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  • Publisher: Shopzilla
  • Updated: May, 07 2013
  • Version: 2.42
  • Size: 8.96 MB

Languages: NB, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, HE, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Shopzilla, Inc.

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Beso is devoted to shopping ideas and inspiration, designed to walk shoppers through every step of the transaction funnel, from inspiration point, to check-out. It is the ultimate product shopping discovery experience.

Designed for fashion lovers and avid shoppers, the Beso app delivers a real-time, personalized Shopping Feed. Take our simple style quiz to control your shopping content and view products only from the brands and stores that match your aesthetic. You'll find an intoxicating stream from well-known brands and retailers, mixed with up-and-coming designers and boutiques that you'll fall in love with. You’re also able to connect with and follow other brand fans, based on our user-curated experience.

Browse or search top brand selections in lifestyle shopping categories like Fashion, Home & Living, Beauty, Jewelry, Gadgets and even Kids! The app carries all of the major retailers, from Nordstrom to Neiman Marcus, as well as cutting-edge designers like Marc Jacobs & Proenza Schouler. You can keep track of your favorites between the app, desktop and mobile Beso sites, all through one account!

Not only can you save your favorites to keep track of the best deal while on-the-go, you can share products with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email.

Whether you're daydreaming about your next shopping purchase or just looking for style entertainment, the Beso Shopping iPhone app will become the perfect fashion and lifestyle utility in your pocket.

Customer Reviews

  • Great for shopping fashion!

    by Selena Heskett

    This app is the best shopping app I ever downloaded and I tried a lot of them! It would be great to get notified when something I add to my favorite list is going on sale.

  • The Beso app knows my style!

    by CPC in LA

    I know my own style, but most personalized shopping assistants don't. That has changed with the Beso app! I am a big Banana Republic fan, and find that with my favorite brands and stores I am getting awesome and relevant offers that are tempting on the pocketbook and similar to my style. The images are crisp and the app is simple to navigate. I love their website personalized feed as well.

  • Leo

    by Leotred

    Personalized shopping feed always has great finds! Love their Top 10 lists too!

  • Best for me

    by mrkunlovevn

    Hi, i like this app

  • Addicting!

    by LAPeeps

    super addictive

  • by @MahoneAlondra ~twitter

  • Finally! A shopping app that suits me.

    by Ramona Caro

    Truly enjoy skimming through the latest trends and content that compliments my style. I could easily spend hours scanning and shopping to my hearts desire.

  • Good

    by Kekekekekke878787


  • Great for discovering new items

    by Johnnyonthespot41

    Great app to discover new products from stores you wouldn't normally shop at. Perfect to kill time during the daily commute

  • Love it!!

    by Bennyvdv

    I don't really like the crowds when shopping, so I never "browse the racks in the stores". Beso allows me to do this from my phone instead - I love it!!

  • Best time-killer ever

    by Efissmer

    In short, the app picks products you're bound to like based on a quick style quiz: So many beautiful things to buy from all of my favorite stores (ssense, shopbop, net a porter, les nouvelles, nastygal). I usually load it up while I'm killing time in line and favorite items to buy later... Now there are editorial stories and blog posts in the mix, too, which is a nice addition.

  • great

    by Mrwood1

    amazing! love it

  • cool

    by Nancy D <>

    its sleek and there are a lot of pictures. the interface is really user-friendly!

  • Easy to use

    by C-hemp

    This makes it easy to find new clothes and the styles I'm looking for.

  • Deals!

    by vreskas

    Great app for finding deals, very easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Great

    by Romangz

    Now I can't get the wife off of it. Keeps spending $$$.

  • Amazing!!

    by G_moi

    I love it you find so many deals!!

  • Could be better

    by 1968mm

    Has some pretty cool stuff but no way to filter once you get into a category. It's almost like its just been thrown together so no way of really knowing unless you go through everything and that is very time consuming. If that's the developers intention I will change the rating to a 1 because there are too many other cool and useful sites that won't frustrate you.

  • Personalized guide for shopping

    by x206327

    It is very useful guide for shopping to suit our own styles. Easy to search and look for things among many different categories and brands.

  • This is one of the best fashion apps

    by Nadeen818

    Great application. I have been using it for a while now without any issues. Great new collection of my favorite fashions gets into my feed periodically. Please add filtering soon.

  • Not so great

    by [[DC]]

    Tried out this app because of a contest. I try to share, like, or even search things and the app always crashes. This app doesn't "work" yet

  • Boring

    by Zuzuzach

    Really boring

  • Fun to browse while waiting in line

    by DiscoveryInLA

    I love their new shopping feed. After putting in my style preferences I felt like it was shopping tailored to me. So surf or skull stuff I hate sifting through. I can favorite the stuff I like and and easily find it later to buy if I'm still interested.

  • Favourite shopping app

    by harounac

    The shopping feed is awesome! It is like having my own personal shopper in my phone...

  • So convenient

    by GreenGerm

    This is perfect for me as I'm always out and about. I can pass time while I'm waiting somewhere (We all know an oil change never lasts only 10 minutes). If I get inspired somewhere, I can quickly add a new favorite brand/store to my list or search for a style and add to my Collections.

  • Love it!

    by RobinBrook

    Love this app! My favorite part is that this app gives awesome me ideas based on my style and collection. I also love the reward points!

  • Miss the old version!!

    by SMartinP

    Pointless for me w out the filters. I caught a couple great sales on here but now how do i find them..?. Waiting Another week til delete.

  • Excellent and Elegant

    by talentminer

    Beso is a well designed product discovery app with the user in mind. The best part is that it's tailored to my style. It's the next shopping killer app.

  • Impressed!

    by Mzlknox

    Great App:-)

  • Addicting!

    by robinspath923

    I could spend ALL DAY playing with this app. I love that after taking a quick quiz, the items are geared toward what I like. It's also fun to watch the "likes" go up on your feed. Between this and Pinterest I'm afraid I'll never get anything done. :)

  • Beso Shopping Rocks!

    by Spncalif1

    This app is so much fun. I just spent 2 hours on it (hope my boss isn't reading this!). It shows me a personalized collection of things I might like and it's pretty spot on. It's fast, too!

  • Great Shopping Companion and past time

    by JMinana

    Just pick up your style and the app will serve you with plenty of suggestions to match it. Easy to navigate, and the pictures look great. Definitely a keeper on my shopping iPhone folder!

  • I could spend all day on this app. Seriously.

    by LBoogy2012

    This is by far the best shopping and discovery app out there. And I've used them all. It's lightening fast and the image quality is AMAZING. The various features like sharing and favoriting are super intuitive and easy to use and the element of discovery is fantastic. It's very much like pinterest but with the ability to actually click through and buy anything of interest with ease. I HIGHLY recommend.

  • 5 stars

    by mncontreras

    I’m lost in shopping heaven. The app is super slick and quick to toggle between screens and frames. It’s probably the most comprehensive app that combines online and offline stores where I like to shop and browse. I can’t seem to find a way to shop by size, but still very useful.

  • Wish list

    by runawayben

    This extension of the site makes it very easy and fun to add new products to my wish list. Keeps everything nice and organized

  • Horrible compared to old app!

    by Stream2001

    Old app you could search for a product, then refine the search by %off, brand, etc. this new app is useless for finding deals which is the main reason I used the old app. Please re-activate the old one! Might as well delete this app.

  • Fun app, wish I could hide stuff.

    by HollyTamaleee

    I could spend days scrolling through all of the items that myself and others like me are interested in! Sometimes there are a lot of the same kind of product showing or things that I am not at all interested in, so I wish I had the option to hide them from the shopping feed. Otherwise, great!

  • Shopping can be fun & useful

    by ScottyP123

    I've yet to come across a shopping app that balances discovery and utility the way this Beso app does. Surprisingly the shopping feed "gets me" with only a few simple questions. Historically, I'm not a browser / "impulse" kind of shopper but I find myself continuing to see what the feed will show me next (and I've already made a purchase based on something that came through). Also like how I can still carry on the traditional search and navigate which satisfies my more orderly needs when it comes to shopping.

  • Great!

    by happyshopper_TA

    This new shopping app from Beso is fabulous! I love how visual pleasing everything is - this app is a definite download!

  • The only way to shop

    by Shopping Fiend

    This is a must have app for all shoppers. So much style inspiration!!

  • Really addicting app

    by Yoyoomnom

    This app is fun! After I chose my fashion style, up pops and endless stream of stuff that I love. Shoes, bags, home, dresses, etc. It never ends! Exciting for someone who loves to shop, and hates being bored while waiting in line. haha!

  • I'm addicted...

    by PopGoesWeasel

    This app is great, it does a great job of learning what you like and using that knowledge to make great recommendations. I've only had it for a couple weeks and have already discovered an purchased a bunch of stuff!

  • User-friendly and fun!

    by KWolfson

    Very user-friendly app. The clean design is very easy to navigate and makes for a good time-killer when sitting in a waiting room or waiting for the commercials to be over while watching tv :) Especially like that I can browse smaller boutique stores in addition to the bigger ones. It's a shopaholic's dream!

  • I like the personalized recommendations

    by Zivgo


  • Surprisingly personalized

    by Besoloving

    I'm addicted to this app. I like how it shows me products that reflect my taste and style. I check everyday to get my "fix" on.

  • Fashion

    by Fashiongirl89

    Love this app! Makes shopping fun and easy, and it's perfect when looking for something specific (I.e bohemian or rocker styles)!

  • Great app

    by Leen 92

    Great app

  • BEST deals on my fav brands!

    by Daren Reifsneider

    Wow, this app could be dangerous because after using it for 2 mins, I found a pair of jeans I've been eyeing for awhile at...Wait for it...30% off! I almost bought the full price pair yesterday! This app is super easy to use & has such amazing deals!

  • Love my Beso shopping feed

    by Darmstro

    It's a ton of fun checking out my feed, which is filled with stuff I like. It's hard to keep myself from shopping all the time. App is super fast and pretty.

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