Ok but...

    by Hannah2AJ

    It's trial period doesn't last long enough D: I wanted to play but now I can't anymore :(

  • Faster than Safari

    by Ika2020

    Wow! I am amazed with this app. Loads pages and options on ipad faster than any browser I've tried. Highly recommended app. I will never go back to Safari! Thank You Puffin!

  • Update flash player

    by KariKaut

    Kindly update flash player to 11.3.300 .271 and I will purchase flash over cloud and will consider giving a 4 or 5 star review. At the moment, I cannot run the flash app I plan to run. Otherwise, the browser itself seems good

  • Wow...

    by CapricornDarkAngel

    Why did they do this? They don't do the codes anymore so we can get more flash DX that made me wanna quit Puffin. Add it back then I will come back but for now on I'm off of it

  • Horrible

    by Robiopu

    It is so slow. When I what to play cool math, it always lags on me. It is so disturbing

  • Paying

    by Marc4500

    After paying for the premium browser of this app do i have to continue paying 99c ..or is the flash unlimited without monthly pays ?

  • Worst

    by Ji17

    I just lost my money for this app. Doesn't go from one page to next page quickly. It takes years. I try to do online practice tests and I have to wait one hour before this browser reconnects and loads next questions.

  • Legit

    by Zack Welch

    This web browsers is awesome it has Flash so I was able to see content I couldn't see on safari. This browser is fast too! A++

  • by Chip35KD

    After a while with the app you have to get the adobe flash player full version

  • Warata

    by Warata

    I have upgrade for flash but it said please try again later. I have lost my money. (angry)

  • Great app

    by I cant find a nickname...

    Its a great app ! But I think you should modify the drag and drop option,for example just double tap on trackpad and then move it with only one finger,not two because it's way much easier.Thanks :)

  • Puffaliscious

    by Julienevamind

    The only browser that allows me to upload docs from my Dropbox when using my iPad. Major koodos!

  • I love this

    by Hhvctgvhg

    I love this app so much!! It allows you to customize your home screen so it's cute when you go to surf the internet or even to just get on. I love this better than regular safari .

  • A customer write review

    by Leo Tran Nguyen Phuong

    This app verry useful with every body

  • Just can use once

    by Arthurwang1985

    Then nothing!

  • Happy wheels

    by Broski1601


  • by kiddlizzy

    It's such a good app!

  • Doesn't run flash any more?

    by Cuhpcakes

    If you're receiving error messages whenever you need flash support just go to Settings > Reset to Factory Default. Then delete the app, shut off your device completely. Turn it on, download and try. This worked for me! Lovely app! :)

  • Won't load


    I paid a dollar for the flash but it just won't load!!!

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