Blackboard Mobile™ Learn Education App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Blackboard Inc.

This update provides a better reading experience throughout the app along with a multitude of bug fixes and other improvements. :

• Adds support for “Dynamic Type” in body content on iOS 7 devices.
• Increases contrast by darkening the text color.
• Increases contrast of text and hyperlinks when highlighted by the course’s color.
• Increases the line height.
• Resolves a number of issues causing content to be cropped or otherwise obscured by other interface elements.
• Applies the selected courses's color to title bars in iPhone, providing you with context about which course you are currently using.
• Improves the responsiveness of buttons in the navigation bars by
increasing the size of their respective tappable regions.
• Other bug fixes and stability improvements.


Customer Ratings

Current Version:
417 Ratings
All Versions:
10395 Ratings


Blackboard Mobile Learn™ makes it easier for you to keep up with your courses by letting you access them whenever and wherever you want.

If your school licenses Blackboard Mobile Learn, you'll be able to use the app for free. If not, you will need to purchase lifetime access for just $1.99.

Need Help? Contact us with your questions either inside the app by tapping "Help" at the bottom of the Course/Organization List, or by selecting "App Support" below – we're here to help!

With Blackboard Mobile Learn, you can:

-Receive push notifications of course activity 
-Check Grades*
-Post to Discussions
-Attach files from Dropbox 
-Read Announcements (instructors can post Announcements)
-View Content (instructors can post Content Items)
-Create and comment on Blogs and Journals posts
-Take mobile-friendly tests

…and lots more. We won’t ruin the surprises – just download the app, enter your institution's name, and log in with your existing Blackboard username and password.

*Grade Center functionality for instructors is not currently supported, but is planned for a future release.

NOTE: Mobile Learn functions as a collaborative tool between our app software and your institution’s server. Blackboard Mobile cannot guarantee that the content created by instructors or other users will be compatible with this app. Access must be enabled by your institution. Features and functionality may at times be limited if your institution has not updated the appropriate software or experiences a server outage. Although we work with your institution to best configure Mobile Learn, sometimes it requires the help of users like you to ensure the best possible app experience. Whenever you experience a problem, we encourage you to reach out through our in-app "Help" option or your school's help desk.

Downloading or using this app indicates consent to the terms and privacy information at

Customer Reviews

  • Love it.

    by Hdhvbfcn

    I love this app. Instead of lugging around my heavy laptop in order to do my online readings, I just use the app. I may have paid $4.99 but in my opinion, it's worth saving the back pain from the laptop. I have noticed that when I open a file to download, it crashes. But I open it right back up and it ALWAYS works the second time. I also notice that on startup, I have to refresh before it will show me my list of classes, or else it will just load forever. Other than these minor issues, I have had absolutely no problem with the app. It's even cleaner than the web version. I suggest to you complainers: google how to fix your issue or email blackboard before you write a negative review. You are all so negative and close-minded. You're in college, use your brain!!! -thanks (: University of Louisville Go Cards (;

  • Works Fine

    by Rrrrrrrrryan1992

    Never had a problem, not that I do anything complicated. I love this much more than the website. Some say they can't see their grades, but I can.

  • Useful

    by /katherine

    I have been using this app for over a year. It's pretty convenient and useful. For some rare cases you might wanna open the website directly for some material. Not perfect. But generally it's good. I don't understand why people blame it that much. Good job.

  • More browser, less app

    by Kristen Goode

    This app is more-or-less a paid browser for a website that does not work well with mobile, which is frustrating. I would be much less frustrated with the app if it worked with dropbox.

  • Great app - but crashes often

    by DJ'er

    I love this app! Not sure what's up with all the negative reviews on here. This app is a thousand times better than trying to use BB via a mobile web browser. I use it every day during the school year. However, it crashes quite often. Even more so recently.

  • Good but could use improvements

    by 1pensfan94

    The overall app seems to run well, but I hate having the resign in when I use other apps. I think there should be an action such as auto sign in. Would probably make some peoples lives easier.

  • Login

    by IP4S V6.1

    Many bugs have been fixed. But I want the app to REMEMBER my login. I don't want to type my credentials every time I wanna check something. Is that so hard??

  • Excellent But

    by Jay Davis

    Excellent App But Not Receiving Notifications. Needs To Be Updated ASAP

  • Purchase

    by redcell81

    Great, however, for the past 2 weeks BB has logged me out and keeps redirecting me to the subscription window. I click on restore purchase after I enter my password my screen just stays in the loading phase like forever. I've force closed the app an endless amount of times and it's all the same. Get this fixed!!!

  • Old version

    by Babykissez

    I miss the old used to tell me when assignments, tests, ECt where due and now it doesn't!!! UPDATE PLEASE!!

  • Love it.

    by Butch5769

    It gives the info needed when I'm not near computer.

  • Blackboard

    by Bran1002

    This app logs me out and asks to either buy a subscription or restore it and once I pick restore it just sits there loading and never works. It's a good app when it actually works. Fix the bugs!

  • Good for keeping informed not interacting.

    by Mando5564

    It works great for keeping up to date with assignments and announcements. I do not trust it for actually completing assignments online. Somethings internal connections and support are weak at best.

  • No Swipe Gestures

    by y do I need an Apple nickname?

    Just a suggestion to the developer, you should enable swiping like a lot of other apps in ios 7

  • Ok

    by Nora Ruiz

    This app had been a great help, but sometimes it does not pull up everything it should.

  • Getting better

    by Faith Aguilar

    Since it's most drastic update this app has gotten better. It never used to send me notifications about my classes and now it does. I can also view powerpoints and documents from the app. It does the basics and that's all I need it for.

  • Amazing

    by Mandi Stalnaker

    I can access everything I need to. Articles my professor puts up, class notes from lectures (PowerPoint). Thank you for making this awesome app!

  • not perfect but useful

    by S.O.G.A.

    Being able to check my classes on the go is invaluable. I can see anything my prof posts on the normal site--announcements, readings, homework, and GRADES. For readings it is useful to have iBooks because you can open them in iBooks from Bb. Before I downloaded this app there was no way for me to check my grades on the go, so it's been really useful. Some features aren't found in the same place as the online version, but if you explore a little it is useful and navigable.

  • Its fine so far

    by Fbi1980e

    The app is fine so far but I would like to see an option to increase the font in the app. Please update with this option. Thank you

  • Needs to be worked on....

    by JonJonn271

    A lot of these users need quick access to the app to check status on a class or assignments. It's quite bothersome to have to input the login info EVERY TIME. I wish there was "remember user info" button or that it just keeps us logged in 24/7.

  • Not working!!!!!!

    by Tobasco504

    The App does not work. Don't purchase until the bugs are fixed!!!!!!

  • Not on top of things

    by Baseballpal07

    This app has never been that great. I've been using it since I started taking online classes through Liberty University. Blackboard in general is not a good system and is always having issues, but then the app has always been a few steps behind and not really functional at all. Now that they changed to a new system this semester, my classes don't even show up in the he app. Kinda annoying so you get a one star and I'm deleting the app. Also, my school is going to get a piece of my mind once I graduate in a few weeks.

  • Not worth it!

    by Marinaduran

    Save your $....the app won't even open most of the time for me. It is so slow (all my other apps run perfectly, I have good wifi) and I have to completely close it out and reopen it a few times to get any info to load. Most of the time, nothing ever loads. This is the most I've ever spent on an app, hoping it would be convenient, but I just get ticked off every time I use it. I should have paid attention to the reviews before I bought it!

  • Rubbish

    by yomama hate iOS 6

    Not good.

  • Total Crap

    by Stellar1991

    Guys! Step your game up. Seriously 4.99?!!

  • Not so great.

    by Kayla Roden

    This app is alright for accessing blackboard, but I often find myself just going through my browser. One of the most irritating aspects is that I'll get a push notification that there was something posted in a course, but when I go to view it through my notification center, the app launches but doesn't do anything because you have to login every time you try to access blackboard. At that point I have to kill the app and access it through the icon to then go to the announcements. SO IRRITATING. The app freezes for me a lot, too. This app really needs to be updated.

  • Terrible redesign.

    by OkayKat

    Wow. The redesign is awful and takes forever to load. Loved this app in the past - now I'm considering deleting forever. EDIT: I didn't think it could get worse but it did! Now it won't even open!! NEGATIVE STARS! D: Update: now it opens but will not restore my subscription. Useless. Works occasionally on iPad but not on iphone. Tried to email the company but my email wasn't sent because they have the worst website ever - constantly getting 404s and time outs. Absolutely terrible company. Terrible!

  • iPhone app crashing

    by Tinytink034

    Blackboard went down and I logged out of the app on my iPhone and now it's saying the app doesnt exist for my school and it does because I still have it for my ipad and it works just fine. Please fix this for luzerne county community college!

  • Waste of Money

    by Looffhjbgjv

    This is the only app I've ever reviewed. This app is crap, and I want my $1.99 back. Waste of money!

  • Does the job

    by Jeffinner

    I can't believe I'm force to pay $2 for an app that my expensive tuition should cover. SO SLOW!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how inefficient this app is.takes forever to load the announcements.

  • Mr.

    by Disgruntlite

    All this app does is turn my iPhone screen black. Apropos, "Blackboard," black!

  • Waste of time

    by Sbansal100

    Can't even access anything from my classes because I have to pay $2.00. Waste of time to download this pointless app.

  • Ugh! Paid $5.99 for bad version!

    by Woolen dove

    What happened!? My old subscription ran out, so I paid the (only option now is $6 unlimited) only to find that it doesn't work for anything any more. Last semester (December) all was well, and useful. Now I cannot open PPT files which used to be super handy in studying for exams. So far waste of my money. Please fix this so I can return to thinking otherwise.

  • Stupid!!!

    by Noahluvsspongebob

    I can't believe that you need to buy a SUBSCRIPTION to get full access!! Really? Instant Delete


    by Jazzygurl225

    Why do I have to pay to even log in on this app I already pay May school..... You will lose out on a lot of money.... Stop being greedy u already make money off of the colleges

  • Pay For Use On Each Device

    by xoxoPennyLane

    The app doesn't honor unlimited use subscriptions on multiple devices (e.g. My iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) not designed to help students, but to take their money, there should at least be an unpaid version with ads or cross device usage at the most…SO LAME…DISAPPOINTED…DO BETTER

  • Wow

    by tylerpond05

    Forced me to logout and login again and then I lost ability to see classes. Super tricky. New Review: now it won't load when I force quit the app. I wait for 5 mins and then uninstall and re-install in order to see my classes until I need to force quit it again. Still 1 star review since it works sometimes.

  • Load already

    by Lopsicus

    If I could ever get the app to actually load my classes, it would be incredibly helpful. Instead I'm always treated to an eternal loading screen.

  • MissJasmineT

    by MissJasmineT

    This app has lots of errors: moves very slow and takes forever to load, I was better off just using the internet and accessing blackboard there! Not impressed at all deleting

  • The Absolute Worst App on the App Store

    by IceMan~

    Schools take note, Blackboard is garbage. The developers of this app neglect to fix problems time and time again. My biggest grip is notifications of new grades fail to pop up as notifications on my iPhone/iPad. So I must open the app anytime I wish to check my grades.. This is particularly annoying when constantly checking for exam grades. Push support should not be too difficult. Update: Blackboard app is still garbage. It suddenly stopped working for me the other day; I was told by my school they are in communication with Blackboard to get it fixed. It's been two weeks or so and it is still not fixed!

  • Pretty bad overall

    by Atothendrew

    Terrible UI. Long loading times.

  • Terrible

    by Ben Spires

    App does not even work since the update

  • No notifications anymore

    by Hockeygirl90

    This app would be alright if it would notify me when my professors put up announcements, homework and grades. It use to notify me but all of a sudden it no longer does and it's becoming very irritating because I have all the notifications on in the app and on my phone so why isn't it notifying me?? Also I was very disappointed when I first got the app and realized it doesn't allow you to print from the app.

  • Wow

    by MiguelOsorio7

    If I could log in, I could give it a review. It's ridiculous, sometimes my username and password work but sometimes it doesn't. I know the password is correctly because I use the same log in information on my PC and it works perfectly. Fix your app, please. How hard can it be to hire a decent coder.

  • Absolutely worthless

    by Hard Rocker13

    I've tried opening this app over 20 times, and after trying to get into anything after clicking on a class the app closes out on me, it is literally useless unless you want to hit buttons and have an app close out on you, unless this app is SERIOUSLY revamped, I wouldn't even bother downloading it

  • Painful

    by Peer200x

    Using iPad this app is slow and seldom finds my school. Generally I have to access via PC. Crapp app

  • Do not buy this app, huge ripoff

    by Domestikatie

    I bought the unlimited version last year and now it's constantly prompting me to buy it again! When I try to restore purchase it just loads forever. I can't see anything! It's bad enough you're charging twice for this app, my college already pays to use this program and I have to pay for it again!? I've already paid for it through my college! Don't bother buying this app! Just log into blackboard with your phone browser!

  • Accesses denied?

    by ilove_imusic

    What is the point of making an app if I can't access my own grades? God, a blind person without any knowledge of programing should be able to make a better app. Crashes often, and the worst part it's that is not fully compatible with videos and when opening files it crashes; if this was a tool intended to help students it's not working. What happen to you guys, it used to be a great app. Cow stool its more useful than this app at its current moment. How incompetent your standards have become. Finally, you charge us twice? I pay my school, which is paying you for a service. How dare you charge me $4.99 on top of it. And the worst part is that the app crashes often and forgets that I have not paid it. Heck it used to remember my password, and now it cant even do that. Please tell me where I can apply to work with you guys, because apparently you are paying your employees to do nothing. I want a job like that.

  • Worst app ever

    by Stacey Myers

    This is app is one of the worst. I wouldn't use if I had another choice. It's slow, constantly cutting out, and doesn't load everything like the actual site would (doesn't post grades correctly for instance). This app has a lot of bugs, and needs a lot of work.

  • Helpful but SLOW

    by Chanel1111

    I like using the app to respond to discussion boards on the go, but it is VERY SLOW...... It takes minutes for discussions to fully load, more time for scrolling, if I happen to turn the screen it takes a few more minutes to recognize and auto adjust. I really like having the ability to navigate and read on the iPad, but there has to be something that can be done to prevent all of the SLOW bugs and such.

  • Not very useful

    by I3elle

    This app almost never opens PDFs or any documents further than the tabs provided by the app.

  • App is trash

    by ChristyLeigh12

    Trys to charge you twice restoreing yor subscrpion does not work

  • New version Terrible, doesn't work with IOS.

    by LMT131

    The older version worked well. Past few months, it is no longer working. Every time I open app it wants me to restore, then just goes into a loop, and never restores. I contacted support, they said log out of iTunes, delete app, log into iTunes, reinstall app. All done, app worked once, same things happened again and again and again. It is now totally useless on iPad and iPhone.


    by JoeJetSet

    The new update is absolutely terrible!!! My iPad will no longer connect when it used to connect just fine now it continually asks me to login and restore my subscription. However when I restore my subscription it loads and loads and loads forever I will not let me log in. My advice would be to stay away from this app until they come up with a fix. Or, if there's a way to get a hold of the version before this that one works without issue.

  • Crashes all the time

    by Xudifififi

    Frustrating to use. Crashes all the time, enough said.

  • Worthless

    by Valistar

    I paid for this app a looong time ago and suddenly it just won't work anymore. I tried tapping on "restore" to no avail. Amd the other reviewer was right: our schools paid Blackboard good money to be able to use this platform and now Bb is charging users extra fees to use the mobile app? This is too much! Get your act together, Bb!

  • Smh

    by Chris72586

    This app is worthless on all my devices.

  • Mixed feelings

    by Daniel Vanzutphen

    I loved this app before the iOS7 update. Ever since then it's been nothing but buggy. It keeps asking me to renew my subscription which I've already paid for it then it just freezes. So I keep having to delete it and then reinstall it. It was an awesome app before the update and just keeps getting worse.

  • I'd give it zero starts if I could.

    by rrrryyaannnn

    Great idea. Horrible application. Probably the most buggy app you can even find. It's sad that in 2014 an app that aids in education is this flawed. It keeps telling me to sign in to my subscription (I only bought the year) and the. It just loads and goes no where. Do yourself a favor and just use your browser. Who ever is selling this app is stealing flat out...

  • Rip off

    by Tamara Niquette

    Why would I pay 4.99 to use this app? I don't pay to use the online version. Oh wait, i do, it's called tuition at my school. Which you get money from. Ridiculous!

  • $6?!?!!!!!

    by JAGDan


  • Room for improvement

    by 789112

    -when I change the order of my classes on the main menu, they reappear in their original order the next time I login. -when I am logged out, if I tap on a notification from blackboard, the app gets stuck and is unable to load the login screen. -when I click on my school, the app asks me if I want to download the app. -A "upload to Google Drive" feature would be great!


    by =REKrekREK=

    Don't download! This may be the worst excuse for an app I've ever tried!

  • Broken all the time

    by MattHarrisGlobal

    When it works I like it, but it barely ever does. More and more it sends error messages.

  • Great app ruined

    by Gage.Lankford

    I used to love this app and it was great to look and see any announcements, do discussion boards on the go, look at power points/class schedules, etc. But it was ruined when they tried to charge $5 for a subscription. I have deleted this app and will not use it again.

  • Avatar taken from Facebook

    by Jdkddkdoswwppc

    I don't usually write negative comments but the Blackboard app uses a picture of my dad( who has the same name) from Facebook as my Avatar. It's only on the app because on a computer it shows my correct picture. I have never uploaded the picture of my dad to blackboard. So I have I assume it goes through my Facebook.

  • Booooo

    by NuMbEr #1 

    Updated by mistake. Not paying for an app that wasn't good to begin with.

  • Needs an Update

    by MissCorrine916

    My school did some changes to BB and the app does not reflect it. It's the same layout as the full site. And I find it is asking me to sign in after every little option I click on. If I wanted to view BB like this, I would just hop onto my laptop. The app is suppose to make provide easier access from the phone and it does not do that all.

  • Please fix

    by MaLii-

    This app would be very helpful if it worked properly ..please fixxx!!

  • What the hell ???

    by Chikybaby

    Why are you now charging ??? This is ridiculous, mind you, this application doesn't even work that great. Pff

  • Annoying

    by Kaish

    The iPad version you have to sign in every single time you get on the app and it's just annoying.

  • Not worth the money.

    by Jaeger_X

    Maybe if it cost $.99

  • CRASHES!!!!!!!

    by Hardgrave71

    It's an ok app for what I do but it CONSTANTLY CRASHES!!!!!!!!

  • horrible

    by Xan Darnell

    I wouldn't waste your money on this app. even when connected to wifi, the app won't load. it rarely even works for me. seriously, don't waste your time or money on this crap.

  • Bad app

    by RevanKetevor

    I got this about about a year ago and paid the $6 subscription then. It was very useful for a couple months after I got it. I could easily log on and check things when I was too busy to otherwise; however, over the last couple months whenever I'd open the app all it would do is show me the spinning arrow of death and never load anything. I decided to delete it and reload it now it wants me to pay the same $6 subscription again! Bad business and a waste of money and time!!

  • Crashes bad

    by Accards

    Whenever you try to type in the discussion board or email. It is horrible that I have to pay for this and it doesn't work half the time. Needs a big update..

  • Crashes Constantly

    by JMorris83

    App crashes constantly when switching between courses or navigating folders or documents. For an app that charges a fee to use, it's intolerable. Use safari to navigate blackboard and save some money. You'll be much less frustrated.

  • Total ripoff! Do not purchase

    by JRHami

    I thought this would provide some useful enhancements like playing adobe connect sessions. Not so! This does nothing more than what you get through Safari internet link. Please spread the word among classmates to boycott this worthless app.

  • So you expect me to pay, offer no trial, can only go by your terrible reviews

    by Worldcup1

    Sounds like a great way to get people to buy. Either offer me a trial, or fix your app to the extent you get good reviews.

  • Course Mail

    by TreyB

    It's an extremely important part of online classes. The fact that I paid for the lifetime app, and have to re login on a minimal browser just to check course mail, is ridiculous. Why is course mail not part of the app itself?

  • Garbage

    by OscarVSolo

    Paid the money to use it and is now charging me again. My school already pays blackboard to use it's service so I don't know why it's charging me in the first place.

  • From bad to worse

    by lovesallthingskorean

    Used this app all of the time. Updated it and now it won't allow me to access my "for life" account. RIP OFF!

  • Bad app for a bad system.

    by Sdfromm

    I really wish schools would stop wasting money on this garbage.

  • Convenient then very inconvenient

    by Mmm..good

    When it works, great. When it won't let you sign in with your appleid on another device for no discernible reason, unbelievably frustrating

  • LAME

    by I'm just being honest guys


  • Not working

    by DenisseMnz

    It's asking me to pay $5.99 for unlimited use but I already paid this a year ago. When I try to retrieve my subscription by logging in it never loads. Now I can't see anything but the page loading.

  • No access

    by Dee123456689

    I can no longer access my black board on iPhone or ipad. Please help.

  • Update Scam

    by terrilou 

    This was a very greedy move... and tasteless by not even being upfront but rather sneaking it in the update!!! As if it's not difficult enough to afford being a student today, with school deficits putting more on our shoulders as far as expense! I think you'll find your app to go down the toilet from deletes now, even if not just on principle!

  • I can't even get passed the first screen.

    by 3/4 kg

    I log in, and it tells me I need to buy something. And when I try to go back to the homepage it logs me off. It's saying "either buy it or leave"

  • Exploitation! Rip off! Con!

    by Ch/2is

    My school, whom I pay tuition to, pays to use your outdated crapy program. You then charge me again (directly, $4.99) to use your crappy app, which has little to no functionality and doesn't even offer full support of your service! You have left me to question not only the legality of this, but also the lack of ethics and integrity your company has (You're technically charging me twice! I'll make this idiot proof: Charge 1: I pay school, school pays you; Charge 2: I pay you an additional $4.99?!?!). So, screw you guys, you get one star. I hope my school adopts canvis! I'm boycotting your dumpy program!

  • Useless

    by Benjamin Wright

    Every time I try to purchase the subscription for this app it always says "cannot connect to iTunes" or "incorrect password". It has been acting like this for a month. The fact that I'm able to write this review write now is proof that my phone can connect to iTunes App Store and that my password is in fact correct! Waste of time and money.

  • Awful

    by Spearyrt13

    Someone who decides to write better learning software will kill bb someday. Awful.

  • Less than one star

    by Nicole79264

    I want to be able to STAY logged in constantly instead of spending two minutes singing in because I have to not only choose my school every time but it constantly tells me my login is incorrect when it isn't. It doesn't allow documents to be seen or downloaded or panopto lectures to be heard or listened to. It is an awful app with the new upgrades. I mainly just want to stay logged in because without staying logged in I don't get get push notifications!

  • Be careful!

    by 1234567890abcdeff

    Not all information is displayed in the app, particularly instructions for blogs and discussions. It has to be used with the full site.

  • Terrible !

    by Hotshot6400

    Biggest waste of 6 dollars possibly ever

  • Requires $6 Subscription

    by breyean

    A $6 dollar subscription is required to use the app in any capacity. No thank you.

  • Rawr.

    by I give up on blackboard

    I would rate this app 0 stars if I could. It's very hard to use now as it's basically a desktop site inside the mobile app and almost none of the content that loads on a desktop is accessible in the mobile app. Nothing loads in the app anymore, so I can't keep up with assignments if my computer is down. Get it together blackboard.

  • Very useful...when it works

    by wm student

    This is a very useful organizational app for students using blackboard but recently errors have become much too frequent, please fix this

  • Was working great until last week

    by Kristi Salveson

    Now I cannot get my school to come up. Then it will be available for a few days. And then says the school is not supported. I've been going through this annoying cycle. This was a great resource as I am on the go a lot. I purchased a subscription and so annoyed I cannot access it. What a waste!

  • Dismal

    by Travfjdndnej

    Terrible app. Never works. Don't waste your money.

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