ALLOY eCatalog Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: YUDU Media
  • Updated: Jul, 30 2011
  • Version: 9.2.1
  • Size: 7.24 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Welsh

Seller: YUDU Ltd

- Wish list fix

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Introducing the ALLOY shoppable app! Now you can view, flip, search and shop our latest catalog on your mobile iPad, iPod or iPhone. You can zoom on any product, read about it and click to buy. The ALLOY app is your destination for the coolest fashion trends and extended sizing in the hottest jean & pants.

Download this mobile app to get every new ALLOY catalog at your fingertips.

Customer Reviews

  • by ItsmeCGB

    Glad I found this app❕

  • Love the app

    by AMD1999

    I really love this app great job. But recently it's been crashing very time I open it please fix! Thank you!

  • LOVE THIS!!!

    by JMe81:)

    The only thing better than getting the newest season of Alloy catalog in the mail? Well, being able to download the entire thing on my iPad2!!!! I simply adore this company! They carry some of the most awesomely cute jeans and other pants I can think of...and in extended sizes and inseams! I'm a 6'2 chick and dressing my tall frame has never been easier since I was introduced to Alloy!

  • Alloy fanatic!

    by bebop78

    Love it

  • Very nice

    by Kiyomi247

    I think it's nice to look thru new & old clear pictures & if you see it just go to main sight pick it up .. Cool Way to go green.. Too

  • You can view the magazine through your iPhone

    by Yelza

    This is neat The zoom is great You can delete old issues Saves paper Get to see what's out Hopefully it'll let you know what's sold out & in what size And should be a reminder when a new issue has arrived

  • Where is the December catalog

    by So Cal Kev

  • Needs a change!

    by Cmw19900182728

    Love Alloy and their appeal! However this app and mobile site have lots of issues that should be changed. We should be able to see multiple views and options the clothes come in!! Should be like the website options!! The app crashes constantly!!! Super disappointing!

  • It needs more work

    by lifesucks...ifonlyicouldbesolucky

    It is a semi ok app, except for the annoying red boxes, the fact that you can't get the latest catalog, also it feels less like a catalog and more like a buy me ad. So if you don't mind please fix the red boxes, allow better zoom features, timely updates then you might get decent reviews.

  • Badd

    by Jayy&M

    No new editions for 2013 . February is about to be here and no new updates. PLEASE FIX & UPDATE ASAP !

  • Not updating

    by Heather Giardino

    Where's the new catalog? No update bad...


    by Bigboima

    None of the new editions are available for download.

  • New Edition Doesn't Download

    by Krys0909

    None of the new edition downloads.

  • Making me upset!

    by Ms.Versatile89

    It keeps on crashing I haven't been able to look at this app for a full 5 seconds w/o it crashing. FIX IT!

  • Makes me sad :(

    by sydneyann16

    Every time I try to get on it, it goes for about 15 seconds and then crashes. I haven't even gotten to see anything on this app! :(

  • by Neshapooh

    I love love shopping at alloy all the they stuff are so cute. Anyways I use too love this app also. I could download all the catalogs before it came in the mail. Now it crashes a whole lot. It's ridiculous i have deleted reinstalled it. Nothing !! I guess will wait until the booklet comes in the mail or go online on safari. Please fix this app!!

  • Doesn't load editions.

    by KLS0051085

    Horrible app. Didn't work at all.

  • Two stars because it's Alloy

    by Shamirah-Janay

    I tried downloading the latest catalog and it never downloaded. Please fix.

  • Crashes

    by houston2386

    Keeps crashing the second it opens PLEASE FIX!!!!

  • Won't stop crashing!!

    by StrykerWifey172

    Alloy is by far my favorite place to shop, especially when it comes to jeans, but for some reason my Internet will never load their site! I was so glad to see they had a catalog app so I could finally shop with them again, as they have stopped sending me catalogs, but NOW the app keeps crashing! I got the March edition, and it worked fine the first few times I looked at it, and wouldn't you know the second I get ready to place an order, I can't. PLEASE fix this because I can never find jeans, decently priced in my style, and haven't gotten new ones in ages! You keep sending me e-mails about how much you miss me and want me to come back, but you won't let me come back!

  • Bugged out and NOT savvy

    by WhitsSRV

    I was excited about this app bc I dig Alloy, but it doesn't work well at all. It will unexpectedly quit or freeze whilst displaying a black screen. Also, I think it's rather annoying that you are required to download their catalog issue(s). Why not just display your products within categories...filters are great too. Just sayin.

  • Didn't work for me

    by Jen.Beam

    I tried to download the latest September catalogue & it said download failed & no matter what I do I can't get it started again without the same error message, even though I have full bars on my high speed wifi. I'll try again in October.

  • Nothing special..

    by AllegraxxxK

    I downloaded the app thinking I would be able to browse through their online store, not the catalog. You cannot purchase anything via app nor can you see e v e r y t h i n g they have for sale. Waste of an app. Thumbs up on the quality zoom, however...

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