Numbers Productivity App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Apple
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2010
  • Version: 2.1
  • Size: 223.35 MB

Languages: Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Apple Inc.

• Edit spreadsheets in landscape orientation on iPhone and iPod touch
• Chart date and duration values
• Share password-protected documents via iCloud link
• Export password-protected spreadsheets to XLSX format
• Improved compatibility with Microsoft Excel 2013 spreadsheets
• Custom number formats in charts are preserved on import of Numbers ’09 and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
• Bug fixes and stability improvements

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150 Ratings
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6822 Ratings


Numbers is the most innovative spreadsheet app ever designed for a mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Numbers includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create powerful spreadsheets using just your fingers.

Start with one of over 30 Apple-designed templates for your home budget, checklist, invoice, mortgage calculator, and more. Choose from over 250 powerful functions. Tap to add tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. Touch and drag your finger to reorder columns and rows and to resize tables. Double-tap a cell to bring up the intelligent keyboard that helps you enter text, formulas, dates and times, or duration. Animate your data with interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts. And with an all-new calculation engine, Numbers is faster than ever before.

With iCloud built in, your spreadsheets are kept up to date across all your devices. You can instantly share a spreadsheet using just a link, giving others the latest version and the ability to edit it directly with Numbers for iCloud beta from using a Mac or PC browser.

And with a new unified file format across the Mac, iOS, and the web, your spreadsheets are consistently beautiful everywhere you open them.

Get started quickly
• Stunning new user interface designed to match iOS 7
• Over 30 Apple-designed templates give your spreadsheets a beautiful start
• Double-tap a cell to access the intelligent keyboard to add text, formulas, dates and times, and more
• Numbers is faster than ever before, with an all-new calculation engine
• Reorder columns and rows, and resize tables, with a touch and a drag
• Import and edit Microsoft Excel and CSV files using Mail, a WebDAV service, or iTunes File Sharing
• Turn on Coaching Tips for guided in-app help

Beautiful spreadsheets
• Place tables, charts, text, and images anywhere on the free-form canvas
• Update tables, charts, text, and images using beautiful preset styles
• Insert photos and video with the Media Browser
• Create a form to quickly enter data on the go
• Edit down to the pixel with rulers, alignment guides, and powerful graphics tools

Data uncrunched
• Choose from over 250 powerful functions
• Get built-in help and sample formulas for each function
• Sort columns in ascending or descending order
• Hide or unhide rows and columns
• Turn filters on and off in imported spreadsheets
• Insert gorgeous 2D and 3D charts
• Animate data with new interactive column, bar, scatter, and bubble charts
• Change values in cells using sliders, steppers, checkboxes, pop-ups, and star ratings
• Use Undo to go back through your previous changes

• Turn on iCloud so you can access and edit your spreadsheets from your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and
• Access and edit your spreadsheets from a Mac or PC browser at with Numbers for iCloud beta
• Numbers automatically saves your documents as you make changes

Share your work
• Use AirDrop to send your spreadsheet to anyone nearby
• Quickly and easily share a link to your work via Mail, Messages, Twitter, or Facebook
• Anyone with a shared document link will always have access to the latest version of the spreadsheet and can edit it with you at with Numbers for iCloud beta
• Export your spreadsheet to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel
• Use “Open in Another App” to copy spreadsheets to apps such as Dropbox
• Print wirelessly with AirPrint, including a single tab, or all tabs

Some features may require Internet access; additional fees and terms may apply.
Numbers does not include support for some Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input features such as vertical text.
Numbers for iCloud beta is currently available in English only.

Customer Reviews

  • Just one major problem

    by adrianlarios

    Whenever I exit the information I had just entered disappeared. This is a serious problem,

  • Update still doesn't fix long excel spreadsheets.

    by Rgartman

    Can anyone leave well enough alone. The only reason I paid the money for this app was it could really print what you see. Now when it is converted to PDF it consolidates all the pages to one and it try's to fit all the pages on one, even if you have fit to page off ( that didn't matter before because it would recognize each page. ) It looks like it separates a long document until you print. When you print it's tiny, little microscopic letter. It's just like all the other apps but with less features now.

  • Not Working On 4S Since Update


    I left QuickOffice for iOS immediately after Google purchased the startup for various reason. iCloud seems to be the fix for me to keep everything simple, and in one place. BUT! This app won't even launch my docs anymore. I've deleted and reinstalled the app twice, with no success. Fix it Apple.

  • Time keeping

    by Tinman2013

    I was hoping to switch from windows phone to iPhone. Excel is what I need but there isn't a way to time keep into an integer. So I guess I will have to wait on a better Numbers or better windows phone.

  • Thanks iWork team

    by JeanRDH

    Thank you for the quick fix to the app crashing. I appreciate the team contacting me and helping me fix the issue.

  • Everything ok but iCloud syn has a problem.

    by Sr636

    When I used one account in three of my ios devices, I got errors like can't syn or syn modification. If I choose a wrong file of its two shown files, I will lose my data. Horrible !!! Need to be fixed .

  • Good enough....

    by Cowboymen

    I like numbers and have done many things with the app on my IPhone. One thing since the update though, is that the borders are not working right. When I go to pick the border I wish to use for a group of cells. It puts a border around all of them and I can not change it after. For the iPhone and iPad it's decent, however wish you could choose more colors/shades than what they give you to pick from. If they could get this app more like the full version, they would really have something here. Thanks for the update and hope Apple fixed the borders for the time being.

  • Green!

    by Jeffrey Villanueva

    Finally green controls haha I love it. I wish the green was a little brighter to match the app (the dreary green reminds me of excel) but I guess productivity apps don't need bright colors to distract. Now if only someone would update the music app for ipad to at least have a grid album view.

  • It is the best

    by Spot finder

    Numbers is awesome, if you are an avid excel user like I was it will take some getting used to. However once you figure out the correct buttons and paths it becomes clear that it is a high quality, elegant spreadsheet creator. I won't knock excel but I will choose numbers over excel.

  • Thankful

    by L Bobbit

    I can't say enough good things about this app. I have a small business and it has helped me tremendously keeping up with my inventory and orders. Very user friendly well worth the money.

  • I love this app

    by nj10disney

    This app is wonderful to use on the go. They had a glitch in it where you could open it but you couldn't do anything on it. They fixed it but there is still a problem when I try to type anything. It always closes on me when I do. Other than it is a wonderful app to use.

  • Crashing

    by MaineMeal

    I've had this app for about a year now, and it has always preformed well. But now, this morning it keeps crashing when I try to select all to copy and paste a document. Please correct the issue.

  • Elegant, Intuitive & Powerful

    by Prestate1

    The latest version of Numbers & Pages includes the ability to include password protection under the symbol for tools. Numbers is amazingly powerful, elegant in its efficiency and delightful to use. But it is a new way to build and update spreadsheets. It takes some time to learn but the return on investment makes the effort more than worthwhile. Reading the majority of opinions here a person could think Numbers is a junk program. What's junk is 80 percent of the negative opinions written by people who I believe spent a hour or less learning Numbers and then gave up. These critics have no idea what a wonderful new way of organizing data that they'll be missing! At first I too found the touch-oriented Numbers interface on my iPad difficult to understand in comparison to the Excel spreadsheets I already knew how to do. One weekend over 2 years ago I spent some extra hours learning and adapting to Numbers. I was soon surprised by the power and elegance of the program. Now I use Numbers daily for purposes ranging from monitoring health and exercise to finances and projects. Numbers is more natural and more efficient to use by far than Excel. Excel is bloated and is far less fun to use.

  • Ok

    by --mamal--

    That's right

  • Crashes since latest update

    by mudjacker13

    Great app, can't use since last update crashes, crashes, crashes, try to use crashes, feel let down, use for work, crashes, CRASHES...! Really simple fix, clear the clipboard, so sorry, this is a five star app. It works great again.

  • Bad update

    by JeanRDH

    Since the new update 2.1 the app just will not work. Sad. Please fix.

  • Great App!!!!

    by Merideus

    Update to my review, Apple contacted me regarding my issues, which was leftover content on my paste board from before the update causing the app to crash. After clearing out the pasteboard the app is function normally. Once again great app and great support!!! This is a great app and I was excited about the ability to edit spreadsheets on my iPhone in landscape mode but after the update Numbers crashes every few seconds on both my iPad and iPhone. I've tried restarting the device and even re-downloading the app but it still keeps crashing. Please release a fix ASAP as I use Numbers daily

  • Trend line

    by Liyang Song

    I love this app, but it can become better. We can creat chart with data that we choose, but I can't get a trend line on the chart. Why do not add this function as numbers in Mac OS system?

  • Numbers a bust!

    by Ghrickel

    Apple simply cannot get this right. They do updates that are supposedly to "provide stability and bug fixes" which are worse than what they had before. The opening page locked up on me today which was the list of all the wonderful improvements they have added. What a joke. Do they even test these things before they post them?

  • Irritated

    by Shibby003

    I've been using this app for almost a year now and it is awesome. I have spreadsheets upon spreadsheets for all kinds of things that I use daily. However, since your latest update the app crashes CONSTANTLY! Like I said I use these spreadsheets daily so if you could rectify this issue that would be awesome. Until it's fixed I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this. It is currently useless. Before the update: 5 stars Now: 0 stars FIX IT!!!

  • Addition is not accurate

    by Very Appreciative!

    When I create a column of numbers and have Numbers add them together the math is not right. I only caught this because I am adding both horizontally and vertically to check the math. Only when I delete the numbers and put them in a second time does the addition come out right. It has happened repeatedly so I feel I can't trust the software. I hope this gets fixed.

  • Crash and burn

    by Redhill00

    I really like this app when it's working but it seems that every time they have an update, it is crash after crash! It get very frustrating! Fix this and it would be a great app

  • Buggy

    by shareef777

    Can't add text to spreadsheets on occasion without force closing the app. Also, some documents state that the font is not available. I highlight the entire document and change the font, but when re-opening the doc, it still complains. Same issues exist a year later!!!

  • Numbers not worth it

    by Tsqare

    Doesn’t deliver substance. Synchronizing between iPad and MacBook Pro via iCloud does not work. Can not view formulas in cells; can not copy formulas from one cell to another. “Help” is not very helpful. I was tempted by claims of automatic synchronization between iPad and MacBook Pro. Regret I spent the $9 on the iPad version

  • Not for data work

    by NanascoutSDakota

    If you need to view/review/analyze spreadsheet data, this probably won't do it for you. Can't "set print area" to work with specific parts of a document, for example. Would be nice to do all my work on the iPad, but Numbers just doesn't cut it.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Ryan Abbott

    Crashes all the time, especially when I try to edit a cell. I deleted and reinstalled with no luck. I really wanted this to work, but I finally had to go back to using Excel on my laptop.

  • Broken

    by Pioppb226

    Crashes every time I touch a cell. It would be nice if I could use the app.

  • Crashes

    by Krazywhite

    Just updated, and now crashes every time I open. FIX!!!

  • crashes

    by tgregsmo

    when will you fix the app????? Still crashes every time the app is opened!!!!!!!! Haven't been able to use any of my spreadsheets for weeks!!!!!

  • Great app with a glitch after update!!

    by Noam J.

    This app is great!! There is only ONE PROBLEM. After the last update the app got worse!! When opening a spreadsheet, it takes 20-30 seconds before it can be used. The app doesn't respond!! PLEASE FIX!!! I use an iPhone 4S.

  • Does not load documents on my ICloud

    by Claimed4all

    This app will not load documents in my iCloud. I have followed every Apple Support article on this issue and it still does not work. If I can not load my iCloud documents then this app becomes useless. Do not download until this issue is fixed.

  • Não transcreve menus "drop-down" de arquivos xls

    by Lucasskyline

    Recentemente comprei um iPad para usar no trabalho, mas o Numbers não converte listas (drop-down menus) de arquivos xls para o iPad. Dessa maneira, sempre preciso usar um computador com Windows para mexer em planilhas. Lamentável.

  • Please fix it

    by Davidpiano83

    It wont let me edit nothing ... Keep crashing all the time. Please fix!

  • Good, but not the best.

    by TurnHeading360

    One very annoying aspect of the app. It is extremely difficult to get the same cell selected multiple times in one equation. It's possible, but very difficult.

  • Font Missing...

    by HappyHighway

    This app worked really well for a very long time. Unfortunately during one of the updates, not sure if it was iOS 7 or a new Numbers update, I receive an error message every time I open a file telling me that a certain font is missing. This includes from spreadsheets that I have created ON THIS APP. The app still functions but its very annoying and tedious to have to acknowledge the exact same error every time before getting to my spreadsheet. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Disappointment

    by Austinsmomlynda

    Total disappointment since update can not enter anything keeps closing. Please fix this. I have my business daily sales reports. Was so excited when I created a spreadsheet perfect for my needs. Was extremely easy for me and was fabulous for about 3 weeks now it closes on me continually .

  • Crashes

    by Petropete54

    New user with PC, ipad and iPhone. Made several tabs, Crashes when I try to switch to another tab. Cannot email file as excel or PDF.

  • Do NOT Upgrade in 2014!!!!

    by Versdogs

    Today is 1/31/14. This week I received an upgrade notice from Apple on my IPad and upgraded Numbers. If you routinely upload Excel spreadsheets to Numbers and then plan to edit them in Numbers DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT do is upgrade!!!!! My Numbers program since the upgrade allows me to view only... Any time I attempt to edit a spreadsheet uploaded from Excel it crashes and returns to the main IPad menu screen. This has rendered the Numbers program virtually useless for me... These problems are the single biggest reason why I have refrained from buying more Apple products at this time... This upgrade was supposed to correct problems with eat sheets uploaded from Excel when using MS office 2013... I use MS office 2010 and all it has done is create a crash situation for me.

  • Has possibility

    by Brea26

    It has the possibility of being good. It wont let me have just a graph. It also wont let me edit the graphs. So ya for now its just a waste of space on my phone.

  • Scary, inconsistent saving with new update

    by Rolfei2

    Sometimes input is saved, sometimes it is not. Have lost up to half hour of input. Problem started with latest update.

  • Excel User

    by Lury2011

    I hate the green color on this update. There is a few seconds delay, after the launch, before the file can be selected. Why can't I view and select my files from "list view" rather then "icon view"? I also very dislike the white background making it so hard to read. Come on Apple, give us the option to customize our preferences!

  • Numbers or Excel

    by Good but needs ...

    This is a very small detail not related with the crash but Apple use to pay attention to every detail before... Why did they make it look like Excel 2013???!!! The tabs are GREEN and icons are color green... Copying the competition look was never Apple's way of doing things

  • Please fix!!!!!!

    by Grochopper

    Great until update keeps crashing just like everyone elese is saying please fix ASAP

  • Beta software

    by Joebot

    I want to like Numbers, but Apple’s recent habit of “rebooting” its apps and excising enormous swaths of functionality in the process is really taxing my patience. Recently I discovered that, with a sheet I’ve been using successfully for the last year, (a) some of my charts’ source ranges are suddenly wrong, and (b) they cannot be meaningfully edited on the iPad. I have to resort to another platform (the Mac) to fix it. Also discovered I could not select a range within a table and sort it, again without resorting to the Mac. Numbers is lovely software, but it needs another probably 12-18 months of development before it has any business being on the App Store. I recommend you seek another solution.

  • Thank you for the advice, it worked!!!

    by Efrain Nazario

    I followed the advice someone posted on the forum to copy a shape and paste it on the spreadsheet and it worked. The program is not crashing anymore. Thank you so much! Who ever figured this out you are a genius, you saved my life. Hope it works for everyone. Thanks again!!!!!

  • Great, until the update

    by Mad I Paid

    I Loved this app. It was great for all of my business purposes. It allowed me to have everything in one place, easily accessible. Since the last updates though, I can do nothing on it. It closes whenever I try to edit. If I touch a spreadsheet cell, it closes. If I touch a calendar cell, it closes. If I touch anything, it closes. I paid for a working app. Please fix this.


    by Dr, B

    I use this app in my business on a daily basis! Now I can't use it without it crashing every time I try to edit a cell. Not very productive at this point!!!

  • Awful update

    by Fasttrack2

    This update is terrible don't do it, causes numbers to crash on my iPad every time I use it. I even tried deleting numbers and trying again and still the same. Please hurry up with your update apple as I use this for work!

  • Impressed!

    by Ussmth

    I reported that after the update my screen froze. I was able to reinstall today and all's great. I received an email from tech regarding my problem and offering to help. That's pure class and I thank you. Again, a great product.

  • Crashes with update

    by Marc Menard-iwane

    I used to love this app, now it crashes every time I click on a cell.

  • Stopped crashing when I copied a shape


    So the app crashed when I tapped a cell. I saw in the forum a similar issue. As soon as I added a shape and copied crash! It worked for me

  • Latest update crashes

    by Lehne

    I love using this app, but since the latest update (1/24/14) the app crashes anytime I select a cell to edit. I use this app multiple times throughout the day and cannot thanks to this update. Need this fixed ASAP.

  • Edwin

    by Edwin6/8/69

    After update I can no longer open my spreadsheets on my iPad mini, it says they were created with an unsupported app. My iPhone is working normally however. Please fix bug, I put a lot of hours creating those spreadsheets.

  • DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!

    by Knight1833

    After update app crashes everytime I try to select a cell color, select more than one cell, or type in a cell. Horrible update that must've been tested on a Friday night 1 minute before clocking off.


    by deesja22

    New update crashes every time you try to edit a spreadsheet. I have been impaired by new update because I can not edit any spread sheet. Also for some reason when you send a spread sheet via email your signature does not appear once the email is sent.

  • Do not update! Crashes

    by Relimm241

    Do not update the latest version!!! It crashes every time I try to do anything! All I can do is read what I already have.

  • Crashes after update

    by chrisnca

    After the update, Numbers crashes every time I tap on a cell. Update this post: Someone in the forums suggested copying a shape or something and this crash will go away. I tried that, and strangely it seems to have worked. Not crashing anymore and seems like it is back to normal.

  • Fails as Excel for Apple

    by not Uncle Ray

    Not user friendly, terrible navigation, basic formulas don't work, filling in multiple cells is difficult, and help section is of little help.

  • Update Crashes!!!

    by Scandigal

    I use Numbers on my iPad on a daily basis for work. However, this update crashes after every first change in a spreadsheet. I can make one change, click "done" after changing info in a cell, and CRASH! It won't let me do anything else. It shuts down. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! This app is vital to my work, and I can't always go to my iMac at home and make changes. I must have this app on-the-go!!

  • Nice until the update now it's garbage!!!

    by Chrism72

    ALWAYS CRASHES!!!! Fix it please

  • new update

    by lllllllllrreyni

    the recent update crashes and won't allow me to use it! I can't access my files from my ipad or computer now. please fix!

  • Crashes after update

    by Honkey4960

    Updated Jan. 26 now it crashes when ever I try to enter data. Tried restarting app and iPad, cannot get it to work. I use this app daily needs to be fixed.

  • Crashing Update!!!

    by Barroque

    Please fix ASAP! Ever since the latest update, the program keeps crashing. It is very frustrating. I've tried soft re-booting, deleting and re-installing...nothing has worked. Fortunately I have not lost any data but the app is useless if I cannot edit the work I use everyday. I agree with the other reviews...this is the best program I have found . Please repair immediately. Thanks.

  • Crashes

    by Thenternet

    Bought an IPad because of being able to run excel the update and now it crashes every time.....FIX IT APPLE!!!

  • I like it...I almost love it...but,

    by mileswife

    Just like pages I need the ability to search for file names etc. to easily locate the documents I have created.

  • No longer works with my desktop version.

    by PGCDave

    Wish I had not downloaded. It now wants me to upgrade my desktop to mavericks and the new version of numbers. Rather keep what I have.


    by Curtis Klieger

    The update just made everything worse I can't even use numbers anymore without it crashing. I've never wrote a review before in my 10 years of being an apple user. But this is just unacceptable for Apple

  • Update Disaster

    by Krubley1

    I use this app daily. It was updated on 12/24 and now crashes every time I try to use it. Please address this problem!

  • Crashes consistently

    by Drummin

    Used to work great, now it keeps on crashing. Don't update!

  • Great App!

    by Unhappy234567

    Will never go back to Excel again.

  • Fubar

    by Zypsy1

    Wow.. This is a pricey piece of beta (more like alpha) software. Crashes constantly and somehow lost up-to-date versions of my sheets. Glad I left those same sheets (and now, same version again)on google drive. My fault for jumping ship early. Save yourself money and stress, go with gdrive instead.

  • Awesome until update

    by Till 270

    Crashes when trying to edit a cell. Was the best spreadsheet program before update.

  • Bad upgrade

    by Ancytay59

    With this upgrade my screen freezes with the "what's new in numbers" page. Can't see spreadsheets!

  • Great App Until Update

    by Denawill

    App shuts down when I try to enter values into any field. Backed up files to cloud. Deleted app and reinstalled. Same thing. You introduced a critical bug on your update and it has rendered this app useless.

  • Crashing Since Update

    by Docbeyer23

    I love this app but since the update it crashes every time I tap on a cell. I use numbers for work so the sooner this is fixed the better.

  • Please fix it

    by Davidpiano83

    It wont let me edit nothing ...

  • Works fine; don’t like the paradigm shift

    by Quod Erat Demonstrandum

    I need a lightweight spreadsheet program on my phone for small everyday calculations that in the past I used to do on a numerical calculator or button phone. (taking, of course, much longer). I do *not* need to analyze trades, do taxes, or heavy scenario/simulation. It does the job, with some annoyances. It is very easy to wreck a spreadsheet. I would give it 3-4 stars, because there is room for improvement. Cloud works fine, but it is not immediately obvious that there are two cloud on/off switches: one under Settings->iCloud->Documents-and-Data->Numbers, another one under Settings->Numbers. The do *not* work the same way. If you turn the first one off, it delete the local copies. If you turn the second one off, it prompts you if you want to keep the local copies. Counterintuitive. So 3-4 stars for the cloud. I hate the paradigm shift. I mean the input modes, having to switch between numbers, text, formulas, and functions. I just want to type the formula in the cell, but I could not figure out how to do it. It takes my input as text regardless of what I do. Also, I have to double click in order to see the formula in the formula bar. The formula si also a mix of the said modes. Not a plain text formula. I cannot simply copy it and paste it somewhere else. All this is very weird and inefficient. That was almost a non-starter for me. However, because the spreadsheets I create are relatively small, the paradigm shift does not affect me too much. Finally, a word about Apple’s app-centric approach. I can NOT use Numbers for anything involving several file types. My work flow is based on projects, not apps. A project may contain, for example, spreadsheets, plain text, and pdf files. I cannot go back and forth between Numbers, Pages, and iBooks. That’s why for such projects I need to use 3rd party apps. That’s a big drawback of Numbers.

  • Don't download!!!!!!!

    by ryandmoses

    My iPad automatically updated to this current version. Every time I tap a cell the program crashes!!! I can double-tap and enter information, but just selecting a cell to format it is impossible without the program crashing. Also, some of my files are no longer in iCloud! Fortunately, I've made backups of most of them. Please wait for Apple to resolve the issue before downloading.

  • Sheets Crash Every Time

    by AnnoyedMyersFamily

    The system crashes every time I try to update an existing sheet. This app was usable prior to the update, but now is virtually useless. This is very frustrating for an app that I paid for.

  • Crashes

    by Christopherc2371

    Crashes when I open :-(

  • Useless after update

    by AlbertoGC9

    After the update, when I try to edit a file it keeps crashing. Useless and very frustrating, specially because I paid for it to have a tool for work and now I can't even work.

  • Finally

    by Tathagata

    Congrats! You took your time and fixed something that kept people from accessing their documents for 2 months. Keep up the great work.

  • Won't stop crashing after the update.

    by Nathan O.

    DO NOT UPDATE!!! It crashes every time now. I tap on a cell and it just exits. APPLE FIX IT NOW!! You would think they would catch that before releasing it.

  • Great until update

    by Merideus

    This is a great app and I was excited about the ability to edit spreadsheets on my iPhone in landscape mode but after the update Numbers crashes every few seconds on both my iPad and iPhone. I've tried restarting the device and even re-downloading the app but it still keeps crashing. Please release a fix ASAP as I use Numbers daily

  • Yippee!

    by Uhaulgirl

    Thanks for the update! I loved numbers before the update but ❤️ It even more!!

  • Filters

    by Ce8ar

    We need filters! Please next update!!!

  • Rotate

    by Dd0099

    Loved the app & use it all day but the last day all it does is crash. Please fix App is k as long as I don't use to many formulas.

  • What happened?

    by Luralisa

    Have been using Numbers for a long time for my personal Training business. Now after the the latest update it's much slower and every time I go into a spreadsheet a window pops up that says the font has changed. Ok I get it but does it still have to keep popping up every single time I open the spreadsheet?

  • Constantly crashes with 0S 7.2

    by Bigwineguy

    After upgrading to OS7 on my iPad 2, Numbers nows constantly crashes, piece of crap. I want OS6 back! Or, I will buy a Surface; at least excel works on that machine.

  • Awesome...BUT

    by Drummers for Christ

    I have been using NUMBERS for a long time and I use it mainly for my church functions, book keeping, etc. For me, it's the easiest to use spreadsheet creator out there. Just recently I haven't been able to open my files... this is where the "BUT" falls into place. Can someone please reach out to me and help me troubleshoot. These files are pertinent to the function of our non for profit organization. Thank you and keep up the awesome job!!

  • Worthless software

    by olappro

    I spent time setting up a spreadsheet. Nothing large. Nothing complicated. Now when I enter data in a cell it crashes. This software took my time. And it had proved to be useless. In reviews you should discriminate between those that have played with the software and those that really tried to use it. This is totally worthless software.


    by adaypayday93


  • Has been crashing a lot lately.

    by empirestatebuilding

    I'm using very simple spreadsheets, and frequently the app will crash with seemingly no cause. I loose all my recent progress. I think it has to do with iCloud. Very frustrating.

  • Love this app

    by Brother & Sister George

    I keep up with a lot of things with numbers. I have to use spreadsheets to stay organized. This is a great app. It does take a little playing around to learn how to do things, just have to be patient. Once you learn how to do what you need to do its wonderful to have.

  • Can't open spreadsheet in Excel

    by Trailriding sailor

    When I try to open in Excel a spreadsheet that I created on my iphone I get a "read only" message. How do I unlock it???

  • Great app

    by Shebode

    Really great app. I use it to create all my invoices. I would give it five stars if you could use it in portrait and landscape views. Otherwise works great.

  • No Landscape View (really Apple?)

    by tunawish

    I don't really need all the features of Excel as my spreadsheets are pretty basic. I use the iPhone 5s for most of my sheets & unfortunately when I turn my phone sideways Numbers spreadsheets do NOT change to landscape mode. This forces me to drop Numbers in favor of Excel (arggggg) & DocsToGo (to sync between devices.) This is an incredible blunder on Apple's part. For crying out loud; what app doesn't offer landscape mode?

  • Bad update.

    by IntegraTPA

    I have been using numbers to track finances on both my iPad and iPhone. With the latest update I noticed simple charts do not enter correct data. They also don't list axis titles. It did this before with no problem. I fact I preferred its functions over excel, but now I may go back to using excel on my PC since this program has become worthless.

  • Hate this app

    by Seiji Cole

    Takes forever to update and gets worse each time. Also can not be removed from device.

  • The worst

    by Ttyyffr

    Don't waste your money if you plan to work with excel spreadsheets. This app horrible no wonder they don't do trial downloads on the App Store.

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